Jason Schumann – Efemico


Rather a small fry entry for our Resisting Hate Rogues Gallery but an interesting subject as we have received more screenshots regarding the online abuse perpetuated by Jason Schumann than we have any other hater in our archives.

Schumann is a self proclaimed anti Islamophobic activist. He claims to be the founder of a group called Efemico but this organisation is actually just Schumann, his six Facebook followers (FB established 2014..) and his Twitter account which personifies the bad attitude that characterises most of his online interactions. The current Twitter account @Efemico_Online came into being when his previous account @DebatingCulture was suspended for abuse and harassment.

It would appear that Schumann’s penchant for abuse is not limited only to his online activities…

Schumann claims to support a pro Muslim agenda but this appears to be little more than an excuse to express his Antisemitic hate views. His negative and hate filled attitude toward Jewish people is well documented as this article from the Jewish Times confirms. (The Efemico website was deleted shortly after this publication.)

I have lost track of how many people have sent me this extract from Schumann’s (then public) Facebook page where his Jewish prejudice was expressed in extremist hate language.



He appeared to be oblivious as to who brought this to the attention of a wider audience. A mystery no longer Jason, it was one of the Resisting Hate members. (And you might want to check your friends list on there…)


Schumann spends most of his time online picking fights, insulting, abusing and threatening others as the screenshots provided below will testify. The remainder of his time he spends in self promotion and the quest to aggrandise himself to prove he is the biggest bully in the school playground (which again is evidenced below).

I could easily write several thousand words about Jason Schumann but I think it would be better to let him show you what kind of person he is himself.








At various different times Schumann has claimed to be gay, black, Jewish, Aspergers and HIV positive. I have no reason to doubt his word or the veracity of these claims but wish to make it perfectly clear that none of these things would induce myself or Resisting Hate to be prejudiced against him.

It is not your sexuality, your colour, your race, your faith or your health status that makes people dislike you Jason. It is the fact you are a pompous, self important, hate filled wannabe who attempts to manipulate an anti Islamophobic agenda for the sole purpose of spreading your hate against Jewish people.

All screenshots used in this article were put into the public domain by the subject of the article with the exception of the picture quoted from a publication in the mainstream press. 





Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Adam Kennaugh – Fascist Tory Clinician


Adam Kennaugh is a neo-fascist extremist Conservative Party member, registered clinician, school governor and hospital clinical director, specialising in opthalmic (eye) disorders in children, and is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine. He serves as a school governor, and has done so, for the past 15 years.  Now living in Nottinghamshire, he stood for election in the Weaste and Seedley By-election in Salford, Greater Manchester, 10 October 2013.

Managing the hospital while sharing the abhorrent views we have screenshot below makes him a danger to the public.

The Tory Party’s “Dr Mengele” has tweeted calling for (foreign) thieves to be hung, their bodies dissected like rats, and body parts served to Muslims as halal meat.

Both his clinical career and his politcial career need to be ended. We cannot have haters like this treating the public. His horrific views put him at odds with the medical professional and the vulnerable people he represents at his hospital.


Racism in British Society


Powerful piece on racism by a Resisting Hate guest poster

I am a black British born man, 50 years old with Jamaican born parents who emigrated to Britain in the 60s and have lived here ever since.

I was warned by my parents that due to the colour of my skin I would never be truly welcomed and accepted as an equal to a white British born person.

Thankfully I have managed to form friendships with white people and even Indian people but I always feel more conscious of my skin colour than I should and even more so when I happen to be with a white person. It is as if I have been conditioned by an unjust system that is set up to make people feel insecure about their skin colour or nationality. The fact that racism is still thriving after so long and that people continue to feel inferior or superior
as a result of skin colour must, to an extent, be due to society intentionally keeping in place a system which molds individuals minds in a negative and prejudiced way.

A couple of weeks ago I read a newspaper article about a model who happens to be black and she was convinced that she was made to feel undervalued and unwanted when photographers openly shouted at her to get off the catwalk. It is sometimes said that black people are too quick to accuse white people for making them feel uncomfortable and inferior but if you stop and imagine a white model being shouted at by photographers to get off the catwalk – what are the chances of that model not feeling upset and even humiliated? I would say it is a certainty that she would feel humiliated and embarrassed and perhaps even moved to tears.

But would she say that she was treated badly because she is white?

I’d say that is highly unlikely because most people know that though there are models of all races it is always the white models who are given the best opportunities whereas the non white models tend to be left below to look up to the white models at the top of the profession. This has been the case since the modelling business began.

It is as if the people who manage the modelling industry are so self centered and selfish that they cannot understand how their non inclusive practises have made many people of color feel excluded unwanted, unappreciated and undervalued.

This practice of taking certain people and putting them on pedestals in the modelling, film and music industries has effectively created an elitist hierarchy of people who have a over inflated opinion of themselves. The more their egos are stroked by seeing pictures of themselves plastered all over the place the more they start to forget that they are flesh and blood with a limited life span and no better or worse than anybody else.

When a non white person tries to reach the elite of the entertainment industries they are are more likely to find that there is a reluctance because society has never been given the opportunity to look up to and admire non white people. Throughout history black people have always been depicted as subservient to white people and they had to fight hard for many many years in order to be given equal rights (especially in the USA).

I believe that one of the reasons why black or non white people continue to feel like they are still at the back of the queue is because the people in control, who are nearly always white, don’t really want them to feel equal or valued.

One thing I have learned about human nature is that people are always fighting to gain control. Yet when I think about it, at the end of the day, we all have the same basic needs and whether a person is black, white, short, tall, fat, slim, able bodied or disabled we all face the same outcome at the end of our lives.

This begs the question in my mind as to what is the true reason for racism and how did the delusion of believing that one is superior and inferior according to the color of their skin come into being?

The fact that racism still exists in the 21st century suggests to me that some people must want it to thrive because they want to hold onto the delusion of superiority. Being able to keep certain groups of people down gives elitists a feeling of power and fear of losing this power inspires them to perpetuate discrimination of others.

You can see the immense harm that racism and delusion and greed has done to human society.

And although people speak out against racism it is never quite enough to wipe it out for good.

I want to be clear that acknowledging that racism has no place in society is just the beginning. There is so much more that is wrong with British society in the 21st century but people lack the courage to admit this and to encourage others to change society for the better.

Some believe that if we manage to get rid of racism it is job done…but it isn’t. British society has not even begun to address its problems properly. It merely pays lip service to them and that is why British society continues to be troubled and divided in just about every way known to man.

It’s is depressing. But the power for change lies in our hands.


FLA Violent Agenda Exposed


 Latest article by FashTrasha

Matthew Wilkinson, a senior administrator close to leader John Meighan has revealed via Twitter that the Football Lads Alliance (or FLA) are “building up the numbers peacefully” before engaging in what supporter Stipple calls “action”.  Many already believe this to be the case, the massed-ranks of the united football hooligan organisation quietly developing a significant fighting force which will be unleashed at a suitable time to wreak havoc upon society while seeking the right moment to turn their mob deliberately violent.  With attendees already outnumbering police, the sudden change in tactics will catch police unaware, ensuring full-scale rioting ensues.

Stipple says: – “Action is required, not silent marches”.

Matthew Wilkinson (FLA Admin) replies: “Build up the numbers peacefully”.

Stipple then adds: “I agree that we must get numbers, but I’m spitting feathers”.

Matthew Wilkinson then replies, in agreement: “I think everyone hears you, Stipple”, giving him the thumbs up of approval icon.

The implication is clear: – Once the numbers of hooligans marching are great enough, the restraint will vanish, and violent action will become the norm.

On another thread, Matthew admits he admins the secret FLA Facebook group, a group which the authorities will no-doubt be keeping a very firm eye on, especially having been informed by this article of their extremist plot.

When this eventually happens, and 40-50,000 angry white men are weaponised to unleash extreme violence upon the streets of the capital (or elsewhere) the government and the Metropolitan Police must be prepared to act to stop people from being seriously injured or killed.  All it would take is a stand-off against non-white passers-by to escalate into an angry episode and the nod to be given by FLA organisers to break through police lines and all hell will break loose.

Rightwing football hooligans are ready-made fighting units.  Differences set aside to oppose “their common enemy”, the consequences of an organised group running free through city streets are easy to understand.  When a future FLA demo becomes a large-scale riot, the government must be prepared to act with the necessary swiftness to protect society and come down hard on the FLA leadership utilising the full force of the law.

A deliberate plot to build up a private army of boots and fists peacefully, linking rival hooligan firms to engage in future acts of organised racial disorder in massed-numbers when the time is right, amounts to both terrorism and even the offence of treason. The Home Office will be compelled to act to ensure all plotters receive lengthy prison sentences for such actions, when they finally happen.

Years spent in solitary confinement likely await the conspirators with all football hooligans involved in the movement more than likely receiving life-bans from stadiums. Whenever Matthew Wilkinson and cohorts intend to unleash ultra-violence, society must be ready to act firmly and swiftly to protect minorities and punish guilty parties severely.

A mere glance at the FLA’s Facebook page reveals the regular presence of Frank Portinari, the convicted gun-runner who tried to sell deadly weapons to the Unionist terrorist group the UDA.  A week before the previous FLA demo, a Hope Not Hate photographer pictured him in a Central London pub chatting to supporters of the FLA.

Portinari was a member of neo-Nazi Hitleresque organisation Combat 18, siding with Charlie Sergeant in the split which occurred, Sergeant later exposed as a police informer spying on loyalist terrorists in England.

After what happened at Charlottesville, USA, police and government security forces throughout Europe are keeping a keen look-out for far right terror plots. They are fully aware of the ramifications of allowing such groups to develop unchecked.  A common theme of fascist groups operating on social media is the promise of racial warfare, the premise that battalions of angry white men will rise up in a deadly battle against non-whites (and their liberal “defenders”), actioning a revolution and a dictatorship by Adolf Hitler-type genocidal extremists.  Although this is almost certainly not going to happen, any episodes of unchecked violent outrage against Muslims and other minorities will have catastrophic implications for community relations. The deceitful haters are more than aware that it is the minority groups who will bear the brunt of this chaos.

Right-wing trolls continually mutter “Islam is not a race” whilst hardcore neo-Nazis and white supremacists continue to switch (albeit temporarily) from anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, viewing anti-Muslim hate as their best chance for success in an increasingly paranoid pro Brexit, pro Trump world. Bearing in mind that 95% of British Muslims are non-white and a visible ethnic minority regularly vilified by the British gutter press, it is easy to understand how latching onto public unease over Islamic extremist groups and sailing with the extreme right-wing agenda of Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail offers far more promise than selling copies of Mein Kampf to small handfuls of National Socialists outside Blood and Honour concerts.

Openly neo-Nazi organisations such as the Pie and Mash squad are already taking part in FLA demonstrations. They are expecting something violent to happen in the not too distant future, or frankly, they wouldn’t be there.

Now the FLA’s true intent has been well and truly exposed, there is little that convicted hooligan John Meighan can do to sweep this damning admittance of violent intent under the carpet, other than pretending Wilkinson is not a key member of his dangerous street protest organisation, which he most certainly is. Just as Diane Abbott and the trade unionists feared all along, the presently peaceful FLA are a Trojan horse for future, organised mayhem.

It doesn’t matter how many Gurkhas the FLA get on their marches as window-dressing, now they have come clean about dropping their sanitised front and acknowledged they are ready and willing to unleash violence when protest numbers reach critical mass, Meighan’s Blackshirts are ready and waiting for trouble…

If unopposed.



Disharmony in 140 characters


Cliché after cliché. Reverse racism was today’s. Was everyone brainwashed? Is it racist for a black woman, that has suffered exclusion, name-calling, and online abuse, to remark that Britain has a problem with racism? Is it acceptable, to sit in a room, in Britain, complaining about people’s racism against white folk? Did India’s caste system preceding colonialism somehow excuse racism from colonialists to the ‘savages’ of yesteryear? Had we stepped back to the Heart of Darkness?

“Africans would have been better off being kept by the British”.

Can people not see the language they use, the tone they take, the attitudes they hold, with any sort of realism or objectivity? Life in 140 characters; the brutality of it. The simplicity. The bipolarity. Nothing complex exists. Cliché follows cliché. Opinion follows opinion. Why must we live in a world where people’s views must only reach 140 characters?

“Niggers in a woodpile” is “casual”, a mild reprimand. Shame.

The oppression. The brutality. What have The Romans ever done for us?

“We built them schools”. Sure, but for who? Why? What life is it for them?

“Them”. Sigh.

“They”. It’s always “they”. Why not us?

“Uncivilised”. What on Earth? What makes painting and writing more civilised than a proverb or inscription? White and black, dark or light, but what of the shades in between? The beautiful shades. The differences, the colour. What makes a sacrifice less humane than a murder or a crusade? Who decides what is civilised?

“But the dictators are worse”. Worse for whom? Death or slavery? White or black? Who created the dictators? Things Fall Apart as the villagers wrestle, but wrestling is power, right? Wrestling for pride or the entertainment of children; who are the savages?

“Brainwashed” with no pledge of allegiance. No national anthem. Knives and forks are civilised, manners too, but guns? What of civilised guns? Civilise the savages; which savages? Are we back in time?

Retaliation is condemned, but what of the initial actor? Laud them, defend them. Oil and guns and tea and trade. But we must defend our shores. Which shores? All of the shores?

“They hate the British”.

Diversity. Culture. Love and peace. Why must we fight and resist each other? Why must we create disharmony in 140 characters?


This article was first published here

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Chesham Ultras – Bigots not Patriots


A concerned member of the public brought this local football club to our attention earlier today.

Chesham Ultras describe themselves as the No.1 football firm in the Chilterns but their behaviour online is more suited to a hate group than a respectable football organisation. Their time line is a barrage of hate, discrimination and prejudice.

They regularly post Islamophobic hatred in particular.



Their obsession with far right bigots is belly crawlingly sycophantic.



They pick fights, harass and abuse other accounts on Twitter



They glorify graffiti and vandalism of public property.



And they boast about being arrested by the police.



In short this motley collection of far right fascist footballing wannabes is a disgrace to both the beautiful game and the locality they claim to represent. We will certainly be bringing this issue to the attention of their registered football club and we have provided the contact details below in case any of our readers would like to do the same.




Britain Must Support Our Polish


The attack on Polish gentleman Arkadiusz Jozwik by a gang of teenagers in Harlow last week shocked the town and sent tremors through the wider UK Polish community. Initially reported as a random attack the media quickly turned to speculation this was a hate crime, a deliberate act of racist violence and further evidence of the growing divisions between UK communities.

Alongside many other minority groups in the country, abuse and violence toward Polish people intensified after the Brexit referendum. The Guardian reported that anti Polish attacks have increased five fold since the referendum and the almost daily reports of incidents targeting Polish people back this statistic up. In Cambridgeshire only hours after the referendum result the Police were already investigating a spate of incidents involving signs saying “No more Polish vermin,” which had been plastered across the town.

The Polish ambassador Witold Sobkow called upon all Polish nationals to report incidents including threats and xenophobia to the Police and has spoken openly of the importance of not allowing this hatred to fester within our country. But it is important to question how the hate toward Polish people has ever managed to grow in the first place. When we consider the contribution the Poles made and continue to make to our country it seems barbaric that the British nationals should turn on those who have given them so much.

The positive history between Poland and Britain was cemented in World War Two with the Poles contributing the fourth largest number of troops to the Allied cause. 43% of all intelligence reports that reached Britain were from Polish secret services. Later in the Battle of Britain it was a Polish flying squadron that claimed more enemy lives than any other Allied troop and it was a Polish man (Josef Kosacki) who invented the mine detector which saved many lives during the war effort.

There are somewhere in the region of 850,000 Polish nationals in the UK today. As reported in the Financial Times these citizens, together with other immigrants from Eastern Europe, paid over twenty billion pounds more in taxes than they received back in any form of benefit in the period 2004 to 2011. The British Government’s own data supports this in a report published by the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) at University College London which stated immigrants arriving in Britain post 1999 were 45% less likely to claim benefits than people born in Britain. The conclusion to be drawn is that Eastern European migrants including those from Poland are having a very positive effect on the British economy.
A lot of the hate rhetoric surrounding Polish immigrants has been the accusation they “Take British jobs.” Some interesting statistics were published on this by the Independent – In 2004 approximately quarter of a million Polish people entered the UK. Yet in that same year unemployment figures dropped and advertised jobs increased. This would suggest that Polish immigration had little to no negative impact on reducing jobs for British workers and that in fact their contribution to the economy overall meant more jobs were created to support British workers seeking employment.
Even Boris Johnson, leader of the Brexit campaign endorses the need to retain our Polish immigrants. On a recent visit to Warsaw he was reminded by the Polish foreign secretary of a phone call in which he stated “Whatever you do, don’t take them [Polish people] back, Britain needs them for its economy.”

Demonising our Poles as with demonising any minority group in Britain is not the answer to solving the problems of the emerging culture of discontent. As long as our media continues to print that the struggles with our economy are down to immigration we will continue to have a problem with racism. The only way to fight this is to do as I have done here and educate people about the true value of those who come to our country, support our economy, live in our communities and are willing to stand by our side at times of national peril.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK