Cheerleaders of Terror

 Another deadly, despicable terrorist attack takes place with Islamic extremist terror organisation ISIS the main suspects and the worldwide far right cannot hide their celebrations. Donald Trump is at his most shaky since his election as media attention is switched from the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with Russia towards Muslim bans and “extreme vetting”.

Whilst 99.99% of worshippers of the Muslim faith do not support ISIS, Islamophobes everywhere are logging onto Twitter and Facebook with the sole intent of spewing toxic hatred against every Muslim, no matter now liberal and peacemaking. Within minutes of the press announcement following the New York terrorist murder, death threats pumped out with vitriol against all Muslims. Every hater on the net was soon busy blaming an entire faith for the actions of a tiny minority.

All it takes to stir professional bigots such as Pamela Geller, Douglas Murray, Katie Hopkins, Paul Golding and Tommy Robinson into action, is a tragic report of a suspected terrorist incident. No sooner are ambulances on the scene, the extreme rightwing scapegoating begins in earnest, deliberate trolling from notorious haters designed to bully, harass and marginalise Muslim minority communities throughout the Western World and to drive a wedge between America, Europe and the Middle East. So ready is the anti-Muslim propaganda machine to swing into action, far right rabble-rousers have often turned up at scenes of non-terror related incidents wrongly believing them to be terror-related.

No-one is faster off the mark than Donald Trump. Not even Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lemon), who has a nasty habit of appearing at the scene of suspected terror incidents to thrust cameras in police and ambulance crews’ faces whilst bodies are still warm. Seeking to blame all Muslims for everything wrong in the world, Trump and belligerent bosom buddy Steve Bannon shamelessly capitalise on the anguish of victims with outpourings of vengeful bigotry.

Let us make absolutely no bones about this – The extreme right’s intent is every bit as deadly as ISIS. The end game of White Nationalists and Islamophobics alike is a “clash of civilisations” (the latest term for the far right’s lusted for race war) – A final battle of biblical proportions which will result in the mass slaughter of (mostly brown or black-skinned) Muslims living in Western societies, and deadly, possibly even nuclear warfare between the West and the Middle East. Such a battle (though most certain not to come to fruition) is the racial fantasist’s wet dream, the blood lust for genocide – the ultimate far right snuff fantasy.

For the extremist far right mindset, the “clash of civilisations” is God’s will, and will ultimately result in the death of Jews as well as Muslims, plus everybody else who does not repent and follow Jesus Christ at the eleventh hour. (The irony of course being that these bigots are as far from being Christians as it is possible to be.)

The first lie out of the traps, used by Islamophobic bigots after each and every ISIS-linked terrorist attack is that the far right are relatively peaceful compared to Islamic extremists. As if anyone has forgotten about Auschwitz…

In the revisionist cloud-cuckoo land of the alt right, today’s Nazis are nothing to do with yesterday’s Nazis, even though many Islamophobic Twitter profiles openly glorify the Waffen SS, and share phrases and memes venerating Adolf Hitler.

Just because ‘only’ one person was killed at Charlottesville, fascist defenders continually play the numbers game, trying to portray their deadly allegances to genocidal hate as “better than ISIS”. You do not need to be a first-class historian or mathematical wizard to understand that Islamic extremists have not, and will never match the total death toll of Adolf Hitler and his genocidal regime.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon is unashamably remunerated to troll hate – a fact that Twitter should be aware of, but refuse to take action on. At a time when paid Russian trolls fall increasingly under the spotlight, other, more racially-charged purveyors of hate such as the Luton Liar, continue to be shown the green light from @twittersupport no matter how false and inflamatory their dialogue is. Yaxley-Lennon has been temporarily banned in the past, not for bigoted content, but for personal harassment. Much like ex Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulus who lost his account for the same reason. Unfortunately it appears that once you receive the “blue tick” from Twitter, your extremist political output is beyond censor. The only way you will lose your account, is not for denying the genocide in Myanmar, or telling lies about the faith of Islam in regards to paedophilia, but purely and simply for engaging in personal abuse. (Fortunately a lot of the far right do this on a regular basis so still get suspended rather a lot).

Every so often, from time to time, Twitter management will go to press with a promise to get tough on hatred and extremism, and hardened optimists still get taken in by such false promises. It is amazing PR for the company to pretend they will get tough with haters, when in reality, for the greatest of offenders, it is always business as usual.

Even when Katie Hopkins tweeted about wanting a Hitlerite “Final Solution”, Twitter failed to remove her from the platform, despite thousands of complaints and a campaign by Resisting Hate members.

When push comes to shove, the most popular haters, be they Richard Spencer, Pamela Geller, Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, or Katie Hopkins, will never lose their accounts because each time their fans log onto Twitter for updates, significant revenue is accrued by the company (similarly with Facebook). No matter how disgusting, prejudical, or hate-crime inspiring a prime user’s account is, controversy generates big money, which is the main reason why multiple “Terms of Service” breaches for the top verified accounts are deliberately ignored by website moderators.

Violent, or even deadly hate-crimes don’t happen within a vacuum. Especially not in today’s technological age. Whilst printed media is still a factor in nurturing destructive prejudice against minority groups (as is family-nurtured racism, peer pressure bigotry, and just hanging out with a bad crowd in the bar who loathe anyone who happens to be non-white) – the ubiqitous nature of online hatred, in particular via social media, most definitely shapes the mind of the hate-crime offender from any starting point, nurturing raw bigotry and intolerance, and shaping attitudes towards a siege mentality where violent action, (although rarely called for by the professional bigots themselves), becomes a self-justifying necessity in the paranoid mindset which has been successfully-programmed to believe Muslims, refugees, foreigners and non-white people are “swamping” and “taking over” unless “drastic action” is taken.

Horrific terror attacks, like the one that happened in New York, are outrages of absolute evil. The nihilistic slaughter of New Yorkers going about their every day business, cycling home from work or study to be mown down by fanatics, is horrendous beyond belief. If it hadn’t been for the quick-thinking actions of the security forces, the death toll could have been even greater, which is a deeply chilling thought.

