Kristallnacht – Lest We Forget


The 9th and 10th November mark an anniversary of a dark event that needs to be remembered as it stands as a warning from history.

On the 9th November 1938 Kristallnacht began – An attack on Jewish homes, businesses and people by the Sturmabteilung or “SA”, who were Hitler’s “Brownshirts”. This attack was in response to the shooting and killing of Ernst vom Rath in Paris, a German embassy official, by a 17 year old Polish Jew called Herschel Grynszpan.

The Nazi leadership were in Munich at the time on the anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch. It was during this celebration that Joseph Goebbels announced to the gathering that the ‘World Jewry’ were involved in the assassination and that attacks against the Jews were not to be officially organised by the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party)  but if they were to “happen” then nothing should be done to stop them. As soon as this information was given and passed out to the districts through German held territory, riots ‘spontaneously’ occurred. It is recorded that many members of military and SA units put on civilian clothes and went to carry out the actions so that the attacks were seen as outraged public reaction.

This event is classified as a pogrom, which is an uprising aimed to persecute and/or eliminate a group, normally because of their ethnicity or religion. As most people are aware, Hitler was rabidly antisemetic and this was his first ‘official’ act against the Jews on this scale. It took place in Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia where German troops had been sent.

Members of the Sturmabteilung entered homes, hospitals and synagogues, demolishing them using pickaxes and sledgehammers. After causing as much damage as they could, they started fires to cause maximum devastation. Approximately 1000 synagogues were destroyed and more then 7000 Jewish businesses were wrecked or damaged to the point that they couldn’t open again.

In addition to the loss of buildings, many Jews themselves were killed. It was originally thought that 91 people were dead as a result of the attacks (as recorded at the time). However murder wasn’t the primary objective of what Hitler’s soldiers did over the course of the 2 days, instead they forced people to carry out humiliating acts and there are records of many rapes happening. Because of this, there were so many suicides that it’s thought that the toll on life could be in the hundreds. Fear, chaos and devastation were at the core of this act of hatred against Jewish citizens.

Part of the instruction handed out by Reinhard Heydrich as head of state police was that as many men as possible should be rounded up and arrested. 30,000 Jewish men were arrested, held in prisons and then transferred to concentration camps. At this time, Buchenwald, Dachau and Sachsenhausen camps were already running and they found themselves held there.

While most of the Jewish men were released from the concentration camps on the proviso that they leave Reich territory, many hundreds died before they had this opportunity.

Goering wasn’t happy following the break up of Jewish property as he felt that German insurance companies would have to foot the bill for repairs/compensation. So to stop this from happening, he brought in laws to remove Jews from the German economy. Further laws were then brought in which made it illegal for Jews to own property, made it illegal to hire Jews for work, required Jewish people to sell their businesses to “Ayrians” for a pittance and demanded the expulsion of Jewish children from schools.

Kristallnacht needs to stand as a lesson. When people say right wing policies are harmless, they need to remember how easy it is for things to be taken to ‘the next level’ and say NEVER AGAIN!

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Threats toward our American Admin at RH


November 3, 2017

It’s been one year since I first went public about the death threats I received targeting Jews and minorities online. I remember the one posted below specifically because it arrived on my birthday.

My dear friends at Resisting Hate were on this before I even woke up so I didn’t have to see it on my special day.

This year I received a number of Swastikas and Nazi images once again. But I also received many messages of love and gratitude for using my voice and experience to combat online hate speech and community activism.

I thought maybe it was time for a brief Update.

Last year, November 1
I wrote this piece for the site talking about the personal prejudice I have received as a Jewish person.



This year, November 3

For my friends and family who were concerned for my safety and well being when I received death threats and targeted harassment from Trump supporters just before and after the election, let me assure you that I am doing well and I appreciate your concern.

Thank you so much for your support and kind words. Noticing that post my friend commented on was written 12 months ago. Maybe it’s time for an update.

We will have a lot of healing to do when Trump leaves office. As the Mueller investigation is closing in around him it seems that Trump’s reign of terror is coming to a close. I’ve noticed a big uptick in the number of Swastikas and hateful comments I’m receiving and I’m hearing stories of Swastikas in the bathroom at my high school.

They are moving their hate from online forums into real life rallies where they carry torches, Confederate and Nazi flags, and GUNS.

This is not okay. Many people are afraid. I choose to use my real name and identity when discussing these things because I refuse to be intimidated by anonymous bullies and keyboard warriors who make threats against me in the real world.

If you are targeted; and too afraid to reveal your identity and fear for your safety, contact us. We are here to help. Our email is and you can find us at on Facebook and on Twitter @resistinghate

Much love to you today. For standing by me during this terrifying experience I thank you.


“The American Admin”

Chillieh 🐧
Resisting Hate

Elyssa is an American contributor.
She blogs at


Richard Spencer – ‘Alt Right’ Nazi


Richard Spencer was relatively unknown prior to Trump’s inauguration, when he got very publicly punched while trying to explain why he was wearing a Pepe the Frog pin on his jacket. The video of the punch went viral shortly after it happened, with many people feeling that in this specific instance the violence was justified. Seeing Spencer get his comeuppance highlighted the “social risk” of being a Nazi and many hoped that as a result haters would think twice before publicly affirming an allegiance to the far right.


Many right wing leaders tend to be sacked from professional roles when their views become too extreme. In Spencer’s case, he was sacked in 2008 from The American Conservative, a magazine which is opposed to left wing ideologies.

Spencer’s sacking came from his promotion of fascist Nazi doctrine including:

1. The creation of a homeland for the White race and discussion as to whether this racist objective could be achieved in the USA.

2. The belief that there should be a period of “peaceful” ethnic cleansing which will preserve the culture in Europe. (It must be noted that although Spencer continually says that he wants it to be “peaceful”, a large number of his followers advocate ethnic cleansing by non-peaceful means).

It is claimed by Spencer and a few other right wing people in his group that he coined the Alt-Right to describe the people who don’t wish to follow mainstream Conservative ideals but prefer more radical White Nationalism. I have not been able to find anything to validate that the term Alt Right did originate with Spencer and have only encountered non-verifiable claims online, including his own website

After losing his job on The American Conservative, Spencer started working for Washington Summit Publishers (WSP) as their Executive Director. Washington Summit Publishers are a White supremacist/Nationalist publisher in the USA. They publish books which promote the supremacy of white people, including the fact that they feel the intelligence of white people is superior to non-white people.

At the same time as starting work on WSP, Spencer became president and director of The National Policy Institute (NPI). As a savvy reader might expect, the NPI is a group which promotes a White Suprematist viewpoint. It has been in place since 2005 and has a long (and not very distinguished) list of members. Having personally been in entanglements on Twitter with both Spencer and the NPI, I did enjoy watching the NPI account shut down for breaching Twitter Terms of Service.

After being expelled from Hungary in 2014, Spencer was been prohibited from coming to the UK or any other EU country. The home secretary believed:

In doing so [expressing his views], you would be committing listed behaviours and would therefore be behaving in a way that is not conducive to the public good. You are therefore instructed not to travel to the UK as you will be refused admission on arrival.”

This year has not been a good one for Richard Spencer. 2017 has seen him removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference. This removal was a notable public humiliation as, when Spencer was giving an interview to reporters in the lobby of the Gaylord National Resort, Ian Walters, the CPAC spokesman, said that “his views are repugnant and have absolutely nothing to do with conservatism or what we do here” and hd him removed from the hotel where the conference was taking place. Walters went on to further describe Spencer as “vile”, “venomous”, “horrible” and “repulsive.”

It was Richard Spencer who led the Nazi torch lit protest in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a statue depicting Confederate General Robert E Lee. Spencer led the crowd in cries of the phrase “Blood and Soil” (Blood and soil or “blut und boden” was a Nationalist chant used by Nazis in WWII).

As mentioned above, Spencer’s aim is to create a “white homeland” by means of “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. For North America, he wants to create what he describes as a White Ethno-State (a state/nation which has a single shared heritage/ethnic ancestry).

Much like David Duke of Ku Klux Klan fame, Spencer is a major supporter of Donald Trump and hailed his victory in the 2016 Presidential election as “The Victory of Will.” This was picked up by some to be a reference to a film called “Triumph of the Will” by Leni Riefenstahl, which was a Nazi propaganda film.

Spencer does depart from Trump’s policy of access to birth control (including abortion) in that he agrees there should be freely available access to birth control for all. However as might be expected, there is a bigoted, racist reason for this. Spencer believes that birth control would mainly be used by People of Colour and Hispanic people which would reduce the populations of these communities in the USA.

In additional to being antisemitic Spencer is also against gay marriage. According to Spencer, gay men won’t want to marry as they don’t like the idea of monogamy. (What is it with right wingers that makes them think that gay people are all out having orgies?!)

