FLA Violent Agenda Exposed


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Matthew Wilkinson, a senior administrator close to leader John Meighan has revealed via Twitter that the Football Lads Alliance (or FLA) are “building up the numbers peacefully” before engaging in what supporter Stipple calls “action”.  Many already believe this to be the case, the massed-ranks of the united football hooligan organisation quietly developing a significant fighting force which will be unleashed at a suitable time to wreak havoc upon society while seeking the right moment to turn their mob deliberately violent.  With attendees already outnumbering police, the sudden change in tactics will catch police unaware, ensuring full-scale rioting ensues.

Stipple says: – “Action is required, not silent marches”.

Matthew Wilkinson (FLA Admin) replies: “Build up the numbers peacefully”.

Stipple then adds: “I agree that we must get numbers, but I’m spitting feathers”.

Matthew Wilkinson then replies, in agreement: “I think everyone hears you, Stipple”, giving him the thumbs up of approval icon.

The implication is clear: – Once the numbers of hooligans marching are great enough, the restraint will vanish, and violent action will become the norm.

On another thread, Matthew admits he admins the secret FLA Facebook group, a group which the authorities will no-doubt be keeping a very firm eye on, especially having been informed by this article of their extremist plot.

When this eventually happens, and 40-50,000 angry white men are weaponised to unleash extreme violence upon the streets of the capital (or elsewhere) the government and the Metropolitan Police must be prepared to act to stop people from being seriously injured or killed.  All it would take is a stand-off against non-white passers-by to escalate into an angry episode and the nod to be given by FLA organisers to break through police lines and all hell will break loose.

Rightwing football hooligans are ready-made fighting units.  Differences set aside to oppose “their common enemy”, the consequences of an organised group running free through city streets are easy to understand.  When a future FLA demo becomes a large-scale riot, the government must be prepared to act with the necessary swiftness to protect society and come down hard on the FLA leadership utilising the full force of the law.

A deliberate plot to build up a private army of boots and fists peacefully, linking rival hooligan firms to engage in future acts of organised racial disorder in massed-numbers when the time is right, amounts to both terrorism and even the offence of treason. The Home Office will be compelled to act to ensure all plotters receive lengthy prison sentences for such actions, when they finally happen.

Years spent in solitary confinement likely await the conspirators with all football hooligans involved in the movement more than likely receiving life-bans from stadiums. Whenever Matthew Wilkinson and cohorts intend to unleash ultra-violence, society must be ready to act firmly and swiftly to protect minorities and punish guilty parties severely.

A mere glance at the FLA’s Facebook page reveals the regular presence of Frank Portinari, the convicted gun-runner who tried to sell deadly weapons to the Unionist terrorist group the UDA.  A week before the previous FLA demo, a Hope Not Hate photographer pictured him in a Central London pub chatting to supporters of the FLA.

Portinari was a member of neo-Nazi Hitleresque organisation Combat 18, siding with Charlie Sergeant in the split which occurred, Sergeant later exposed as a police informer spying on loyalist terrorists in England.

After what happened at Charlottesville, USA, police and government security forces throughout Europe are keeping a keen look-out for far right terror plots. They are fully aware of the ramifications of allowing such groups to develop unchecked.  A common theme of fascist groups operating on social media is the promise of racial warfare, the premise that battalions of angry white men will rise up in a deadly battle against non-whites (and their liberal “defenders”), actioning a revolution and a dictatorship by Adolf Hitler-type genocidal extremists.  Although this is almost certainly not going to happen, any episodes of unchecked violent outrage against Muslims and other minorities will have catastrophic implications for community relations. The deceitful haters are more than aware that it is the minority groups who will bear the brunt of this chaos.

Right-wing trolls continually mutter “Islam is not a race” whilst hardcore neo-Nazis and white supremacists continue to switch (albeit temporarily) from anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, viewing anti-Muslim hate as their best chance for success in an increasingly paranoid pro Brexit, pro Trump world. Bearing in mind that 95% of British Muslims are non-white and a visible ethnic minority regularly vilified by the British gutter press, it is easy to understand how latching onto public unease over Islamic extremist groups and sailing with the extreme right-wing agenda of Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail offers far more promise than selling copies of Mein Kampf to small handfuls of National Socialists outside Blood and Honour concerts.

Openly neo-Nazi organisations such as the Pie and Mash squad are already taking part in FLA demonstrations. They are expecting something violent to happen in the not too distant future, or frankly, they wouldn’t be there.