Despite Neo Fascist lies that antifascists support terrorist organisations like ISIS, the truth could not be further from this. ANTIFA fighters pushed back Islamic extremists from Rojava and continue to have an impact in the fragile situation currently playing out in Syria. Everything that religious murderers stand for is rejected by anarchists and antifascists a hundredfold. The skewed philosophy of deadly intolerance towards anyone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs actually puts ISIS firmly into the same deadly dogmatic category as National Socialists. ANTIFA have proven to be up for the challenge of combating hate from any quarter, something that the beer-bellied drunken football hooligan bigots of the EDL have never once attempted to do.

Also quick to scream abuse at passing Muslim families the ‘soldiers’ of the “Taliban Hunting Club” would run a mile if they ever came face to face with actual extreme Islamists. As would the ‘hard football lads’ of the FLA.

In the spirit of unity and reconcilliation, aware of how far-right Twitter trolls always accuse ordinary Muslims of “doing nothing to stop terror” in the wake of any terrorist attack, a group of peace-loving female Muslims approached John Meighan (leader of the FLA) asking him for assurances of their welcome and safety if they joined in a future FLA march. This was an admirable overture of solidarity and highlighted by our own organisation, Resisting Hate. Sadly, this hand of friendship was overwhelmingly rejected by the FLA leadership who blocked all requests for unity on site. Instead they chose to ‘combat’ the ISIS threat by allowing far right speakers to deliver Islamophobic lectures on non-terror related rants such as the non-Islamic practise of FGM, and the equally non-religious extremist-inspired child abuse that occured in Rotherham.

Opposing terror, for the FLA, just as with the EDL, simply means the continued demonisation of all Muslims.

A previous Resisting Hate article highlighted the plans of senior FLA officials to create mayhem when crowd numbers reach a significant size.

Worldwide, the amount of Muslims who agree with, and support the actions of ISIS and Al Qaeda are miniscule. However it is always the ordinary, law-abiding vast majority who suffer for these events beyond their control. Ordinary Buddhists living in the west, with no allegiance to the Myanmar regime, are quite rightly not tarnished with the genocide against the Rohingya people, however it is always, without fail, the ordinary, everyday non-problematic non-white man or woman in the street who is confronted by racist bigots, and assaulted or abused for their (assumed) race or religion.

Walk through any American, European or British city, and you will struggle to find many, if any, apologists for Islamic State terror, and yet, if you read Twitter, follow Facebook, or listen to Donald Trump’s comments on TV, you would not believe this to be the case. Click on the White House-approved far right conspiracist site InfoWars, and they will tell a totally different story, as will Breitbart and Prison Planet (fake news organisations who create false facts to push their intolerant anti-Muslim agenda.)

In Britain Muslims wearing religious dress, or spotted in the close proximity of mosques or other Muslim religious buildings have been subject to hate crimes, especially in London and Manchester following a surge in far right activity related to the spike in terrorism. People just trying to go about their ordinary, everyday lives feel the brunt for acts of evil which they absolutely do not support.

Such people do not deserve to suffer fall-out from the actions of extremists whose tenuous faith link is condemned outright by British Imams.

When Tommy and Katie tweet far right lies about Western Muslims celebrating murderous terrorist attacks (lies no more grounded in truth than #pizzagate) the consequences can be deadly. The so-called “revenge attack” carried out by a van driver from Wales is a stark warning that radicalised far right terrorists can be just as deadly as ISIS.

For Western Muslims, discrimimination is becoming an everyday fact of life. Be it discrimination at work, abuse in the street, or being targeted for being non-white and in control of a vehicle (stop and search!) Settled Muslim communities collectively shudder each and every time a bomb goes off, or a vehicle ploughs into crowds, fully aware that they, as non-terrorists will be in the firing-line for hate. All these people want to do is live their lives free from the stigmatisation that comes with being members of a visible faith group. Instead they are constantly vilified by a rabid rightwing media and an increasingly toxic social media landscape.

The longer social media is allowed to spread hatred and lies, the more intense this discrimination becomes.

After the horrific Manchester concert bomb, bigoted Twitter users tweeted disgust that the Greater Manchester Police were making an effort to protect Muslims from hate crimes. A common fascist response was that the GMP were “taking the piss”, and that Manchester’s Muslims had brought physical attacks and mosque-burnings “on themselves” for the deadly bomb they had absolutely nothing to do with. The myth of culpability with extremists sadly persists for Muslims, and is likely to feature in the aftermath of the New York attacks also. The more Donald Trump pontificates about banning Muslims, the more ordinary law-abiding US Muslim families will suffer.

The overwhelming longing for Western Muslims everywhere, is to live lives free from hate, however, the antagonistic mindset of the ISIS terrorist perversely admires the Islamophobic far right for creating hate. Reciprocal anti-Muslim hatred stirred-up in response to terrorist acts is admired by the leadership of ISIS as much as the deadly acts of terrorist killing itself. Every Muslim hated and discriminated against following “revenge” for an ISIS killing, is ultimately viewed by the terrorist organisation as a possible future recruit. The goal of ISIS is to drive a wedge between multicultural communities.

When haters fight terror with hate they doing exactly what ISIS want them to do.

If a significant number of US or UK Muslims secretly supported ISIS, they would actually be encouraging their own persecution. Both ISIS and the fascist right oppose multiculturalism, people of different faiths living peacefully side-by-side, which is why ISIS have made a nasty habit of striking during election campaigns in the hope they could boost the fortunes of intolerant rightwingers. Remember back to the timely French and UK election bombs…

Any far right thug who thinks going on the rampage, ripping off headscarves, burning down mosques, beating-up and killing Muslims, is “revenge” against ISIS, think again. Besides becoming a category A criminal who will ultimately end up serving a predictably long sentence behind bars, you are also doing the terrorists’ job for them.

Actual revenge should be inflicted upon actual culprits, not innocent people who worship mainstream Islam.

