Must Love Stop At The Borders?


Article by one of our members discussing the dangers of egotism

Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President JFK, Pablo Casals was a Catalan cellist and composer. He recorded and conducted a wide range of pieces in his lifetime and became well known in particular for his interpretations of Johann Bach.

However I personally feel that the greatest thing Casals composed was his expression of attaining and maintaining world peace when he stated: “The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at a border?”

Borders are the leading cause of division; be they on maps, physical boundaries or intangible mental walls (Usually as high as racists’ IQ scores – so not so high and definitely crossable!)

Why should love stop at a border? Does love for a significant other end at the doorstep on the way to work? Does the love of the mother for her children end when they leave for school? Does the love for ducklings end when the mother duck leaves the pond? The answer to all these questions is a bold and simple NO.

Human mercy and genuine love for one another is endangered, possibly soon to become as extinct as the dinosaurs. When we insist on creating boundaries and borders as a condition for loving others, humans are forgetting the definition of the word that named our species – Humanity – to be humane.

We insist on hiding behind borders because as humans we are afraid of our differences. But there is a fine line between not understanding our differences, and not wanting to understand them. This line is called ‘ego’. Perhaps, the only Trump policy I agree with is his idea of building a wall. But, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the wall he wants between America and Mexico; but rather, a mental wall between us, and our egos.

I firmly believe that ego is the single greatest enemy to mankind. Defeat ego, and we will see humanity progress and blossom.

Ego is the thing that stands between unity and division. You defeat your ego; you begin to understand; you learn love and compassion, you become part of a whole.

The Final Prophet of God, to whom the Last Testament was revealed, was recorded in an authentic narration to have said in his last sermon: “All of mankind is from Adam and Eve; a white has no superiority over a black, nor does a black have superiority over a white; none have superiority over another, except by piety and good action.” The thing that makes people (throughout the ages) believe they have superiority over one another is ego.

Ego has nothing to do with position or class as history has revealed to us both humble kings and ego-driven warriors. Ego is a disease which corrupts the heart and, as a consequence, the individual. Continue to ignore it, and into a cancer it shall grow, thus inevitably corrupting the whole of society.

Robert Half said, “Ego is a journey to nowhere.” So, skip the ‘e’, and go!

For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” – Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace.


Defeating Trumpism with Faith


A faith based article written by a guest writer

Past U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower once said: “A people that value privileges above principles, soon lose both.” It is true, indeed, that we have become a people seeking progression, however, we are a divided people; an occupied people.

Notwithstanding Eisenhower’s comment and, apart from the fact that the US. Dollar has the statement, “One nation under God” written all over it, it is safe to say that the United States of America has never been more divided than it is in this day and age. Politicians out-trumping each other in battles of words that inevitably lead to battles of lost souls, this world is becoming darker by the minute; and no Tesla invention can help fix that…. Trump has divided a nation. He has pitted communities, races and faiths against one another.

This fire between us is not a source of light; but rather, a source of detachment; division; one that leads to apartheid. Please take a good moment to compare what the past U.S. President has said with what the current President is saying (and will no doubt continue to say).

In my humble opinion, having someone like Trump around isn’t problematic in itself, but, having someone like Trump around with millions of followers is an issue. Especially it becomes an issue when Trump has the authority and access on nuclear codes and their possible consequences. There were Presidents before Trump who authorised the use of nuclear weapons, so understand, that I am not attacking Trump, per se, but rather, the Trumpistic mentality, for it spreads quickly. Very quickly.

When we—as a people—finally start calling for bridges instead of walls and togetherness instead of division, all will unite in peace – and the mentality of bigotry will fall, along with the trolls that propound it.

The key to peacefully co-existing is to know one another. God says in the Last Testament (interpretation of meaning): “O mankind, indeed we have created you from a male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you. Indeed, God is Knowing and Acquainted.” (49:13)

If somebody’s faith does not sound logical to you—after reading about it with the pure intention to understand it—then the basic minimum service you must offer that person is your respect, for if it is lacked, it is a reflection of your values, and your inability to be a good and just person.

Respect is an element we must all have and be willing to provide to whoever we meet. I must acknowledge, some religions may contain illogical and unscientific [Divine] verses, but that is why we must be able to differentiate between what truly is Divine, and what is not.

Does confusion give one the right to doubt the remaining words of God, or the Holy Messengers who upon them those Words were revealed, or to mock the people who choose to follow these Messengers? The answer is a simple ‘no’. Understanding other people’s faiths gives you the ability to connect and unify with them; to make a bigger and better society and to progress forward, together.

Let’s be real here. Not all religions agree with modern-day science, but we should not forget that modern-day science does not agree with yesterday’s science. It wasn’t long ago when it was a fact that the Earth was flat, and the moon emitted light. But those who understood the [true] words of God, knew otherwise.

No one has a right to judge another. To understand is to unite. To unite is to progress. To journey forward together is to be human.


When Did We Learn To Hate Like This?


Piece written by one of our members

I was talking to my friends at Resisting Hate about contributing to their blog. I felt this piece that I wrote earlier in the year might be a good addition to the website.

I read through it again today and it finally hit me (forgive my old brain) – what online hate fighting group Resisting Hate is all about.

The reason why we did not see the sort of hatred in times gone by that we see today is the creation and growth of social media. Social media can and has been used successfully to bombard the public with foul, hate filled lies about certain religions, immigration and just about anything else that suits the political agenda at the time.

My belief is that we can fight this. We are fighting back and Resisting Hate has been at the forefront of this movement long before I signed up. I am proud to be a member of the Resisting Hate family and I hope this piece I wrote gives a few people food for thought.

My overactive brain has been mulling over the latest terror attack in London and I have a few thoughts. I grew up in the 70’s (yeah I’m that old), so lived daily with the Irish “Troubles”. I have just looked up the statistics for deaths and injury, caused by the IRA’s numerous bombings on the UK mainland. The numbers are staggering and far outnumber any of the so-called ISIS terror attacks here.

So why did we never call for the Irish to be kicked out of England? Why did we never attack innocent people on the street because they had an Irish accent? If two Irish passengers on a plane started speaking Gaelic why were they never thrown off?

We did none of these things and neither did the USA. The truth of the matter is that political parties in the US openly supported the IRA, sending millions of dollars to fund and further the cause.

So how were we able to understand the difference between an everyday Irish person and a terrorist in the days of the IRA, but we can’t be so tolerant of Muslims who are just as disgusted as we are about the terror attacks in our cities in the modern day?

I don’t recall the sort of xenophobic jingoism about the Irish that we see every day about Muslims. And don’t try and tell me it’s about religion, because Ireland has seen its fair share of division due to religious beliefs and we did not see the hatred toward the Irish that we see toward our Muslims.

“Immigration!” is shouted time and time again. But read the history books – the Irish were forced to leave their country due to starvation and fled to mainland Britain as well as the US. They were welcomed, not shunned and treated as terrorists. We didn’t see the hatred toward Irish migrants that we see from UK Nationalists toward migrants in our country today.

I bet an Irish person never had to worry about not getting a Visa to enter the US. It appears that the far right logic suggesting if someone is a terrorist and Muslim, then all Muslims are terrorists only applies in that very specific case.

Below is a list of some of the worst attacks over a 35 year period and the number of dead and injured. Quite an eye opener, don’t you think?

February 1974 – Coach carrying soldiers and families in northern England is bombed by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Twelve people killed, 14 hurt.

October-November 1974 – Wave of IRA bombs in British pubs kills 28 people and wounds more than 200.

July 1982 – Two IRA bomb attacks on soldiers in London’s royal parks kill 11 people and wound 50.

December 1983 – IRA bomb at Harrods department store kills six.

October 1984 – Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet narrowly escapes IRA bomb that kills five people at Brighton hotel during Conservative Party’s annual conference.

September 1989 – Bomb at Royal Marines Music School in Deal, southeast England, kills 11 and wounds 22.

February 1990 – Explosion at Army recruitment centre in Leicester. Two wounded.

May 1990 – Seven wounded by blast at Army Educational Service headquarters in London suburb of Eltham.

May 1990 – One soldier is killed and another wounded by car bomb in Wembley.

June 1990 – Soldier is shot dead at train station in Lichfield.

February 1991 – IRA comes close to killing Prime Minister John Major and key cabinet members in a mortar attack on Downing Street. One of three mortar bombs slammed into garden behind building, exploding within 50 feet (15 metres) of the target.


Police identify British-born attacker, victim count rises to four

Confusion and fear – Theresa May’s London attack escape

April 1992 – Huge car bomb outside Baltic Exchange in London’s financial district kills three people and wounds 91.

March 1993 – Bombs in two litter bins in Warrington kill two boys aged three and 12.

April 1993 – IRA truck bomb devastates Bishopsgate area of London’s financial district, killing one and wounding 44.

February 1996 – Two people die when IRA paramilitaries detonate large bomb in London’s Docklands area.

March 2001 – Car bomb explodes outside BBC’s London headquarters. Police say the Real IRA, a republican splinter group opposed to the IRA’s cease-fire, was behind the blast. One man was wounded.

May 2011 – A warning comes from Irish dissident republicans opposed to the peace process in Northern Ireland.

(Dates by David Cutler; London Editorial Reference Unit)

So will someone please tell me what went so wrong with us as a nation that we can treat innocent people like this? Why we used to understand that one or two individuals don’t represent a faith or a country but now we hold entire communities accountable for the acts of the few. When did we learn to hate like this?



An A – Z of Terfs. Exploding some Transsexual myths


Kindly published with permission from the author Andie, a good friend to Resisting Hate. Her blog can be read here.

Since joining Twitter two years ago, I’ve had to put up with all kinds of abuse from TERFs – Trans-Exclusionary so-called Feminists. So I thought I’d write an A-to-Z of the nonsense they repeat day after day like a stuck record – and try to debunk it.

A: Autogynephilia

You won’t find this in any dictionary because it’s not a real word. That’s because it’s not a real condition either. Autogynephilia was said to have been a sex-fuelled mental illness, by a sexologist called Ray Blanchard back in the 1980s. He defined it as “a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman”.

The theory was long ago discredited by psychologists who work in the field of transgender issues – but the TERF brigade won’t let it drop. Writing as someone trans myself, I can see how you might possibly apply a fetish label to, say a crossdresser tossing off while wearing his wife’s stockings and imagining the thrill of being female.

In that context, I don’t see a problem with a male fantasising that they’re female (or vice versa) if that’s what floats their boat. People have far more bizarre sexual fantasies than imagining what it might be like to be a member of the opposite sex.

But how can you possibly apply such a fetish label to a transwoman who identifies as female and lives as female 24/7? Most of that time will be spent doing things everyone else does, such as making cups of tea, going to work, making dinner – not at all sexy and hardly a fetish.

B: Bullying and Bigotry

Your average TERF will deny vehemently that they’re either of these – yet some of them seem to spend every waking hour on social media (mainly Twitter and Mumsnet) attacking trans people – mainly transwomen – for all the reasons outlined in this glossary. And if bullying someone over their gender identity isn’t bigotry, Donald Trump’s a feminist.

C: Cult

TERFs claim that there’s a “transgender cult”. Again referencing social media, they use hashtags such as #transcult, #peaktrans and #peniscult to go with their posts. The fact is that there’s no cult – transgender people have been on Earth for as long as cisgender people.

What’s changed is that, thanks to the internet, trans people have more of a voice and can make more of an impact in appealing for trans rights (which are essentially human rights). Perhaps #terfcult would be an appropriate hashtag for the haters.

D: Doxxing

This is another new term to me but, unlike autogynephilia, it appears to be a real word. Both TERFs and trans activists have been guilty of this, to be fair. The dictionary states:

  1. search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.
    “hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”

I’ve been doxxed myself. I had a photo of me lifted from a dating website and then posted on Twitter by a TERF, although she did black out my eyes. Other people aren’t so fortunate.

I’ve seen cases of TERFs scrolling back through old MySpace accounts and similar to find incriminating photos and details of trans people, and then publishing them elsewhere without their permission. One transwoman had her pre-transition pictures made into posters, which were put up in public toilets.

Labour Party women’s officer Lily Madigan is another example of recent times. Someone found a pre-transition picture of her, Photoshopped in red eyes and a transphobic caption and posted it on Facebook with the text, “I seriously think this dickhead is going to fake a suicide soon”. Vile. Anyone can do a Google search on anyone, but leave out the malice.

E: Echo Chamber

A Big thanks to Roanna from Resisting Hate for this one. She says of TERFs: “They all follow like-minded people that enforce their own bigotry. They don’t expose themselves to positive or unbiased influences.”

The echo chamber effect was actually in the news a few days ago, too. Researchers found that social media users are more likely to engage with people and media sources that share their political beliefs. More here.

Although this study looked at supporters of political parties, it has to be said that TERFs are guilty, too. Trans people are also more likely to engage with other trans people – but not with a hate agenda.

F: Freedom of Speech

TERFs love their freedom of speech argument and get very offended when they get blocked on social media by trans people, complaining that they are being silenced. There are more hashtags – #erasewomen and #femaleErasure among them.

What they’re missing here is that there’s a massive difference between free speech and hate speech. TERFs who get blocked do so because trans people don’t want a constant barrage of hatred in their timeline. Being transphobic is just as bad as being homophobic, racist or sexist.

G: Gender Recognition Act

Aaaah, the good old GRA! This won’t mean much to overseas readers, but it’s a big deal in the UK right now. The GRA of 2004 exists, in a nutshell, to allow trans people to legally change their gender. As of now, the process is long, laborious and expensive.

So the Government is now seeking to change the law to allow trans people to change their gender far more simply, by self-defining. After all, no-one needs a panel of experts to tell them they’re a transwoman, transman or non-binary (or cis woman or cis man for that matter).

The changes have been proposed by the Women’s Equality Committee after months of inquiries and have cross-party support. But the TERFs, naturally, aren’t happy and want to scrap the GRA altogether.

One of them wrote on Twitter: “We aren’t just after [committee chairman] Maria Miller’s proposals, you know – we are going to get rid of the whole [Gender Recognition] Act. Women do not ever have penises.” The last sentence was in capitals. Bit shouty. TERFs are obsessed with penises.

H: Handmaidens

Another word that I’d never heard before I started reading the hate-filled bile from TERFs. I’ve written in this blog many, many times that most cis women are fantastic when you tell them you’re trans.

They love the fact that you want to throw off your male shackles and finally come out and join the sisterhood. Cis women, in my experience, are far more supportive and welcoming than cis men.

Anyway, handmaiden (or handmaid) is an ancient term for a female servant – or a subservient partner. These days, in TERF World, it basically means any cis woman who is supportive to trans people. I prefer the term “trans ally”.

I: Internal Homophobia

Now I’m definitely no expert on this one – I only first heard about it a few days ago, but let me give it a try.

As well as external homophobia – ie someone else criticising a person for being gay – there is internal homophobia. So people who cannot cope with the fact that they’re gay – possibly if they’ve come from a deeply religious background.

Another batshit theory of the TERFs is that transwomen (and transmen, I suppose) are suffering from internal homophobia. Soooo someone who transitions from male to female, they claim, do so because they can’t cope with the fact that they’re a gay man.

I honestly can’t think of anything more absurd. Do the TERFs really believe that transwomen who are attracted to men would go through all the hell of transition just so that they could give themselves a “straight” label by being a woman with a guy?

What about bisexual or pansexual transwomen? What about transwomen who fancy only women? I’m transitioning, but I can’t imagine ever being with a man – I’d literally puke all over him. Bonkers theory – but then TERFS are bonkers, eh?

J: Judge, Jury and Executioner

You won’t find anyone more judgmental than a TERF. Everything that trans people do is scrutinised through a microscope, and the slightest little misdemeanor – usually when trans people hit back against the hatred – is screen-grabbed and reposted with a string of judgments.

TERFs accuse trans people of a variety of crimes – even when there’s no evidence of such crimes having been committed. I was accused by one of being some kind of sex pest. My only crime was that my cis girlfriend at the time was in her 20s – I’m in my 40s. Bit of an age gap but hardly a hanging offence!

And they refuse to believe the facts in terms of the amount of trans people who die each year – either from taking their own lives or being murdered. At the last count, there had been 2,609 trans people murdered since 2008 – and 270 of those in the past 12 months.

K: Killers

Which leads us nicely on to Killers. I read a tweet yesterday from a TERF claiming that there had been no more suicides of trans people than people who had killed themselves due to the grief of losing relatives.

No idea where she got that information – the claim wasn’t backed up – and besides, any suicide is tragic, whether stemming from the pressure of abuse or from grief.

But let’s look at the facts. A study published a year ago found that 40% of trans people had attempted suicide. Many more have self-harmed. Almost half of trans children in the UK have tried to kill themselves.

And this isn’t because they’re mentally ill, as the TERFs would have you believe – it’s because of the insurmountable pressure of relentless discrimination, harassment and even violence from transphobes, including TERFs.

Your hate speech and keyboard warrior tactics are pushing human beings to kill themselves because they can’t cope with the abuse. You have blood on your hands. Shame on you.


You all know this one, right? LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The acronym has been around since the 1990s and, as attitudes change (unless you’re a stuck-in-the-Neolithic-Era TERF) so does the acronym. So you see LGBTI, with the I standing for Intersex, LGBTQ (Queer), LGBTA (Asexual) and LGBT+, which covers all permutations.

That’s progress – it means folk are becoming more accepting of people of other sexualities and gender identities. But not if you’re a TERF – oh no! They think the acronym should be about sexuality only – so LGB – and they use the hashtag #DropTheT.

More transphobia (we’d expect nothing less) and if it’s only about sexuality, why no P for Panssexual? Why no A for Asexual? It’s like these people have never heard of intersectionality. Don’t even get me started on their views as regards trans lesbians and the cotton ceiling.

M: Misogyny

Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Quite an easy one for you there. Whereas sexist men used to get called male chauvinist pigs, these days they’re more likely to be dubbed misogynists. I can think of far harsher terms for them.

Transwomen hate misogynists just as much as any woman. But because TERFs insist that transwomen ARE men, we get labelled with the term as well. And it’s always if we stand up for the trans sisterhood on social media. #misogyny goes hand in hand with #peaktrans and #transcult.

Yet the TERFs fail to see that transwomen are victims of misogyny as well. I’m not defending abusive men – never have, never will – but take the example of a scene in any street in any city.

A cis woman might get a wolf whistle from a distance and an “allo, darlin’!” from some white-van-man prick as she walks along and gets nearer to him. A transwoman might also get a wolf whistle from a distance – but she’d be far more likely to receive worse verbal abuse from WVM when she got closer and he realised she was trans.

Both situations are intolerable – and I’m sure that cis women would be more likely to be the victims of sexual assault – but I’m trying to make the point that transwomen are victims of misogyny, too, so don’t label us with a brush that we also have to fight off ourselves.

N: Non-Binary

Gender is a funny thing. Most people see it as being binary – male and female – and people like me see it as being on a spectrum, which includes non-binary, intersex, genderqueer, genderfluid, transfeminine, transmasculine, yadda, yadda.

And while I accept that cis people are perfectly happy with their place at the blue end or the pink end, I think enough is now known to say assuredly that that’s not the case for everyone. I also believe that the spectrum is like a slide rule and that people can move up and down along it – especially those who identify as genderfluid.

TERFs, needless to say, think the whole thing is bollocks. To be fair, lots of cis non-TERFs also think that. I guess it’s kind of hard to understand when you live in a binary society and you’re not non-binary yourself. Plus, non-binary people have only come into the mainstream consciousness relatively recently. I remember one NB person (or enby) coming out to President Obama.

TERFs insist that “gender is a social construct”. If that’s the case, why isn’t it OK to say f*ck the socially-engineered pink box and the socially-engineered blue box, and I’ll paint my box whatever colour/s I like?

O: Opposite Sex

Men then! TERFs, from my experience, hate men. They might claim to be feminists but there’s no getting away from the fact that they hate men – and they see transwomen as men, so they hate us, too.

True feminists battle for a level playing field – where women, men and any other gender have the same opportunities in life. Fuck the patriarchy – fuck it hard! But TERFs hate men!

I’ve had my run-in with TERFs on Mumsnet before – such a vile nest of vipers – and I have come to the conclusion that most if not all of them have had bad experiences with men, hence their hatred.

Of course, I’m not excusing abusive behaviour from men – males are far more likely than women to be convicted of crimes, especially those involving violence and abuse. I don’t blame their victims one bit for being afraid of men after a terrible ordeal.

But that doesn’t excuse repeatedly misgendering transwomen as men and using he/his pronouns and their deadnames on Twitter. #transwomenaremen is another fucked-up hashtag. I’ve been the victim of years of physical and mental abuse myself in the past, but being a victim yourself does not give you the right to abuse other people. Transwomen are women.

P: Personality Disorder

Another jibe often aimed at trans people by TERFs is that they’re mentally ill. Gender dysphoria did used to be seen as a mental illness in the olden days – but then so did loads of other conditions in an era when far too many people were locked away in padded cells and straitjackets in mental institutions.

Now that we have a better understanding, we know it is not a mental illness at all and that it can be treated. It is true that many trans people suffer with conditions like depression and anxiety due to their dysphoria – and naturally such conditions are only made worse by attacks from TERFs.

Q: Questions and Qualifications

The internet is full of hundreds if not thousands of TERFs, none of whom appear to be qualified in the matters over which they spout so much hatred.

None of them can possibly know what it’s like to be transgender – just as we’ll never know what it’s like to be cisgender. But whereas we ask questions of other trans (and cis) people to find out what’s what, the TERFs act as know-it-alls, spouting lie after lie with little more than hearsay evidence to back up their claims.

R: Rights

Trans Rights are Human Rights! Buy the T-shirt, wear it and be proud. Or, if you’re a TERF, you probably use yet another crappy hashtag: #transrightserasewomensrights.

No they don’t. Human rights are the same whether you’re male, female, trans, cis, black, white or whatever else. You just need to be human. And maybe try possessing a little humanity, too.

S: Slur

There’s a big debate on this one. TERFs keep banging the drum, saying that the term is a slur. I say if you don’t like being called a TERF, don’t be one.

The acronym was created by trans-exclusionary radical so-called feminists anyway, not trans people. Racists and homophobes don’t mind being called racists and homophobes, so I don’t see the difference here. We’ll stop using TERF when you stop being transphobic. Simple.

T: Transphobia

Unlike autogynephilia, this one is a real word. Check your dictionary, folks! Or just read this:

  1. dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people.
    “more than 120 complaints concerning transphobia in the media were made”

TERFs say there’s no such thing as transphobia and that the word was created by fascists (well, they’d know all about fascism).

They say a phobia is an irrational fear. At last, we agree! But it can also be used as a suffix to describe hatred. So, Islamophobia, for instance. And heaven knows how long “homophobia” has been around as an accepted word. Biphobia these days, too.

As well as transphobia, we have transmisogyny – the intersection of transphobia and mysogyny. “Transmisogyny is a made-up word!” shouts one TERF on Twitter, all in capital letters. Well yeah, but every word in every language was made up somewhere. Apart from autogynephilia.

U: Uterus

“You can’t be a REAL woman because you haven’t got a womb!” the TERFs tell transwomen. I’ve got news for you, ladies. Transwomen could get pregnant tomorrow, fertility professor claims. Womb transplants – a matter of if, not when.

V: Vagina

“You can’t be a REAL woman because you haven’t got a vagina!” the TERFs go on to say. Transwomen have been having Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) to create vaginas, vulvas and clitori for the best part of a century. Keep up.

Both the uterus and vagina arguments don’t stack up, either, when you consider baby girls born with Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser Syndrome – in other words, no womb, vagina or cervix. Does that make them any less of a woman when they get older? Of course not.

W: Women-Only Spaces

This is the main reason behind TERFs’ opposition to the changes to the Gender Recognition Act (see G, above). They fear that more and more men will self-identify as transwomen and then use their new legal identity as an excuse to prey on women in public toilets and changing rooms.

What they fail to realise is that men can legally use the ladies’ in this country anyway – and vice versa. This ain’t North Carolina. So if they really wanted to launch some crazed sex attack on a woman, they’d just do it anyway, and they wouldn’t need to don their mum’s best frock to be able to do so.

Even if the GRA was completely written off (fat chance), the law on using public toilets wouldn’t change – and transwomen would keep on using the ladies’, as they have for decades with no issues.

And let’s look at other countries where trans people can already legally self-identify their gender – Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, Ireland, Malta (and more to come soon, such as Norway and Sweden). How many sex attacks by transwomen on cis women since the law was changed?

To quote Monty Python’s camel-spotting sketch, “nearly one”. None, in other words. The North Carolina transwomen said it best during the whole Bathroom Bill fiasco: “We just want to pee.”


Not the Mercury Prize winning band, but good old chromosomes. I’m about as much an expert on chromosomes as most TERFs, but I’ll give it a go.

Sooo, chromosomes are what are responsible for sexual characteristics, including sex organs – so a vagina for girls/women (XX chromosomes) and a penis for boys/men (XY).

TERFs are only too keen to point this out, even having “XX” after their Twitter usernames. My response is: so what? There’s more to being male/female than chromosomes. Transwomen (and transmen) already know that what’s between their legs (sex) doesn’t correspond with what’s between their ears (gender).

So we have HRT and surgery. Problem solved. Also, the TERF arguments don’t take into account that not everyone is an XX female or an XY male. There are males born XX and females born XY, for instance, and combinations of XO, XXY and XXXY chromosomes. Google it!

Y: Youngsters

“Won’t somebody think of the children!” I’ve written extensively my thoughts on TERFs and trans children (I used to be one!) and there will be loads more about my experience growing up trans in my forthcoming book, so I won’t go over it all here, but there have been loads of scare stories in the British press of late.

One was about drag queens going into schools to talk to kids about LGBT matters (good!), another about a Christian teacher who refused to use a trans kid’s correct pronouns and then there were opinion pieces appearing to claim that kids as young as ten could be lined up for SRS.

All utter bullshit and scaremongering, of course, and I’m thinking of one day compiling a dossier to send to the Press Complaints Commission. If I ever get time!

At least there’s some support now for children who are coming to realise they may be trans. If it’s a phase, it will pass. But most trans people I know knew from a very early age they were transgender. I was six or seven – some know when they’re toddlers.

Naturally, the TERFs hate everything about kids possibly identifying as trans – and say any SRS (which wouldn’t be carried out until adulthood after a LOT of counselling anyway) would be akin to genital mutilation.

Half of me hopes the TERF mums’ kids turn out to be transgender – but the other half wouldn’t want them to live a life hating their parents, so maybe that’s not kind. Kindness, eh? Remember kindness?

Z: Zucker

And staying on the kiddiewinks theme, we can’t sign off without mentioning Kenneth Zucker, the psychologist who caused shockwaves earlier in 2017 when he appeared in the BBC documentary Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

I won’t bang on him about him too much, but this is a man who was sacked from a gender identity clinic because of concerns about his attempts to “cure” transgender children. The TERFs love him.

Despite the Christian therapies in the US, gender dysphoria can’t be “cured” – because it’s not a mental illness, just a condition that can be treated. And once it is treated, trans people live far happier lives if they’re just left alone to get on with them.

Live and let live! Never a truer word spoken.

Andie Pas de Deux

If you are experiencing online hatred from TERFs, visit my post, Shop a TERF and stop transphobia. That includes information on various tools to block TERFs on social media and how to report them to the police for hate crimes.


When is Enough Enough?


These days we see a lot of emphasis put on differences; celebrating them, not judging others based on them, and accepting them.

But when are differences just insurmountable?

Personally, I enjoy hearing opinions that differ from my own. I find it helps me to grow as a person to have other people’s opinions to compare to; it challenges my views, my ‘knowledge’ and beliefs. I have many friends ranging from all over the UK (and a few from further afield), and none of them share the exact same opinion I do. I celebrate this diversity and the fact that I surround myself with people who can discuss and debate without dissolving into arguments. Mostly.

However, there’s always one subject that has even the most eloquent, calm and patient of my friends and acquaintances devolve into raving, antagonistic bullies: politics.

Now, I try not to censor people. I start debates and then allow them to go where they’re taken, perhaps every now and again trying to diffuse any hostility with a witty comeback or quick joke here and there; and this works for the most part. I remind my fellow debaters that we choose our friends based on mutual experiences and shared interests, and that we do not, or at least really should not, choose friends based on the party for whom they vote. Do we see a point when a person’s voting choices puts obstacles in the way of friendship?

Here in the UK we have a government in place that is quite literally killing people with their ‘austerity’. There are disabled people forced to choose between working in a job that causes them unimaginable distress and pain, or staying at home to be treated as a criminal for admitting that they just can’t do it and asking for the support they’re fully entitled to. We have a system calculatingly designed to take the most vulnerable members of our society, and stress, distress and humiliate them systematically over many months only to call them liars and thieves at the end of that disgusting display of deliberate lying, twisting, gaslighting and bullying.

We have a healthcare system being raped and plundered, taking services from those who desperately need them in the guise of saving money, only to line the pockets of those who wipe their waxed cracks with blood money stolen from a system set up in good faith. We have a postcode lottery of services for mental health, education, pain management, debt counselling and justice where the neediest are branded and publicly shamed as common criminals, scroungers or worse; even if they’re working all hours they can and barely scraping by, whereas our nurses, police and other emergency services are forced to the brink of insanity through lack of funding and support to take care of these crumbling communities, told that they’re spending too much, not hitting their targets and squandering money by people sat in their leather clad seats of power from miles away.

We have hardworking, caring communities of people so stressed, undervalued and under supported that they cling to any focal point they can just to have somewhere to focus their pain and frustration; leading to the benefits claimants, immigrants and minority communities being targeted when pulling together as larger communities would protect them as a collective.

I could say more. But ‘divide and conquer’, that’s all I need to say, isn’t it?

When do we finally stop and say that we can no longer overlook the fact that people are deliberately voting for those responsible for the collapse of our nation? These are not conspiracy theories cooked up in someone’s shed by a stoned teenager in some coming of age rom-com. They are not the stereotyped ramblings of a clickbait website. The government are committing these atrocities in broad daylight and lying to our faces about their reasoning, all the while laughing at the inanity of those who would vote for their own devastation.

Would you be friends with the girl you see verbally abusing the lady in the hijab who just wants to take her son to school in peace? Or the man who throws a bottle at a teenager in a wheelchair and calls them a scrounger? Or the gang who beat up the local queen for daring to be fabulous? Or the girls refusing to use the toilet while the trans girl is just trying to have a pee in private?

If you wouldn’t ignore any of these ugly truths, how long can you ignore that our ‘leaders’ are the ones enabling and encouraging a world in which these things can and do happen, all while they fill their banks with your money?

When are we going to stop blaming the abused for the abuse they suffer? When will we lay the blame at the doors of those truly responsible?

What is the first step? Maybe the first step is telling your family and friends that this really is their fault! The power comes from the people, and the people are empowering the wicked, the selfish and the cruel.

When will we take a stand and stop allowing this?

When is enough, enough?

When is it all just too much?



Bluehand Hater Suspended


With the suspension of @GSDDogLover from Twitter it seems like a good time to shed further light on Bluehand and their desperate attempts to claim credibility as a bastion of righteousness standing against the ills of the world.

In typical Bluehand fashion, following the suspension of this most loathsome account they immediately tried to manifest some sort of credibility on Twitter for @GSDDogLover by trying to claim Sandy, as she was known, was a well established, respected account with over 40,000 followers trying to rid the social network of extremists. In a last desperate appeal to Twitter for her reinstatement they have even tried to claim she is a Muslim who has turned her back on her faith and found Jesus. The irony of this was seemingly lost on those in Bluehand, and it was assumed by many of their followers that due to her religious conversion Sandy was speaking from a position of authority and expertise. This is a common tactic used by Bluehand. It was probably come as no surprise to readers of the Resisting Hate site that Sandy was about as Muslim as my forest cat.

Sandy and Bluehand have long since defended themselves by claiming to be standing against radical Islam and the evils of fundamentalists. On Twitter this is often done under the flag of #OpISIS – an Anon inspired movement to restrict Jihadist accounts on Twitter through reports and suspensions, thus limiting their ability to spread propaganda.

The facts regarding Sandy and Bluehand are someone paradoxical to the #OpISIS philosophy. As I learned during my extended period helping to run Resisting Hate’s fake Bluehand account, the BH members are merely hate mongers who false flag accounts simply for tweeting in Arabic or Farsi. With access to an Arabic speaker it became obvious very quickly that Bluehand, especially Sandy, were disseminating the names of innocent accounts to Bluehand followers to mass report in the hope that they would be suspended. In a Resisting Hate review of the accounts they shared for reporting – 2/3 had no connection to ISIS or Jihadis and were innocent accounts that Bluehand and Sandy had taken a personal dislike to. Sometimes the accounts had merely disagreed with them and were then thought of as a justified target. More often than not the accounts targeted had never even engaged with Bluehand, the oddest one being a Qatari restaurant critic.

In most cases when you highlight to other #OpISIS users that they have added an innocent account by mistake they are very quick to remove the account and spread the word so that no damage is done. This was not so with Sandy. Having raised my concerns through my main Twitter account I was met with a volley of abuse and threats from Sandy and her followers – mostly confederate flag waving fundamentalist Christian followers who seemed to think I was either a communist, a Muslim or some sort of devil worshipper. (Readers will be pleased to know I am not any of them.) The threats took a slightly more bizarre turn when Sandy started to tag in the FBI and Wiltshire Police (?) Twitter accounts into her increasingly unhinged tweets.

It was pathological hate wrapped up in the thin veneer of trying to help #OpISIS. But what Bluehand fail to realise is that targeted reporting of innocent accounts does a lot of harm. By allowing Bluehand to tar every Muslim account with the same brush the likes of Sandy and Bond (whom you will know from our other articles) reveal their true agenda with crystal clarity. They don’t care about helping to restrict fundamentalists. What they care about is the attention they and Bluehand get by pretending to help, a sort of narcissistic version of a chemical high.

Such tactics and self interest makes Bluehand no better than the evils it claims to stand (weakly) against. In fact as self professed Bluehand leader James Bond’s recent dismissive and wholly misogynistic tweets (in response to the abuse scandal in Westminster) show, he and Bluehand have a lot in common with those who seek to restrict the rights of others. A very fascistic regieme.

So while Bluehand and many other far right Twitter users shed tears over the loss of such a well established Twitter account, I for one will rejoice.


Impeach Trump the Nazi Supporter


Our American Admin talks about Trump

Before the United States and other Allies went to Germany to fight Nazis and Hitler years passed and countless Jews were executed as the world watched from afar. When the Holocaust was over we vowed to never forget the senseless deaths of the millions of innocents murdered in the name of creating a ‘Master’ race and the genocidal fantasy of a madman that became the shocking reality of Nazi Germany.

It has become abundantly clear that “President” Donald J. Trump has embraced support from the White Supremacists and Nazis who carry their flags at his rallies.  When confronted with the facts, Trump (unscripted) said they were “very fine people“.

Trump receives letters of thanks and support from David Duke (previous leader of the racist hate organisation the Ku Klux Klan and he has allowed Mike Cernovich (Far right media figure linked to Alex Jones’ InfoWars and associated with promoting the Pizzagate Conspiracy theory) to visit the White House. Trump also has alleged links to Richard Spencer a known mouthpiece for the Alt-Right White Supremacist movement and has spent time in consolidarity with leader of right wing UK political party Nigel Farage of UKIP.

Does Trump not know we can tell the difference between political associates and far right extremists?

Trump has only been in office for nine months and will be known for being the most divisive President in American history. He attacks minorities on a regular basis, frequently referring to Mexicans as rapists and Blacks as Sons of Bitches.

Daily more and more psychiatrists and psychologists speculate whether this odious man is fit to serve as our President. His hateful rhetoric gets worse by the day and prompts myself and many many others to ask just how long we are going to sit by and let this happen to America.

Enough is enough. It is time to indict and impeach Trump NOW.

Millions were killed before America deployed the military for World War II.
I have to wonder what took us so long.

There is renewed outrage once again demanding that Trump be relieved of his duties. We saw similar demands and outrage after KKK rallies when a woman was killed at peaceful protest. For people who suddenly saw Trump for the White Supremacist he has always been (after the hate rally at Charlottesville), I have to ask –  WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?

As the days grow shorter with a new season upon us, I am shocked that Trump hasn’t been removed yet.

I don’t care if they drag him out of the White House in handcuffs or a strait jacket. Donald J. Trump is by far the most dangerous current threat to the American people and he needs to be removed from office by any and all means necessary so the rest of us can get on with the job of repairing our country and the devastation this man has left behind.


The Army Made Me A Muslim


Assalamu alaikum, peace be with you.

This is the story of how I, a British Army soldier, became a Muslim.

It was set in motion when I joined the Army in 2005. At the time, even in training, they pushed us to hate Muslims and Arabs, they fed us lies. Me being curious I looked into it. I found what they were saying to be lies, but they pushed hard on “ragheads should die”, “they are dirty” etc etc. Anyway, I was deployed to Iraq in May 2006, I was only just 18. It was tough. There was much mistreatment of locals, which, regardless of faith, was wrong.

It came to a head for me in July 2006, after a three day long battle in which we came close to being overrun and captured by insurgents. We managed to drive them back. We also captured one insurgent, a local man named Hakim. Being youngest I was tasked with guarding him. I cuffed him and sat him in a building and saw a man in fear. I got our interpreter and told him not to worry.

I asked him about family and just tried to relax him. I knew we would hand him over to the Iraqi forces and he’d be released after a week. I asked why he was fighting. He explained that it’s more complicated than we westerners believe. Some of the people didn’t want to fight, but if you didn’t you were risking your and your family’s lives.

About an hour later my platoon sergeant came storming in. He pointed his rifle at the prisoner, saying the raghead should die, he could’ve killed us. I could see he was serious. An argument ensued, me saying basically “he’s just a guy leave him be, do your job”. The Sergeant threatened me with charges. He then raised his rifle, getting ready to shoot Hakim, and at that point I fired a shot through the roof and said “Stop or I will shoot you. He is a prisoner, a human being, fuck off out of here!”. Well this just made me the ‘chogi lover’ for the next 3 months. Prisoners were mistreated, beaten and tormented. If you defended them you then were a marked man. I was on guard a lot, first into buildings in a raid, first man in a patrol, all for protecting a man. Senior officers said I did the correct thing but I must understand that it has consequences. When I enlisted I swore an oath to uphold the laws of the crown and international treaties. My allegiance was to the Queen, not the government. I took that oath seriously then, as I do now.

My father was a soldier too, and fought in the Aden emergency in 1967. Before I went he gave me this advice which I still use today.

“Remember son, the man shooting at you is shooting because he has been taught something from birth. If he only knows one side you can’t blame him for shooting at you. It’s his belief, we don’t agree but that doesn’t make him a bad man. He has his orders like you do. We are told we are right and we never question it, they do the same so we can’t criticise. When they stop shooting you stop, because at the end of the day he’s a son of someone, if you can get away with not injuring him do it.”

My dad is very old fashioned, believes in honesty and honour. You capture someone you show them you don’t want to hurt them. But no, they battered and demoralised them, and wondered why they hated us.

Unfortunately something happened in Iraq that caused me to have a breakdown and I was discharged from the Army in 2007. We were on patrol in a Warrior armoured personnel carrier. The driver stopped as he saw wires coming out of some rubble. At this time it was always my job to check due to my actions. My friend had had enough of my punishment, which he saw as unfair, and he told me “No, its fine, I’ll go it’s probably nothing as usual”, so he opened the door and climbed out. I followed and covered him then bang he just disappeared into nothing. I was blown against the Warrior, it tipped over. I woke up in an ambulance. Two soldiers died by that roadside bomb, one of them should have been me, but my friend died instead.

Back home I’d been reading about Palestine and could see the injustice, so I booked a flight to Jordan. I travelled to Palestine with no plan, i just wanted to help. I was still Christian at this point. I ended up staying with locals helping rebuild homes or connecting water back up. I saw how the Israeli Defence Force treated the Palestinians. It just can’t be described.

By 2009 I was back in UK, but no longer drank or ate pork. However I live in a very remote, rural area and there was no mosque at this time. I didn’t know who to talk to so I just carried on with life. I’d read about Islam and the Qur’and it just helped me be at peace. In 2016 an advert appeared in my local paper about an open doors day at a mosque in a nearby town. I literally drove to the mosque and went in and introduced myself. For 3 months they educated me, made sure i was certain and in October 2016 I took my Shahada.

This is a short version of a very long story, but basically the British Army’s instilling of hatred of Islam and Arabs led me to question it. It makes me wonder why others don’t. Because of it they led me to Islam, and I thank them for it, but technically it should never have happened.



Censor The Haters, Not Those Who Fight Hate!


Article written by Resisting Hate member The Wanderer

Censorship is not limited to keeping something from being spoken. The definition also stretches to include writing and exposing the truth. The whole concept of censorship is becoming a big problem on Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where those who seek to expose haters are censored more than the actual haters themselves.

Twitter, in particular, is becoming notorious for censorship. Lately Twitter has been found suspending accounts who are exposing Racism, Xenophobia and Islamophobia. But the accounts carrying out these sickening hateful tweets – Twitter refuses to suspend. Racism, direct threats of violence and Islamophobic tweets inciting hatred cause no harm as far as Twitter is concerned.

I myself have been a victim of this so called censorship. I had the misfortune to encounter Twitter user @SergeantFrisky (aka Jonaya) – a far right supporter, who supports Far Right hate preacher, Anne Waters (leader of far right ‘For Britain’ Party.) This user abused me, used foul and threatening language toward me and encouraged her Facebook followers to mass report me. Yet Twitter said no harm done!

Jonaya, is posting tweets that are clearly inciting hatred against Muslims. But it was my account that Twitter chose to suspend.

It was the fighter of hate not the hater who Twitter censored from their platform.

Jonaya has openly bragged about having my account suspended on her profile and I quote:

@SergeantFrisky: “I’m back. And last night, I got the person who claimed to have got me banned permanently suspended.”

Now, this is not true – not once have I claimed to have had her account banned permanently. I have reported other accounts, one being hater @BasedBritish which I reported and then shared when it was finally suspended. (Incidentally he has created several more accounts since which Twitter have neglected to take action against.)

I will not let an account suspension deter me from exposing the truth. I search the net and find these far right accounts on other social media platforms and I expose the people behind them. I have a good long list that I am currently working through and I am committed to bringing haters to justice.

The Far Right claim people like myself, are censoring them, but that is hypocritical. The censorship is happening to those of us brave enough to stand up against hate and to take action to fight it. No matter how often Twitter makes claims in the press about wanting to remove hate from its platform it is ironic that the accounts it does choose to suspend are those working their hardest toward this very aim.

US President Donald J. Trump, has made false claims on Twitter which incite racial hatred. Twitter has OPENLY said that they will not be deleting his tweets. This is a man who claims fake news is destroying America. Yet, he is openly spreading fake news himself. When groups like ours expose the truth we are told: “You have violated our rules. Your account is locked/ Your account is suspended.”

When I complain of censorship, this is the crap I’m talking about. One rule for one, another rule for the other.

Interestingly Jonaya wants a career in the law profession. It is surprising she should be so open with her Islamophobic and racist views, when she wants to pursue a career in the Law.

This paints a very dark picture of the kind Solicitor she’d be, a corrupt and dangerous one. One who will twist facts, create tissues of lies and censor others to get the results that she wants. She is a calculating liar, she knew exactly what she got banned for but she played the victim of censorship.

Yet while publicly moaning about being censored the hypocritical Jonaya was working to censor others by trying to get my account and the accounts of other Resisting Hate members banned. She has been trying to censor me ever since I first exposed the truth about her. I exposed her support for a Party Leader, who has links to far right violent movements across Europe, her links to a known hate preacher and her links to political hate group Britain First (led by a leader who is currently the subject of a criminal investigation and awaiting a three day trial.)

This is just one example of the far right are launching an attack on the right to oppose their hatred. They want us censored because we speak the truth. They want to spread their bile and prejudice unhindered by the likes of us who stand up for and defend persecuted individuals and communities.
Their version of truth is in poor taste, and only fools are dumb enough to believe it.

Censorship is a weapon of the far right. They hate truth even more than they hate Muslims and Jews. Yet when they post their hate Twitter continue to say no harm done. And when we report them and flag up their anti-Islam tweets – it is us who receive the punishment.

Years ago, Censorship was never a problem. We could express our views – within reason of course, – without fear of being hounded by a pack of rabid wild dogs. But now censorship has become a very dangerous weapon which needs to be addressed and fast. The Far Right are censoring the truth, which will lead to dangerous repercussions for minority groups and for those seeking to defend them.

If we do not act soon to ensure those fighting have an open platform to speak on, censorship will have done so much damage it will be too late to repair the damage the Far Right and their hate have caused.



Coming out Bisexual in America. A Personal Account


A Resisting Hate member discusses her challenges in coming out as Bisexual.

I always knew I was attracted to women physically. I used to sneak my friend’s dad’s Playboy magazine in the bathroom but that was the 80s so it was NOT socially acceptable.

I had fallen in love with men and had a very difficult time getting along with women so I realized that I wasn’t straight or gay but I didn’t know bi was an option.

I was a beautiful, feminine, brilliant young woman so men hit on me all the time but when I was in college I experimented for the first time with a woman on vacation to Florida.

When I went back to college, I had a woman become very obsessed with me so we did a three way with a guy who was hot for me. I did that because I felt it was the safest way to experiment without committing to one life style or another. She got very stalkerish and creepy and it freaked me out a bit.

Well, that story got out and I was in a very prestigious sorority. I was ostracized and shunned.

Then one day I was in a class and I saw someone write on the desk, Elyssa is a dyke. I was horrified. My secret was out. How could I ever face the world again?

I was a lipstick lesbian in the fact that I was not attracted to butch women at all so this was all very confusing to me when I went out to gay bars because I didn’t find the kind of women there attractive.

Since I knew my attraction to women was primarily physical  (I enjoy physical rather than emotional relationships with women) I found my own sexuality very confusing. I quickly retreated back into the safe cover and world of heterosexual relationships.

When I moved to NYC to do my first Masters degree at Columbia I thought – Wonderful! I can experiment with my sexuality in a more accepting environment without being shunned and call disgusting by my very judgmental sorority sisters!

But I was wrong. One sorority sister in particular (my best friend at the time prior to her cheating with my love in college boyfriend who she later married) cut me deep to the core. And to this day, every time I see her post on Facebook I remember the horrible things she said to me when she found out. The film Basic Instinct had just hit the silver screen and I made the horrible mistake of seeing it with her so there was no doubt she was homophobic, and extremely vocal about it, which caused me to finally disaffiliate from my sorority. I remained friends with a few still to this day who are more open minded friends but never felt comfortable at events after that and retreated into my own world severely depressed feeling ostracized and isolated.

I still remember my sorority sister’s judgemental words every time I see her post on Facebook. To this day the majority of my sorority sisters just pretend not to know me or at least make it clear they don’t want to.

They said, the Basic Instinct film was also a turning point for getting bisexuality into public discussions. And being Bi became all the rage!  This led to a lot of men secretly hoping for a threesome with two beautiful bi women. Sorry to disillusion the male hopefulls but let me assure you, gay or bi women are totally okay on their own. We are not waiting for some guy to make himself into an idol in his own head!

Most men can’t even please one woman let alone two. So get that idea right out of your heads.

Then one day, I was extremely drunk. And I was being harassed by some fraternity boys after leaving the G-Man, a college bar we frequented. They had apparently heard about my sexuality through the grapevine and these uptight frat boys thought it their place to call me disgusting and make belligerent and rude comments to me.

Kerry Collins (yes, THAT Kerry Collins) who I knew and went out with a couple of times was the Quarterback of the football team and very much the Big Man on Campus. He witnessed the whole thing and took me into his arms and kissed me deeply to point out that none of this made me any less of a woman or undesirable. It shut them up right away.

But by that point my friendships were so compromised I knew there was no turning back.

When I moved to NYC I thought I could explore my sexuality on my own terms. But I was not into the bar scene and it was difficult to find a partner in crime who would be my wingman at gay bars. I never quite found my footing in that Community either so eventually relocated to Nashville to do my PHD at Vanderbilt. That’s when I got my first ‘girlfriend’. She too was bi and engaged so we would hook up while remaining in a tight group of friends who were perfectly accepting.

That was the one and only girlfriend I ever had and the relationship ended once she got married but I remain friends with her husband to this day. He didn’t mind we were physically involved and in no way felt threatened by it. There were very clear boundaries and we were both drop dead gorgeous so would go to strip clubs where we would get ridiculous offers to go home with men (which we never did though we did get kicked out from a few clubs due to all the attention we were getting). Memorably, on bouncer told us, “You’re here to see the show, not BE the show!” But we had a wonderful summer that year, surrounded by friends who were mature enough to handle our alternative relationship.

By this time bisexuality had become a cultural phenomenon and much more out in the open. But still, men were always under the impression that lesbians were there for their sole enjoyment. That is NOT the case. If I want a man, I’ll find a man. If I want a woman, I’ll find a woman.

As a girly girl, I never gave much thought to the transgender issue until I came across it around the time Caitlyn Jenner transitioned. I have several friends who have transitioned. You would NEVER know and I was shocked to find out. But just as it is important to lend my white privilege to empower minorities, I am using my voice to back the T (trans) as they are currently under attack from the far right who think they and I are going to Hell for not confirming to their narrow minded view of the world.

My sexuality was not a cognizant CHOICE that I made, but rather something I was born with.

I am beautiful, brilliant and educated and none of this changes because of my sexuality.

Gender and sexuality are both fluid. I feel like I missed the latest installment of the sexual revolution by maybe five or ten years but my adolescent and college years would have been so very different if my friends had been more accepting and had kept their fùcking mouths shut when I was going through the self discovery process. I regret that my experience was somewhat limited but glad that my ‘inner circle’ now knows and accepts me for exactly who I am.

It was incredibly painful and confusing because I never felt safe discussing my sexuality with anyone until recently but now I feel it is important to get this out there as I know many people have children still held to exceptionally rigid and unattainable standards in relation to sexuality. Children are taking their own lives and still experiencing the kind of pain I did when I realized I could do or become absolutely anything except a typical average housewife and mother.

Please allow your children the freedom to be who they are without judging them.



Racism in British Society


Powerful piece on racism by a Resisting Hate guest poster

I am a black British born man, 50 years old with Jamaican born parents who emigrated to Britain in the 60s and have lived here ever since.

I was warned by my parents that due to the colour of my skin I would never be truly welcomed and accepted as an equal to a white British born person.

Thankfully I have managed to form friendships with white people and even Indian people but I always feel more conscious of my skin colour than I should and even more so when I happen to be with a white person. It is as if I have been conditioned by an unjust system that is set up to make people feel insecure about their skin colour or nationality. The fact that racism is still thriving after so long and that people continue to feel inferior or superior
as a result of skin colour must, to an extent, be due to society intentionally keeping in place a system which molds individuals minds in a negative and prejudiced way.

A couple of weeks ago I read a newspaper article about a model who happens to be black and she was convinced that she was made to feel undervalued and unwanted when photographers openly shouted at her to get off the catwalk. It is sometimes said that black people are too quick to accuse white people for making them feel uncomfortable and inferior but if you stop and imagine a white model being shouted at by photographers to get off the catwalk – what are the chances of that model not feeling upset and even humiliated? I would say it is a certainty that she would feel humiliated and embarrassed and perhaps even moved to tears.

But would she say that she was treated badly because she is white?

I’d say that is highly unlikely because most people know that though there are models of all races it is always the white models who are given the best opportunities whereas the non white models tend to be left below to look up to the white models at the top of the profession. This has been the case since the modelling business began.

It is as if the people who manage the modelling industry are so self centered and selfish that they cannot understand how their non inclusive practises have made many people of color feel excluded unwanted, unappreciated and undervalued.

This practice of taking certain people and putting them on pedestals in the modelling, film and music industries has effectively created an elitist hierarchy of people who have a over inflated opinion of themselves. The more their egos are stroked by seeing pictures of themselves plastered all over the place the more they start to forget that they are flesh and blood with a limited life span and no better or worse than anybody else.

When a non white person tries to reach the elite of the entertainment industries they are are more likely to find that there is a reluctance because society has never been given the opportunity to look up to and admire non white people. Throughout history black people have always been depicted as subservient to white people and they had to fight hard for many many years in order to be given equal rights (especially in the USA).

I believe that one of the reasons why black or non white people continue to feel like they are still at the back of the queue is because the people in control, who are nearly always white, don’t really want them to feel equal or valued.

One thing I have learned about human nature is that people are always fighting to gain control. Yet when I think about it, at the end of the day, we all have the same basic needs and whether a person is black, white, short, tall, fat, slim, able bodied or disabled we all face the same outcome at the end of our lives.

This begs the question in my mind as to what is the true reason for racism and how did the delusion of believing that one is superior and inferior according to the color of their skin come into being?

The fact that racism still exists in the 21st century suggests to me that some people must want it to thrive because they want to hold onto the delusion of superiority. Being able to keep certain groups of people down gives elitists a feeling of power and fear of losing this power inspires them to perpetuate discrimination of others.

You can see the immense harm that racism and delusion and greed has done to human society.

And although people speak out against racism it is never quite enough to wipe it out for good.

I want to be clear that acknowledging that racism has no place in society is just the beginning. There is so much more that is wrong with British society in the 21st century but people lack the courage to admit this and to encourage others to change society for the better.

Some believe that if we manage to get rid of racism it is job done…but it isn’t. British society has not even begun to address its problems properly. It merely pays lip service to them and that is why British society continues to be troubled and divided in just about every way known to man.

It’s is depressing. But the power for change lies in our hands.


Why We Need To Stop Spreading Hate



A guest writer for Resisting Hate

It is hard not to notice that there are a lot of groups and messages of hate around today. There is a link between this hate and the increasing abuse and violence. Hate breeds hate, breeds more hate…

As most of the hatred I see and hear about is primarily aimed against Muslim people, I will mostly focus on that, but the sentiments in this article are equally applicable to other persecuted groups and individuals too, including immigrants, other races, different cultures, minority faiths, the poor, the disabled, LGBTQ, transgender, the homeless and many others. Sadly the list is long.

Much of this abuse and hatred is perpetrated by people or organisations claiming to be patriotic and who claim to help society. But their actions and words are not patriotic and in truth they are actually doing harm to our society. When haters do what they do they make the job of the police, the military and the emergency services so much harder. They are putting our services, our communities and our loved ones in harm’s way. Each message of hate contributes to inspiring every act of abuse and violence that endangers the safety of groups and individuals.

Allowing hate to divide our communities is playing right into the heart of terrorists. It contributes to their long term aims of chaos and disorder. Reactionary bigots who spread hate are helping to accomplish one of the terrorists major goals, namely to divide and conquer.

Every hater who demonises an innocent individual is contributing to the risk of radicalisation. Some of these people being radicalised are adults, some are teens but for children growing up being exposed to hatred, the influence is massive. Hate is the perfect recruitment tool for terrorism – See, they do hate you, they do hate your family and they hate your God.

Each act of hatred means another serviceman or woman has a much higher risk of being killed. And not just service personel but the person in the street too. Each of these hate acts puts all of us at a greater risk of being involved in an attack.

Hate crimes negatively impact on resources for policing, the emergency and medical services and society in general. As we approach a winter that will put massive strain on our NHS we simply do not have the additional resources to put into the inflating issue of tackling hate crimes. The repercussions of hate are further reaching than is first apparent.

With each abusive message or violent act haters further alienate the very communities whose cooperation is vital for intelligence and the support to combat it all. Community support and assistance is crucial in the fight against terrorism.

The spread of hate plays a pivotal role in the growth of terrorism. Without hate as a reaction

Terrorists would lose one of their biggest recruitment tool and justification for their actions.
Terrorists would lose their ability to divide us as individuals, as communities, as groups and as a country.
Terrorists would lose their ability to chew up our resources.
Terrorists would lose their “purpose in life”.

Put simply terrorists want haters to do their jobs for them and keep pulling the country apart.

So to those who align themselves with hate groups, those who act with violence or abuse and those who post messages of hatred, YOU are assisting terrorism. And YOU are causing further harm to your people and your society.

This is not patriotism. You are weakening the very country you claim to serve.

Of course, stopping the hate will not stop terrorism or violence immediately. We have a lot of bridge building to do first – gaining trust and becoming more inclusive, welcoming and supportive to others. And there are some (on all sides) who are just ignorant and will always stay spoiling for a fight. But, over time if we can change our culture to be one of respect rather than hate the divides will heal and our united communities will succeed together in the fight against terrorism.

We need to be brave

We need, REALLY NEED to build a more tolerant, inclusive, caring and fairer world.