Now the FLA’s true intent has been well and truly exposed, there is little that convicted hooligan John Meighan can do to sweep this damning admittance of violent intent under the carpet, other than pretending Wilkinson is not a key member of his dangerous street protest organisation, which he most certainly is. Just as Diane Abbott and the trade unionists feared all along, the presently peaceful FLA are a Trojan horse for future, organised mayhem.

It doesn’t matter how many Gurkhas the FLA get on their marches as window-dressing, now they have come clean about dropping their sanitised front and acknowledged they are ready and willing to unleash violence when protest numbers reach critical mass, Meighan’s Blackshirts are ready and waiting for trouble…

If unopposed.



Who is Ann Coulter?


Ann Coulter is an American public figure with a legal background who regularly represents far right political views in the American media. She is the author of several books including ‘In Trump we Trust’ (written when Coulter still supported Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate.)

Coulter is something of an extremist, outspoken on her favourite topics of immigration and Islam. In the aftermath of September 11 she made a public proposal that America should invade Muslim countries, kill their leaders and convert the population to Christianity.

Some of Coulter’s most infamous quotations including the extremely racist “Congress could pass a law tomorrow requiring that all aliens from Arabic countries leave… We should require passports to fly domestically. Passports can be forged, but they can also be checked with the home country in case of any suspicious-looking swarthy males ” can be found in this article. These quotations are not isolated examples of Coulter’s extremist hate views. A quick You Tube search finds hundreds of videos of her spouting her hate rhetoric and making provocative and inflammitory comments, deliberately intended to offend.

She has been given a vast amount of media attention and numerous platforms upon which to air her views. As the poster girl for ultra Conservative Republican ideals few individuals have received more attention.

However the tide has been changing for Coulter recently. For all her celebration of Trump’s presidency Coulter has become increasingly disenfranchised with the man she so enthusiastically endorsed and this has lost her support among the President’s far right fan base. She called Trump out for his failure to build his promised wall on the Mexican border, and publicly criticised him for changing his stance on immigration.  More recently Coulter clashed with Trump over the ‘Dreamers’ program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and published a tweet calling for the President to be impeached.

Before her views are examined Coulter cuts an impressive public figure. She is confident, smartly dressed, articulate and obviously someone who has read widely in her chosen field of interest. Unfortunately though, as soon as she opens her mouth (or her Twitter app), she is exposed as an individual notable not just for her bigotry but for her stupidity. This is a genuine tweet from Coulter’s personal Twitter account in reaction to Hurricane Harvey:

This closed minded world view was again illustrated on her Twitter account when she tweeted:

(Based on Coulter’s logic here Donald Trump, who had a German grandfather, would not even have been eligible to vote, let alone to stand for the Presidency…)

To best explain Ann Coulter to a UK audience I’d simply summarise her as a US version Katie Hopkins albeit with a bigger budget for hair. Her Twitter feed yields the same threats, rants, prejudices and hate that we have come to expect from Madame Hopkins. Let us hope that the American media tire of her vitriol and push this blowsy loudmouthed hater out of the public eye.

A selection of tweets that show Ann Coulter for what she is >


Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

David Coburn MEP


David Coburn is a member of the far right political party UKIP. He holds the post UKIP Leader of Scotland and is an elected MEP.

Coburn has a chequered past in politics with little credibility for his xenophobic and bigoted views. Nicola Sturgeon commented after the Scottish leaders debate in 2015 “I think the only depressing thing tonight is the narrow-minded xenophobic attitude of David Coburn. It’s absolutely utterly disgusting. This is the guy who compared one of my colleagues to a convicted terrorist simply because he’s a Muslim.” She went on to say “He [Coburn] is a disgrace.”

During the same period Coburn was told by Jim Murphy, the head of Scottish Labour to “Stop demonising people.”

Coburn hit the headlines again in 2016 for referring to a selection of UKIP party members as “Total Tossers“.

Coburn is perhaps best known for likening Scottish National Party Justice secretary Humza Yousaf to notorious hate preacher Abu Hanza. This was allegedly a joke and referred to by Nigel Farage (then leader of UKIP) as a joke in poor taste but the humour gives a clear indication of Mr Coburn’s limited and divisive world view and the role he would play in politics should the electorate ever be daft enough to elect him.

Unfortuntely for Coburn the electorate in the 2017 General Election were anything but daft and he had an exceptionally low share of the vote at 1.2% when he stood for the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency. Surprisingly it was this lack of success that buoyed him up and led to him announcing he would be running for leadership of the UKIP party (after Paul Nuttall’s failure to secure even a single seat in Parliament the current leader was naturally obliged to accept his defeat and stand down).

