How do I join Resisting Hate?

We operate as an open organisation with no formal joining membership process. You can join our email network and help us report hate accounts here, you can be part of our Facebook here or when we have got to know and trust you then we may consider participation in our multiple Twitter groups.

If you believe your fellow human beings are equal and you want a world where all humans are treated with decency and respect then you are welcome to consider yourself a part of Resisting Hate.

How do I donate to Resisting Hate?

We do not accept donations in any form or from any source for Resisting Hate. It is unlikely, given the nature of the work we do, that we will ever look for public or private funding. We would only ever consider future funding if our accounts were publicly audited by an independent accountant.

If we fundraise for third parties it is on the condition RH are not involved directly with the funds.

There are some really excellent anti hate organisations who do fund raise and we suggest you donate to them if you wish to support anti hate work.

Who funds Resisting Hate?

We are entirely self funded. Fash will tell you it costs a fortune to run a movement or an organisation, it doesn’t. We have some great people who support us with their knowledge and skills and the costs involved in what we do are actually pretty minimal.

Who runs Resisting Hate?

The original founder team has evolved a bit over the years. For obvious reasons many of our founders and members prefer to remain private. Our public founder is Roanna. Currently Lisa is running the website and Twitter while Halal Kitty is running Facebook and the wider network.

What do Resisting Hate do?

Our primary focus is deplatforming racists, bigots and individuals using hate speech or displaying prejudice across a range of social media platforms. As a collective we have had over 10,000 accounts suspended to date. We will also bring extremists to the attention of police and in some cases (where they present a genuine danger to the public) to their employer.

As we have grown we have started to incorporate more work with the media and with academics studying hate and hate speech.

Who are Resisting Hate affiliated with?

We have no formal affiliation with any individual or organisation. This is intentional. Retaining our independence is important to Resisting Hate.

Are you part of Antifa?

We have many members who are Antifa and certainly we support the aims and vision of Antifa. However the way we operate as an organisation is different to many Antifa groups and individuals.

Are you a politically left organisation?

Most of our members would identify as left or ‘far left’. This is unsurprising as most of the hate we encounter is linked to far right, right wing and fascist politics.

Don’t you believe in free speech?

We believe everyone has the right to express an opinion. But we do not believe people have the right to hate speech. Having a view, questioning and criticising are acceptable ways to express an opinion. Malicious mockery, hate and incitement to violence are not.