The website – The Point – has an article about Richard Spencer which people might find interesting.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Jason Schumann – Efemico


Rather a small fry entry for our Resisting Hate Rogues Gallery but an interesting subject as we have received more screenshots regarding the online abuse perpetuated by Jason Schumann than we have any other hater in our archives.

Schumann is a self proclaimed anti Islamophobic activist. He claims to be the founder of a group called Efemico but this organisation is actually just Schumann, his six Facebook followers (FB established 2014..) and his Twitter account which personifies the bad attitude that characterises most of his online interactions. The current Twitter account @Efemico_Online came into being when his previous account @DebatingCulture was suspended for abuse and harassment.

It would appear that Schumann’s penchant for abuse is not limited only to his online activities…

Schumann claims to support a pro Muslim agenda but this appears to be little more than an excuse to express his Antisemitic hate views. His negative and hate filled attitude toward Jewish people is well documented as this article from the Jewish Times confirms. (The Efemico website was deleted shortly after this publication.)

I have lost track of how many people have sent me this extract from Schumann’s (then public) Facebook page where his Jewish prejudice was expressed in extremist hate language.



He appeared to be oblivious as to who brought this to the attention of a wider audience. A mystery no longer Jason, it was one of the Resisting Hate members. (And you might want to check your friends list on there…)


Schumann spends most of his time online picking fights, insulting, abusing and threatening others as the screenshots provided below will testify. The remainder of his time he spends in self promotion and the quest to aggrandise himself to prove he is the biggest bully in the school playground (which again is evidenced below).

I could easily write several thousand words about Jason Schumann but I think it would be better to let him show you what kind of person he is himself.








At various different times Schumann has claimed to be gay, black, Jewish, Aspergers and HIV positive. I have no reason to doubt his word or the veracity of these claims but wish to make it perfectly clear that none of these things would induce myself or Resisting Hate to be prejudiced against him.

It is not your sexuality, your colour, your race, your faith or your health status that makes people dislike you Jason. It is the fact you are a pompous, self important, hate filled wannabe who attempts to manipulate an anti Islamophobic agenda for the sole purpose of spreading your hate against Jewish people.

All screenshots used in this article were put into the public domain by the subject of the article with the exception of the picture quoted from a publication in the mainstream press. 





Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


FLA Violent Agenda Exposed


 Latest article by FashTrasha

Matthew Wilkinson, a senior administrator close to leader John Meighan has revealed via Twitter that the Football Lads Alliance (or FLA) are “building up the numbers peacefully” before engaging in what supporter Stipple calls “action”.  Many already believe this to be the case, the massed-ranks of the united football hooligan organisation quietly developing a significant fighting force which will be unleashed at a suitable time to wreak havoc upon society while seeking the right moment to turn their mob deliberately violent.  With attendees already outnumbering police, the sudden change in tactics will catch police unaware, ensuring full-scale rioting ensues.

Stipple says: – “Action is required, not silent marches”.

Matthew Wilkinson (FLA Admin) replies: “Build up the numbers peacefully”.

Stipple then adds: “I agree that we must get numbers, but I’m spitting feathers”.

Matthew Wilkinson then replies, in agreement: “I think everyone hears you, Stipple”, giving him the thumbs up of approval icon.

The implication is clear: – Once the numbers of hooligans marching are great enough, the restraint will vanish, and violent action will become the norm.

On another thread, Matthew admits he admins the secret FLA Facebook group, a group which the authorities will no-doubt be keeping a very firm eye on, especially having been informed by this article of their extremist plot.

When this eventually happens, and 40-50,000 angry white men are weaponised to unleash extreme violence upon the streets of the capital (or elsewhere) the government and the Metropolitan Police must be prepared to act to stop people from being seriously injured or killed.  All it would take is a stand-off against non-white passers-by to escalate into an angry episode and the nod to be given by FLA organisers to break through police lines and all hell will break loose.

Rightwing football hooligans are ready-made fighting units.  Differences set aside to oppose “their common enemy”, the consequences of an organised group running free through city streets are easy to understand.  When a future FLA demo becomes a large-scale riot, the government must be prepared to act with the necessary swiftness to protect society and come down hard on the FLA leadership utilising the full force of the law.

A deliberate plot to build up a private army of boots and fists peacefully, linking rival hooligan firms to engage in future acts of organised racial disorder in massed-numbers when the time is right, amounts to both terrorism and even the offence of treason. The Home Office will be compelled to act to ensure all plotters receive lengthy prison sentences for such actions, when they finally happen.

Years spent in solitary confinement likely await the conspirators with all football hooligans involved in the movement more than likely receiving life-bans from stadiums. Whenever Matthew Wilkinson and cohorts intend to unleash ultra-violence, society must be ready to act firmly and swiftly to protect minorities and punish guilty parties severely.

A mere glance at the FLA’s Facebook page reveals the regular presence of Frank Portinari, the convicted gun-runner who tried to sell deadly weapons to the Unionist terrorist group the UDA.  A week before the previous FLA demo, a Hope Not Hate photographer pictured him in a Central London pub chatting to supporters of the FLA.

Portinari was a member of neo-Nazi Hitleresque organisation Combat 18, siding with Charlie Sergeant in the split which occurred, Sergeant later exposed as a police informer spying on loyalist terrorists in England.

After what happened at Charlottesville, USA, police and government security forces throughout Europe are keeping a keen look-out for far right terror plots. They are fully aware of the ramifications of allowing such groups to develop unchecked.  A common theme of fascist groups operating on social media is the promise of racial warfare, the premise that battalions of angry white men will rise up in a deadly battle against non-whites (and their liberal “defenders”), actioning a revolution and a dictatorship by Adolf Hitler-type genocidal extremists.  Although this is almost certainly not going to happen, any episodes of unchecked violent outrage against Muslims and other minorities will have catastrophic implications for community relations. The deceitful haters are more than aware that it is the minority groups who will bear the brunt of this chaos.

Right-wing trolls continually mutter “Islam is not a race” whilst hardcore neo-Nazis and white supremacists continue to switch (albeit temporarily) from anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, viewing anti-Muslim hate as their best chance for success in an increasingly paranoid pro Brexit, pro Trump world. Bearing in mind that 95% of British Muslims are non-white and a visible ethnic minority regularly vilified by the British gutter press, it is easy to understand how latching onto public unease over Islamic extremist groups and sailing with the extreme right-wing agenda of Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail offers far more promise than selling copies of Mein Kampf to small handfuls of National Socialists outside Blood and Honour concerts.

Openly neo-Nazi organisations such as the Pie and Mash squad are already taking part in FLA demonstrations. They are expecting something violent to happen in the not too distant future, or frankly, they wouldn’t be there.

Now the FLA’s true intent has been well and truly exposed, there is little that convicted hooligan John Meighan can do to sweep this damning admittance of violent intent under the carpet, other than pretending Wilkinson is not a key member of his dangerous street protest organisation, which he most certainly is. Just as Diane Abbott and the trade unionists feared all along, the presently peaceful FLA are a Trojan horse for future, organised mayhem.

It doesn’t matter how many Gurkhas the FLA get on their marches as window-dressing, now they have come clean about dropping their sanitised front and acknowledged they are ready and willing to unleash violence when protest numbers reach critical mass, Meighan’s Blackshirts are ready and waiting for trouble…

If unopposed.



Acceptance And Understanding


As a co founder of anti hate group Resisting Hate I encounter prejudice every day. Social media is rife with bigotry toward Muslims, Jews, the LGBT community, People of colour, women and indeed just about every demographic and community in the country.

It is important to be clear that the peaceable majority of people, both on and off social media, do not endorse prejudice and hate. The voices of the vociferous minority can be and are tackled regularly by those of us who stand up for the values of equality and diversity and who reject the idea that anybody should be persecuted for being true to who they are as an individual.

However it is important that we combat prejudice in the right way. I am concerned that the criteria for acceptance is all too often intertwined with the need for personal understanding. The rationale is – If you can make me understand why you need to do something then I will defend your right to do it. But this is narrow minded because what it is actually saying is that in order for your actions to be acceptable they must be validated by my values, not yours.

To give a specific example of this, I witnessed a discussion on Twitter the other day between a practitioner of the Jewish faith and a (rather belligerent) individual who objected to the practise of ritual animal slaughter under Kosher laws. The objector was asking a string of questions demanding the Jewish person explain the belief itself, why he felt it necessary to follow the practise in his personal life and whether he thought religious slaughter was in keeping with British cultural values. The expectation was that in order for the objector to accept the right to religious slaughter he must first have it explained to him in such a way that made it compatible with his own personal world view.

I encountered something very similar after publishing my article on the rights of Muslim ladies to wear the niqab. A lot of the comments I received were directed at the perceived need for Muslim ladies to explain why they felt the need to cover their faces. The implication was that if they could justify this need to the satisfaction of the niqab detractors then that would make the practise more acceptable.

The trouble with this way of thinking is that is bases the concept of acceptance on the personal views and ability to understand of those questioning the practises of other faiths and cultures. This is effectively prejudice in itself because it is denying the rights of others to self validate. It is my view that accepting the practises of other faiths and cultures should not be based on their ability to explain themselves in such a way that makes them palatable to Western values. We need to respect the rights of others to determine what is right for them based on their own values and beliefs.

To return to the example of the niqab, it is not necessary for me to understand why a Muslim lady would want to wear it or to have any desire to wear it myself in order to respect her right to make the choice that covering her face is appropriate for her. If I make this issue about my understanding and my cultural values then I am essentially saying that my values are more important than hers which is, of course, just reinforcing discrimination and prejudice.

Defending a person’s right to practise their faith or culture is not about understanding why it is they do what they do. It is about appreciating that people have the right to act in accordance with their own cultural values even if they cannot easily be understood by others. What we as battlers of prejudice should be doing is defending people’s rights. It was not necessary for our Kosher law objector to understand why it was important to the Jewish practitioner that their food be kosher. It should have been enough that it mattered to the Jewish individual, that it worked for him and that he was acting in accordance with his own world view. It was his right to act as he deemed fit, regardless of anybody else’s inability to understand why Kosher slaughter was important to him.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t ask questions about other faiths and cultures. To the contrary I am very positive about the fact that a greater level of knowledge of other cultures will help break down barriers and tackle prejudice. But it is important that we do not underpin our acceptance of others on our ability to understand them.

True acceptance and true respect must be based on the principle that even if you do not understand what is necessary for someone to actualise themselves as an individual, you support their right to make the choice and you defend their right to it.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Hate Beyond The “Isms”


Most of the issues that come the way of our anti hate group Resisting Hate can be broken down into one of four key areas – Anti Semitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia and Racism. Hate trends come and go but fighting these key areas forms the basis of the majority of the work that we do.

However it is easy to lose sight of the fact that in our post Brexit, post Donald Trump world, religion, race and sexuality are not the only sticks being used to beat members of our society with. We are starting to see condemnation and abuse directed at a wide range of people who do not fit the emerging conservative stereotype relating to what is fast becoming considered “normal”.

I came across this personally the other week when it was suggested by a far right detractor that the fact I practise Paganism would lessen the credibility for our group because it is a “crackpot, made up, New Age practice”. Leaving aside the fact that Paganism in some form or another predates all the world religions it was a comment that surprised me as it suggested my ability to discern and tackle hate was somehow impeded by the fact that I believe in and work with elements that differ to those of the predominant faiths in the country. The criticism was clear – my belief set is different so I must be wrong, stupid or mentally impaired.

Discrimination against lifestyle choices is causing a lot of trouble for people who wish to actualise their individuality. Only last week in America  a top Trump health care appointee wrote about a supposed link between tattoos and drug addiction. Also in America this week, amidst much student outcry, a school decided to “slut shame” its female students by issuing a flier as to what nature of prom garment would and would not be considered admissible attire for the school prom night.  These examples are clearly legitimising the concept that it is ok to judge people by their appearance. All those years of telling our children to look at the book not the cover appear to have been wasted as it is apparently now perfectly acceptable to make a snap shot judgement of a person based solely on their physical appearance.

Physical appearance, especially in the form of body/fat shaming, is one of the most problematic growing forms of hate on the internet with a concern that it may be a contributing factor in both young men and women developing eating disorders.  Social media sites have made it easy to comment anonymously on the appearance of others and I have personally seen images with (literally) hundreds of derogatory comments all aiming to undermine the confidence and self-esteem of the individual posting their picture.

Sexism too is on the increase. The pussy grabbing US President has established a new low in the attitude to women in society. It is now common place to see memes on Twitter promoting a return to “old fashioned values” when the woman ran the home, raised the children and played no part in the workplace. These regressive attitudes are in danger of undoing the equality that women have fought for and, if we are not careful, will lead us back to a world where women are objectified and seen as inferior to their male counterparts.

The left wing have come in for a particularly rough ride recently (and I definitely speak from experience on this one). Progressives, Liberals and “Lefties” have been attacked with venom on every social media platform. It is perhaps for those they see as the greatest threat to their conservative dystopia that the far right reserve the greater part of their vitriol. Our group receive hate mail on a daily basis simply for speaking out about defying hate. The death threats some of the Antifascist groups receive are unprintable.

Many social prejudices are against a choice made by an individual but I have recently observed two hate trends that particularly churn my stomach, all the more repellent for the fact they are discriminating against something over which the individual has no control.

