Anonymous Haters and Trolls on Social Media


In a heated exchange with the leader of an online hate group several years ago I scorned his comment that “The wars of the future would be fought on social media.” But these days I am not so certain he wasn’t being uncharacteristically prophetic. Social media is proving to be a fertile ground for anonymous haters, trolls and abusers to spread their vitriol without fear of censure. Facebook and Twitter in particular attract a highly undesirable element who conduct themselves on the internet in a manner they would very likely not dare to in a face to face environment.

Broadly speaking, the people spreading hate on the internet fall into five distinct categories:

The Ignorant

The first group of problem social media accounts genuinely believe what they are saying. They are willing to involve themselves in discussion and make some attempt to offer evidence to back up their assertions. The trouble is that they are ignorant in the sense that they cannot discern genuine facts from fake news and bias.  They quote from secondary sources, blog sites and tabloid newspapers and frequently mistake opinion for fact.

The Easily Led

In this category I would place the people who have no particular convictions but who are responsible for sharing and liking a lot of the hate that becomes popular on social media. A prime example of the Easily Led would be the people who share click bait pictures and memes from Britain First and, thus unwittingly, give more oxygen to organised hate groups.

The Fame Hungry

For some individuals online hate is a method to propel them to notoriety. We have seen this with extremist characters like Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson who put out more and more extreme posts in an attempt to build a platform for their hate. Their overriding objective is personal fame. This can also be seen with a lot of accounts who use hate speech to gain followers and, therefore, popularity on social media platforms.

Prejudice Promotors

In the modern world of the internet – racists, homophobes, Islamophobes and Anti Semites no longer need to lurk in the dark shadows of their local pub sharing views with a handful of people. Social media is the perfect tool for this category to spread their genuine hate and prejudicial views.

This category absolutely believe in what they are saying and actively attempt to convert others to their way of thinking. Unlike the Ignorant these people are not being swayed by propaganda – this lot are the ones creating the propaganda.


Trolls basically just like causing trouble. They will take the most contentious side of any online debate but have little interest in anything other than the reaction they will cause. They will throw insults, harass and target people in the hope of causing distress. They are usually pretty thick.

In order to combat the rising tide of hate on social media it is important that all these different categories of people are tackled. Each category needs to be approached with different tactics.

In the case of the Ignorant it is important to educate them. Link to quality news articles, statistics, and fact based media to encourage them to challenge their views.  It is also important to humanise the victims they are dehumanising. Share personal accounts from individuals in minority groups who have experienced hate and discrimination so the Ignorant can understand the very real impact their hate has on others.

Don’t get downhearted if they openly reject the information you provide. It is more important to get them thinking than it is to emerge the victor in a Twitter row.

Education is also the best tool against the Easily Led. Don’t be afraid to tell friends and family why you found that meme or picture that they shared offensive. In some cases they may genuinely not know that “Like and share if you think this puppy is cute” is actually a cynical marketing ploy for hate pages to acquire more likes and followers.

The best way to react to the Fame Hungry is not to respond at all. Any reaction will give them the result they want which is increased exposure for their views. Sharing their posts or retweeting them – even with a view to shaming them – will just enable their hate to be seen by more people. There are exceptions to this, Resisting Hate and other anti hate groups will sometimes share hate posts in the full knowledge that our followers will report the accounts where they breach social media Terms of Service. (Be careful however not to openly ask people to report as this can get your own account suspended. We usually just highlight the offensive post and then trust our followers to make their own judgement about reporting.)

Prejudice Promoters clearly need stopping. There are a great many places where the perpetrators of online hate can be reported. Reporting these accounts can help to limit the spread of their influence and will also deter them from making new accounts to spread their bile.  Not only can hate be reported to the social media platforms themselves but in cases where a post on social media is breaching the laws of the country it is often worth bringing it to the attention of law enforcement too.

Resisting Hate often contact the employers of radical haters with screenshots of the views they are promoting and this has tactic been very successful in establishing clear consequences for the publication of discrimination and prejudice using social media accounts.

Most social media platforms also have the function where problem accounts can be muted or blocked. Take full advantage of these tools. You have every right to engage online without being subject to abuse.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Chesham Ultras – Bigots not Patriots


A concerned member of the public brought this local football club to our attention earlier today.

Chesham Ultras describe themselves as the No.1 football firm in the Chilterns but their behaviour online is more suited to a hate group than a respectable football organisation. Their time line is a barrage of hate, discrimination and prejudice.

They regularly post Islamophobic hatred in particular.



Their obsession with far right bigots is belly crawlingly sycophantic.



They pick fights, harass and abuse other accounts on Twitter



They glorify graffiti and vandalism of public property.



And they boast about being arrested by the police.



In short this motley collection of far right fascist footballing wannabes is a disgrace to both the beautiful game and the locality they claim to represent. We will certainly be bringing this issue to the attention of their registered football club and we have provided the contact details below in case any of our readers would like to do the same.




Racism in Halifax RLFC


A concerned member of the public has brought to our attention some very troubling issues of racism and race hate linked to Halifax RLFC.

Professional rugby league players Ben Johnston, Shane Grady and Steven Tyrer are using Twitter to tweet extreme racial hatred and abuse against Muslims, asylum seekers and refugees.

Ben Johnston has also tweeted in support of Islamophobic extremist ex convict Tommy Robinson offering support and commenting he believes Robinson (known for his hate views and association with the far right and Islamophobic EDL, PegidaUK and Britain First) to be a ‘hero’. He publicly acknowledges he is a “massive fan” of Robinson.
Ben Johnson has tweeted hate speech against the religion of Islam, using the words “The peaceful religion strikes again” with the clear intention to link the peaceful members of a world faith to the atrocities of terrorism.
Johnston also tweeted in support of a National Front / Northwest Infidels anti-Asylum seeker protest in Widnes, supported by another Halifax player who shares some of Mr Johnstone’s repugnant views, Stephen Tyrer (@styrer89), the post originating from notorious racist tweeter David Jones (@DavidJo52951945) who tweeted about asylum seekers “Brits don’t want them here“.
In addition to his bigoted rhetoric against Muslims Tyrer has also put out threatening tweets about traveller communities in the UK.
Fellow Halifax RLFC player Shane Grady tweeted hatefully…  “Asylum seeker centre in Widnes, no f*cking chance“, a tweet which shows no compassion toward his fellow human beings.

It is abhorrent when any member of the public expresses views of hate and discrimination but it becomes more dangerous when done by celebrities or sports figures as these are people who carry a good deal of influence, particularly with young people. This kind of twisted thinking can warp the minds of our young and indoctrinate them into vile and prejudiced beliefs that will have negative consequences for the innocent people who are the subject of this kind of targeted hate.

We call upon Halifax RLFC to take this evidence of hate speech seriously and to investigate a matter that is bringing not just their members but their whole organisation into disrepute.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

BNP Member and Grenfell Tower Tragedy


Warning – some distressing content in this article

Charlotte Lewis is a long time BNP supporter and member and boasts a chequered past even for the far right.

She was investigated by the Police in 2010 for this post on her Facebook Page

“I wish that Derrick Bird could have come down to London & shot dead some illegal immigrants, rather than killing his fellow British people. If that offends you then tough; it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.”

In that same year she dressed as a Muslim, drinking and smoking in her costume, in a deliberate attempt to promote antipathy toward the Islamic faith.

In 2011 when an eighteen year old man of colour was stabbed to death on Oxford Street in the Boxing Day sales, Charlotte had this comment to make:

“Good riddance to bad rubbish.” 

Earlier this year, during the atrocity of the London Attacks, Charlotte made these comments:

Deeply offensive on all fronts. A racist, Islamophobic, extreme Nationalist determined to use social media to spread her bile.

The tragedy in Grenfall Towers shocked the whole country with the massive loss of life and the disregard for proper safety measures that will be investigated for many months to come. For most of us this is a time to support our fellow human beings. The disaster has brought some real examples of humanity from all communities both in and outside London. For Charlotte Lewis the disaster was a further opportunity to spread her hate.

She began with a comment to the effect that she had a problem with “foreigners” occupying British social housing.


And went on to wildly speculate about the cause of the fire.


She was challenged on this by several Twitter accounts all explaining that the people in Grenfall Towers were as British as she was. They pointed out the loss of life and the fact that people had died.

Charlotte was indifferent to the mass loss of human life.



People were increduous at her absolute inability to empathise with human suffering. But she confirmed that she just didn’t care about them.

So there you have it. This is how somebody who has upheld the values of the BNP party for several years and even stood for election with them (see below) reacts to tens possibly even hundreds of her fellow human beings killed through no fault of their own.

Charlotte Lewis does not represent Britain. True British values were demonstrated by those of all races and faiths out there in the community helping the victims of this dreadful carnage.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Hater Forgets Own Posts


We find a lot of haters are delusional but this one we encountered today took the cake as well as the biscuit as he actually managed to forget the content of his own time line. Resisting Hate pointed out he was an Islamophobe, an allegation our hater vehemently denied, asking us to prove it.

So we did….


We would remind our readers that all of these tweets have been put onto a public social media platform by the individual himself with no amendments or alterations by ourselves.





Written by a guest writer for Resisting Hate

Much has happened since Manchester, some of it life affirming, some of it depressing. Most normal, decent humans can at such a time set all else aside, even if temporarily, to give their heart, mind and soul to the victims of such an atrocity. Yet, we know this is not always the case and a few seem to exhibit a Pavlovian response upon hearing of Terrorism, Child Sexual Abuse and Rape.

There is no need here, due to many fine writings by a number of charities and organisations, to highlight the issues around rape, but it’s pertinent to say that the ‘guess the offender’s ethnicity and religion’ brigade is, to most, repugnant. It is hard to remain positive in such a climate and the reminder that empty vessels ring loudest is a valid one. One such vessel is Stephen/Tommy Yaxley/Robinson. A large vessel, or rather an empty vessel with a large following, a seemingly busy conduit for … what I am not exactly sure. When he goes home to his family and he’s asked, ‘What did you do today Daddy?’ we might wonder at the ensuing bedtime story. A large following, yes. But a loyal one?

The Twitter sphere is different from real life as can be evidenced by actual attendance to Tommy’s events which is comparative with his bed fellows Britain First. Much of SteTom’s time seems to be with wannabe hack Caolan Robertson, so with such a limited social circle it is unsurprising most of his time is spent on Twitter. Prior to Manchester SteTom and CaRob were admonished by the Great British legal system for doing what professional journalists would never do, namely risking a rape trial by breaking the law regarding attendance at court and reporting of cases. SteTom had adopted a cause, a young woman having already been subjected to male violation, not unlike Chelsey, sister of SteTom’s former EDL pal. SteTom, like Nuttall recently, seems to ignore boys, men and victims of white CSA or Child Sexual Exploitation.

Let’s try and be charitable for a moment and give SteTom the benefit of the doubt that he cares about women and girls. Let us be charitable and forgive his ‘previous’ for an incident involving a former girlfriend, and his violent past. That is until we look at his online behaviour. Consider these tweets:

Online sexist behaviour at its worst.

SteTom has also publicly denied the pain of the ever growing male victims of Child Sexual Abuse within football, the bravery of which has created @TheOffsideTrust. Unlike the NHS sport and schools those associated with sport have no legal obligation to report abuse. There is no mandatory reporting. Imagine then the sacrificial bravery of whistleblowers who, knowing the risk, often losing everything, do the right thing and speak out. Speaking out from within a community, or institution, when there is wrong doing is the bravest and most selfless thing to do. Horrific then that SteTom referred to someone whistleblowing as ‘a snitch’ and tweeting like a grass’.

I wonder what is being done to ensure Yaxley-Robinson’s children aren’t radicalised? After all he tweeted, in the paraphrasing of Bryan Adams, ‘Everything I do, I do for you’. So, what is this ‘everything’ SteTom is doing for his real life family? It must be asked if his behaviour both on and offline is a form of coercive control. His online ‘family’ comprises considerably of the most malleable; those who follow without question; those who are either incapable of questioning, or don’t know how to, or are too scared. Recently an everyday tweeter reported SteTom for inciting hatred which he then promptly retweeted (the Twitter equivalent of unleashing the hounds) causing a ‘pile on’. This of course is an internet version of thuggery that is indicative of a lack of intelligence to debate with reason.

Various groups have tweeted SteTom sharing accurate facts and statistics with regards to the ethnicity of sex offenders. But accuracy is a clear contrast to SteTom’s recent ‘The religion of peace again’ tweet put out after an incident when two Muslim women were attacked by a known white supremacist. It seems that despite these facts from bona fide sources SteTom and his fanboys simply refuse to believe what is before them. This blind acceptance is dangerous and is something SteTom capitalises on, much like coercive control; almost a form of ‘grooming’ in itself. 

Back to whistleblowing – or grassing and snitching as SteTom calls it –  If you ‘see something – say something’. This is as important online as it is offline.  Plenty do of course but, just as in the real world, the body or authority to whom the whistleblower whistles must act. Come on Twitterati, get reporting – and Twitter do you really want to be an enabler?

Finally, to all victims of rape; Child Abuse; Child Sexual Abuse; Child Sexual Exploitation; Domestic Violence; Grooming and Coercive Control regardless of your gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or skin colour – you are believed, you matter and we are blowing that whistle for you because you were ignored; we will not allow you to continue to be ignored; you are important, you matter – regardless of who harmed you.


Werwolf – new Nazi group



After far right Neo Nazi group National Action was proscribed by the British government we have been waiting to see what the spotty teenagers would do next. They had stated that they would regroup under a different identity so it was only a matter of time to wait until the next hate group emerged from the ashes of their previous failed attempt.

The haters have rebranded themselves “Werwolf” This is both a pun on “We are Wolf” and a nod to a Nazi campaign during the Second World War. (It is also an amusing mispelling of ‘werewolf’ which is very characteristic of the far right/white supremacists’ consistent inability to master the English language).

The primary Twitter account associated with Werwolf immediately locked up when we challenged it on some of the anti semitic tweets it had been putting out and has remained locked ever since. Naturally we will target this account with one of our established under cover accounts so we can monitor the hate from within. In the meantime it is pretty obvious from monitoring the timeline of responses to account @WERWOLFUK45 that it is continuing to tweet unpleasant hate tweets. However as it has an echo chamber of 212 followers it will not be enjoying much success in spreading its poison to a wide audience.

So far we have received a lot of speculation in relation to which individuals are associated with this group but Resisting Hate have not yet independently verified these sources. So the individuals below are not confirmed as being definite members of Werwolf but likely suspects whose names are already being discussed among anti hate organisations and the media.

If any of our readers have any further information please email us at

(Don’t bother emailing us with threats Werwolf, we’ve seen them all before. Yawn).





Sickening Social Media Comments


Right. All of you know what happened yesterday, no one could have logged into Facebook, Twitter, looked on TV, seen papers, internet news etc…without seeing it.

As you would expect, the medical, police and fire service were praised (as they should be), there was a gathering of COBRA, statements from the PM, Queen, Heads of State from over the world and a general outpouring of sadness over what has happened as it was truly tragic and an evil act.

But what I am also seeing is the outpouring of idiocy, ignorance, stupidity, mind numbing moronicness being expressed on social media.

It all started within minutes of the event. I was plodding along happily on my Halal Kitty account on Twitter, answering ignorant idiots like I normally do. Suddenly the first report is made. Not from a news agency but on Twitter, as is the speed of the modern age. Within 3 minutes of me seeing one of the first posts about an “explosion”, a troll who had been trying to engage me for 36 hours or so started off with “Looks like it’s your religion of peace again“.

Ok, water off a ducks back. Feel free to think what you like, your ignorance with that kind of comment is clear for all people with more than 2 brain cells to see. But they were then joined by a second person, then a third, I went off to make a cup of tea and by the time I got back I had been tweeted by almost 40 ignorant idiots. It got so bad that I had to turn off the notifications on both my phone and iPad as the idiots debated between themselves about whether or not “Liberals will agree this time that we have blood on our hands“. (You may well say block the idiots, but believe me, as soon as you block one, another takes its place, or they jump on a second account and engage from there)

And then we come to Facebook. As you would expect, within my own account there was no rubbish however I jumped onto the Mock The Right and Resisting Hate pages to discover that trolls had decided to make some quite disgusting comments. After fighting against a tide of ignorance and bigotry for a good hour or so I had enough and decided that rather than give my customary warnings about hate speech, doxxing and comments made purely for the purpose of giving offence, I would just ban idiots from the page with no warning.

It still surprises me that people with the attitudes that I have seen in the last 24 hours can function in society. Muslims have been part of our country for quite a while. Looking into the history during a ‘polite altercation’ with a bigot last week, I saw that Muslims have been here before Elizabethan times, so pre 16th century. In fact it was in Elizabethan England that Muslims are first recorded as openly living and practicing their faith. These idiots who think that the Islamic faith has only been here for the last 20 years or so are totally wrong (although apparently the far right believe liberal scholars have changed history to fit in with our liberal belief system.)

Anyhow, I have spent the last 24 hours collating information for the police in relation to hate speech and reporting it so they can take action (I have given an overview of some of the comments above below but have deleted the identities of private individuals so that this post can’t be reported. Needless to say that these plus a lot more have been passed to the police 👮– some were so bad that even with masses of editing there was no way I could post it on a public website.

I do hope that one way or another the people involved see that there are those of us who not only report posts but who also openly say that these things are unacceptable. I really hope that some of these haters feel ashamed about what they have said today in the wake of this tragedy (although I don’t really think they will).

If I was filled with this kind of venom I would hate to have my family, employer, neighbour, passer by know that I held these views. I would want the earth to swallow me up.

I hope that they slither back into the vile hole that they came from.

Halal Kitty

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Tragedy Is Not A Free Pass To Spout Hate


For those who seem to have forgotten this critical point within the first few hours of the news breaking of the atrocity in Manchester late Monday night I will offer a reminder to jog your memory.

Children died.

The point needs repeating.

Children died.

Yet since the news broke social media has been flooded with far right individuals and action groups trying to capitalise on this tragedy to promote their personal hate agendas.

Most of the attempts to use innocent dead children for political purposes have been directed with hate toward the religion of Islam. The prurient speculation as to the religious faith of the murderer began in the early hours and continued until the name of the attacker was released by the police late on Tuesday afternoon. The discussions on social media, Twitter in particular, concentrated more on whether or not the attacker was a Muslim than on any other aspect of the atrocity. To some small minded individuals this tragedy was nothing but a sick opportunity to use the actions of one evil man to condemn the billions of individuals who practise the faith of Islam.

There are serious consequences of this kind of hate speech. The relentless, bigoted demonising of innocent people in the mistaken and foolish belief that it will somehow bring about any positive results for our society only serves to further the spread of ignorance toward different cultures and faiths. It isn’t ISIS or genuine terrorists who are attacked in the name of hate rhetoric inspired vigilantism, it is the bloke walking home from the mosque or a lady doing her shopping. It is the people who abhor violence as much as you or I do who will suffer if incitement to hatred goes unchecked.

The worst perpetrators of this hate speech are the usual self promoters who spew their hate onto any available platform that will have them (Daily Mail, LBC, The Sun). Tommy Robinson out in full force as always claiming all Muslims are to blame. Katie Hopkins, even more vile and vicious than she normally is, mulling over a “final solution” to the problem of terrorism.

When Resisting Hate pull these haters up on the messages they use to try and indoctrinate their legions of social media followers into cynical and hate filled world views we are told repeatedly that ‘words don’t matter.’ That people have a right to react to tragedy by inciting hate against those who have nothing to do with the events that have taken place and who may have lost loved ones in the Manchester attack themselves.

No you do not have this right. You do not have the right as a bystander to tragedy to warp the memory of those innocent lives to endanger the safety of others. You do not have the right to hijack the focus from these dead children to promote yourselves and the hate filled views that achieve nothing but division between communities in our country.

You do have the right to be angry yes. You have the right to be very very angry indeed. Children have been mown down in the most callous and inhumane way conceivable. You would quite simply not be human if you did not feel anger. But that anger needs to be directed to the right place. It needs to be directed toward the coward, the weak spineless coward who slunk into that packed concert arena on Monday night. It needs to be directed toward actual terrorists, toward all individuals who use violence to further their despicable ends.

Many on social media today have wilfully misunderstood those of us involved in anti hate work and have accused us of caring more about the tweets on social media than the attack itself. But this is not the case. It is out of respect for the victims of this tragedy that we ask people not to insult the memories of these children by using them to promote further violence against others. You trivialise the lives of the dead when you make them pawns in a campaign to oppose other faiths. Our children’s lives are worth more than this. They deserve dignity not exploitation.

What you need to understand far right haters is that nothing constructive can come out of the solutions you propose. What do you think calls to “rise up against the Muslims” will achieve? I’ll tell you what pitting the people of the country against one another will achieve, it will result in battles between fascists and antifascists on the streets, bloodshed, more innocent people harmed, more children victimised in the playground, more barriers between communities. It will bring us chaos, not peace. It will perpetuate the very problem you are seeking to solve.

The far right mock the idea of uniting in the face of atrocity but in truth this is the only defence against terrorism. Terrorism is not interested in the lives it takes. Terrorism is focused on the effect senseless murder has on society. When we divide, the terrorists win, when we use the deaths of our children to score cheap political points, the terrorists win. When we become a nation mindlessly baying for blood with journalists openly calling for genocide we become exactly what the terrorists want us to become. We are better than this. We can find ways to keep our country safe without turning against one another.



Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Caolan Robertson – Pretend Journalist


Today I’m writing about a little man (who you may have noticed has latched on to the likes of Tommy Robinson and the “leaders” of Britain First) who goes by the name Caolan Robertson.

This self styled mini-Milo describes himself as a “film maker, political writer and social commentator”. He has clearly made a habit of being an irritating bigot as he says that he was studying film at university and they banned him from making a film which criticised Islam. If you have ever been unlucky enough to see one of his ‘films’ then you will see why they stopped him. For ‘criticising Islam’ please read – “Ignorant, bigoted rants which are low on fact and high on right wing stereotypes” – just the thing that any self respecting university would want to distance themselves from. It does seem odd that he recently deleted his LinkedIn profile which showed he attended University of the Arts London, and which now merely states ‘a prestigious university’.

Laughably Caolan’s ‘Rebel Media’ bio reads: “Liberals HATE him, Republicans want to be him, see how Caolan destroys the left with this one simple trick“. Well, all I can say to that is this:

  • Liberals don’t hate him. Liberals think that he is a little boy playing at being Tommy Robinson (that nice savoury character I covered in a previous article on the site. Most of us feel sorry for him as he has clearly been led astray by people with a stronger mind than he does.
  • Republicans don’t want to be him. If there is one thing for sure, the Republican voters from the USA would prefer to be themselves and not some floppy haired little man who enjoys ranting online.
  • Liberals have never been destroyed by him or even had him exhibit a ‘trick’ other than watching him prove to the world that he will never be as effective as Tommy Robinson and Britain First despite jumping on the coat tails of their ‘success’.

For most people, their introduction to Caolan was following the attack on Westminster Bridge. Now, most people were shocked by this and their first thoughts were with those who had been killed and injured in this atrocious attack. However, Tommy Robinson and Caolan were busy filming in London so they decided to have their little input into what happened. Looking back over the footage on YouTube filmed on the day, it starts to look more and more like Caolan is actually playing at being a news anchor. He looks earnestly into the camera as he just parrots everything that has already been reported by real journalists. He has no scoop, no footage, nothing……he just stands and says things like “Sky news is saying xyz…” but the only thing he actually adds of his own is the predictable: “It is no surprise it is Islam that did it” at the end.

Tommy Robinson didn’t really help Caolan’s case when he came on, ranting at the press who surrounded them that “Islam is the problem…..” (Apparently they are all over Luton and stand next to him in the bank). This hysteria seemed to rub off on the young man who then decided, when Tommy had finished his rant, to continue where his mentor had left off. Caolan insisted that: “Blood is on the hands of people like you [the media] and the Left.”  He then stated that the: “Left had allowed this attack to happen unnoticed” (I’m still baffled about what he meant by this). He then proceeded to abuse some of those present personally.

It seems Caolan is also associating with Jack Buckby who now writes for the Spectator . I will be covering him in depth another time but in the meantime here is a Huff Post article about him.

Caolan next popped up associated with Tommy Robinson again but this time also with Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.  The foursome were photographed at a trendy wine bar planning the combined Britain First/EDL shambolic London shuffle.

Since then Caolan has been getting more and more extreme. His opinions can be considered neither stable nor rational and he keeps making wild unconfirmed claims about being targeted by Antifa at his house. He has been filmed stepping out from his property while stating that Antifa have exposed where he lived (Well, you’ve done that yourself Caolan as you’re shown yourself walking down your front steps while confirming that you live in Chelsea…….durrrr!).

In addition to this idiocy Caolan has been spending inordinate amounts of time with Tommy Robinson in an attempt to ‘expose leftists’. Because of the supposed Antifa attention, Caolan says that he is going to double his output in exposing the names of key antifascists.

Just a couple of things to consider here little Caolan. Call it free advice from Resisting Hate:

  • If you are going to ‘expose antifascists’ you need to realise that being so vehemently against ANTI fascists indicates that you are part of the problem in society.
  • If you are going to “double your output” you need to find new stories and not re-hash old ones as that is just boring and nobody takes you seriously.
  • Distance yourself from Tommy Robinson. He is not exactly someone who gives you credibility.
  • Stop pretending to be a reporter. You’re not one. You can’t jump on a news story presented by a legitimate news source and then just add your own “It’s Islam who are the problem, because I say so.” By doing that you are showing how short sighted you are in your views. You might want to ask a real news company if they would be willing to take you on as an intern so you can see how real news is reported.
  • Steer clear of homophobia. Your comment about “gays wanting to be victims” on twitter makes you look stupid (at best) and unable to provide a strong media opinion. (It all comes back to personal image and how you want to be perceived).

By the way Caolan, your whole stance of “Feminism, Muslims and liberals are all bad” has been repeatedly covered and if you actually want people to take you seriously you need to find a new angle.

As I’m sure that Caolan will be mixing with more and more people who will be radicalising him further, I’m sure that he will come up in future posts written by myself and the Resisting Hate team. (I am actually looking forward to seeing what else we can find on the net about this wannabe far right journalist).

Halal Kitty.


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

AMD – Why Debate When You Can Block?


Anne Marie Waters is the director of Sharia Watch, an anti Islam organisation with links to Pegida UK, Tommy Robinson and (after being rejected by Labour) UKIP.

We encountered Ms Waters on Twitter the other day and engaged in a brief debate with her.

We were discussing the news headlines in relation to child abuse and grooming gangs in the UK. This has been a great concern to many people and we explained that our group oppose paedophilia from any community or religion.

We have strong views on child safety and support tough penal sanctions when children are found to have been abused or harmed. But Anne Marie seemed less interested in the children than we were as she repeatedly insisted on making the discussion about her anti Islam views.


We explained that we do not support child marriage because it is both wrong and illegal but Anne Marie was only interested in using the discussion to justify her negative views toward Islam.

We had to repeat ourselves to her followers who also seemed keen to jump on the anti Islam bandwagon.

Anne Marie went on to try and justify her hate by claiming she knows more than we do. A rather juvenile debating tactic but to be honest by this point our hopes of a good quality debate were not high.

We explained our philosophy. The idea of integration between communities is very important to us and integral to our group belief that all people are equal. But the concept of division was just a buzz word as far a Anne Marie was concerned. She was much more interested in telling us about the “religious misogynist rapists” that she believes all Muslims to be.

At this point Anne Marie became angry when we pointed out the flaws in her logic and told her we believed her conclusions about Muslims to be erroneous.

She challenged us to prove that she blames all Muslims so we showed her this.

We had made our points succinctly and (I like to think) politely but at this point Anne Marie decided to resort to the good old argumentum ad hominem and start to insult us rather than debate the points we were making.

Our level of intelligence seemed her choice of theme for some time as she struggled impotently to bluster her way out of the hole she had dug for herself.

And then of course her followers got in on the act…

Eventually the penny started to drop that she was making a bit of a prat of herself

And yes, you guessed it…Blocked

So there you have it. Not the most eloquent display of intellect but then to be fair we weren’t really expecting it from a UKIP candidate. Bias, bigotry and balderdash seems a fair summary of her views…


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