By helping alienate otherwise peaceful and well-adjusted Muslims, you are encouraging disillusionment that ultimately prolonges the caliphate, and ensures terrorist attacks commited against the West will continue into the future. Not that Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson care less about alienating whole Muslim communities, and any future repercussions to public safety. They are too busy cheerleading hate.



Sikh Youth UK


Fringe Sikh nationalist organisation Sikh Youth UK came to prominence in 2015 in Birmingham, following the demise of the EDL’s Sikh Division. Campaigning against mixed marriages in Gurdwaras, SYUK were actively promoted via the EDL’s Sikh Division’s Official Facebook page.

Sharing the same hardline prejudice against Islam and Muslims as the EDL Sikh Division, Sikh Youth UK began to campaign against supposed targeting of Sikh teenagers by predatory Muslim-background CSE gangs. To promote this biased agenda alt-right film maker Holly Henderson produced a controversial anti-Muslim video with a hate inciting vigilante narrative entitled “Misused Trust”. This video, was endorsed by SYUK but condemned by the highly respected Sikh anti-racism group Sikhs Against The EDL who believed the video responsible for further damaging relations between community groups.

Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley Lennon) returned to far right politics after being released from jail and linked up with far right Rebel Media to promote Holly’s bigoted video. Robinson exploited the Sikh community’s lack of awareness as to the true and extreme nature of Sikh Youth UK and played on the stereotype of friction between Muslims and Sikhs to encourage individuals to enter Gurdwaras to preach hatred and intolerance against Muslims. These actions of hate speech were denounced by  Sikhs Against The EDL who believe that invoking prejudice goes against the universal tenets of the faith.

This article offers more insight into the worrying attitudes of the Sikh Youth UK.

To be clear, Resisting Hate fully support both Sikh and Muslim communities. It is extremist organisations like SYUK we oppose.



Waters and ‘For Britain’


Article written by RH member The Wanderer

It sickens me beyond belief, the way British Politics is going. Our Government is trying to screw us over, getting a deal that only benefits themselves. We have a spineless PM, who can’t get even through a speech without needing a cough drop – and who is losing the ear of her Government and doomed to failure.

But, that is not what really sickens me about British Politics. What really sickens me is the newly established political party ‘For Britain’ founded by failed UKIP party leader candidate Anne Marie Davies Waters – born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

The failed leader of UKIP headed for the life boat when she was denied the role of Ship Captain. Which just goes to show what a sore loser she is and how little she actually believed in the party she wanted to represent. She stormed off like a child having a tantrum in the middle of a supermarket.

Waters claims to be speaking up for Britain, but I can assure you all reading this on the Resisting Hate website – Waters does not, and never will speak for me. I do not need someone with the appearance of Hitler in drag speaking for me.

The followers of Ms Waters are naive racist thugs who go around telling anybody who doesn’t share Waters political views to “leave the country.” I myself have been told by her objectionable followers to leave the country on several occasions. I have been called insulting names and told to “wander off.” This illustrates the point I am making. ‘For Britain’ members may claim they are not hateful and that they speak the truth but they are quick to abuse others with a different world view.

I would love to see ‘For Britain’ in the boardroom flogging the dead horse of their Islamophobic hatred to a group of no-nonsense people like myself. I do not believe in sugar coating anything. I will say exactly how it is, I don’t hold back. And I certainly won’t hold back in speaking out against For Britain supporters.

Today I got into a rather heated argument with the ‘For Britain’ leader on Twitter. And it highlighted to me just how single minded and cold she is. Repeatedly she hounded me asking the same questions over and over again about Muslims. But I shot back every time confirming ISIS were not Muslims as I would understand the term and that she was mixing up extremist ISIS doctrine with the peaceable beliefs of Islam.  Four times she asked me about FGM. She cannot separate the faith of Islam from acts like FGM which are illegal in the UK. Her ignorance is not helped by biased Media reporting from hate rags like the Daily Mail.

Waters claims to be a politician. Yet she appears to get all her news and views from the bigoted and biased Daily Fail. And she has the nerve to claim I am the liar! She openly called me a liar in addition to claiming was defending child marriage. Which has resulted in her followers harassing me and labelling me a paedophile. This is the sickening mentality of an evil loathsome Islamophobic scumbag. Making very serious slanderous accusations against someone who doesn’t share her views on Islam. She was losing the argument, she knew it and so she resorted to such disgusting and sickening accusations.

She stopped replying when I shot back at her hateful nonsense and disgusting attitude saying to her:

Typical righty, can’t handle being wrong. I feel sorry for your parents having a scarecrow fascist like you for a daughter.”

Do I regret saying this to her? Hell no! I am proud I said it. It’s strictly my own view of her but it is also the truth about her being a fascist. Her failing to respond to that just shows she’s a party leader running scared. A party leader who knows opposition to her hate views is slowly growing.

Anne is anti-Islam. I have delved into her Party Manifesto where it openly states that she wishes to ABOLISH Human Rights. This, she claims, will put the rights of British people first. Unfortunately her entire manifesto is total nonsense. Abolishing Human Rights will do nothing to secure the dignity and safety of the British people. Anne who regularly claims she is ‘not a Nazi’ is seeking a society where she will be free to imprison those who oppose her and free to launch sickening attacks against Muslims, the hatred of whom is the foundation for her whole ‘For Britain’ project. Like UKIP the ‘For Britain’ party will focus on a pro Brexit agenda. If Britain leaves the EU we will not be protected by European Human Rights. We will lose that protection for ourselves and the people of our country

Like Tommy Robinson, Gerard Batten and Katie Hopkins – Anne Marie Waters is nothing more than a radical far right hate preacher. She radicalises people into believing her propaganda, using her far right Islamophobic contacts like Robinson to help spread her endless hate about Islam. Back in 2015, Anne and Robinson were responsible for establishing a UK based wing of Anti-Islamic organisation PEGIDA UK together. The hate group is still in force today with Waters involved in a management role and Paul Weston from far right group Liberty GB and Tommy Robinson serving as advisors.