Coburn explains his leadership bid in his own words:

(Though the bookies clearly do not have much faith as he is currently a 20/1 outsider for the position.)

Coburn has also recently hit the news for having links to far right extremist hate group Scottish Dawn made up of members from the hate group National Action which was proscribed under the 2000 Terrorism Act. These links are currently being investigated by several different media outlets and, if proven, will likely scupper the leadership bid before it even begins. We will be watching this one closely.



Ezra Levant – Rebel Media


We expect everyone reading this is familiar with Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon). Fewer people may know of his newly acquired sidekick Caolan Robertson, but you can find a brief intro here.

Today we’re going to introduce their boss, one Ezra Levant. Levant is a Canadian, and the founder of right-wing website Rebel Media. He had previously worked for the Canadian company Sun Media as a presenter and commentator on the more mainstream Sun News channel.

He has previously been sued for defamatory comments he made on a personal blog site, and was ordered to pay $80,000 in in libel. The judge found that  he showed “reckless disregard for the truth” and “took little or no responsibility for the accuracy” of the material he was posting.

He vehemently opposes Islam, immigration and all the other things that white nationalists seem to believe, which is presumably why he gets on so well with Robinson. He wrongly equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, a viewpoint that might cause some conflict with his unknown number of supporters, especially as the “alt-right” are not known for their kindness towards Jewish people like Ezra. An amusing satire on this topic can be seen here.

Rebel seems to be an attempt to copy the successful formula of Breitbart, a combination of clickbait advertising, minimal fact checking and bright bold colours. The one big difference seems to be the ($8 per month/$80 per year) Premium Content. This content is also marketed with big bold text, in a way that will be familiar to anyone who has accidentally browsed to a porn site…

Levant seems to have an almost obsessive compulsion for creating websites. At the bottom of this post I’ve included an extremely long list of all the domains he has registered over the years. Some are now defunct, but many are still active in their own right, or redirect to various Rebel Media pages. The general theme is one of asking for money, mainly for legal fees. There are also sites that were set up with apparent malicious intent, with names like ahmedtheliar.com, fuckerdogan.comfirehussain.co.uk and humaforprison.com.

Amusingly, Levant’s own website ezralevant.com was down at the time of writing.

Like Breitbart, Rebel Media rejects the acknowledged science of climate change, and instead promotes fossil fuel extraction and fracking. As can be seen from the list of domains below, Levant fancies himself as a political activist. His activities actually almost come across as the work of a stalker.

Levant and Rebel Media are not afraid to let taste and decency stop them from hijacking a victim’s story for their own ends. one of their (over 300) websites is justiceforchelsey.com which again redirects to a page on the Rebel website, complete with Subscribe links. Tommyrobinson.com is yet another of their sites, with prominent links to buy his book or donate to his “legal defence fund” in Canadian Dollars.

Next time you see somebody yelling about poor old Tommy, perhaps you can show them this?

Appendix – List of Domains registered by Ezra Levant

Can be freely verified at this address

Domain Name Creation Date Registrar
ahmedtheliar.com 2015-09-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC
albertahero.com 2016-10-13 GODADDY.COM, LLC
americans4opec.com 2011-08-29 REBEL.CA CORP.
ashleycsanady.com 2017-04-10 GODADDY.COM, LLC
auditsuzuki.com 2015-08-12 GODADDY.COM, LLC
australiaresearch.com 2013-11-04 REBEL.CA CORP.
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azizmadridista.com 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC
azizmohammedmadi.com 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC
banantifa.com 2017-04-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC
bernardtheroughneck.com 2016-02-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC
bernardtheruffneck.com 2016-02-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC
bombardierpayusback.com 2017-03-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC
bombardierremboursez.com 2017-03-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC
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boycottearls.com 2016-04-27 GODADDY.COM, LLC
campushate.com 2017-03-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC
campushate.org 2017-03-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC
canadaorfrance.com 2015-07-20 GODADDY.COM, LLC
canadian.media 2016-04-17 GODADDY.COM, LLC
canadiancynic.com 2016-06-06 GODADDY.COM, LLC
canadianjihad.com 2015-02-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC
canceltelus.com 2016-10-05 GODADDY.COM, LLC
cheryloates.com 2017-01-08 GODADDY.COM, LLC
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ezralevant.org 2008-01-08 NAMESCOUT CORP.
fairygunprincess.com 2017-02-07 GODADDY.COM, LLC
fakeconservative.com 2016-06-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC
fakeconservatives.com 2016-06-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC
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Tragedy Is Not A Free Pass To Spout Hate


For those who seem to have forgotten this critical point within the first few hours of the news breaking of the atrocity in Manchester late Monday night I will offer a reminder to jog your memory.

Children died.

The point needs repeating.

Children died.

Yet since the news broke social media has been flooded with far right individuals and action groups trying to capitalise on this tragedy to promote their personal hate agendas.

Most of the attempts to use innocent dead children for political purposes have been directed with hate toward the religion of Islam. The prurient speculation as to the religious faith of the murderer began in the early hours and continued until the name of the attacker was released by the police late on Tuesday afternoon. The discussions on social media, Twitter in particular, concentrated more on whether or not the attacker was a Muslim than on any other aspect of the atrocity. To some small minded individuals this tragedy was nothing but a sick opportunity to use the actions of one evil man to condemn the billions of individuals who practise the faith of Islam.

There are serious consequences of this kind of hate speech. The relentless, bigoted demonising of innocent people in the mistaken and foolish belief that it will somehow bring about any positive results for our society only serves to further the spread of ignorance toward different cultures and faiths. It isn’t ISIS or genuine terrorists who are attacked in the name of hate rhetoric inspired vigilantism, it is the bloke walking home from the mosque or a lady doing her shopping. It is the people who abhor violence as much as you or I do who will suffer if incitement to hatred goes unchecked.

The worst perpetrators of this hate speech are the usual self promoters who spew their hate onto any available platform that will have them (Daily Mail, LBC, The Sun). Tommy Robinson out in full force as always claiming all Muslims are to blame. Katie Hopkins, even more vile and vicious than she normally is, mulling over a “final solution” to the problem of terrorism.

When Resisting Hate pull these haters up on the messages they use to try and indoctrinate their legions of social media followers into cynical and hate filled world views we are told repeatedly that ‘words don’t matter.’ That people have a right to react to tragedy by inciting hate against those who have nothing to do with the events that have taken place and who may have lost loved ones in the Manchester attack themselves.

No you do not have this right. You do not have the right as a bystander to tragedy to warp the memory of those innocent lives to endanger the safety of others. You do not have the right to hijack the focus from these dead children to promote yourselves and the hate filled views that achieve nothing but division between communities in our country.

You do have the right to be angry yes. You have the right to be very very angry indeed. Children have been mown down in the most callous and inhumane way conceivable. You would quite simply not be human if you did not feel anger. But that anger needs to be directed to the right place. It needs to be directed toward the coward, the weak spineless coward who slunk into that packed concert arena on Monday night. It needs to be directed toward actual terrorists, toward all individuals who use violence to further their despicable ends.

Many on social media today have wilfully misunderstood those of us involved in anti hate work and have accused us of caring more about the tweets on social media than the attack itself. But this is not the case. It is out of respect for the victims of this tragedy that we ask people not to insult the memories of these children by using them to promote further violence against others. You trivialise the lives of the dead when you make them pawns in a campaign to oppose other faiths. Our children’s lives are worth more than this. They deserve dignity not exploitation.

What you need to understand far right haters is that nothing constructive can come out of the solutions you propose. What do you think calls to “rise up against the Muslims” will achieve? I’ll tell you what pitting the people of the country against one another will achieve, it will result in battles between fascists and antifascists on the streets, bloodshed, more innocent people harmed, more children victimised in the playground, more barriers between communities. It will bring us chaos, not peace. It will perpetuate the very problem you are seeking to solve.

The far right mock the idea of uniting in the face of atrocity but in truth this is the only defence against terrorism. Terrorism is not interested in the lives it takes. Terrorism is focused on the effect senseless murder has on society. When we divide, the terrorists win, when we use the deaths of our children to score cheap political points, the terrorists win. When we become a nation mindlessly baying for blood with journalists openly calling for genocide we become exactly what the terrorists want us to become. We are better than this. We can find ways to keep our country safe without turning against one another.



Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Caolan Robertson – Pretend Journalist


Today I’m writing about a little man (who you may have noticed has latched on to the likes of Tommy Robinson and the “leaders” of Britain First) who goes by the name Caolan Robertson.

This self styled mini-Milo describes himself as a “film maker, political writer and social commentator”. He has clearly made a habit of being an irritating bigot as he says that he was studying film at university and they banned him from making a film which criticised Islam. If you have ever been unlucky enough to see one of his ‘films’ then you will see why they stopped him. For ‘criticising Islam’ please read – “Ignorant, bigoted rants which are low on fact and high on right wing stereotypes” – just the thing that any self respecting university would want to distance themselves from. It does seem odd that he recently deleted his LinkedIn profile which showed he attended University of the Arts London, and which now merely states ‘a prestigious university’.

Laughably Caolan’s ‘Rebel Media’ bio reads: “Liberals HATE him, Republicans want to be him, see how Caolan destroys the left with this one simple trick“. Well, all I can say to that is this:

  • Liberals don’t hate him. Liberals think that he is a little boy playing at being Tommy Robinson (that nice savoury character I covered in a previous article on the site. Most of us feel sorry for him as he has clearly been led astray by people with a stronger mind than he does.
  • Republicans don’t want to be him. If there is one thing for sure, the Republican voters from the USA would prefer to be themselves and not some floppy haired little man who enjoys ranting online.
  • Liberals have never been destroyed by him or even had him exhibit a ‘trick’ other than watching him prove to the world that he will never be as effective as Tommy Robinson and Britain First despite jumping on the coat tails of their ‘success’.

For most people, their introduction to Caolan was following the attack on Westminster Bridge. Now, most people were shocked by this and their first thoughts were with those who had been killed and injured in this atrocious attack. However, Tommy Robinson and Caolan were busy filming in London so they decided to have their little input into what happened. Looking back over the footage on YouTube filmed on the day, it starts to look more and more like Caolan is actually playing at being a news anchor. He looks earnestly into the camera as he just parrots everything that has already been reported by real journalists. He has no scoop, no footage, nothing……he just stands and says things like “Sky news is saying xyz…” but the only thing he actually adds of his own is the predictable: “It is no surprise it is Islam that did it” at the end.

Tommy Robinson didn’t really help Caolan’s case when he came on, ranting at the press who surrounded them that “Islam is the problem…..” (Apparently they are all over Luton and stand next to him in the bank). This hysteria seemed to rub off on the young man who then decided, when Tommy had finished his rant, to continue where his mentor had left off. Caolan insisted that: “Blood is on the hands of people like you [the media] and the Left.”  He then stated that the: “Left had allowed this attack to happen unnoticed” (I’m still baffled about what he meant by this). He then proceeded to abuse some of those present personally.

It seems Caolan is also associating with Jack Buckby who now writes for the Spectator . I will be covering him in depth another time but in the meantime here is a Huff Post article about him.

Caolan next popped up associated with Tommy Robinson again but this time also with Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.  The foursome were photographed at a trendy wine bar planning the combined Britain First/EDL shambolic London shuffle.

Since then Caolan has been getting more and more extreme. His opinions can be considered neither stable nor rational and he keeps making wild unconfirmed claims about being targeted by Antifa at his house. He has been filmed stepping out from his property while stating that Antifa have exposed where he lived (Well, you’ve done that yourself Caolan as you’re shown yourself walking down your front steps while confirming that you live in Chelsea…….durrrr!).

In addition to this idiocy Caolan has been spending inordinate amounts of time with Tommy Robinson in an attempt to ‘expose leftists’. Because of the supposed Antifa attention, Caolan says that he is going to double his output in exposing the names of key antifascists.

Just a couple of things to consider here little Caolan. Call it free advice from Resisting Hate:

  • If you are going to ‘expose antifascists’ you need to realise that being so vehemently against ANTI fascists indicates that you are part of the problem in society.
  • If you are going to “double your output” you need to find new stories and not re-hash old ones as that is just boring and nobody takes you seriously.
  • Distance yourself from Tommy Robinson. He is not exactly someone who gives you credibility.
  • Stop pretending to be a reporter. You’re not one. You can’t jump on a news story presented by a legitimate news source and then just add your own “It’s Islam who are the problem, because I say so.” By doing that you are showing how short sighted you are in your views. You might want to ask a real news company if they would be willing to take you on as an intern so you can see how real news is reported.
  • Steer clear of homophobia. Your comment about “gays wanting to be victims” on twitter makes you look stupid (at best) and unable to provide a strong media opinion. (It all comes back to personal image and how you want to be perceived).

By the way Caolan, your whole stance of “Feminism, Muslims and liberals are all bad” has been repeatedly covered and if you actually want people to take you seriously you need to find a new angle.

As I’m sure that Caolan will be mixing with more and more people who will be radicalising him further, I’m sure that he will come up in future posts written by myself and the Resisting Hate team. (I am actually looking forward to seeing what else we can find on the net about this wannabe far right journalist).

Halal Kitty.


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Britain First Using Lee Rigby To Spread Hate


Britain First’s latest stunt has really frustrated me for a number of reasons:

1. Lee Rigby’s mother has already said on several different occasions that she does not want Britain First and Lee Rigby to be associated or for them to use him for their own political ends

2. No one knows who did it. It could be just a sick random vandal or two. But in the video Golding goes on about “Islamic extremists” (as per usual)

3. He says that if the people are found and taken to court, they “will get a visit from Britain First”. Really Paul? Because that’s not got you in trouble before has it, you ignorant halfwit. And by doing that you will, like before, jeopardise any action or case brought against them.

I have an idea Paul, why don’t you stop “talking for the British people” because, frankly, you don’t. What you do is embarrass the British people. What you do is show yourselves up to be ignorant. And you actually only speak really for the 20 people who can be bothered to turn up to your shambolic “days of action”.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Acceptance And Understanding


As a co founder of anti hate group Resisting Hate I encounter prejudice every day. Social media is rife with bigotry toward Muslims, Jews, the LGBT community, People of colour, women and indeed just about every demographic and community in the country.

It is important to be clear that the peaceable majority of people, both on and off social media, do not endorse prejudice and hate. The voices of the vociferous minority can be and are tackled regularly by those of us who stand up for the values of equality and diversity and who reject the idea that anybody should be persecuted for being true to who they are as an individual.

However it is important that we combat prejudice in the right way. I am concerned that the criteria for acceptance is all too often intertwined with the need for personal understanding. The rationale is – If you can make me understand why you need to do something then I will defend your right to do it. But this is narrow minded because what it is actually saying is that in order for your actions to be acceptable they must be validated by my values, not yours.

To give a specific example of this, I witnessed a discussion on Twitter the other day between a practitioner of the Jewish faith and a (rather belligerent) individual who objected to the practise of ritual animal slaughter under Kosher laws. The objector was asking a string of questions demanding the Jewish person explain the belief itself, why he felt it necessary to follow the practise in his personal life and whether he thought religious slaughter was in keeping with British cultural values. The expectation was that in order for the objector to accept the right to religious slaughter he must first have it explained to him in such a way that made it compatible with his own personal world view.

I encountered something very similar after publishing my article on the rights of Muslim ladies to wear the niqab. A lot of the comments I received were directed at the perceived need for Muslim ladies to explain why they felt the need to cover their faces. The implication was that if they could justify this need to the satisfaction of the niqab detractors then that would make the practise more acceptable.

The trouble with this way of thinking is that is bases the concept of acceptance on the personal views and ability to understand of those questioning the practises of other faiths and cultures. This is effectively prejudice in itself because it is denying the rights of others to self validate. It is my view that accepting the practises of other faiths and cultures should not be based on their ability to explain themselves in such a way that makes them palatable to Western values. We need to respect the rights of others to determine what is right for them based on their own values and beliefs.

To return to the example of the niqab, it is not necessary for me to understand why a Muslim lady would want to wear it or to have any desire to wear it myself in order to respect her right to make the choice that covering her face is appropriate for her. If I make this issue about my understanding and my cultural values then I am essentially saying that my values are more important than hers which is, of course, just reinforcing discrimination and prejudice.

Defending a person’s right to practise their faith or culture is not about understanding why it is they do what they do. It is about appreciating that people have the right to act in accordance with their own cultural values even if they cannot easily be understood by others. What we as battlers of prejudice should be doing is defending people’s rights. It was not necessary for our Kosher law objector to understand why it was important to the Jewish practitioner that their food be kosher. It should have been enough that it mattered to the Jewish individual, that it worked for him and that he was acting in accordance with his own world view. It was his right to act as he deemed fit, regardless of anybody else’s inability to understand why Kosher slaughter was important to him.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t ask questions about other faiths and cultures. To the contrary I am very positive about the fact that a greater level of knowledge of other cultures will help break down barriers and tackle prejudice. But it is important that we do not underpin our acceptance of others on our ability to understand them.

True acceptance and true respect must be based on the principle that even if you do not understand what is necessary for someone to actualise themselves as an individual, you support their right to make the choice and you defend their right to it.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Veiling The Face – The Right To The Choice


The chosen attire of a small minority of Muslim ladies has been in the news a lot this week, mainly because (before crashing and burning in the local council elections) the UKIP party made the abolition of the burka (full face and body cover) and niqab (the face veil) a key objective in their manifesto.

Leaving aside the fact that with only a month to go until the General Election most of us would prefer to see an agenda with items of more wide spread relevance than ladies’ clothing being raised by our political parties, the discussion around Muslim ladies’ dress has been given extensive press coverage which has led to a lot of discussion in public forums and social media.

A lot of the discussion has rehashed old ground – with the usual objections to the covering of the face being trotted out, sometimes with good intent, sometimes with an underlying agenda of Islamophobia. It is worth considering the merit of some of these objections in detail when considering why the face veil continues to provoke such strong debate.


Denigrators of the niqab claim that covering the face displays an unwillingness to integrate with the wider community. The veil is perceived to be a barrier that prevents social interaction.

It is my view that a barrier is only a barrier if people allow it to become one. I have lived and worked in communities where we have all, Muslims and non Muslims alike, chosen not to let the fact that some women wear the niqab be a barrier to our interactions and communication. By welcoming engagement with ladies who choose to cover, in exactly the same way we would interact with any other member of the community, the face veil presented no obstacle to friendly interaction and community integration.

Female subjugation

For some the face veil represents the subjugation of women and is seen as a barrier to female rights and freedoms.

If the face veil was a mandatory code of dress imposed by men on women then I would agree. But what the critics fail to take account of is the fact that (in the main – I am not denying there are some exceptions of coercion) covering the face is a choice made by women for themselves.

It is a clear case of double standards if we fight for the rights of women but then try to deny women those rights when they choose to exercise them. Anybody who is really serious about standing up for the rights of women should be equally as vehement toward defending their rights to the burka as they would be the bikini. Those who base their objection to the face veil on the argument that women cannot think for themselves and are doing the bidding of men who impose the veil upon them are actually insulting women and doing women’s rights no favours at all.

We have moved a long way from the ankle flashing scandals of Victorian times as we have become more enlightened and comfortable with the natural state of the human body.  It is very positive that women no longer feel they must cover themselves to meet the expectations of society. But equally we must guard against stigmatising women who do choose to cover themselves. We cannot congratulate ourselves on our liberal attitudes toward how women choose to dress if we are still going to judge them if they make a choice we don’t agree with.


I think it is important to be clear that people who worry about the security implications of face covering garments are not necessarily implying Muslim ladies as a collective are of criminal mind but rather that an individual of any faith, colour or gender could use the concealing garments to disguise their identity and break the law.

However this argument could apply to many different articles of clothing, none of which are receiving the relentlessly negative publicity that niqab wearing ladies have been exposed to. The balaclava argument is a bit trite as is the beekeeper argument (we are unlikely to see these on the bus or tube) but a lot of people do wear hoodies and neck scarves pulled up to cover their faces and these pose exactly the same security threat (or non-security threat, depending on your view) as the niqab. This also raises the question as to why it is always religious dress that attracts censure?

Against British Values

Some individuals claim they find the covering of the face offensive and that they believe it to be against British values.

I am British and yet I have no idea what traditional British values the face veil is supposed to be offending.  For me, being British means being inclusive and embracing all views, cultures and ways of life. I can think of nothing more British than allowing an individual to go about his/her business without comment or judgement. It is prejudice, not the face veil that goes against true British values.

The face veil may not be what you choose to wear. It isn’t what I choose to wear. But we live in a free society where people are free to make choices for themselves. Once we start believing we have the right to dictate to women we undermine the efforts of every woman who has ever fought for those hard won rights we enjoy today. You may not always like the choices people make but, if you enjoy living in that free society, you need to defend their right to make them.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Robinson and Mcloughlan’s ‘Quran’



If you wanted to read a layman’s guide to the Quran chances are you would expect that guide to be written by a knowledgable Muslim scholar or Imam, somebody with a good understanding and personal experience of the faith.

You would perhaps be as sceptical as we are to hear of a book entitled ‘Muhammad’s Koran’ written not by a practising Muslim but by a duo of non Islam practising individuals, known publicly for their Islamophobic views.  The publicity claim that with this book you can “understand the Quran in minutes not months,” does nothing to enhance the credibility of this dubious piece.

Peter McCloughlin is the author of “Easy Meat.” The intro to his book on Amazon reads:  Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was ‘a racist myth’ that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands (‘grooming gangs’) were luring white schoolgirls into a life of prostitution. This sets the tone for what is essentially a long, self indulgent whine about Muslims in the UK.

We thought this review summed it up the best:

Tommy Robinson, ex leader of the EDL has been written about by us here and here. He has been arrested on numerous occasions for ‘threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour’ (and other crimes including mortgage fraud) and his association with Pegida UK is indicative of his personal antipathy toward the religion of Islam.

If ever two wannabe authors were more likely to bungle a discussion on the Quran it is these two.

We can’t work out from the Amazon site if this book has actually been released or not. It only has 2 reviews (one of which acknowledges they haven’t actually read the book) but the site says it is out of print and we couldn’t find an option to buy for the kindle (not that we actually planned to buy this xenophobic bilge lol). However should you come across it be warned, this will be Robinson and McCloughlin’s usual biased Muslim hating rubbish and about as academic as an Enid Blyton book.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Hate Beyond The “Isms”


Most of the issues that come the way of our anti hate group Resisting Hate can be broken down into one of four key areas – Anti Semitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia and Racism. Hate trends come and go but fighting these key areas forms the basis of the majority of the work that we do.

However it is easy to lose sight of the fact that in our post Brexit, post Donald Trump world, religion, race and sexuality are not the only sticks being used to beat members of our society with. We are starting to see condemnation and abuse directed at a wide range of people who do not fit the emerging conservative stereotype relating to what is fast becoming considered “normal”.

I came across this personally the other week when it was suggested by a far right detractor that the fact I practise Paganism would lessen the credibility for our group because it is a “crackpot, made up, New Age practice”. Leaving aside the fact that Paganism in some form or another predates all the world religions it was a comment that surprised me as it suggested my ability to discern and tackle hate was somehow impeded by the fact that I believe in and work with elements that differ to those of the predominant faiths in the country. The criticism was clear – my belief set is different so I must be wrong, stupid or mentally impaired.

Discrimination against lifestyle choices is causing a lot of trouble for people who wish to actualise their individuality. Only last week in America  a top Trump health care appointee wrote about a supposed link between tattoos and drug addiction. Also in America this week, amidst much student outcry, a school decided to “slut shame” its female students by issuing a flier as to what nature of prom garment would and would not be considered admissible attire for the school prom night.  These examples are clearly legitimising the concept that it is ok to judge people by their appearance. All those years of telling our children to look at the book not the cover appear to have been wasted as it is apparently now perfectly acceptable to make a snap shot judgement of a person based solely on their physical appearance.

Physical appearance, especially in the form of body/fat shaming, is one of the most problematic growing forms of hate on the internet with a concern that it may be a contributing factor in both young men and women developing eating disorders.  Social media sites have made it easy to comment anonymously on the appearance of others and I have personally seen images with (literally) hundreds of derogatory comments all aiming to undermine the confidence and self-esteem of the individual posting their picture.

Sexism too is on the increase. The pussy grabbing US President has established a new low in the attitude to women in society. It is now common place to see memes on Twitter promoting a return to “old fashioned values” when the woman ran the home, raised the children and played no part in the workplace. These regressive attitudes are in danger of undoing the equality that women have fought for and, if we are not careful, will lead us back to a world where women are objectified and seen as inferior to their male counterparts.

The left wing have come in for a particularly rough ride recently (and I definitely speak from experience on this one). Progressives, Liberals and “Lefties” have been attacked with venom on every social media platform. It is perhaps for those they see as the greatest threat to their conservative dystopia that the far right reserve the greater part of their vitriol. Our group receive hate mail on a daily basis simply for speaking out about defying hate. The death threats some of the Antifascist groups receive are unprintable.

Many social prejudices are against a choice made by an individual but I have recently observed two hate trends that particularly churn my stomach, all the more repellent for the fact they are discriminating against something over which the individual has no control.

The first is Trans hatred. The Independent reported in 2016 that Trans related crime has increased by 170%. This may well be attributable to the obsession the media has with who uses what bathroom but is more likely due to the ignorant belief that people undergo gender reassignment surgery as a lifestyle preference.  Education explaining that gender surgery takes place to correct an individual’s body to match their true gender would combat a lot of this hate but, as is too often the way with ignorance, it is the wrong facts getting posted time and time again on the internet.

I am equally appalled at the upsurge in violence and abuse toward homeless people. Few things scream scumbag more than the people who find it funny to abuse others simply for a downturn in their personal circumstances. Seeing regular reports of homeless people tormented is sickening and a sad indictment on humanity in 2017.

The resurgence of hate may look like we have a bleak future but it is not all bad news.  Hate crime laws have been changing for some years now to keep up with the imaginative new ways human beings keep finding to discriminate against each other. In 2013 it became a hate crime to discriminate against individuals identifying with different musical sub cultures (including goths after the horrific murder of Sophie Lancaster)  and this month in North Yorkshire misogyny has been reclassified as a hate crime. There are also calls for acts of abuse against the homeless to be reclassified as hate crime and prosecutions for people committing acts of violence toward people with disabilities are up 40% which the CPS confirm is indicative of the fact that hate toward those with disabilities “will not be ignored.”

As our laws evolve to reflect the general public disgust with those who discriminate against and abuse others they will act as a deterrence for haters which will protect further abuses taking place. But the best way to eradicate hate is to educate our next generation. Parents and Teachers – your role in this will be invaluable. Teach our children that kindness, not hate, must form the backbone of the world we want to live in.



Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK