Reporting Hate

The main work of Resisting Hate is to report and deplatform haters. This page is kept up to date with individuals and groups that we would like you to help us report across key platforms.

Please report accounts to us that break Terms of Service on social media here.


Twitter responds best to reports of direct harassment and profanity. Look for key racist words like the N word or the P word. Reports for calling someone a C word are usually a great way to get an account down.


Amy Mek


We are more interested in pages than groups as closed groups just act as echo chambers. Look for offensive pictures and graphic content to report.

The Patriotic Alliance

Patriots Party


Look for images of violence or pornography

Katie Hopkins

Reality Report


Telegram responds best to reports of either pornography or violence.

Patriotic Alternative

Tommy Robinson Chat

You Tube

You Tube will act on political extremism. Use the transcript feature to find time stamps of antisemitic or racist content.

Laura Towler

James Goddard