Anne is associated with a number of known far right haters including:

Tommy Robinson

Paul Weston

Gerard Batten

Lutz Bachmann

Afek Pirinci

Tatanja Festerling

Similarly to Waters these individuals use the fear of migration as a means to further discontent and Islamophobia.

Waters keeps many of her extremist contacts under wraps for fear of alienating the more centrist ex UKIP members she is hoping to poach from the party she abandoned. But I feel it important to reveal the truth. And I will be happy to continue to confront Anne Marie Waters over her association with the fascist racist far right organisation Pegida UK (known across Mainland Europe for violence and hate) and for the relationships with known haters she is trying to exploit to push her personal agenda against Islam and Muslims into the mainstream.


Ezra Levant – Rebel Media


We expect everyone reading this is familiar with Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon). Fewer people may know of his newly acquired sidekick Caolan Robertson, but you can find a brief intro here.

Today we’re going to introduce their boss, one Ezra Levant. Levant is a Canadian, and the founder of right-wing website Rebel Media. He had previously worked for the Canadian company Sun Media as a presenter and commentator on the more mainstream Sun News channel.

He has previously been sued for defamatory comments he made on a personal blog site, and was ordered to pay $80,000 in in libel. The judge found that  he showed “reckless disregard for the truth” and “took little or no responsibility for the accuracy” of the material he was posting.

He vehemently opposes Islam, immigration and all the other things that white nationalists seem to believe, which is presumably why he gets on so well with Robinson. He wrongly equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, a viewpoint that might cause some conflict with his unknown number of supporters, especially as the “alt-right” are not known for their kindness towards Jewish people like Ezra. An amusing satire on this topic can be seen here.

Rebel seems to be an attempt to copy the successful formula of Breitbart, a combination of clickbait advertising, minimal fact checking and bright bold colours. The one big difference seems to be the ($8 per month/$80 per year) Premium Content. This content is also marketed with big bold text, in a way that will be familiar to anyone who has accidentally browsed to a porn site…

Levant seems to have an almost obsessive compulsion for creating websites. At the bottom of this post I’ve included an extremely long list of all the domains he has registered over the years. Some are now defunct, but many are still active in their own right, or redirect to various Rebel Media pages. The general theme is one of asking for money, mainly for legal fees. There are also sites that were set up with apparent malicious intent, with names like, and

Amusingly, Levant’s own website was down at the time of writing.

Like Breitbart, Rebel Media rejects the acknowledged science of climate change, and instead promotes fossil fuel extraction and fracking. As can be seen from the list of domains below, Levant fancies himself as a political activist. His activities actually almost come across as the work of a stalker.

Levant and Rebel Media are not afraid to let taste and decency stop them from hijacking a victim’s story for their own ends. one of their (over 300) websites is which again redirects to a page on the Rebel website, complete with Subscribe links. is yet another of their sites, with prominent links to buy his book or donate to his “legal defence fund” in Canadian Dollars.

Next time you see somebody yelling about poor old Tommy, perhaps you can show them this?

Appendix – List of Domains registered by Ezra Levant

Can be freely verified at this address

Domain Name Creation Date Registrar 2015-09-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-13 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2011-08-29 REBEL.CA CORP. 2017-04-10 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-08-12 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2013-11-04 REBEL.CA CORP. 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2017-04-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-09-12 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-08-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-27 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-07-20 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-17 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-06 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-02-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-10-05 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-08 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-09-27 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-09-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-29 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-13 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-07-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-01-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-05-07 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2015-05-07 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-05-07 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2017-01-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-08-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-12-20 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2017-03-20 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-06-17 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-11-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2009-12-12 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2009-08-02 REBEL.CA CORP. 2009-08-02 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2009-12-10 REBEL.CA CORP. 2009-12-10 REBEL.CA CORP. 2009-12-10 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2008-01-08 NAMESCOUT CORP 2008-01-08 NAMESCOUT CORP. 2017-02-07 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-29 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-02-24 REBEL.CA CORP. 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-04-28 GODADDY.COM, LLP. 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2017-01-07 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-03-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-03-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-15 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-09-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-12-09 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-17 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-01-10 REBEL.CA CORP. 2014-01-10 REBEL.CA CORP. 2014-01-10 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2016-12-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-04-29 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-08-14 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-09-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-04-13 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-26 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-26 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Written by a guest writer for Resisting Hate

Much has happened since Manchester, some of it life affirming, some of it depressing. Most normal, decent humans can at such a time set all else aside, even if temporarily, to give their heart, mind and soul to the victims of such an atrocity. Yet, we know this is not always the case and a few seem to exhibit a Pavlovian response upon hearing of Terrorism, Child Sexual Abuse and Rape.

There is no need here, due to many fine writings by a number of charities and organisations, to highlight the issues around rape, but it’s pertinent to say that the ‘guess the offender’s ethnicity and religion’ brigade is, to most, repugnant. It is hard to remain positive in such a climate and the reminder that empty vessels ring loudest is a valid one. One such vessel is Stephen/Tommy Yaxley/Robinson. A large vessel, or rather an empty vessel with a large following, a seemingly busy conduit for … what I am not exactly sure. When he goes home to his family and he’s asked, ‘What did you do today Daddy?’ we might wonder at the ensuing bedtime story. A large following, yes. But a loyal one?

The Twitter sphere is different from real life as can be evidenced by actual attendance to Tommy’s events which is comparative with his bed fellows Britain First. Much of SteTom’s time seems to be with wannabe hack Caolan Robertson, so with such a limited social circle it is unsurprising most of his time is spent on Twitter. Prior to Manchester SteTom and CaRob were admonished by the Great British legal system for doing what professional journalists would never do, namely risking a rape trial by breaking the law regarding attendance at court and reporting of cases. SteTom had adopted a cause, a young woman having already been subjected to male violation, not unlike Chelsey, sister of SteTom’s former EDL pal. SteTom, like Nuttall recently, seems to ignore boys, men and victims of white CSA or Child Sexual Exploitation.

Let’s try and be charitable for a moment and give SteTom the benefit of the doubt that he cares about women and girls. Let us be charitable and forgive his ‘previous’ for an incident involving a former girlfriend, and his violent past. That is until we look at his online behaviour. Consider these tweets:

Online sexist behaviour at its worst.

SteTom has also publicly denied the pain of the ever growing male victims of Child Sexual Abuse within football, the bravery of which has created @TheOffsideTrust. Unlike the NHS sport and schools those associated with sport have no legal obligation to report abuse. There is no mandatory reporting. Imagine then the sacrificial bravery of whistleblowers who, knowing the risk, often losing everything, do the right thing and speak out. Speaking out from within a community, or institution, when there is wrong doing is the bravest and most selfless thing to do. Horrific then that SteTom referred to someone whistleblowing as ‘a snitch’ and tweeting like a grass’.

I wonder what is being done to ensure Yaxley-Robinson’s children aren’t radicalised? After all he tweeted, in the paraphrasing of Bryan Adams, ‘Everything I do, I do for you’. So, what is this ‘everything’ SteTom is doing for his real life family? It must be asked if his behaviour both on and offline is a form of coercive control. His online ‘family’ comprises considerably of the most malleable; those who follow without question; those who are either incapable of questioning, or don’t know how to, or are too scared. Recently an everyday tweeter reported SteTom for inciting hatred which he then promptly retweeted (the Twitter equivalent of unleashing the hounds) causing a ‘pile on’. This of course is an internet version of thuggery that is indicative of a lack of intelligence to debate with reason.

Various groups have tweeted SteTom sharing accurate facts and statistics with regards to the ethnicity of sex offenders. But accuracy is a clear contrast to SteTom’s recent ‘The religion of peace again’ tweet put out after an incident when two Muslim women were attacked by a known white supremacist. It seems that despite these facts from bona fide sources SteTom and his fanboys simply refuse to believe what is before them. This blind acceptance is dangerous and is something SteTom capitalises on, much like coercive control; almost a form of ‘grooming’ in itself. 

Back to whistleblowing – or grassing and snitching as SteTom calls it –  If you ‘see something – say something’. This is as important online as it is offline.  Plenty do of course but, just as in the real world, the body or authority to whom the whistleblower whistles must act. Come on Twitterati, get reporting – and Twitter do you really want to be an enabler?

Finally, to all victims of rape; Child Abuse; Child Sexual Abuse; Child Sexual Exploitation; Domestic Violence; Grooming and Coercive Control regardless of your gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or skin colour – you are believed, you matter and we are blowing that whistle for you because you were ignored; we will not allow you to continue to be ignored; you are important, you matter – regardless of who harmed you.


Caolan Robertson – Pretend Journalist


Today I’m writing about a little man (who you may have noticed has latched on to the likes of Tommy Robinson and the “leaders” of Britain First) who goes by the name Caolan Robertson.

This self styled mini-Milo describes himself as a “film maker, political writer and social commentator”. He has clearly made a habit of being an irritating bigot as he says that he was studying film at university and they banned him from making a film which criticised Islam. If you have ever been unlucky enough to see one of his ‘films’ then you will see why they stopped him. For ‘criticising Islam’ please read – “Ignorant, bigoted rants which are low on fact and high on right wing stereotypes” – just the thing that any self respecting university would want to distance themselves from. It does seem odd that he recently deleted his LinkedIn profile which showed he attended University of the Arts London, and which now merely states ‘a prestigious university’.

Laughably Caolan’s ‘Rebel Media’ bio reads: “Liberals HATE him, Republicans want to be him, see how Caolan destroys the left with this one simple trick“. Well, all I can say to that is this:

  • Liberals don’t hate him. Liberals think that he is a little boy playing at being Tommy Robinson (that nice savoury character I covered in a previous article on the site. Most of us feel sorry for him as he has clearly been led astray by people with a stronger mind than he does.
  • Republicans don’t want to be him. If there is one thing for sure, the Republican voters from the USA would prefer to be themselves and not some floppy haired little man who enjoys ranting online.
  • Liberals have never been destroyed by him or even had him exhibit a ‘trick’ other than watching him prove to the world that he will never be as effective as Tommy Robinson and Britain First despite jumping on the coat tails of their ‘success’.

For most people, their introduction to Caolan was following the attack on Westminster Bridge. Now, most people were shocked by this and their first thoughts were with those who had been killed and injured in this atrocious attack. However, Tommy Robinson and Caolan were busy filming in London so they decided to have their little input into what happened. Looking back over the footage on YouTube filmed on the day, it starts to look more and more like Caolan is actually playing at being a news anchor. He looks earnestly into the camera as he just parrots everything that has already been reported by real journalists. He has no scoop, no footage, nothing……he just stands and says things like “Sky news is saying xyz…” but the only thing he actually adds of his own is the predictable: “It is no surprise it is Islam that did it” at the end.

Tommy Robinson didn’t really help Caolan’s case when he came on, ranting at the press who surrounded them that “Islam is the problem…..” (Apparently they are all over Luton and stand next to him in the bank). This hysteria seemed to rub off on the young man who then decided, when Tommy had finished his rant, to continue where his mentor had left off. Caolan insisted that: “Blood is on the hands of people like you [the media] and the Left.”  He then stated that the: “Left had allowed this attack to happen unnoticed” (I’m still baffled about what he meant by this). He then proceeded to abuse some of those present personally.

It seems Caolan is also associating with Jack Buckby who now writes for the Spectator . I will be covering him in depth another time but in the meantime here is a Huff Post article about him.

Caolan next popped up associated with Tommy Robinson again but this time also with Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.  The foursome were photographed at a trendy wine bar planning the combined Britain First/EDL shambolic London shuffle.

Since then Caolan has been getting more and more extreme. His opinions can be considered neither stable nor rational and he keeps making wild unconfirmed claims about being targeted by Antifa at his house. He has been filmed stepping out from his property while stating that Antifa have exposed where he lived (Well, you’ve done that yourself Caolan as you’re shown yourself walking down your front steps while confirming that you live in Chelsea…….durrrr!).

In addition to this idiocy Caolan has been spending inordinate amounts of time with Tommy Robinson in an attempt to ‘expose leftists’. Because of the supposed Antifa attention, Caolan says that he is going to double his output in exposing the names of key antifascists.

Just a couple of things to consider here little Caolan. Call it free advice from Resisting Hate:

  • If you are going to ‘expose antifascists’ you need to realise that being so vehemently against ANTI fascists indicates that you are part of the problem in society.
  • If you are going to “double your output” you need to find new stories and not re-hash old ones as that is just boring and nobody takes you seriously.
  • Distance yourself from Tommy Robinson. He is not exactly someone who gives you credibility.
  • Stop pretending to be a reporter. You’re not one. You can’t jump on a news story presented by a legitimate news source and then just add your own “It’s Islam who are the problem, because I say so.” By doing that you are showing how short sighted you are in your views. You might want to ask a real news company if they would be willing to take you on as an intern so you can see how real news is reported.
  • Steer clear of homophobia. Your comment about “gays wanting to be victims” on twitter makes you look stupid (at best) and unable to provide a strong media opinion. (It all comes back to personal image and how you want to be perceived).

By the way Caolan, your whole stance of “Feminism, Muslims and liberals are all bad” has been repeatedly covered and if you actually want people to take you seriously you need to find a new angle.

As I’m sure that Caolan will be mixing with more and more people who will be radicalising him further, I’m sure that he will come up in future posts written by myself and the Resisting Hate team. (I am actually looking forward to seeing what else we can find on the net about this wannabe far right journalist).

Halal Kitty.


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


The Unholy Hate Threesome


It probably won’t have slipped your notice that Tommy Robinson recently got arrested following his “interview” outside Canterbury Crown Court, in which he tried to interview individuals who were on trial there. The same thing has happened following Jayda doing the same thing, and she also went further by going to a property where the defendants supposedly lived (they didn’t) where she proceeded to screech through the letter box after banging on the door.

I then started to think of the relationship between Britain First and Tommy Robinson, as they seem to be very cosy with each other.

Now, back in April, the EDL and Britain First got together to form a laughable demonstration against Muslims in London. Prior to this, a photo of them planning the demos was put out on social media, showing Tommy Robinson together with Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding at a trendy London wine bar. The Independent then ran with this report on the day, with the headline “Police make 14 Arrests as rival groups clash at joint Britain First – EDL protest in London” (here) – note the use of the word “joint” in this, which with the photo of them together gives the idea that they were in it together. Considering Tommy is apparently nothing to do with the EDL any more and isn’t even a member of PEGIDA, why did he go there to be part of the demonstrations, necessitating the use of a police “bodyguard” as he got harassed through the streets.

Jayda was quick to use one of Donald Trump’s favourite sayings and put out a tweet that it was all “#FakeNews on steroids”. She maintained that there were 30 EDL supporters and 300 Britain First supporters who turned up for “SEPARATE” demonstrations and they were nothing to do with each other. This all sounds like Screechy is protesting about it a little too much.

Following that demonstration, there seems to have been a fair amount of “crossing paths” of the two sets of people. Too many instances in fact to suggest it to be a coincidence.

As the Huff Post showed, both Britain First’s infamous duo plus Tommy Robinson went to Birmingham and did one of their usual traipsing through the streets with their big white crosses while handing out abuse to locals. Following an exchange with one of the local Muslims, they ended up scarpering to their vehicle and sped away from the scene on camera. I have to add that personally, I find these escapades laughable – their panting, breathless commentary and descriptions make it sound like they had just driven into the middle of a war zone and got shot at and barely left with their lives. As it is, Britain First have been condemned by the church for being unchristian though they dispute this saying the church is morally bankrupt.

We come to the latest debacle. Tommy Robinson went to the Canterbury Crown Court with his latest incarnation as “roving reporter/idiot/halfwit” for Rebel Media. (If you aren’t aware of what Rebel Media is, imagine either watching a combination of Alex Jones/Infowars and Paul Joseph Watson, or imagine having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick – a bit of HHGTTG there for you). He had been warned by the police for doing what he did, leading to his arrest.

The full details relating to the arrests of Paul and Jayda are still to be made clear as nothing has been confirmed at the moment. Apparently they aren’t allowed to say anything about it, which is leading some people to question if it actually happened at all, as Tommy was able to say why he got arrested.

As the police have said in their statement to the press, the people involved are on bail, they have not been convicted of anything at the moment as they are on trial. I do wonder what would have happened if “lefty media” had done the same to them when on trial? Would that have opted to give an interview and thought that having a camera shoved in their face was acceptable, or would they have said that they were being unfairly treated because “we aven’t done nuffink, this is are country after all”  In addition to this, as showing in the email from Kent Police, they are already short of staff without having to deal with bigoted halfwits who are wanting to “expose” something that doesn’t need to be exposed.

The point of this was just to say that there seem to be more and more links between Tommy, Paul and Jayda as a kind of unholy threesome and they have been causing issues together rather than apart as they had pre April. I wonder if Britain First want to use Tommy’s business acumen (which to be honest may not be really good but is seriously an improvement on their own)…as they do seem to be motivated heavily by money, with constant rounds of money raising requests.

I just hope that the three of them are dealt with in a way which stops them acting as they do. By getting basic cautions or just a few weeks inside they get their followers to pay via their “help our poor Paul and Jayda who are being victimised by the police” fund, and they come out of prison and get treated as celebrities by the following they have.

This needs to stop, and stop soon.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Robinson and Mcloughlan’s ‘Quran’



If you wanted to read a layman’s guide to the Quran chances are you would expect that guide to be written by a knowledgable Muslim scholar or Imam, somebody with a good understanding and personal experience of the faith.

You would perhaps be as sceptical as we are to hear of a book entitled ‘Muhammad’s Koran’ written not by a practising Muslim but by a duo of non Islam practising individuals, known publicly for their Islamophobic views.  The publicity claim that with this book you can “understand the Quran in minutes not months,” does nothing to enhance the credibility of this dubious piece.

Peter McCloughlin is the author of “Easy Meat.” The intro to his book on Amazon reads:  Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was ‘a racist myth’ that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands (‘grooming gangs’) were luring white schoolgirls into a life of prostitution. This sets the tone for what is essentially a long, self indulgent whine about Muslims in the UK.

We thought this review summed it up the best:

Tommy Robinson, ex leader of the EDL has been written about by us here and here. He has been arrested on numerous occasions for ‘threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour’ (and other crimes including mortgage fraud) and his association with Pegida UK is indicative of his personal antipathy toward the religion of Islam.

If ever two wannabe authors were more likely to bungle a discussion on the Quran it is these two.

We can’t work out from the Amazon site if this book has actually been released or not. It only has 2 reviews (one of which acknowledges they haven’t actually read the book) but the site says it is out of print and we couldn’t find an option to buy for the kindle (not that we actually planned to buy this xenophobic bilge lol). However should you come across it be warned, this will be Robinson and McCloughlin’s usual biased Muslim hating rubbish and about as academic as an Enid Blyton book.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Tommy Robinson – EDL To Pegida


People know about Robinson’s (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) EDL and PEGIDA connections but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes about this man.

Tommy Robinson used to work at Luton airport but ended up losing his job there following a bit of a “tussle” with an off duty policeman (for that please read that he gave him a beating) when the officer was intervened in a domestic assault between Yaxley-Lennon and his then girlfriend. Robinson was sent to prison for 12 months following that and could no longer be employed at the airport as employees needed a clean conviction history when security was tightened after 9/11.

In 2004 Robinson joined the BNP and claims (in an interview with Andrew Neil) that he was not aware that the group was “white only” and says that he ended up leaving because of that fact.

In 2009, the English Defence League was started as an evolution of the “United Peoples of Luton” (UPL). This responded to what they decreed the threat of Islamic extremism in the country and various gangs, both football supporting and other elements, decided that “something must be done”. Robinson adopted the alias Tommy Robinson around this time, which was the name of one of the members of the Men In Gear football hooligan gangs who support his local team Luton Town FC. He led the EDL from inception and his cousin Kevin Carroll acted as his deputy.

Right from the start, Robinson said that the EDL was just against radical Islam however even from the start the group included bigots who are against all Muslims/Islamic individuals. While not a political group, the EDL did form an association – the British Freedom Party – (an associate of the British National Party) and people could become a member and stand in elections.

Following the shootings by Anders Brevik on the 22nd a July 2011, there was a spotlight thrown over the EDL, including Tommy Robinson due to alleged links between Robinson and Brevik. Any links have always been denied by Robinson. Later in 2012, he created the European Defence League which expanded its remit to being against “Radical Islam in the U.K.” to “Radical Islam in Europe”.

The main focus for the EDL has been to organise demonstrations and counter demonstrations, which have met with mixed success. They claim they want to demonstrate peacefully however, they have clashed with groups like Unite Against Fascism violently. This has led to the police enforcing the cancellation of EDL demonstrations in the interest of public safety. They have also injured police officers, police vehicles and damaged council and private property in Robinson’s “peaceful protests”

During his time with the EDL, “peaceful” Tommy has encountered problems with the police on a number of occasions……these being –

August 2010 – Robinson (allegedly) led a group in a fight following a football match between his home team of Luton Town and Newport County. During the fight he was heard to chant “EDL ’till I die”. Verdict – guilty of “Threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour” and he got a 12 month community rehabilitation order and banned from football matches for 3 years

September 2011 – Robinson had been banned from attending a demonstration in Tower Hamlets yet (in his usual “Law? What law?” style) he still went to it. He was arrested and went on hunger strike as he said he was a political prisoner of the state and that the meals he had been given included halal meat.

September 2011 – Robinson was convicted of assault after head butting one of his own EDL crowd during a demonstration in April 2011. For this he was given a suspended 12 week prison sentence. He claims that this had happened because a Neo-Nazi had joined their group and there was a confrontation.

November 2011 – Robinson was jailed for 3 days after protesting in Zurich on the roof of FIFA headquarters. This was in response to the ruling that the English football team couldn’t wear a red remembrance poppy on their shirts for a coming game. (Obviously he didn’t get far with that one).

October 2012 – After remaining out of trouble for almost a whole year Robinson was arrested after entering the USA illegally in September 2012 using another persons documentation. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison and on release in February on he was placed on a tag. After that stint in prison he was released to find that the membership had swollen but that the EDL had allowed Neo-Nazis to join up.

Robinson stepped down from his position in the EDL from October 2013. He cited that he was worried about far right extremism infiltrating groups but confirmed he still would continue to fight what he saw as Islamic extremism.

November 2012 –  Robinson was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud. He pleaded guilty to two counts and was sent to prison for 18 months. While in Woodhill Prison, Robinson was attacked by 3 men, which he claimed to be Muslims who prison officers had intentionally left him with. Before long he was removed from Woodhill and sent to Winchester Prison instead. It was while here that he said that he made friends with some Muslim inmates and actually spoke highly of them.

In June 2014 he was released from prison after serving 6 months of his 18 month prison sentence. He was told that he was not allowed to have contact with any members of the EDL before June 2015 however, he breached this bail condition and was returned to prison before being subsequently released in November 2014

Some of our readers may be acquainted with The Quilliam Foundation which is a think tank who state that they are concerned about Islam and stand against “Islamism”. Quilliam believe that Islamism (or political/radical Islam) is not compatible with Islam as a religion and that a westernised version needs to be developed without any radical elements. Their about us section gives more information about what they do.

Now some of the aims of The Quilliam Foundation are pretty sound. We support their views on giving Muslim women the right not only to not wear Islamic headwear but also the right TO wear it as well, including the Niqab or Burka. We also like the fact Quilliam have stood against Geert Wilders and have publicly stated that he is an ill informed, hate filled bigot and that they have challenged Wilders’ statements that Muslims are a threat to European countries and democracy.

The Quilliam Foundation has also had some major criticism. They are funded by the government/tax payer and concerns have been raised about the way that they have acted with public funds.  For example there have been concerns about them allegedly carrying out “witch hunts” against people who are just Muslims without any radical element. There was also concern regarding a leaked document sent from Quilliam to the government in which it wanted the government to stop communicating with groups like the Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Safety Forum (who work with the police to improve relations within the community) and others. This gave rise to the idea in some quarters that Quilliam were saying all Muslims outside their group were a cause for concern (which is obviously not the case) and that the only non-radical elements were linked to/associated with Quilliam.

After he left the EDL, Tommy Robinson forged an association with Quilliam. Both Tommy and Kevin Carroll met with the leader of The Quilliam Foundation to discuss a rise in far right extremism which was influencing groups like the EDL. In an announcement in October 2013 Tommy said he would be starting a new group to challenge radical Islam. He said that the new idea would be to lobby institutions rather than street protests.

Subsequently, in December 2015, Tommy Robinson claimed that he had been paid by The Quilliam Foundation (£8,000) so that they could take credit for him leaving the EDL. Quilliam did admit to paying him however they stated that the payment was just to cover his costs.

During an interview with The Guardian on the 11th October 2013, Tommy Robinson apologised for saying that all Muslims “got away with” the 7th July bombings in London. He also said that his statements about the bombings and other issues had been fuelled by the culture within the EDL, alcohol and athe rush of being the head of “the biggest street protest movement in Europe”.

During The Quilliam Foundation/Robinson press conference where he announced he was leaving the EDL, Robinson confirmed that he would liaise with the police about far right racists within the EDL. He conceded that there were extremists in the EDL and likeminded groups and that he would support organisations who dealt with extremist behaviour on all fronts. He acknowledged he wouldn’t support any of he work carried out by anti-fascist groups as he believed these groups were aligned with communists and anarchists. He stated that fascists and Islamists were both sides of the same coin.

Once his “good behaviour” licence had expired after being in prison Robinson joined PEGIDA. The acronym stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (or more precisely Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes). The group initially started in Dresden, Germany, and has since spread through many countries in Europe. When heading up PEGIDA UK, Robinson claimed that the time for fighting and legal issues had passed and that instead he would concentrate on legitimate protest with alcohol and fighting forbidden.

The first march in the U.K. would end up being less than a roaring success so a second one was arranged in January 2016. For the launch of PEGIDA proper in the U.K, Tommy stood down as leader and became an advisor and in his place they put Paul Weston of Liberty GB and Anne Marie Waters from Sharia Watch. The official launch of PEGIDA UK was held in February 2016 and a grand total of 200 or so people turned up.

When talking about PEGIDA, Robinson says that he hopes that they would succeed where the EDL and others have failed. He is looking for a halt to Islamic immigration, for all sharia courts to close, the outlawing of the burka and a halt on current construction of mosques in the U.K.

Now as some of our readers are aware I undertake a lot of undercover work for Resisting Hate and have to say that while Tommy is all loud on demonstrations, his Facebook account is terribly boring……so boring that I could read it as a sleep aid. Needless to say however, that while he is boring there is a lot that gets reported and removed as his feed is full of bigoted references like “horrible Muslims” and “creeping sharia” etc.

Since the PEGIDA UK launch (snigger….) Robinson was attacked in Essex and clobbered with something rather hard over the back of the head which left the poor man with a concussion and which had to be investigated in hospital . He also travelled to watch the football in France in 2016 where he wore a t-shirt mocking ISIL, and got a banning order in his return which ended up being dismissed when it went to court.

In 2016, Robinson travelled to Israel and visited the border between Israel and Syria, at the Golan Heights. While he was there he was photographed standing on top of an Israeli tank which he posted on his Twitter feed with the comment “All those people telling me to be careful in Israel, I think I’ll be ok…” He went on to visit an Israeli pub, where his travelling companion “Dr Brian of London” (a blog writer) put a photo on his Twitter feed stating “This is going to make Zionism great again. Arad. @TRobinsonNewEra is in the house of Zion.” Prior to this Robinson had publicly declared support of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, but had also been accused of being Anti Semitic.

Since stating that he was leaving the “extreme right” behind, Robinson seems to have slipped back into his old ways. A photo of a member of Parliament with two individuals from the Pakistani community was Tweeted by Robinson with the claim that these men were paedophiles (which was not the case) and this drew criticism as it put the individuals concerned at personal risk.

Further to this Robinson’s Twitter and Facebook history show that he is not just against radical Islam, he is aginbst Muslims per se. For example he states that the police appease Muslims and don’t take action against them as they don’t want to offend them. He also frequently shares fake news stories which paint Muslims in a bad light.

To sum up – Robinson is a bigot. He talks of wanting to just deal with radical Islam but much of what he has done reveals his true Islamophobic agenda. There is a lot of talk about being peaceful and acting within the law but no actual actions to show that this is the case. In fact his Twitter and Facebook is full of both far right wing propaganda and incitement to fight against non-radical Muslims. Questions have also been raised about the source of the money raised by the EDL for his legal defence

I honestly doubt, based on what I have seen, that he will stop his actions. With his book being published along with his business (he owns a sunbed shop in his home town of Luton) Robinson and his hate seems to continue to flourish.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Who is Tommy Robinson?


(Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) led the racist English defence league for five years until 2013. He left under a cloud of controversy due to both his links with counter extremist group Quilliam and also due to the suggestion that he had agreed to a monthly payment of £2000 in exchange for leaving the EDL leaderless.

Robinson has a history of Islamophobia dating back to his early association with the BNP and evident in his current position as the figure head of PegidaUK which has a strong Islamophobic agenda. Unlike Pegida in Germany, Pegida UK has been low profile and unsuccessful, making little impact.

More recently Robinson has undertaken a trip to Israel, declared himself a Zionist and attempted to establish Jewish connections to promote an anti Muslim agenda.


Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK