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Ex Fox News Employee calls for Genocide of Jews


Steven Crowder is an ex employee of Fox News, a journalist on the political right who hosts a You Tube channel and who uses social media to build a profile for his Conservative views.

Crowder came to our attention this week when he posted this poll, ostensibly trying to find answers to what looks at first glance to be a genuine question. Upon closer inspection though the poll is a blatant vehicle for Crowder to express his trademark antisemitism. He publicised his poll to the extreme far right which resulted in the intended result of managing to rig his poll to point the finger of blame at the Jewish community.

After the poll was posted one of our readers sent us this older tweet, also from Crowder’s personal Twitter account. (The original tweet has been deleted).

This isn’t just hate speech, it is a clear call for genocide.

The problem with this kind of vile speech is not just the message it puts out, it is the fact that it serves to radicalise easily led people on social media. Crowder has over half a million followers and here is a selection of the responses he incited with his poll and follow up tweet.

I find it sickening that this man feels he can spew this kind of filth onto a legitimate public platform and not feel he is putting his account at risk.

Trust me Stephen, at Resisting Hate we’ll be reporting you every step of the way. There is no place for your vicious and vile antisemitism on Twitter or any other social media platform.

(This is his account on Twitter if anyone else would like to report him)

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • This isn’t correct. The Daily Stormer created fake tweets to try and discredit Crowder, as Crowder is most definitely pro-Israel and not an anti-semite.

    Crowder is an idiot with some regressive views, but this really isn’t fair.

    • Trouble is it doesn’t say which of the tweets were fake and which were not. I’ve made sure your comment shows up on the article in the interest of being fair and if anyone can show this tweet to be faked we’ll take the piece down. Got to be honest I’ve seen a few faked tweets in my time and this looks legit, but I’m happy to be proven wrong if anyone can show for certain this tweet isn’t real.

  • After reading this article and the one about Kek I thought this is some parody website, but then I went to see other articles and HOLY CRAP, this is for real!

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