Beyond Robinson – The Idiocy of ‘Ethnonationalism’

To those following the downward turn of the hapless Tommy Robinson’s fortunes it will come as no surprise that Resisting Hate are predicting 2020 will be the year that brings his status as the most high profile figure on the UK far right to a close. Even before Robinson managed to get himself involved in […]

Gavin McInnes

Normally we don’t start our articles at Resisting Hate with so and so is a berk. But with the berk behind the thuggish Proud Boys we were tempted to make an exception. Canadian Gavin McInnes is the founder of Vice Media, a conservative publication started in the 2000s. McInnes ran it personally for some time […]

Martin Sellner

Martin Sellner is a far right Austrian extremist in his early thirties, married to conspiracy theorist journalist Britney Pettibone. Perhaps best known for his role in founding the far right group Generation Identity (A nationalist organisation aimed at opposing diversity in favour of a white ethnostate) Sellner has a chequered background of petty antisemitic behaviour […]

The Beautiful Game: Football and Asylum Seekers in the UK

From the outside looking in, the concept of football as ‘beautiful’ is difficult to grasp when considering the scenes of hooliganism that have accompanied some fixtures. As anyone who has ever stepped onto a pitch will know, however, this is not what it means to play football. In recent years, those who have sought asylum […]

Exposing “Ni**erMania” hate site

Warning – This article contains some extremely offensive language and imagery. It is necessary to highlight this material in order to call for it to be removed from the internet but we prefer to warn our readers when we highlight something as revolting as this. It is no secret that the internet has caused haters […]

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer is an aspiring American political candidate. Unfortunately for her she is also an Islamophobe with a history of being affiliated with far right outlet Rebel Media. Rebel Media run by Ezra Levant is perhaps best known for employing ‘journalists’ Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins. Such associations make it clear that Rebel Media is […]

Resisting Hate, The Journey So Far

The origins of Resisting Hate date back to 2016 when a small group of online friends who were opposing the online racist organisation Bluehand formed ‘New Bluehand’ in an attempt to disrupt the online recruitment of naïve individuals on Twitter.  Armed with little more than a website, a handful of members and our Twitter accounts […]

Ex ‘Tommy’ supporters embrace Nazism

It has been the dearest wish of Resisting Hate for several years now to see hate preacher Tommy Robinson discredited and consigned to obscurity. But, although we are very likely to get our wish in 2020, it will not be in the way ourselves and other anti-hate organisations had hoped it would happen. To those […]

Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich is a far right media pal of Internet conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and regularly appears on his radio show. He considers himself to be a political commentator but is more interested in establishing a far right media base than reporting independent or accurate content. Cernovich openly acknowledges his primary tactic to build his […]

Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlan is a well known American white supremacist with far right views. He first came to the attention of the wider community in 2016 when he campaigned to be the Republican Party electoral candidate. His campaign was generally considered to be a non-starter with even the right wing Breitbart publication failing to back him. […]

When Immigration Laws Split Families

Guest article written by David Sheekey In 2005 I was asked by a social worker friend if I could help out at Wigan Welcome, a drop in service offering support, help and a place to meet others facing the same adversity. Wigan was not a particularly welcoming place for many of whom the National Asylum […]

The Exploitation of ‘Child S’

Author @Sockfresh When in October 2013 Steven Yaxely Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) abandoned his “comrades” in the English Defence League (EDL) this presaged the beginning of a strategy by some on the far-right to seek to establish credibility among the British working class by straddling the grey area between fascist groups such as the British […]