Jason Schumann – Efemico


Rather a small fry entry for our Resisting Hate Rogues Gallery but an interesting subject as we have received more screenshots regarding the online abuse perpetuated by Jason Schumann than we have any other hater in our archives.

Schumann is a self proclaimed anti Islamophobic activist. He claims to be the founder of a group called Efemico but this organisation is actually just Schumann, his six Facebook followers (FB established 2014..) and his Twitter account which personifies the bad attitude that characterises most of his online interactions. The current Twitter account @Efemico_Online came into being when his previous account @DebatingCulture was suspended for abuse and harassment.

It would appear that Schumann’s penchant for abuse is not limited only to his online activities…

Schumann claims to support a pro Muslim agenda but this appears to be little more than an excuse to express his Antisemitic hate views. His negative and hate filled attitude toward Jewish people is well documented as this article from the Jewish Times confirms. (The Efemico website was deleted shortly after this publication.)

I have lost track of how many people have sent me this extract from Schumann’s (then public) Facebook page where his Jewish prejudice was expressed in extremist hate language.



He appeared to be oblivious as to who brought this to the attention of a wider audience. A mystery no longer Jason, it was one of the Resisting Hate members. (And you might want to check your friends list on there…)


Schumann spends most of his time online picking fights, insulting, abusing and threatening others as the screenshots provided below will testify. The remainder of his time he spends in self promotion and the quest to aggrandise himself to prove he is the biggest bully in the school playground (which again is evidenced below).

I could easily write several thousand words about Jason Schumann but I think it would be better to let him show you what kind of person he is himself.








At various different times Schumann has claimed to be gay, black, Jewish, Aspergers and HIV positive. I have no reason to doubt his word or the veracity of these claims but wish to make it perfectly clear that none of these things would induce myself or Resisting Hate to be prejudiced against him.

It is not your sexuality, your colour, your race, your faith or your health status that makes people dislike you Jason. It is the fact you are a pompous, self important, hate filled wannabe who attempts to manipulate an anti Islamophobic agenda for the sole purpose of spreading your hate against Jewish people.

All screenshots used in this article were put into the public domain by the subject of the article with the exception of the picture quoted from a publication in the mainstream press. 





Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Cheerleaders of Terror

 Another deadly, despicable terrorist attack takes place with Islamic extremist terror organisation ISIS the main suspects and the worldwide far right cannot hide their celebrations. Donald Trump is at his most shaky since his election as media attention is switched from the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with Russia towards Muslim bans and “extreme vetting”.

Whilst 99.99% of worshippers of the Muslim faith do not support ISIS, Islamophobes everywhere are logging onto Twitter and Facebook with the sole intent of spewing toxic hatred against every Muslim, no matter now liberal and peacemaking. Within minutes of the press announcement following the New York terrorist murder, death threats pumped out with vitriol against all Muslims. Every hater on the net was soon busy blaming an entire faith for the actions of a tiny minority.

All it takes to stir professional bigots such as Pamela Geller, Douglas Murray, Katie Hopkins, Paul Golding and Tommy Robinson into action, is a tragic report of a suspected terrorist incident. No sooner are ambulances on the scene, the extreme rightwing scapegoating begins in earnest, deliberate trolling from notorious haters designed to bully, harass and marginalise Muslim minority communities throughout the Western World and to drive a wedge between America, Europe and the Middle East. So ready is the anti-Muslim propaganda machine to swing into action, far right rabble-rousers have often turned up at scenes of non-terror related incidents wrongly believing them to be terror-related.

No-one is faster off the mark than Donald Trump. Not even Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lemon), who has a nasty habit of appearing at the scene of suspected terror incidents to thrust cameras in police and ambulance crews’ faces whilst bodies are still warm. Seeking to blame all Muslims for everything wrong in the world, Trump and belligerent bosom buddy Steve Bannon shamelessly capitalise on the anguish of victims with outpourings of vengeful bigotry.

Let us make absolutely no bones about this – The extreme right’s intent is every bit as deadly as ISIS. The end game of White Nationalists and Islamophobics alike is a “clash of civilisations” (the latest term for the far right’s lusted for race war) – A final battle of biblical proportions which will result in the mass slaughter of (mostly brown or black-skinned) Muslims living in Western societies, and deadly, possibly even nuclear warfare between the West and the Middle East. Such a battle (though most certain not to come to fruition) is the racial fantasist’s wet dream, the blood lust for genocide – the ultimate far right snuff fantasy.

For the extremist far right mindset, the “clash of civilisations” is God’s will, and will ultimately result in the death of Jews as well as Muslims, plus everybody else who does not repent and follow Jesus Christ at the eleventh hour. (The irony of course being that these bigots are as far from being Christians as it is possible to be.)

The first lie out of the traps, used by Islamophobic bigots after each and every ISIS-linked terrorist attack is that the far right are relatively peaceful compared to Islamic extremists. As if anyone has forgotten about Auschwitz…

In the revisionist cloud-cuckoo land of the alt right, today’s Nazis are nothing to do with yesterday’s Nazis, even though many Islamophobic Twitter profiles openly glorify the Waffen SS, and share phrases and memes venerating Adolf Hitler.

Just because ‘only’ one person was killed at Charlottesville, fascist defenders continually play the numbers game, trying to portray their deadly allegances to genocidal hate as “better than ISIS”. You do not need to be a first-class historian or mathematical wizard to understand that Islamic extremists have not, and will never match the total death toll of Adolf Hitler and his genocidal regime.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon is unashamably remunerated to troll hate – a fact that Twitter should be aware of, but refuse to take action on. At a time when paid Russian trolls fall increasingly under the spotlight, other, more racially-charged purveyors of hate such as the Luton Liar, continue to be shown the green light from @twittersupport no matter how false and inflamatory their dialogue is. Yaxley-Lennon has been temporarily banned in the past, not for bigoted content, but for personal harassment. Much like ex Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulus who lost his account for the same reason. Unfortunately it appears that once you receive the “blue tick” from Twitter, your extremist political output is beyond censor. The only way you will lose your account, is not for denying the genocide in Myanmar, or telling lies about the faith of Islam in regards to paedophilia, but purely and simply for engaging in personal abuse. (Fortunately a lot of the far right do this on a regular basis so still get suspended rather a lot).

Every so often, from time to time, Twitter management will go to press with a promise to get tough on hatred and extremism, and hardened optimists still get taken in by such false promises. It is amazing PR for the company to pretend they will get tough with haters, when in reality, for the greatest of offenders, it is always business as usual.

Even when Katie Hopkins tweeted about wanting a Hitlerite “Final Solution”, Twitter failed to remove her from the platform, despite thousands of complaints and a campaign by Resisting Hate members.

When push comes to shove, the most popular haters, be they Richard Spencer, Pamela Geller, Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, or Katie Hopkins, will never lose their accounts because each time their fans log onto Twitter for updates, significant revenue is accrued by the company (similarly with Facebook). No matter how disgusting, prejudical, or hate-crime inspiring a prime user’s account is, controversy generates big money, which is the main reason why multiple “Terms of Service” breaches for the top verified accounts are deliberately ignored by website moderators.

Violent, or even deadly hate-crimes don’t happen within a vacuum. Especially not in today’s technological age. Whilst printed media is still a factor in nurturing destructive prejudice against minority groups (as is family-nurtured racism, peer pressure bigotry, and just hanging out with a bad crowd in the bar who loathe anyone who happens to be non-white) – the ubiqitous nature of online hatred, in particular via social media, most definitely shapes the mind of the hate-crime offender from any starting point, nurturing raw bigotry and intolerance, and shaping attitudes towards a siege mentality where violent action, (although rarely called for by the professional bigots themselves), becomes a self-justifying necessity in the paranoid mindset which has been successfully-programmed to believe Muslims, refugees, foreigners and non-white people are “swamping” and “taking over” unless “drastic action” is taken.

Horrific terror attacks, like the one that happened in New York, are outrages of absolute evil. The nihilistic slaughter of New Yorkers going about their every day business, cycling home from work or study to be mown down by fanatics, is horrendous beyond belief. If it hadn’t been for the quick-thinking actions of the security forces, the death toll could have been even greater, which is a deeply chilling thought.

Despite Neo Fascist lies that antifascists support terrorist organisations like ISIS, the truth could not be further from this. ANTIFA fighters pushed back Islamic extremists from Rojava and continue to have an impact in the fragile situation currently playing out in Syria. Everything that religious murderers stand for is rejected by anarchists and antifascists a hundredfold. The skewed philosophy of deadly intolerance towards anyone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs actually puts ISIS firmly into the same deadly dogmatic category as National Socialists. ANTIFA have proven to be up for the challenge of combating hate from any quarter, something that the beer-bellied drunken football hooligan bigots of the EDL have never once attempted to do.

Also quick to scream abuse at passing Muslim families the ‘soldiers’ of the “Taliban Hunting Club” would run a mile if they ever came face to face with actual extreme Islamists. As would the ‘hard football lads’ of the FLA.

In the spirit of unity and reconcilliation, aware of how far-right Twitter trolls always accuse ordinary Muslims of “doing nothing to stop terror” in the wake of any terrorist attack, a group of peace-loving female Muslims approached John Meighan (leader of the FLA) asking him for assurances of their welcome and safety if they joined in a future FLA march. This was an admirable overture of solidarity and highlighted by our own organisation, Resisting Hate. Sadly, this hand of friendship was overwhelmingly rejected by the FLA leadership who blocked all requests for unity on site. Instead they chose to ‘combat’ the ISIS threat by allowing far right speakers to deliver Islamophobic lectures on non-terror related rants such as the non-Islamic practise of FGM, and the equally non-religious extremist-inspired child abuse that occured in Rotherham.

Opposing terror, for the FLA, just as with the EDL, simply means the continued demonisation of all Muslims.

A previous Resisting Hate article highlighted the plans of senior FLA officials to create mayhem when crowd numbers reach a significant size.

Worldwide, the amount of Muslims who agree with, and support the actions of ISIS and Al Qaeda are miniscule. However it is always the ordinary, law-abiding vast majority who suffer for these events beyond their control. Ordinary Buddhists living in the west, with no allegiance to the Myanmar regime, are quite rightly not tarnished with the genocide against the Rohingya people, however it is always, without fail, the ordinary, everyday non-problematic non-white man or woman in the street who is confronted by racist bigots, and assaulted or abused for their (assumed) race or religion.

Walk through any American, European or British city, and you will struggle to find many, if any, apologists for Islamic State terror, and yet, if you read Twitter, follow Facebook, or listen to Donald Trump’s comments on TV, you would not believe this to be the case. Click on the White House-approved far right conspiracist site InfoWars, and they will tell a totally different story, as will Breitbart and Prison Planet (fake news organisations who create false facts to push their intolerant anti-Muslim agenda.)

In Britain Muslims wearing religious dress, or spotted in the close proximity of mosques or other Muslim religious buildings have been subject to hate crimes, especially in London and Manchester following a surge in far right activity related to the spike in terrorism. People just trying to go about their ordinary, everyday lives feel the brunt for acts of evil which they absolutely do not support.

Such people do not deserve to suffer fall-out from the actions of extremists whose tenuous faith link is condemned outright by British Imams.

When Tommy and Katie tweet far right lies about Western Muslims celebrating murderous terrorist attacks (lies no more grounded in truth than #pizzagate) the consequences can be deadly. The so-called “revenge attack” carried out by a van driver from Wales is a stark warning that radicalised far right terrorists can be just as deadly as ISIS.

For Western Muslims, discrimimination is becoming an everyday fact of life. Be it discrimination at work, abuse in the street, or being targeted for being non-white and in control of a vehicle (stop and search!) Settled Muslim communities collectively shudder each and every time a bomb goes off, or a vehicle ploughs into crowds, fully aware that they, as non-terrorists will be in the firing-line for hate. All these people want to do is live their lives free from the stigmatisation that comes with being members of a visible faith group. Instead they are constantly vilified by a rabid rightwing media and an increasingly toxic social media landscape.

The longer social media is allowed to spread hatred and lies, the more intense this discrimination becomes.

After the horrific Manchester concert bomb, bigoted Twitter users tweeted disgust that the Greater Manchester Police were making an effort to protect Muslims from hate crimes. A common fascist response was that the GMP were “taking the piss”, and that Manchester’s Muslims had brought physical attacks and mosque-burnings “on themselves” for the deadly bomb they had absolutely nothing to do with. The myth of culpability with extremists sadly persists for Muslims, and is likely to feature in the aftermath of the New York attacks also. The more Donald Trump pontificates about banning Muslims, the more ordinary law-abiding US Muslim families will suffer.

The overwhelming longing for Western Muslims everywhere, is to live lives free from hate, however, the antagonistic mindset of the ISIS terrorist perversely admires the Islamophobic far right for creating hate. Reciprocal anti-Muslim hatred stirred-up in response to terrorist acts is admired by the leadership of ISIS as much as the deadly acts of terrorist killing itself. Every Muslim hated and discriminated against following “revenge” for an ISIS killing, is ultimately viewed by the terrorist organisation as a possible future recruit. The goal of ISIS is to drive a wedge between multicultural communities.

When haters fight terror with hate they doing exactly what ISIS want them to do.

If a significant number of US or UK Muslims secretly supported ISIS, they would actually be encouraging their own persecution. Both ISIS and the fascist right oppose multiculturalism, people of different faiths living peacefully side-by-side, which is why ISIS have made a nasty habit of striking during election campaigns in the hope they could boost the fortunes of intolerant rightwingers. Remember back to the timely French and UK election bombs…

Any far right thug who thinks going on the rampage, ripping off headscarves, burning down mosques, beating-up and killing Muslims, is “revenge” against ISIS, think again. Besides becoming a category A criminal who will ultimately end up serving a predictably long sentence behind bars, you are also doing the terrorists’ job for them.

Actual revenge should be inflicted upon actual culprits, not innocent people who worship mainstream Islam.

By helping alienate otherwise peaceful and well-adjusted Muslims, you are encouraging disillusionment that ultimately prolonges the caliphate, and ensures terrorist attacks commited against the West will continue into the future. Not that Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson care less about alienating whole Muslim communities, and any future repercussions to public safety. They are too busy cheerleading hate.



My Escape From Hate


An article by one of our members

I must admit, I never used to be the person I am today. Only a short while ago I was mixing with the sort of people who held divisive and racist views. I was heavily influenced by them, seeing as I saw them as friends at the time.

But as I started watching films like Django that challenged my cultural perceptions and as I began chatting with people on Facebook from all over the world who were willing to share their stories with me, I began to realise how wrong I was to judge people and I began to see clearly the negative influences they were having on me. And I thought, this isn’t me at all. I’m a far better person than this.

Religion is heavily bad mouthed in the media by the far right. Islam in particular has had a great deal of venom and hate slung its way. This makes me angry as I do not feel that Muslims and followers of Islam deserve the hate that is thrown at them.

I have Muslim friends, I took the time to get to know them. Every week, I chat to one about our love of football and the team we both support. He’s extremely friendly, and doesn’t judge anyone who follows a different religion to himself.

I don’t understand why other people can’t do the same and make the effort to get to know people of different faiths instead of listening to the far right propaganda which only serves to incite religious hatred. I’d be willing to bet that none of the people who claim to know so much about Islam as they preach against it (Jonaya English, Annie the Greek, Tommy Robinson, Jayda Fransen, Anne Marie Waters, Paul Golding etc.) have ever bothered to actually get to know anyone from their local Muslim community.

My local Mosque has open days where they invite the non-Muslim community inside. This clearly shows locals that the attendees of the mosque care about being part of a community and that they don’t judge others who may not practise the same faith. This openness is something that the media fails to address and the far right always fail to mention.

To Tommy Robinson and others who falsely claim the Islamic faith preaches hate and death to non-believers, I challenge every single one of you to do your homework and get to know their religion. And not by a pointless line by line textual analysis of scripture Robinson but by actually going out and talking to the people who live their faith on a daily basis.

I’d also personally recommend reading both The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns Muslim Author Khaled Hosseini and Twelve Years a Slave by Soloman Northup (who talks movingly about the consequences for individuals and society when a group of people is persecuted)

Ask yourselves haters – is that how you want your children to be treated by people? Do you want your children to grow up like you, hating people for their skin colour and religion? I know I would be highly ashamed of myself if I had a child who grew up to be a violent racist xenophobic thug.

Are there bad Muslims? Yes of course there are, there are bad pennies in any community. But the lesson we must learn is not to judge the peaceful minority by the acts of a disruptive minority. I remember years ago I was at a train station and the train was delayed due to a Jewish person jumping onto the line. Did I judge all Jews by the act of one disturbed individual? No. I did not.

There are Muslims in our NHS saving lives every day. But even these acts of humanity are mocked by the far right press with hate media making ridiculous claims such as Muslim nurses refusing to wash their hands before surgery. People believe what they are told and these lies create further divisions in our society.

I have Muslim customers who choose to wear their religious clothing. This is their choice and it has no negative impact on me at all when I serve them. I respect their choice. I remember in college, we had two Muslim girls and they said it was their choice to wear the religious clothing. They don’t have to, if they don’t want to. But they choose to. Their life, their choice.

So why are people abusing Muslims? Why abuse any religion? Let people believe what works for them in peace. Even if someone does knock on your door trying to force religion down your throat (and very few religions try to convert people in this manner) don’t abuse them for it. Just simply say that you respect their rights to religious freedom but you don’t want it on your doorstep and wish them a good day.

Religious freedom is important. I am an Atheist, and all my friends of different faiths know this. Yet they still treat me and my beliefs with respect as in turn I treat their beliefs with respect.

Instead of judging a religious group by what the likes of Britain First and Tommy Robinson tell you, take the time to know the people. Greet them, wish them a good day.  Show them the support they deserve. Show them, you don’t judge them and tell them to be proud of who they are.

Greet a person of different beliefs or culture, show them a friendly face. Make them smile, make them laugh. Instead of believing the crap the far right are spreading, do what I did – take the time to get know people for yourself and make your own mind up.

The far right will never know what respect means because they are blinded by their hatred and fuelled by their desire to oppress. But people like us, who accept others for who they are will break down the barriers of hate and help communities to unite together despite our differences.

We will show the minority groups in our communities that not everybody is a narrow hate minded fool and we will welcome respect, not hate into our hearts.

I have stopped contact with all the negative influences and I have moved on. I started chatting with all kinds of people, calling out racists and homophobes and I found a better use for my time in the world.

This is the person I truly am. One who looks out for others and defends those who need it. I’m glad I turned it around when I did, otherwise I may have ended up like most people in the far right, brainwashed to the extent they won’t listen to reason.

I am ashamed of how I used to be, and I’m very disgusted by it. It is a past I’m not proud of. But it just shows, how easily influenced you can be by people who embrace hate in their hearts.

Not me, never again.


Respect in Religion


Respect – we all know about it and we all know what it is. But there are too many people who don’t use it. People who do not believe in the importance of treating their fellow humans in the same way that they themselves would like to be treated.

Sadly, a lot of people do not just lack respect for others, they go out of their way to demonstrate disrespect for others. We regularly encounter individuals who disrespect people for the colour of their skin, their faith, appearance, health, social class and many other discriminatory factors.

We cannot be certain why they do it and frankly it beggars belief that some people think they have a right to disrespect others, yet go around like a mad Gorilla pounding its chest or Popeye post can of spinach as they demand respect for themselves from everybody they encounter.

These fragile souls are the kind of people I oppose on social media for their hate speech. Quick enough to run their mouths off when it comes to condemning others but incapable of responding to criticism or perceived ‘disrespect’ toward themselves. When it comes to action they cry for back up or hide away. As with most bullies online haters are intrinsically cowards.

A lot of the hate posts I have seen recently have been directed towards Muslims. The haters often claim to be Christians (a good example being the self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ political party Britain First) but who usually lack any understanding of the Christian doctrine. The Bible tells us to love your enemies, to love thy neighbour and to treat others in the way we would like to be treated ourselves. The two Chuckle thugs who lead Britain First have entirely failed to grasp those parts of the Bible and instead have chosen to perpetuate a growing wave of Islamophobic hate and bigotry.

Britain First in fact actually post so many anti-Islam posts that they are on track to post even more dishonest media than the US President himself…

Then we have other prominent far right figures like Tommy Robinson, Jonaya English and various squeaky members of the English Defence League throwing around further abuse, making false claims and using fear mongering tactics to promote their agenda of division. Yet even while these very same thugs abuse and ridicule others they continue to demand respect for themselves, alongside their right to ‘free speech’ and the right to bully anybody who stands up to their extremist values.

I recently carried out a survey for the purpose of this article. I asked a random selection people of various faiths about what Respect meant to them and their religion.

These were some of the responses from Muslims:

Islam teaches

  • To be respectful of others. Regardless of
  • To offer charity no matter how small. Even a simple smile can be an act of charity.
  • To love their parents.
  • To respect other people, including those who are poor and homeless.
  • Love and understanding

It was clear from the Muslim responses that their religion (although much maligned by the far right) is one that values respecting all individuals, both followers and non-followers of Islam alike.

The responses from the other Abrahamic faiths – Christianity and Judaism were very similar.

These were some of the responses from Jews and Christians

Judaism teaches

  • God is good, and will always protect and care about people.
  • Judaism is the faith of the community
  • Judaism is a family faith
  • That people of all faiths (including atheists) go to heaven when aperson dies.

Christianity teaches that the way you judge others and the method you use, will be used against you by God upon your death.


I learned from my survey that all three Abrahamic religions teach the same thing – love. To love one another regardless of faith and skin colour.

At the core of all these three faiths was the concept of respect – to love and value fellow human beings even when there are differences between beliefs and the way people view the world.

The far right rail against Islam and Judaism (and hate toward Christians is slowly creeping in) but these faiths stand for the very values in society that the far right have rejected.

The tactics to divide by pitting one faith against one another to cause friction will not work. It is not religion but hate that judges others.

If we all respect each other then together we can all make the world a far happier and safer place to be. Hate would become a thing of the past, and instead of a world filled with hate we can embrace a world filled with love.

This is why we should have Respect it and use it.

Without Respect for one another, the world is doomed to become a place of misery, hate and anger and suffering.



Tackling Hate Is Not About Taking Sides


I have seen many anti-hate individuals and organisations trip themselves up by trying to fight for the rights of one group or community at the expense of denigrating another. Few things frustrate me more than the view that fighting hate has to be about taking sides or the implication that defending one group automatically assumes the attacking of another.

Sadly, I have come across many self-proclaimed fighters of hate who stand on their soap box and preach tolerance but who, when it comes down to it, are simply using their support of one culture to fuel hate toward another. This is not what anti-hate is about. You cannot go out into the world and fight hate effectively if you harbour it within your own heart. It is not a victory for tolerance if raised awareness for one community is achieved through prejudice and discrimination toward another.
Standing up against the hate in the world has to be based on the premise that all individuals have something positive to offer our society and that all individuals deserve the same level of respect and the same right to live free from abuse. We may not like or even understand the beliefs of others, we may not wish to adopt their cultural habits, their clothing or their values but it is through accepting their right to be who they are and to live their lives in accordance with their beliefs rather than ours that we establish the bedrock of a free and tolerant society.
We founded our group Resisting Hate on the principle that all humans are of equal worth and value and that in order to stand up for the rights of one we must be prepared to stand up for the rights of the many. This developed our understanding that if, as individuals, we want to be respected for our beliefs, views and cultures, we must in turn respect others for theirs.
This has led to Resisting Hate developing a very diverse online community with multiple faiths, beliefs, races and orientations openly accepted. If we ever did decide to promote one culture at the expense of another we would be acting totally against the integrity of our ethos which is to believe all cultures to be equal.

Our anti-hate community have managed to integrate together our very different beliefs in an environment that allows us all to be true to ourselves without infringing on the rights of one another. We have created a space where we can ask and answer honest questions about our different faiths and where we can debate topical news items without fear of seeming ignorant or prejudiced. This has enabled our members to learn from one another about other cultures which in turn has helped eliminate prejudice and ignorance from our organisation.

What deeply frustrates me is the fact that the wider world is struggling so much to overcome their differences to integrate in the way that our members have demonstrated is so achievable with the right attitude. Our Christians and Atheists are capable of discussion without argument. Our Muslims and Jews can discuss the problems in the Middle East without personal conflict. Our homosexual and heterosexual members respect one another’s sexual orientation without judgement. The unifying factor among all our members is the categorical opposition of all forms of hate and discrimination. Every single member of Resisting Hate believes that the only way they can expect respect and tolerance toward others is to offer it first.

Only last week I saw a self-professed ‘activist’ tackle his objective of fighting Islamophobia by making offensive and inaccurate comments about Jewish communities. I have seen the same mistake made by supporters of Jewish rights against Muslim communities. These tactics are counterproductive. They encourage people to believe that they must take one ‘side’ or another and to see those with differing beliefs as the opposition. For these limited people the world has not progressed very far from the concept of “If you are not with me, you must be against me.” A world in which everybody who thinks differently is the enemy.

There are some excellent organisations who do not approach anti-hate with the aim of division but there are still too many people using the guise of support to oppose, discriminate and condemn those of whom they disapprove.

At Resisting Hate we believe that the only way to achieve peace and unity in the world is to find a way for all races, faiths, cultures and belief systems to integrate and work together. This is not me mouthing platitudes, I have put my money where my mouth is and co-founded an organisation that has achieved exactly this. We have proven that it is possible for people with widely opposing world views to come together and unite under the principle of accepting our differences and co existing in harmony.

If we can do it, so can everybody else.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Censor The Haters, Not Those Who Fight Hate!


Article written by Resisting Hate member The Wanderer

Censorship is not limited to keeping something from being spoken. The definition also stretches to include writing and exposing the truth. The whole concept of censorship is becoming a big problem on Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where those who seek to expose haters are censored more than the actual haters themselves.

Twitter, in particular, is becoming notorious for censorship. Lately Twitter has been found suspending accounts who are exposing Racism, Xenophobia and Islamophobia. But the accounts carrying out these sickening hateful tweets – Twitter refuses to suspend. Racism, direct threats of violence and Islamophobic tweets inciting hatred cause no harm as far as Twitter is concerned.

I myself have been a victim of this so called censorship. I had the misfortune to encounter Twitter user @SergeantFrisky (aka Jonaya) – a far right supporter, who supports Far Right hate preacher, Anne Waters (leader of far right ‘For Britain’ Party.) This user abused me, used foul and threatening language toward me and encouraged her Facebook followers to mass report me. Yet Twitter said no harm done!

Jonaya, is posting tweets that are clearly inciting hatred against Muslims. But it was my account that Twitter chose to suspend.

It was the fighter of hate not the hater who Twitter censored from their platform.

Jonaya has openly bragged about having my account suspended on her profile and I quote:

@SergeantFrisky: “I’m back. And last night, I got the person who claimed to have got me banned permanently suspended.”

Now, this is not true – not once have I claimed to have had her account banned permanently. I have reported other accounts, one being hater @BasedBritish which I reported and then shared when it was finally suspended. (Incidentally he has created several more accounts since which Twitter have neglected to take action against.)

I will not let an account suspension deter me from exposing the truth. I search the net and find these far right accounts on other social media platforms and I expose the people behind them. I have a good long list that I am currently working through and I am committed to bringing haters to justice.

The Far Right claim people like myself, are censoring them, but that is hypocritical. The censorship is happening to those of us brave enough to stand up against hate and to take action to fight it. No matter how often Twitter makes claims in the press about wanting to remove hate from its platform it is ironic that the accounts it does choose to suspend are those working their hardest toward this very aim.

US President Donald J. Trump, has made false claims on Twitter which incite racial hatred. Twitter has OPENLY said that they will not be deleting his tweets. This is a man who claims fake news is destroying America. Yet, he is openly spreading fake news himself. When groups like ours expose the truth we are told: “You have violated our rules. Your account is locked/ Your account is suspended.”

When I complain of censorship, this is the crap I’m talking about. One rule for one, another rule for the other.

Interestingly Jonaya wants a career in the law profession. It is surprising she should be so open with her Islamophobic and racist views, when she wants to pursue a career in the Law.

This paints a very dark picture of the kind Solicitor she’d be, a corrupt and dangerous one. One who will twist facts, create tissues of lies and censor others to get the results that she wants. She is a calculating liar, she knew exactly what she got banned for but she played the victim of censorship.

Yet while publicly moaning about being censored the hypocritical Jonaya was working to censor others by trying to get my account and the accounts of other Resisting Hate members banned. She has been trying to censor me ever since I first exposed the truth about her. I exposed her support for a Party Leader, who has links to far right violent movements across Europe, her links to a known hate preacher and her links to political hate group Britain First (led by a leader who is currently the subject of a criminal investigation and awaiting a three day trial.)

This is just one example of the far right are launching an attack on the right to oppose their hatred. They want us censored because we speak the truth. They want to spread their bile and prejudice unhindered by the likes of us who stand up for and defend persecuted individuals and communities.
Their version of truth is in poor taste, and only fools are dumb enough to believe it.

Censorship is a weapon of the far right. They hate truth even more than they hate Muslims and Jews. Yet when they post their hate Twitter continue to say no harm done. And when we report them and flag up their anti-Islam tweets – it is us who receive the punishment.

Years ago, Censorship was never a problem. We could express our views – within reason of course, – without fear of being hounded by a pack of rabid wild dogs. But now censorship has become a very dangerous weapon which needs to be addressed and fast. The Far Right are censoring the truth, which will lead to dangerous repercussions for minority groups and for those seeking to defend them.

If we do not act soon to ensure those fighting have an open platform to speak on, censorship will have done so much damage it will be too late to repair the damage the Far Right and their hate have caused.



Who is Ann Coulter?


Ann Coulter is an American public figure with a legal background who regularly represents far right political views in the American media. She is the author of several books including ‘In Trump we Trust’ (written when Coulter still supported Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate.)

Coulter is something of an extremist, outspoken on her favourite topics of immigration and Islam. In the aftermath of September 11 she made a public proposal that America should invade Muslim countries, kill their leaders and convert the population to Christianity.

Some of Coulter’s most infamous quotations including the extremely racist “Congress could pass a law tomorrow requiring that all aliens from Arabic countries leave… We should require passports to fly domestically. Passports can be forged, but they can also be checked with the home country in case of any suspicious-looking swarthy males ” can be found in this article. These quotations are not isolated examples of Coulter’s extremist hate views. A quick You Tube search finds hundreds of videos of her spouting her hate rhetoric and making provocative and inflammitory comments, deliberately intended to offend.

She has been given a vast amount of media attention and numerous platforms upon which to air her views. As the poster girl for ultra Conservative Republican ideals few individuals have received more attention.

However the tide has been changing for Coulter recently. For all her celebration of Trump’s presidency Coulter has become increasingly disenfranchised with the man she so enthusiastically endorsed and this has lost her support among the President’s far right fan base. She called Trump out for his failure to build his promised wall on the Mexican border, and publicly criticised him for changing his stance on immigration.  More recently Coulter clashed with Trump over the ‘Dreamers’ program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and published a tweet calling for the President to be impeached.

Before her views are examined Coulter cuts an impressive public figure. She is confident, smartly dressed, articulate and obviously someone who has read widely in her chosen field of interest. Unfortunately though, as soon as she opens her mouth (or her Twitter app), she is exposed as an individual notable not just for her bigotry but for her stupidity. This is a genuine tweet from Coulter’s personal Twitter account in reaction to Hurricane Harvey:

This closed minded world view was again illustrated on her Twitter account when she tweeted:

(Based on Coulter’s logic here Donald Trump, who had a German grandfather, would not even have been eligible to vote, let alone to stand for the Presidency…)

To best explain Ann Coulter to a UK audience I’d simply summarise her as a US version Katie Hopkins albeit with a bigger budget for hair. Her Twitter feed yields the same threats, rants, prejudices and hate that we have come to expect from Madame Hopkins. Let us hope that the American media tire of her vitriol and push this blowsy loudmouthed hater out of the public eye.

A selection of tweets that show Ann Coulter for what she is >


Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Liberals, Progressives and Hate Speech


The politics of the left are often referred to with the umbrella term ‘liberal’ which is an over simplified view of the left wing and which doesn’t allow for the schism between those who identify as Liberal and those who identify as Progressive.

Liberals are interested in upholding the rights of the individual and believe the role of the state should be limited in the extent to which it can intervene with the rights of individual citizens.

A Progressive is interested in forcing the hand of change and solving the inequities caused by public or private power structures. The lacuna between the Liberal v Progressive is sometimes described as bottom up v top down politics. Liberals believe change should evolve from the people, Progressives believe change should be orchestrated intentionally by state intervention or, in the case of the private sphere, the legal system or corporate decision makers.

Put even more simply the Liberal v Progressive split is similar to the Equality v Equities argument. A Liberal believes in the principles of fairness and equality (everyone gets the same) a Progressive believes in correcting inequities (everyone gets what they need which means some receive more than others).  My primary interest as a Progressive anti-hate activist is in addressing inequities that occur as a result of hate and hate speech. This is not a value argument, I am not saying that hate speech is wrong in itself, I am saying that when we allow hate speech to flourish it has significant and tangible consequences for both individuals and communities. This is not about setting moral standards, it is about reducing the potential for harm.

When discussing free speech it is important to be clear that Liberals are concerned with the contract between the state and the individual and not the relationship between individuals. This often causes confusion when the question of hate speech arises as the blocking of hate speech from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter is often wrongly deemed to be contravening the right to free speech. Blocking hate speech from a private platform is not censorship and only becomes a direct infringement of rights if it is driven by state led legislature applying to public (not private) places.  Therefore when Progressives like myself call for private companies to curb hate speech this is not infringing on civil liberties. Censorship would be the state saying an idea cannot be expressed. This is different to the prevention of an idea being circulated within a particular social sphere.

There are three primary tangible consequences for individuals and communities that arise from hate speech:

Hate speech leads to discrimination

When we allow hate speech that targets race, gender, orientation, health status and religion we are giving a platform to indoctrinate people against these groups. This results in individuals belonging to these groups being stigmatised which in turn leads to discrimination in the workplace and a reduction in opportunities for those individuals.

Hate speech leads to fear and violence

The link between hate speech and violence has been proposed numerous times. It has been argued that exposure to hate speech desensitises individuals to the idea of harming others by reducing the focus of their target to being less than human – much hate speech online is aimed directly at dehumanising communities. Our group have seen migrants called cockroaches, Muslims called savages and Jews told that they belong in ‘the ovens’. All three of these community groups have seen an increase in hate crime over the last 5 years.

The language of hate speech disenfranchises and demeans individuals and breaks down relations between communities which become strained and eventually result in verbal and physical clashes.

It is important to fully understand the wider implications of hate speech – this is not just about the feelings of an individual but about the growing isolation of whole community groups.

It is my view (a view shared by World Policy Institute fellow Susan Benesch) that wide spread hate speech paves the way for an increase in violence. When it becomes acceptable to abuse a person on one platform it is a precursor to abusing them physically.

Hate speech leads to an increase in suicide

Scientists at Syracuse University have investigated the link between hate speech and suicide and found there to be a correlation. Their research states Ethnic immigrant groups subjected to more negative ethnophaulisms, or hate speech, were more likely to commit suicide.  If hate speech has been proven to be a catalyst toward actual loss of life then this is perhaps the strongest argument that action to prevent it needs to be taken.

It is necessary to spell out the argument against hate speech this clearly as, too often, this debate is reduced to being argued from the perspective of a Liberal and gets dragged into the quagmire of the right to speak v the right not to be offended. The reason I oppose hate speech is not (as often so ineloquently put by the far right) that it hurts people’s ‘feelz’ but because hate speech leads to genuine social and economic inequities for individuals and communities. As a Progressive I strongly believe it is the role of both the state and of private corporations (think social media platforms) to play their part in resolving these inequities.

This is not about censorship and rights, this is about keeping the people of our country safe.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Sue Hall – Neo Fascist Artist

Sue Hall, is a popular textile artist regularly exhibited, who tweets hate towards the London Mayor, and shares bigotry with neo-nazis without any of her fans worldwide realising the depth of hate espoused by her horrific views.  Looking at her tweets, there are even Muslim fans of her textile exhibits, sadly unaware she is a white supremacist Islamophobe who wants all Muslims to leave the UK.
Renowned Cheshire-based textile artist Sue Hall is an active far right extremist on Twitter who regularly interacts with neo-Nazi Mark Collett, white supremacist “Peter Sweden”, and the leaders of Britain First, plus profilic twitter bigot David Vance with whom she exchanges hate tweets every other day.  Many of her tweets are also spreading bile towards Muslims and there are numerous white supremacist, anti-black, anti-immigrant, and anti-transgender tweets in addition on her account.
Sue receives backing and support from many public arts organisations and venues which happily exhibit her work, despite the fact she tweets extreme hate against Muslims.  This is absolutely galling, and the public urgently needs to be informed of her appallingly discriminatory views.  She is not fit to receive any arts sponsorship or funding, while she uses social media platforms to openly support acts of mass-murder and genocide against Muslims.



Disharmony in 140 characters


Cliché after cliché. Reverse racism was today’s. Was everyone brainwashed? Is it racist for a black woman, that has suffered exclusion, name-calling, and online abuse, to remark that Britain has a problem with racism? Is it acceptable, to sit in a room, in Britain, complaining about people’s racism against white folk? Did India’s caste system preceding colonialism somehow excuse racism from colonialists to the ‘savages’ of yesteryear? Had we stepped back to the Heart of Darkness?

“Africans would have been better off being kept by the British”.

Can people not see the language they use, the tone they take, the attitudes they hold, with any sort of realism or objectivity? Life in 140 characters; the brutality of it. The simplicity. The bipolarity. Nothing complex exists. Cliché follows cliché. Opinion follows opinion. Why must we live in a world where people’s views must only reach 140 characters?

“Niggers in a woodpile” is “casual”, a mild reprimand. Shame.

The oppression. The brutality. What have The Romans ever done for us?

“We built them schools”. Sure, but for who? Why? What life is it for them?

“Them”. Sigh.

“They”. It’s always “they”. Why not us?

“Uncivilised”. What on Earth? What makes painting and writing more civilised than a proverb or inscription? White and black, dark or light, but what of the shades in between? The beautiful shades. The differences, the colour. What makes a sacrifice less humane than a murder or a crusade? Who decides what is civilised?

“But the dictators are worse”. Worse for whom? Death or slavery? White or black? Who created the dictators? Things Fall Apart as the villagers wrestle, but wrestling is power, right? Wrestling for pride or the entertainment of children; who are the savages?

“Brainwashed” with no pledge of allegiance. No national anthem. Knives and forks are civilised, manners too, but guns? What of civilised guns? Civilise the savages; which savages? Are we back in time?

Retaliation is condemned, but what of the initial actor? Laud them, defend them. Oil and guns and tea and trade. But we must defend our shores. Which shores? All of the shores?

“They hate the British”.

Diversity. Culture. Love and peace. Why must we fight and resist each other? Why must we create disharmony in 140 characters?


This article was first published here

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Anonymous Haters and Trolls on Social Media


In a heated exchange with the leader of an online hate group several years ago I scorned his comment that “The wars of the future would be fought on social media.” But these days I am not so certain he wasn’t being uncharacteristically prophetic. Social media is proving to be a fertile ground for anonymous haters, trolls and abusers to spread their vitriol without fear of censure. Facebook and Twitter in particular attract a highly undesirable element who conduct themselves on the internet in a manner they would very likely not dare to in a face to face environment.

Broadly speaking, the people spreading hate on the internet fall into five distinct categories:

The Ignorant

The first group of problem social media accounts genuinely believe what they are saying. They are willing to involve themselves in discussion and make some attempt to offer evidence to back up their assertions. The trouble is that they are ignorant in the sense that they cannot discern genuine facts from fake news and bias.  They quote from secondary sources, blog sites and tabloid newspapers and frequently mistake opinion for fact.

The Easily Led

In this category I would place the people who have no particular convictions but who are responsible for sharing and liking a lot of the hate that becomes popular on social media. A prime example of the Easily Led would be the people who share click bait pictures and memes from Britain First and, thus unwittingly, give more oxygen to organised hate groups.

The Fame Hungry

For some individuals online hate is a method to propel them to notoriety. We have seen this with extremist characters like Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson who put out more and more extreme posts in an attempt to build a platform for their hate. Their overriding objective is personal fame. This can also be seen with a lot of accounts who use hate speech to gain followers and, therefore, popularity on social media platforms.

Prejudice Promotors

In the modern world of the internet – racists, homophobes, Islamophobes and Anti Semites no longer need to lurk in the dark shadows of their local pub sharing views with a handful of people. Social media is the perfect tool for this category to spread their genuine hate and prejudicial views.

This category absolutely believe in what they are saying and actively attempt to convert others to their way of thinking. Unlike the Ignorant these people are not being swayed by propaganda – this lot are the ones creating the propaganda.


Trolls basically just like causing trouble. They will take the most contentious side of any online debate but have little interest in anything other than the reaction they will cause. They will throw insults, harass and target people in the hope of causing distress. They are usually pretty thick.

In order to combat the rising tide of hate on social media it is important that all these different categories of people are tackled. Each category needs to be approached with different tactics.

In the case of the Ignorant it is important to educate them. Link to quality news articles, statistics, and fact based media to encourage them to challenge their views.  It is also important to humanise the victims they are dehumanising. Share personal accounts from individuals in minority groups who have experienced hate and discrimination so the Ignorant can understand the very real impact their hate has on others.

Don’t get downhearted if they openly reject the information you provide. It is more important to get them thinking than it is to emerge the victor in a Twitter row.

Education is also the best tool against the Easily Led. Don’t be afraid to tell friends and family why you found that meme or picture that they shared offensive. In some cases they may genuinely not know that “Like and share if you think this puppy is cute” is actually a cynical marketing ploy for hate pages to acquire more likes and followers.

The best way to react to the Fame Hungry is not to respond at all. Any reaction will give them the result they want which is increased exposure for their views. Sharing their posts or retweeting them – even with a view to shaming them – will just enable their hate to be seen by more people. There are exceptions to this, Resisting Hate and other anti hate groups will sometimes share hate posts in the full knowledge that our followers will report the accounts where they breach social media Terms of Service. (Be careful however not to openly ask people to report as this can get your own account suspended. We usually just highlight the offensive post and then trust our followers to make their own judgement about reporting.)

Prejudice Promoters clearly need stopping. There are a great many places where the perpetrators of online hate can be reported. Reporting these accounts can help to limit the spread of their influence and will also deter them from making new accounts to spread their bile.  Not only can hate be reported to the social media platforms themselves but in cases where a post on social media is breaching the laws of the country it is often worth bringing it to the attention of law enforcement too.

Resisting Hate often contact the employers of radical haters with screenshots of the views they are promoting and this has tactic been very successful in establishing clear consequences for the publication of discrimination and prejudice using social media accounts.

Most social media platforms also have the function where problem accounts can be muted or blocked. Take full advantage of these tools. You have every right to engage online without being subject to abuse.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Chesham Ultras – Bigots not Patriots


A concerned member of the public brought this local football club to our attention earlier today.

Chesham Ultras describe themselves as the No.1 football firm in the Chilterns but their behaviour online is more suited to a hate group than a respectable football organisation. Their time line is a barrage of hate, discrimination and prejudice.

They regularly post Islamophobic hatred in particular.



Their obsession with far right bigots is belly crawlingly sycophantic.



They pick fights, harass and abuse other accounts on Twitter



They glorify graffiti and vandalism of public property.



And they boast about being arrested by the police.



In short this motley collection of far right fascist footballing wannabes is a disgrace to both the beautiful game and the locality they claim to represent. We will certainly be bringing this issue to the attention of their registered football club and we have provided the contact details below in case any of our readers would like to do the same.