The first is Trans hatred. The Independent reported in 2016 that Trans related crime has increased by 170%. This may well be attributable to the obsession the media has with who uses what bathroom but is more likely due to the ignorant belief that people undergo gender reassignment surgery as a lifestyle preference.  Education explaining that gender surgery takes place to correct an individual’s body to match their true gender would combat a lot of this hate but, as is too often the way with ignorance, it is the wrong facts getting posted time and time again on the internet.

I am equally appalled at the upsurge in violence and abuse toward homeless people. Few things scream scumbag more than the people who find it funny to abuse others simply for a downturn in their personal circumstances. Seeing regular reports of homeless people tormented is sickening and a sad indictment on humanity in 2017.

The resurgence of hate may look like we have a bleak future but it is not all bad news.  Hate crime laws have been changing for some years now to keep up with the imaginative new ways human beings keep finding to discriminate against each other. In 2013 it became a hate crime to discriminate against individuals identifying with different musical sub cultures (including goths after the horrific murder of Sophie Lancaster)  and this month in North Yorkshire misogyny has been reclassified as a hate crime. There are also calls for acts of abuse against the homeless to be reclassified as hate crime and prosecutions for people committing acts of violence toward people with disabilities are up 40% which the CPS confirm is indicative of the fact that hate toward those with disabilities “will not be ignored.”

As our laws evolve to reflect the general public disgust with those who discriminate against and abuse others they will act as a deterrence for haters which will protect further abuses taking place. But the best way to eradicate hate is to educate our next generation. Parents and Teachers – your role in this will be invaluable. Teach our children that kindness, not hate, must form the backbone of the world we want to live in.



Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech


The right to free speech has become a contested and contentious issue in the arena of anti hate activism. The pro free speech argument rests on the fact that people have a right to express their views and that censorship denies people this basic right. The counter argument runs on the lines that there needs to be exceptions to free speech for the safety and good of society.

Both myself and Resisting Hate strongly believe that hate speech is not free speech. Free speech is not the holy grail of civil liberty. No human being exists in a vacumn where they can speak as they please with no regard for the consequences of what they are saying.

Too often we hear of the right to freedom of speech with rarely a mention of the responsibilities. Yet we do have a responsibility in our speech. We have a responsibility not to harm others, incite hate against them or create a society of prejudice and intolerance.

Here are some key points as to why we do not consider hate speech to be free speech

Hate speech often deals in preconceptions and stereotypes

Invoking stereotypes is the antithesis of free speech. It shackles individuals to being a caricature of their race, faith, gender or sexual orientation and denies them the right to be identified based on their own merit and identity. When we deny people the right to be individuals it is the start of a slippery slope where people are objectified and categorised as a product of a type. This eventually leads to the process of dehumanisation where human beings are no longer seen as individuals in their own right.

Hate speech incites violence and endangers innocent people

The easiest accounts to get suspended on social media are the ones that make threats of violence. These can be in the form of a direct threat to an individual or an oblique threat to a group or community. Threats are a problem for two distinct reasons. Firstly there is the obvious fact that a threat makes an individual or group feel unsafe and at risk of perceived or actual physical harm. But perhaps equally as worrying is the fact that when threats go unchecked they encourage other haters to take part in threatening and violent speech. It is important to take threats seriously because they can and do escalate into physical harm. Threats do not constitute free speech.

There is a difference between expressing an opinion and telling damaging lies

I do agree that an individual has a right to express an opinion. There are many cases where I dislike the opinions of others but I acknowledge that they have a right to hold and share those opinions. What they do not have a right to do is tell lies to publicly reinforce that opinion. Our group saw an example of this the other day where a photograph of a child mauled by a dog had been used on social media to report an “attack perpetrated by immigrants.” There was no attack, the story was entirely fictional and was being spread to incite hatred against various groups in the UK perceived not to be “English” enough by a group of far right Twitter accounts.

While we are all free to tell the truth, in my view, freedom of speech does not extend to telling untruths with an agenda to demonise others.

Actualising the “right” of free speech violates the rights of others

One of the most common objections our group receives in relation to our belief that hate speech is not free speech is the argument that an individual has the right to say what they please and that putting restrictions on this denies them that right. Putting aside the issue that alongside the right to free speech comes an implied responsibility not to abuse that right there is also an inherent conflict between the right of one individual to express a view and the right of another individual not to be abused or verbally attacked. One social media account may wish to express for example their extremist hate view (and I use this atrocious example as it is a real life example seen so frequently by us) that “All Jews deserve to be killed.” However a Jewish person also has the right to log onto social media without being exposed to the extremist view that others wish them dead.

