Hate Platform Gab.ai reaction to Royal Wedding


Alternative Media platform Gab.ai prides itself on free speech and the non censorship of posts.

As an organisation Resisting Hate has always fought against platforms like this which fail to acknowledge hate speech and the consequences of hate.

I show you these screenshots today, illustrating how Gab reacted to the Royal Wedding, not to shock you without purpose but to encourage you to see this hate site for what it is and to join with us in bringing the attention of this vile platform to the Home Secretary.

Gab.ai is a place where hate, racism, bigotry and division are allowed to flourish unchallenged. We would like to see Gab banned in the UK and made inaccessible so innocent and vulnerable people cannot be indoctrinated by the hate and lies published on the site.

If you do not believe this hate speech is problematic then by all means do nothing. But if you agree with myself and Resisting Hate that this hate is unnecessary and unwelcome in our multicultural society then please consider emailing Sajid Javid with your thoughts and enclose a link to this article.

His contact address is  sajid.javid.mp@parliament.uk

The site is https://gab.ai/home

Please be warned that the following content is extremely offensive and distressing:




  • A Belfast City Councillor also posts on Gab (a/k/a “Nazi Twitter”).
    Even worse, her colleagues on the Council do not challenge her.

  • Nazi twitter is pretty bad. I’m glad that those people hide away in their homes and on their devices with that crap. I’m in the states and we have of course the same issue here …. smh

  • I have never read so much racist bile in my 70 years and I was around in the race riots in Nottingham in the fifties, I believe Farage has a lot to do with opening this cesspool of racism.

  • […] The site quickly degenerated into a cesspit of trolling, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Racism and anti LGBT prejudice. It was the site on which Jonathan Jennings (recently jailed for 16 months) posted his death threats toward Jeremy Corbyn, Gina Miller, myself and others. High profile events were reported with bias and lies – I documented this racist response (unmoderated by the platform) to the Royal Wedding. […]

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