Free speech is not as simple as saying it is the actualisation of a right – as the right of one individual in this case is a direct conflict with the right of another.

Freedom of speech does not mean speech without consequences

There was an outcry on Twitter the other day as a response to the verdict on the Katie Hopkins court case where the court ruled that Ms Hopkins had to pay damages to the plaintiff for tweets implying the lady in question had desecrated war memorials. The view was expressed by some that Ms Hopkins was exercising her right to free speech and therefore should receive no sanctions for the comments she had made.

This misses the point of what free speech actually is. Free speech is not speech free from consequences. When we choose to express ourselves we also choose to accept the consequences of that speech.

Hate speech normalises hate in society

When we are exposed to hate on a regular basis we become desensitised to it and extreme views become ubiquitous. If we allow speech with no regulation or restriction and accept that any individual has the right to express any view then we open ourselves to the very real danger of normalising hate in our society. We destigmatise those members of society who spew hatred into our world and we allow views of division and discrimination to become endemic within our communities.

If we open the floodgates to hate it will be impossible to turn our backs on it.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


On The Road To Führerprinzip



On this day in 1933, the New York Times ran the above on their front page telling the story about a little man who was born in Austria, who became Chancellor of Germany. Little did anyone know at that point that the centrists who held the balance of power would shortly become the minority and that fascism would take control of Germany.

Now, I’m sure many of you know the history of WWII and the way that the government of Germany became in control of the people in such a way that it seemed to be a kind of brain washing that was done. So much so that the country after WWII needed to have a complete reeducation which was dubbed denazification. It seems incredible that at that time, the “Way of the Nazi” was so ingrained into the fabric of the country in such a short period of time that people needed to unlearn what they had been told.

Anyway, I digress……

Every day I am seeing more and more things which smack of “Hitlerism” (if that’s a word). And what worries me is that my friends in the USA are starting to feel as persecuted as members of my family must have felt at the time that Hitler came to power. (They were born in Dresden and were Jewish but luckily they were able to escape the country and were taken in by Britain before borders were closed and they could be caught). My friends in America have been abused both online and in person by petty minded little bigots who say that because they are gay/Muslim/Jewish, they are not wanted in the country they were born in or have entered and become residents in.

Now, there has been a lot of criticism of people who have likened Trump to Hitler and I can understand that as Hitler was a monster. He was a murderer who was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. But, I have to say that people need to look at history to understand how things can happen very quickly.

  1. Hitler started off with a minority of people supporting him. He vilified the Jews, making them hated within the country. He told the non-Jewish people that they are amazing, they are exceptional and tried to play on feelings of disenfranchisement. Trump has done the same, elevating people above others using Muslims in this way. He has played on stereotypes of Mexicans and this has led to the “build a wall” mentality.
  2. Hitler played on people not uniting en mass against him. If you ask someone “what do you think of Trump”, you’ll hear them mutter that he is a horrible man, he has terrible ideals, that he must be stopped. But ask them what they have done…..have they done anything to stand against him and most people won’t say a word. Hitler relied on this…Occupy the most senior positions in the land with your friends and people will tend not to take action against you. (I know there have been demonstrations in America and I’m not detracting from what they have done).
  3. When Hitler came to power, he made sure he was surrounded by people who would follow him no matter what. There was no one in his cabinet who would question his orders, no one at all. From the moment he took charge he silenced the press and created new laws which gave rise to “Führerprinzip”….which means that the Führer’s word is above all written law. Trump has no one in his cabinet who wants to question him. Furthermore, he has just sacked Sally Yates because she told justice department lawyers to not defend his Executive Order banning entry to the nationals of the 7 Muslim majority countries as she felt it is unconstitutional.
  4. Kellyanne Conway, the leading spokesperson for Trump, a couple of days ago launched a tirade against the media for the way that they have reported articles about Trump. Specifically she said “not one silly political analyst and pundit who talked snack all day long about Donald Trump has been let go”. This interview came shortly after Stephen Bannon (of Brietbart) said that the media was the “opposition party” which should “keep its mouth shut”. When Hitler took power, he controlled less than 4% of the 4,700 papers in Germany. He then outlawed the opposition parties and he censored the media so they only showed what he wanted them to show…….to me, Bannon saying the media should keep their mouths shut is the start of a desire to censor even if it’s not an outright ban (at the moment).

There are many other similarities but I have a feeling I could send people to sleep if I write too much more.

Fact is, there is more to what Trump is doing than meets the eye.

The only way to stop him from doing what he wants to do and becoming more Hitleresque are….
1. Support each other. Keep the fight fresh. Know you aren’t alone.

2. Keep up pressure. Regardless of what happens with petitions, the open letter to Trump and such things, the fact is that HE knows what he is doing isn’t liked. Even if the state visit goes ahead, when he arrives in the country he will know that over 1 million people don’t want him here and that 3 million plus people including many in the U.K. have signed to say he is a malignant boil on the bottom of the civilised world.

3. Keep yourself educated. Don’t fall for fake news. There are some funny sites out there which are very entertaining and are blatantly fake. There are some however that intertwine real news with outlandish “fake news”. But people are falling for the fake part because they know the real part is true.

I will (as will my friends who run this page and our accounts on Twitter) continue to work on combating hate in person as well as on social media. We will also not stop fighting not only religious hatred but also people who hate others based on gender, sexuality and much much more.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Banning Muslims On Holocaust day


I found it incredible that on a day intended to think about the holocaust, that Trump didn’t know his own history enough to see that not only was his anti-immigration Executive Order a bad thing to do, but to do it 2 days before Holocaust Memorial Day was plain thoughtless.

Now, for those of you on Twitter, there is an account named St. Louis Manifest (@stl_manifest). The MS St. Louis was a German ocean liner, which contained 937 Jewish refugees who were escaping the Nazi regime. They are tweeting the names and photos of those who perished following the so called “Voyage of the Damned”.

They attempted to dock in Cuba but they only allowed 29 passengers to disembark of which 22 were Jewish. They then went on to try to enter America however they were not given permission to do so and the US Coastguard shadowed the ship to ensure that the ship didn’t try to drop anyone off. Finally they tried to enter Canada but a Canadian immigration official called Frederick Blair who was hostile to Jewish immigration persuaded the Prime Minister not to intervene and provide help.

They then went back to Europe where Britain took 288 of them, and on arriving in Antwerp, the remaining passengers disembarked where 224 were taken by France, 214 by Belgium & 181 by the Netherlands.

As you can imagine, the Jews entering Britain were safe as the Nazis didn’t manage to invade here. However the Jews in Europe were mostly captured and sent to various camps including Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sobibor, Belsen and others. Of the 619 passengers who were dropped in continental Europe, only 365 survived the war. The captain of the ship, a German called Gustav Schröeder was named as Righteous among the Nations at the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel.

Now, back then it was Jews escaping the Nazi regime and if they didn’t then they’d be sent to suffer in concentration camps. Today it is different, it is Muslims who are being persecuted, but to them the results are no less deadly. They are escaping, on the whole, from war torn countries where there is both governmental corruption and control which is turning them against the people or they are being chased by the Islamic State “troops”. The end result is the same as for the Jews. You either run, taking your families and whatever possessions you have with you……or hide and risk capture or being bombed by the government, America or Russia.

It is true that countries do need to safeguard borders, to take on a proportionate response to the crisis, there isn’t any way that every single refugee could be taken in by Britain alone however, in addition to the refugees taken by Islamic countries in the Middle East (for example, Lebanon is a small country with a population of 4.5million……but they have taken in 4.8 million refugees…..let that number sink in…..they have taken in so many refugees that there are actually more refugees then Lebanese people in Lebanon!) we need to do our bit and assist these poor people.

Now, this has been a long rant and I bet you’re glad that it’s nearing its end……this is the point that I have been making.

Trump has signed an order effectively removing the ability for Muslims who are being persecuted to take shelter. He has only done this for the Muslim countries that his businesses don’t get trade from. He took this action on a day where people were mindful of the holocaust and fate of Jewish people at the hands of aggressors……effectively making the same mistake and condemning those people that America could help as his predecessor did 78 years previously.

To me this is not acceptable and it has filled me with rather a massive amount of anger.

I don’t think people are aware of the parallels that are being drawn and I would be grateful if you could share this information so that the story gets out there.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Jack Renshaw – National Action


This cherubic looking schoolboy is Jack Renshaw, the leader of youth Neo Nazi group National Action. The group was proscribed by the British government for promoting racist and Anti Semitic behaviours.

Jack repeatedly makes Twitter accounts to attempt to recruit followers to his extremist (and nonsensical) views. However he is usually spotted and suspended before he has managed to persuade even a hundred hapless idiots to follow him.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK