The Myths about Poppies and Muslims


We all know what the Poppy represents. Some choose to wear one, some do not. There is no shame in not wearing one. It is a matter of personal choice.

Speaking personally, I choose to wear a Poppy every year. I do this to remember all those who fell in the Great Wars and those currently serving in our armed forces.

I also wear the poppy to remember my Great Grandfather who fought in World War II. He became a Prisoner of War, even seeing Hitler in the flesh. My Great Grandfather was a courageous man who escaped the enemy on several occasions. He saw very horrifying things during the war but afterwards went on to meet my Great Grandmother who he married after the war.

The Poppy is a symbol of Remembrance. We wear it to remember those who bravely fought and died so we could have our freedom and liberty. We wear it to remember men who signed up for war at eighteen years old and who never returned home from the horrors they endured. We wear it to remember those who did return, traumatised by what they had seen and experienced. We wear it to remember those who became Prisoners of War and those who survived but who suffered their friends and brothers dying around them in some of the darkest periods in our history.

The Poppy represents hope to the millions who wear it. It has a practical purpose beyond the symbolism too – it raises much funds for veterans and their families.

Every year social media experiences an influx of memes and indignant posts spouting lies and myths about the Poppy and, in particular, the Poppy and its relationship with the Islamic community.

These are some of the most common myths that we have encountered:

Muslims do not wear poppies
Muslims are offended by poppies
Muslims want poppies banned
Muslims assault people who wear poppies

All these are lies spread by the far right to create hate and fear. Far right media uses the myth that Muslims have a problem with poppies to increase the reach of their extremist Islamophobia. They know millions of people will see these lies on social media and will believe them. Haters use far right media outlets to spread their hate, using big sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to further their lies. A favourite tactic is to download videos on non English speakers and use video editing software to add their own subtitles. The false subtitles mean those wanting to spread lies can add credibility to the myths they want people to believe.

The truth is that Muslims do respect the Poppy. The great majority certainly do not hate it. In my job I have served many Muslims customers who proudly wear their poppy and many others who have been positive about the poppy that I wear. Not once have I ever been shown any sign of resentment for openly wearing a poppy. I have always been shown respect by Muslims and non Muslims alike.

Never have I seen a Muslim walk up to a Poppy stand to say they are offended to see poppies on sale. I recall one time, there was a Muslim paying respects on Remembrance Sunday at my town’s Cenotaph. Did we give them hate for it? No, we came together as a town to remember our fallen. All faiths and cultures remembering those who fought and died for their country.

Many Muslim soldiers fought for the British Army and the safety of Britain. They believed in defending our country and the people who live here.

Equally, just because someone chooses not to wear a Poppy, doesn’t mean they are against what the Poppy represents. I don’t wear pink, but I still support Cancer Research. We cannot point to anyone – Muslim or Non Muslim – who chooses not to wear a poppy as evidence that they are not supportive of our country and the people who have fought for it.

I genuinely think that the only people who are offended by the Poppy and what it stands for is the far right themselves. They are offended by the unity it represents. Many of the far right claim to be patriots but, to me, a patriot is someone who has fought for their country to ensure its citizens are free and living a life free of hate and Fascism. A patriot is not a racist xenophobic thug.

Hatred of a religion and blaming members of a faith for the problems of a country is Fascism. This is what the people we remember with our poppies fought against. As the older generation pass away, they take the memories with them of what fascism truly involved. Now these middle aged bigots, most of whom have never seen combat are ironically using the very symbol of fighting fascism to fuel their own personal agenda of hate and religious prejudice.

It is this prejudice that has caused these false claims that Muslims hate poppies to spread. Yes, the media has shown incidents where Poppies were burned but these individuals are no more representatives of their community than the flag waving ‘patriots’ who film themselves burning the Quran are reflective of a Christian community.

There is a Poppy Hijab available to lady Muslims who wish to wear a Poppy. This further proves the myth that Muslims hate Poppies is highly untrue and nothing more than hate speech. (If the far right want to call me out on this one, the Poppy Hijab is sold by the Royal British Legion themselves. Link here)

Now if Muslims hated Poppies, why would the Royal British Legion be selling a Poppy Hijab if it wasn’t going to be popular? In fact, the Hijab is so popular, it has had nearly 80 five star reviews. Retailing at £19.99 – that is a lot of money raised for The Royal British Legion.

Remembering and honouring our war dead should not be used to exploit and divide our country. This is a time to unite us all together in thanks to those who stood proud against Fascism.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

To our fallen heroes, past present and future. To our serving heroes, thank you for your courage and bravery and sacrifice. Your courage will always be remembered, we are a nation proud of the bravery you show. There are no words to describe how grateful we are as a nation for you ensuring we are free from Fascism.

We will honour your memories by standing together as a unified country.


Respect in Religion


Respect – we all know about it and we all know what it is. But there are too many people who don’t use it. People who do not believe in the importance of treating their fellow humans in the same way that they themselves would like to be treated.

Sadly, a lot of people do not just lack respect for others, they go out of their way to demonstrate disrespect for others. We regularly encounter individuals who disrespect people for the colour of their skin, their faith, appearance, health, social class and many other discriminatory factors.

We cannot be certain why they do it and frankly it beggars belief that some people think they have a right to disrespect others, yet go around like a mad Gorilla pounding its chest or Popeye post can of spinach as they demand respect for themselves from everybody they encounter.

These fragile souls are the kind of people I oppose on social media for their hate speech. Quick enough to run their mouths off when it comes to condemning others but incapable of responding to criticism or perceived ‘disrespect’ toward themselves. When it comes to action they cry for back up or hide away. As with most bullies online haters are intrinsically cowards.

A lot of the hate posts I have seen recently have been directed towards Muslims. The haters often claim to be Christians (a good example being the self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ political party Britain First) but who usually lack any understanding of the Christian doctrine. The Bible tells us to love your enemies, to love thy neighbour and to treat others in the way we would like to be treated ourselves. The two Chuckle thugs who lead Britain First have entirely failed to grasp those parts of the Bible and instead have chosen to perpetuate a growing wave of Islamophobic hate and bigotry.

Britain First in fact actually post so many anti-Islam posts that they are on track to post even more dishonest media than the US President himself…

Then we have other prominent far right figures like Tommy Robinson, Jonaya English and various squeaky members of the English Defence League throwing around further abuse, making false claims and using fear mongering tactics to promote their agenda of division. Yet even while these very same thugs abuse and ridicule others they continue to demand respect for themselves, alongside their right to ‘free speech’ and the right to bully anybody who stands up to their extremist values.

I recently carried out a survey for the purpose of this article. I asked a random selection people of various faiths about what Respect meant to them and their religion.

These were some of the responses from Muslims:

Islam teaches

  • To be respectful of others. Regardless of
  • To offer charity no matter how small. Even a simple smile can be an act of charity.
  • To love their parents.
  • To respect other people, including those who are poor and homeless.
  • Love and understanding

It was clear from the Muslim responses that their religion (although much maligned by the far right) is one that values respecting all individuals, both followers and non-followers of Islam alike.

The responses from the other Abrahamic faiths – Christianity and Judaism were very similar.

These were some of the responses from Jews and Christians

Judaism teaches

  • God is good, and will always protect and care about people.
  • Judaism is the faith of the community
  • Judaism is a family faith
  • That people of all faiths (including atheists) go to heaven when aperson dies.

Christianity teaches that the way you judge others and the method you use, will be used against you by God upon your death.


I learned from my survey that all three Abrahamic religions teach the same thing – love. To love one another regardless of faith and skin colour.

At the core of all these three faiths was the concept of respect – to love and value fellow human beings even when there are differences between beliefs and the way people view the world.

The far right rail against Islam and Judaism (and hate toward Christians is slowly creeping in) but these faiths stand for the very values in society that the far right have rejected.

The tactics to divide by pitting one faith against one another to cause friction will not work. It is not religion but hate that judges others.

If we all respect each other then together we can all make the world a far happier and safer place to be. Hate would become a thing of the past, and instead of a world filled with hate we can embrace a world filled with love.

This is why we should have Respect it and use it.

Without Respect for one another, the world is doomed to become a place of misery, hate and anger and suffering.



Censor The Haters, Not Those Who Fight Hate!


Article written by Resisting Hate member The Wanderer

Censorship is not limited to keeping something from being spoken. The definition also stretches to include writing and exposing the truth. The whole concept of censorship is becoming a big problem on Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where those who seek to expose haters are censored more than the actual haters themselves.

Twitter, in particular, is becoming notorious for censorship. Lately Twitter has been found suspending accounts who are exposing Racism, Xenophobia and Islamophobia. But the accounts carrying out these sickening hateful tweets – Twitter refuses to suspend. Racism, direct threats of violence and Islamophobic tweets inciting hatred cause no harm as far as Twitter is concerned.

I myself have been a victim of this so called censorship. I had the misfortune to encounter Twitter user @SergeantFrisky (aka Jonaya) – a far right supporter, who supports Far Right hate preacher, Anne Waters (leader of far right ‘For Britain’ Party.) This user abused me, used foul and threatening language toward me and encouraged her Facebook followers to mass report me. Yet Twitter said no harm done!

Jonaya, is posting tweets that are clearly inciting hatred against Muslims. But it was my account that Twitter chose to suspend.

It was the fighter of hate not the hater who Twitter censored from their platform.

Jonaya has openly bragged about having my account suspended on her profile and I quote:

@SergeantFrisky: “I’m back. And last night, I got the person who claimed to have got me banned permanently suspended.”

Now, this is not true – not once have I claimed to have had her account banned permanently. I have reported other accounts, one being hater @BasedBritish which I reported and then shared when it was finally suspended. (Incidentally he has created several more accounts since which Twitter have neglected to take action against.)

I will not let an account suspension deter me from exposing the truth. I search the net and find these far right accounts on other social media platforms and I expose the people behind them. I have a good long list that I am currently working through and I am committed to bringing haters to justice.

The Far Right claim people like myself, are censoring them, but that is hypocritical. The censorship is happening to those of us brave enough to stand up against hate and to take action to fight it. No matter how often Twitter makes claims in the press about wanting to remove hate from its platform it is ironic that the accounts it does choose to suspend are those working their hardest toward this very aim.

US President Donald J. Trump, has made false claims on Twitter which incite racial hatred. Twitter has OPENLY said that they will not be deleting his tweets. This is a man who claims fake news is destroying America. Yet, he is openly spreading fake news himself. When groups like ours expose the truth we are told: “You have violated our rules. Your account is locked/ Your account is suspended.”

When I complain of censorship, this is the crap I’m talking about. One rule for one, another rule for the other.

Interestingly Jonaya wants a career in the law profession. It is surprising she should be so open with her Islamophobic and racist views, when she wants to pursue a career in the Law.

This paints a very dark picture of the kind Solicitor she’d be, a corrupt and dangerous one. One who will twist facts, create tissues of lies and censor others to get the results that she wants. She is a calculating liar, she knew exactly what she got banned for but she played the victim of censorship.

Yet while publicly moaning about being censored the hypocritical Jonaya was working to censor others by trying to get my account and the accounts of other Resisting Hate members banned. She has been trying to censor me ever since I first exposed the truth about her. I exposed her support for a Party Leader, who has links to far right violent movements across Europe, her links to a known hate preacher and her links to political hate group Britain First (led by a leader who is currently the subject of a criminal investigation and awaiting a three day trial.)

This is just one example of the far right are launching an attack on the right to oppose their hatred. They want us censored because we speak the truth. They want to spread their bile and prejudice unhindered by the likes of us who stand up for and defend persecuted individuals and communities.
Their version of truth is in poor taste, and only fools are dumb enough to believe it.

Censorship is a weapon of the far right. They hate truth even more than they hate Muslims and Jews. Yet when they post their hate Twitter continue to say no harm done. And when we report them and flag up their anti-Islam tweets – it is us who receive the punishment.

Years ago, Censorship was never a problem. We could express our views – within reason of course, – without fear of being hounded by a pack of rabid wild dogs. But now censorship has become a very dangerous weapon which needs to be addressed and fast. The Far Right are censoring the truth, which will lead to dangerous repercussions for minority groups and for those seeking to defend them.

If we do not act soon to ensure those fighting have an open platform to speak on, censorship will have done so much damage it will be too late to repair the damage the Far Right and their hate have caused.



Who is Ann Coulter?


Ann Coulter is an American public figure with a legal background who regularly represents far right political views in the American media. She is the author of several books including ‘In Trump we Trust’ (written when Coulter still supported Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate.)

Coulter is something of an extremist, outspoken on her favourite topics of immigration and Islam. In the aftermath of September 11 she made a public proposal that America should invade Muslim countries, kill their leaders and convert the population to Christianity.

Some of Coulter’s most infamous quotations including the extremely racist “Congress could pass a law tomorrow requiring that all aliens from Arabic countries leave… We should require passports to fly domestically. Passports can be forged, but they can also be checked with the home country in case of any suspicious-looking swarthy males ” can be found in this article. These quotations are not isolated examples of Coulter’s extremist hate views. A quick You Tube search finds hundreds of videos of her spouting her hate rhetoric and making provocative and inflammitory comments, deliberately intended to offend.

She has been given a vast amount of media attention and numerous platforms upon which to air her views. As the poster girl for ultra Conservative Republican ideals few individuals have received more attention.

However the tide has been changing for Coulter recently. For all her celebration of Trump’s presidency Coulter has become increasingly disenfranchised with the man she so enthusiastically endorsed and this has lost her support among the President’s far right fan base. She called Trump out for his failure to build his promised wall on the Mexican border, and publicly criticised him for changing his stance on immigration.  More recently Coulter clashed with Trump over the ‘Dreamers’ program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and published a tweet calling for the President to be impeached.

Before her views are examined Coulter cuts an impressive public figure. She is confident, smartly dressed, articulate and obviously someone who has read widely in her chosen field of interest. Unfortunately though, as soon as she opens her mouth (or her Twitter app), she is exposed as an individual notable not just for her bigotry but for her stupidity. This is a genuine tweet from Coulter’s personal Twitter account in reaction to Hurricane Harvey:

This closed minded world view was again illustrated on her Twitter account when she tweeted:

(Based on Coulter’s logic here Donald Trump, who had a German grandfather, would not even have been eligible to vote, let alone to stand for the Presidency…)

To best explain Ann Coulter to a UK audience I’d simply summarise her as a US version Katie Hopkins albeit with a bigger budget for hair. Her Twitter feed yields the same threats, rants, prejudices and hate that we have come to expect from Madame Hopkins. Let us hope that the American media tire of her vitriol and push this blowsy loudmouthed hater out of the public eye.

A selection of tweets that show Ann Coulter for what she is >


Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


What Exactly Do We Mean By “Far Right”


The political terminology of left, right, extreme left, far right can be a minefield for anybody trying to make sense of their newspaper. Not only are the terms hard to pin down to a precise definition they are also used interchangeably and (often) wrongly, leading to widespread confusion.

In order to understand what we mean when we use the term “far right” we need to be clear where it sits on the political spectrum and how it relates to other political perspectives.

Broadly speaking left wing views are concerned with the principles of Socialism. This is the belief that the state should work for the good of the people and which encompasses the ideas of democracy, free health care, the welfare state and some level of redistribution of wealth.

Further left than Socialism is Marxism. Marxism seeks to put control of the economy into public rather than private hands. The idea being that instead of workers working for a private owner they work for a collective benefit that they can all share in. Culturally this further left position is concerned with the social responsibilities of the state to the individual and also of the individual to the state.

The extreme left would be Communism which draws heavily on Marxist theory but which propounds the idea of a society with no class boundaries where all citizens are equal with equal rights and opportunities.

Equally broadly speaking the right wing are concerned with the principles of Conservatism which is a belief in upholding traditional established values and institutions such as the monarchy and the church. Conservatism is built on the idea of a defined national identity and embraces a monocultural rather than a multicultural society. Political Conservatism is linked to the idea of Capitalism, the idea that the economy is strongest when based on competing factions, with wealth in the hands of the few used to employ the many.

Further right than Conservatism is Libertarianism. This places more emphasis on the individual’s rights than any obligation the individual has to community values. Libertarianism is concerned with freedom and has become intrinsically linked to the concept of free speech. In Libertarian economics both private ownership and private enterprise are encouraged.

The extreme right wing would be Political Fascism. Fascism can be defined by the autocracy of a leader or government, a strong nationalist agenda and a pro uniformity approach. Diversity is not encouraged within a Fascist ideology. The emphasis is on conforming to the unified goals of the state.

The far right of which Resisting Hate and other anti hate groups speak share certain key characteristics. The first is Nationalism. It is important to distinguish Nationalism from Patriotism. Patriotism being love of one’s country whereas Nationalism is the belief that one country and its people are superior to others. Patriotism can be found in both left and right wing politics. Nationalism is a right wing ideology.

The right have a strong sense of national and cultural identity which can be a positive thing but the far right take this further and perceive integration with other cultures as a threat to their sense of identity. In doing so they reject the concept of diversity and start to see those of different races or cultures as potential usurpers of their country and diluters of their cultural values. This can lead to unrest within communities and prejudice toward those not deemed to share the same racial or cultural background.

The far right appeal to a sense of elitism. This is closely linked to the idea of racial and cultural preservation but with emphasis on the fact that a ‘superior’ community is being eradicated. This can be seen in far right white supremacist groups who call for more breeding among white people to ensure their race survives the ‘threat’ of blood mixing with other ethnic groups . It is not hard to see how closely this elitism is linked to racism. It is equally not difficult to see how this idea of racial purity invites a parallel with the Nazi Germany obsession with the Aryan race.

The growth of the far right can be attributed to the focus on a sense of community. Using similar recruitment rhetoric to a street gang, far right leaders offer individuals a sense of belonging and pride. This can be a powerful tool, particularly among deprived areas with low employment which is often the demographic where far right activism is the most prevalent.

In keeping with the idea of a traditional and, to a certain extent, homogenous society the far right reject the liberal ideals of actualising the self and condemn individuals who do not conform to their preconceived ideas of how people should behave. This is where we encounter gender and sexuality prejudice which is often deemed by the far right as unnatural human behaviour. It is also where we encounter religious prejudice with the far right self identifying as defenders of the Christian faith and using the pretext of upholding Christian values as a way to cause conflict with other religions.

The primary tactic used in advancing a far right agenda is the sense of urgency in defending a nation or community against an external threat. We have seen this throughout history with the persecution of people of colour, homosexuals, Jews, Muslims and other minority groups. This was very clearly illustrated during the Brexit referendum with Nigel Farage’s infamous Breaking Point poster which sought to depict immigrants as invaders in order to unite and mobilise the far right against a common ‘enemy.’

As a defender of liberal values I am often challenged why my view of live and let live does not extend to the far right. I am asked why I can support those who differ to me in matters of faith, race and culture but not those who oppose my political views. The answer lies in the essence of what it is to be far right. It is to oppress, devalue and discriminate against others. This is the ethos I oppose. The paradox being that the one thing I will not tolerate is intolerance.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


David Coburn MEP


David Coburn is a member of the far right political party UKIP. He holds the post UKIP Leader of Scotland and is an elected MEP.

Coburn has a chequered past in politics with little credibility for his xenophobic and bigoted views. Nicola Sturgeon commented after the Scottish leaders debate in 2015 “I think the only depressing thing tonight is the narrow-minded xenophobic attitude of David Coburn. It’s absolutely utterly disgusting. This is the guy who compared one of my colleagues to a convicted terrorist simply because he’s a Muslim.” She went on to say “He [Coburn] is a disgrace.”

During the same period Coburn was told by Jim Murphy, the head of Scottish Labour to “Stop demonising people.”

Coburn hit the headlines again in 2016 for referring to a selection of UKIP party members as “Total Tossers“.

Coburn is perhaps best known for likening Scottish National Party Justice secretary Humza Yousaf to notorious hate preacher Abu Hanza. This was allegedly a joke and referred to by Nigel Farage (then leader of UKIP) as a joke in poor taste but the humour gives a clear indication of Mr Coburn’s limited and divisive world view and the role he would play in politics should the electorate ever be daft enough to elect him.

Unfortuntely for Coburn the electorate in the 2017 General Election were anything but daft and he had an exceptionally low share of the vote at 1.2% when he stood for the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency. Surprisingly it was this lack of success that buoyed him up and led to him announcing he would be running for leadership of the UKIP party (after Paul Nuttall’s failure to secure even a single seat in Parliament the current leader was naturally obliged to accept his defeat and stand down).

Coburn explains his leadership bid in his own words:

(Though the bookies clearly do not have much faith as he is currently a 20/1 outsider for the position.)

Coburn has also recently hit the news for having links to far right extremist hate group Scottish Dawn made up of members from the hate group National Action which was proscribed under the 2000 Terrorism Act. These links are currently being investigated by several different media outlets and, if proven, will likely scupper the leadership bid before it even begins. We will be watching this one closely.



Ezra Levant – Rebel Media


We expect everyone reading this is familiar with Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon). Fewer people may know of his newly acquired sidekick Caolan Robertson, but you can find a brief intro here.

Today we’re going to introduce their boss, one Ezra Levant. Levant is a Canadian, and the founder of right-wing website Rebel Media. He had previously worked for the Canadian company Sun Media as a presenter and commentator on the more mainstream Sun News channel.

He has previously been sued for defamatory comments he made on a personal blog site, and was ordered to pay $80,000 in in libel. The judge found that  he showed “reckless disregard for the truth” and “took little or no responsibility for the accuracy” of the material he was posting.

He vehemently opposes Islam, immigration and all the other things that white nationalists seem to believe, which is presumably why he gets on so well with Robinson. He wrongly equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, a viewpoint that might cause some conflict with his unknown number of supporters, especially as the “alt-right” are not known for their kindness towards Jewish people like Ezra. An amusing satire on this topic can be seen here.

Rebel seems to be an attempt to copy the successful formula of Breitbart, a combination of clickbait advertising, minimal fact checking and bright bold colours. The one big difference seems to be the ($8 per month/$80 per year) Premium Content. This content is also marketed with big bold text, in a way that will be familiar to anyone who has accidentally browsed to a porn site…

Levant seems to have an almost obsessive compulsion for creating websites. At the bottom of this post I’ve included an extremely long list of all the domains he has registered over the years. Some are now defunct, but many are still active in their own right, or redirect to various Rebel Media pages. The general theme is one of asking for money, mainly for legal fees. There are also sites that were set up with apparent malicious intent, with names like, and

Amusingly, Levant’s own website was down at the time of writing.

Like Breitbart, Rebel Media rejects the acknowledged science of climate change, and instead promotes fossil fuel extraction and fracking. As can be seen from the list of domains below, Levant fancies himself as a political activist. His activities actually almost come across as the work of a stalker.

Levant and Rebel Media are not afraid to let taste and decency stop them from hijacking a victim’s story for their own ends. one of their (over 300) websites is which again redirects to a page on the Rebel website, complete with Subscribe links. is yet another of their sites, with prominent links to buy his book or donate to his “legal defence fund” in Canadian Dollars.

Next time you see somebody yelling about poor old Tommy, perhaps you can show them this?

Appendix – List of Domains registered by Ezra Levant

Can be freely verified at this address

Domain Name Creation Date Registrar 2015-09-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-10-13 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2011-08-29 REBEL.CA CORP. 2017-04-10 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-08-12 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2013-11-04 REBEL.CA CORP. 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2014-08-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2017-04-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-09-12 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-08-01 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-27 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-03-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-07-20 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-04-17 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-06 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-02-12 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-10-05 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-08 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-09-27 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-09-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-29 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-13 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-07-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-11-24 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-01-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-05-07 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2015-05-07 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-10-31 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-05-07 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2017-01-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-08-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-12-20 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2017-03-20 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-19 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2015-06-17 DOMAIN.COM, LLC 2016-11-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-23 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2009-12-12 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2009-08-02 REBEL.CA CORP. 2009-08-02 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2009-12-10 REBEL.CA CORP. 2009-12-10 REBEL.CA CORP. 2009-12-10 DOMAINSATCOST CORPORATION 2008-01-08 NAMESCOUT CORP 2008-01-08 NAMESCOUT CORP. 2017-02-07 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-02 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-02-29 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2014-02-24 REBEL.CA CORP. 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2016-06-18 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-01-22 GODADDY.COM, LLC 2017-04-28 GODADDY.COM, LLP. 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21,500 Reasons Not To Vote Conservative


When atrocity happens right in the middle of an election campaign it is a knee jerk reaction for some to say that the event should be referenced by neither party and that, out of respect, for the victims no attempt to make political capital should be undertaken.

While I applaud the humanity of respecting the dignity of the victims, I disagree with the principle of divorcing real life horror from the polling booth. Politics is not a separate entity to our lives, it is the foundation of our everyday existence. It is our health, our education, our finances, our environment and our safety. We cannot separate politics from real life because politics is real life.

It is therefore with this in mind that I say the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London are relevant to the vote you will cast this Thursday and indeed should be high on your agenda when deciding which political party to cast your vote for. I will go further and say we owe it to the victims, both the survivors and the deceased, to cast our votes for the party who will do the most to prevent a recurrence of these evil acts of hate and who will invest the most into keeping our country safe.

Theresa May has proven she does not consider keeping our country safe to be a priority for her Conservative government. The Guardian have reported that since 2010 when Mrs May became the Home Secretary the number of police officers in our country has fallen by 21,500. The bombing of the London bus, the first major act of terror by ISIS on UK soil took place in 2005. The terror threat promised by this extremist hate group has grown exponentially year on year. Yet the reaction to this threat by the Conservative government has been to drastically reduce the number of police officers on our streets.

After the murders on London Bridge on Saturday Mrs May has now (conveniently in the week of the election) decided that “enough is enough”. She tells us that there has been far too much tolerance of extremism in the UK . This is empty rhetoric. There is no tolerance of extremism in the UK. Muslims and non Muslims alike have condemned terror and the senseless hate agenda of ISIS and its affiliates. Instead of admitting her own error of judgement in cutting police at the time when the country needs them the most, Mrs May is pushing back the blame onto the people of Britain. It isn’t her inability to fund defence that is to blame for our innocents being massacred – it is our fault for tolerating extremism. “Terrorism breeds terrorism,” she tells us. We don’t know what that means, she doesn’t know what that means. It is the desperate soundbite of a woman who has badly let her country down but doesn’t have the backbone to admit it.

What Mrs May fails to mention when indignantly mouthing her platitudes is the fact that far from tolerating extremism the people have actually been reporting it. The Manchester bomber was allegedly reported to the authorities on five separate occasions .That is five separate opportunities where Salman Abedi could have been prevented from killing innocent children. Five separate reports that were ignored and never followed up. This isn’t the people tolerating extremism, it is clear evidence of Mrs May not putting enough resources into the system to prevent terrorism. This view is shared by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party who have called upon Theresa May to resign.

The big red Conservative herring of the week has been Mrs May frantically trying to scapegoat social media in an attempt to take the heat off her own inadequacies. While our anti hate group Resisting Hate certainly agree that Twitter, Facebook, What’s App etc. play a massive role in the spread of hate speech, organised acts of terror are a different matter. Much of the communication takes place on purpose built social systems on the dark web. At a pinch a government may just about manage to regulate the mainstream social media sites (though given the opposition from the technology industry even this is unlikely) but they will never be able to regulate the internet. This is another meaningless sop to a public Mrs May hopes is naïve enough to swallow her bluster.

The Conservatives will tell you that the reason they have not been able to maintain the required number of police officers (and indeed the reason why so many public services are woefully underfunded) is because there is not enough money in the budget to afford them. This is fiscal mismanagement at its worst and typical of a government who seeks to curry favour with the elite at the expense of the people. Mrs May refuses to increase income tax for high earners and turns a blind eye to the number of businesses paying low or even no corporation tax (In 2014 six of Britain’s ten biggest firms paid no corporation tax). There is no money in the budget because time and time again the Conservatives have proven themselves to be too afraid of losing votes to tax the people whose contribution could make a real difference to the running of the country.

I think we could all be forgiven for wondering what impact a fully staffed police force would have had on these recent acts of terror if Mrs May had had the balls to demand the taxes to fund it.

I cannot and will not vote for a woman who cares so little about the safety of the people in this country. If you feel the same way then use your vote wisely on Thursday.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Tragedy Is Not A Free Pass To Spout Hate


For those who seem to have forgotten this critical point within the first few hours of the news breaking of the atrocity in Manchester late Monday night I will offer a reminder to jog your memory.

Children died.

The point needs repeating.

Children died.

Yet since the news broke social media has been flooded with far right individuals and action groups trying to capitalise on this tragedy to promote their personal hate agendas.

Most of the attempts to use innocent dead children for political purposes have been directed with hate toward the religion of Islam. The prurient speculation as to the religious faith of the murderer began in the early hours and continued until the name of the attacker was released by the police late on Tuesday afternoon. The discussions on social media, Twitter in particular, concentrated more on whether or not the attacker was a Muslim than on any other aspect of the atrocity. To some small minded individuals this tragedy was nothing but a sick opportunity to use the actions of one evil man to condemn the billions of individuals who practise the faith of Islam.

There are serious consequences of this kind of hate speech. The relentless, bigoted demonising of innocent people in the mistaken and foolish belief that it will somehow bring about any positive results for our society only serves to further the spread of ignorance toward different cultures and faiths. It isn’t ISIS or genuine terrorists who are attacked in the name of hate rhetoric inspired vigilantism, it is the bloke walking home from the mosque or a lady doing her shopping. It is the people who abhor violence as much as you or I do who will suffer if incitement to hatred goes unchecked.

The worst perpetrators of this hate speech are the usual self promoters who spew their hate onto any available platform that will have them (Daily Mail, LBC, The Sun). Tommy Robinson out in full force as always claiming all Muslims are to blame. Katie Hopkins, even more vile and vicious than she normally is, mulling over a “final solution” to the problem of terrorism.

When Resisting Hate pull these haters up on the messages they use to try and indoctrinate their legions of social media followers into cynical and hate filled world views we are told repeatedly that ‘words don’t matter.’ That people have a right to react to tragedy by inciting hate against those who have nothing to do with the events that have taken place and who may have lost loved ones in the Manchester attack themselves.

No you do not have this right. You do not have the right as a bystander to tragedy to warp the memory of those innocent lives to endanger the safety of others. You do not have the right to hijack the focus from these dead children to promote yourselves and the hate filled views that achieve nothing but division between communities in our country.

You do have the right to be angry yes. You have the right to be very very angry indeed. Children have been mown down in the most callous and inhumane way conceivable. You would quite simply not be human if you did not feel anger. But that anger needs to be directed to the right place. It needs to be directed toward the coward, the weak spineless coward who slunk into that packed concert arena on Monday night. It needs to be directed toward actual terrorists, toward all individuals who use violence to further their despicable ends.

Many on social media today have wilfully misunderstood those of us involved in anti hate work and have accused us of caring more about the tweets on social media than the attack itself. But this is not the case. It is out of respect for the victims of this tragedy that we ask people not to insult the memories of these children by using them to promote further violence against others. You trivialise the lives of the dead when you make them pawns in a campaign to oppose other faiths. Our children’s lives are worth more than this. They deserve dignity not exploitation.

What you need to understand far right haters is that nothing constructive can come out of the solutions you propose. What do you think calls to “rise up against the Muslims” will achieve? I’ll tell you what pitting the people of the country against one another will achieve, it will result in battles between fascists and antifascists on the streets, bloodshed, more innocent people harmed, more children victimised in the playground, more barriers between communities. It will bring us chaos, not peace. It will perpetuate the very problem you are seeking to solve.

The far right mock the idea of uniting in the face of atrocity but in truth this is the only defence against terrorism. Terrorism is not interested in the lives it takes. Terrorism is focused on the effect senseless murder has on society. When we divide, the terrorists win, when we use the deaths of our children to score cheap political points, the terrorists win. When we become a nation mindlessly baying for blood with journalists openly calling for genocide we become exactly what the terrorists want us to become. We are better than this. We can find ways to keep our country safe without turning against one another.



Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Britain First Using Lee Rigby To Spread Hate


Britain First’s latest stunt has really frustrated me for a number of reasons:

1. Lee Rigby’s mother has already said on several different occasions that she does not want Britain First and Lee Rigby to be associated or for them to use him for their own political ends

2. No one knows who did it. It could be just a sick random vandal or two. But in the video Golding goes on about “Islamic extremists” (as per usual)

3. He says that if the people are found and taken to court, they “will get a visit from Britain First”. Really Paul? Because that’s not got you in trouble before has it, you ignorant halfwit. And by doing that you will, like before, jeopardise any action or case brought against them.

I have an idea Paul, why don’t you stop “talking for the British people” because, frankly, you don’t. What you do is embarrass the British people. What you do is show yourselves up to be ignorant. And you actually only speak really for the 20 people who can be bothered to turn up to your shambolic “days of action”.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Threats and Whining Far Right Haters


As founders of Resisting Hate we get a lot of threats and abuse. So we thought we would share with you just a small sample of the kind of thing the far right send to us every day.

Now just to be clear, none of us at Resisting Hate are the kind of people who even blink an eyelid at this kind of rubbish. Total water off a duck’s back. But it does give a good picture of the kind of people we regularly oppose and also a good idea why we do it.


Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


History Of The Far Right In Britain


Far Right, Nationalist and Fascism based groups have a history in Britain dating back to before the Second World War. The evolution of the far right ideology with its roots in Mussolini’s Fascisti to the modern day Britain First and Neo Nazi hate groups is a fascinating journey and one we have documented here for the benefit of our readers.

1923 British Fascists (British Fascisti)

The British Fascists were formed in 1923 by a British Nationalist called Rotha Lintorn-Orman as a reaction to Internationalism and what she perceived as the Communist left.

1929 Imperial Fascist league

In 1929 Arnold Leese, who had previously been a member of the British Fascists, established his own pro fascist group the Imperial Fascist league. Where the British Fascists had been primarily concerned with Italian fascism which focused on expansionism and empire building the IFL, under influence from prominent Nazi Julius Streicher, began to adopt themes of Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy which is closer to the definition of Fascism we would use today.

1932 British Union of Fascists

In 1931 a young Labour (ex Conservative) MP called Oswald Mosley left government to form his own political party with a group of equally disgruntled Labour MPs which he called the ‘New Party’. This authoritarian right wing party merged with several other smaller fascist groups in 1932 which became known as the British Union of Fascists. In keeping with the origins of fascism and as a nod the party adopted a black clothing preference (reminiscent of Mussolini’s National Fascist Party paramilitary uniform) and members became known colloquially as ‘Blackshirts’

1933 British Union of Fascists attends the Nuremberg Rallies

As part of the British Union of Fascists representation Moseley’s sister in law the infamous Unity Mitford (who it is rumoured had a love affair with Hitler – certainly a close friendship is documented) travelled to Germany to watch Hitler’s address.

1936 The Battle of Cable Street

The Battle of Cable Street was a physical clash in London’s East End between Mosley’s Blackshirts and rising Anti-Fascist opposition (with links to Communism). The march also saw a lot of Jewish people protesting against the Anti-Semitism the British Union of Fascists were openly promoting. Mosley was forced to abandon a planned pro fascism march as a result of the size of the crowds opposing it.

1935 The Nordic League was established in the UK

Founded in Germany in 1921 and claiming Heinrich Himmler as a member the established Nordische Gesellschaft was brought to the UK to be managed by chairman Archibald Ramsay. The group promoted strong anti-Jewish sentiment which manifested itself in Anti-Semitic speeches and calls for increasing calls for violence. William Joyce was closely involved with the League in its early years of operation.

1936 The Public Order Act

In 1936 the government passed a law making it illegal to wear political uniforms in any “public place or meeting.” (A law which still stands today). The act also forbade the use of “physical force in promoting any political object”.

1937 National Socialist League

The British Union of Fascists split in 1937 with the pro-Nazi and radical Anti-Semitic faction led by William Joyce splitting off to form the National Socialist League. This venture was largely unsuccessful and in 1939 dropped to less than fifty members and eventually folded.

1937 British League of Ex Servicemen and Women

The British League of Ex Servicemen and Women was established as an anti-Semitic right wing alternative to the British Legion. It was run by founder James Taylor until 1944 when the leadership changed to Jeffrey Hamm. Hamm expelled deputy leader Victor Burgess who went on to found the Union of British Freedom. The league was subsumed into the Union Movement in 1947.

1937 British Union of Fascists changes its name to British Union

The British Union claimed a membership of 50,000 people at the height of its influence.

1939 British People’s Party

In 1937 the British Union of Fascists Director of Publications John Beckett was dismissed by Moseley and after establishing the National Socialist League with William Joyce (Joyce’s nick name Lord Haw Haw), Beckett went on to found the British People’s Party. The party was primarily seen as an anti war party with the objective being the immediate cessation of the Second World War. There was a downturn in Anti-Semitism with Beckett citing Joyce’s strong Anti-Semitic views as one of the factors precipitating the demise of the National Socialist League. Unlike the British Union the British People’s party escaped proscription in the war years and continued in a muted capacity until its eventual disbanding in 1954.

1939 The Right Club

Archibald Ramsay established The Right Club primarily as an anti-Jewish vehicle. It was intended to be a coalition of likeminded Anti-Semitic individuals and groups with a view to limiting what they perceived as problematic Jewish influence in the government. After a police raid on one of the members the group membership list was seized and several high profile members arrested including Ramsay. This effectively ended The Right Club for good.

1940 Defence Regulation 18B expanded

In May 1940 the government expanded legislation that allowed suspected Nazi sympathisers to be detained indefinitely. Both Oswald Moseley and Archibold Ramsay were arrested under this legislation (though William Joyce avoided arrest by emigrating to Germany). It is estimated up to a thousand people were detained under 18B as a result of suspected Nazi views. (Moseley would remain under supervision in the grounds of Holloway prison until 1943.)

1940 British Union of Fascists proscribed by the government

In 1940 the British government proscribed the British Union whose total membership at this point was estimated to be in excess of 18,000 people.

1942 English National Association

The English National Association was an Anti-Semitic right wing party founded by John Webster and led by Edward Godfrey

1944 Union for British Freedom

Victor Burgess who regularly spoke at Speakers Corner founded the Union for British Freedom after leaving the British League of Exservice Men and Women (at Jeffrey Hamm’s request).

1944 National Front After Victory

In 1944 AK Chesterton established a new far right group called the National Front After Victory which was intended to pull together several smaller fascist groups including the British People’s party. (AK Chesterfield had been the editor of the British Union of Fascists newsletter titled “Blackshirt” until leaving in 1938 to join the Nordic League.) The National Front After Victory was not a success and soon dispersed.

1945 Union Movement

Moseley made a return to far right politics with the creation of the Union Movement, another far right attempt at unifying different post war extremist and Anti-Semitic groups under one banner. Although envisioned as a political party the Union Movement performed poorly in elections and evolved into more of a street protest group which led to discontent and loss of members.

1948 British Nationality Act

The British Nationality Act of 1948 expanded the definition of a British citizen to include both British born and ‘naturalised’ citizens born overseas in British colonies. This would lead to an increase in immigration over the following four years which would act as a spur for far right opposition.

1950 British Empire Party

Founded by P J Ridout in 1950 the British Empire Party was a small political party who only ever put one candidate up for election.

1954 League of Empire Loyalists

AK Chesterton’s League of Empire Loyalists was intended to be a pro-British Empire party fighting for the sustainable future of the British Empire.  The ethos of the group shifted in the latter years when immigration became the key focus.

1956 White Defence League

In 1956 Colin Jordan formed the White Defence League after breaking away from the League of Empire Loyalists. This was a clear step away from the ideology of Empire building to embrace overt racism. Jordan’s vision was more Anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi, anti-Immigration than the LEL and the group made little attempt to align itself with established political parties.

1957 National Labour Party

Disenchanted with the LEL members John Bean and John Tyndall established the National Labour Party (which despite the name has no legitimate link to the Labour party). Unlike the LEL which had poor success at elections, the NLP secured a handful of council seats. However, after failure in the General Election and Bean arrested for rioting, the party membership dwindled and eventually merged with the White Defence League in 1960 to form the British National Party.

1958 Notting Hill Race riots

The 1958 Notting Hill Race riots gave the White Defence League and Colin Jordan enhanced publicity due to WDL claims of involvement in the riots in addition to the public rallies they were holding with regularity across London. The riots were primarily white working class youths attacking the homes of West Indians in the Notting Hill area. Approximately 400 agitators took part.

1960 British National Party

The primary focus of the newly established BNP was Anti-Semitism and the group’s manifesto included the mandatory deportment of British Jews to Israel. Curbing immigration was a key political pledge and this was to be achieved by the repatriation of immigrants currently living in the country. The leaders of both the National Labour Party (Bean and Tyndall) and the White Defence League (Jordan) were prominent figures in the new party as was the widow of Arnold Leese (who had founded the Imperial Fascist League.) The main focus of the BNP initially was as a public protest group rather than a political party though some council seats were obtained. Bean stepped down as leader in 1966 and was succeeded by Philip Maxwell who took the party into the merger with the National Front in 1967.

1962 National Socialist Movement

In 1962 Colin Jordan split from the British National Party and along with John Tyndall founded the National Socialist Movement. The key reason for the split was Jordan’s pro-Nazi views which were perceived as too radical to be likely to win votes (by the BNP). Jordan retained control of the paramilitary arm of the BNP (called Spearhead) but was arrested for his involvement under the Public Order Act (1936) Both Jordan and Tyndall were imprisoned. The NSM established links with the American Nazi party and its leader George Lincoln Rockwell which had close links not just to fascism but specifically to the ideology of Adolf Hitler and WW2 Nazism.

1960 National Party of Europe

The National Party of Europe was the idea of Oswald Mosely which focused on establishing a unity between far right parties in different European countries. It was to promote ‘European Nationalism’ and the idea of Europe as a single nation. There was little support for the NPE as most far right groups preferred to focus their energies into British Nationalism.

1961 Conservative Monday Club

The Monday club was a splinter group from the Conservative political party with emphasis on right wing principles and ideals, in particular supporting an anti-immigration agenda.

1962 The Patriotic Party

Established by Richard Hilton from Chesterton’s LEL the Patriotic party was mainly composed of ex-military personnel. The name changed from True Tories to The Patriotic Party in 1964 and was eventually subsumed by the National Front.

1964 Greater Britain Movement

In 1964 John Tyndell split from the National Socialist Movement and (taking most of its members with him) formed the Greater Britain Movement with which he planned to focus on a British flavour of National Socialism drawing on less European and Nazi influences. Unlike the LEL or the NLP the Greater Britain Movement showed little interest in politics but instead defined itself as a street protest party. The group established a reputation for violence (including a high profile attack on a synagogue) and Tyndall himself was arrested for illegal possession of a gun. There was an attempt by the GBM to unify several key far right groups into a single unity but this was rejected by Chesterton, Mosley and Bean. The GBM was finally (and reluctantly) merged into the National Front in 1967.

1964 Spearhead

John Tyndall launched the far right publication Spearhead in 1964. He used it to promote the National Front and subsequently the BNP throughout his association with both groups. The magazine continued until 2005 but retains an archived online presence to the present day.

1965 Racial Preservation Society

The Racial Preservation Society was a White Nationalist group focusing on the distribution of far right and radical publications. In addition to promoting right wing authors the Society published their own magazine entitled “The Southern News”.

1966 National Demographic Party

In 1966 David Brown, an Independent political candidate and chairman of the Racial Preservation Society founded the National Demographic Party. The group merged with the British Defence Leagues in the early seventies after unsuccessful merger discussions with both the British National Party and Chesterton’s League of Empire Loyalists.

1968 “Rivers of Blood” Speech 

In 1968 Enoch Powell, Conservative MP made a speech in Parliament relating to the proposed bill of The Race Relations Act 1968 (legislating for equal rights of housing, employment and public services irrespective of colour). The speech was vehemently anti-immigration, detailing a bleak future for the ‘indigenous’ population and proposing the state sponsored voluntary emigration of non-national British citizens. The speech was denounced by the then Conservative leader Edward Heath as racialist and Powell was demoted from his position in the cabinet. However Powell’s speech had had the effect of bringing some of the far right’s political arguments into the wider public arena and can be seen as a turning point for the growth of the far right in Britain.

1967 The National Front

In 1967 Chesterton merged his League of Empire Loyalists with Philip Maxwell’s British National Party and shortly after with John Tyndell’s Greater British Movement. The National Front, although still Anti-Semitic focused on White Supremacy as its core principle and campaigned against non-white immigration, mixed race marriages and ethnic diversity. The NF is best defined as a Neo Nazi movement, upholding the same far right values as previous Fascist parties but with a strong pro-British (and anti-European) flavour and few links to traditional Nazi symbolism or ideology. Chesterton was succeeded as leader in 1971 by John O’Brien. The National Front shows the evolving shift of the far right from the primary focus being Anti-Semitism to Racism, White Supremacy and British Nationalism.

1968 British Movement

In 1967 Colin Jordan looked to merge his National Socialist Movement with the National Front but this was rejected by Chesterton. Instead, Jordan rebranded the NSM to the British Movement which sought to establish itself as a street action party and which quickly gained a reputation for violence and street rioting. There were numerous arrests of BM members throughout the seventies and early eighties. In 1975 (after being arrested –again) Colin Jordan resigned as leader and was succeeded by Michael McLoughlin who campaigned to make the party more attractive to the young working classes and who grew the membership to in excess of 3000 members.

1972 John Tyndell becomes leader of the National Front

Tyndall oversaw some success with the NF in local elections and council seats but his Nazi past proved a barrier to his credibility and the NF party leadership passed to John Kingsley Read in 1974. This was to be a short lived period and Tyndell quickly reclaimed the leadership with Read leaving the NF in 1976 to set up his own group titled The National Party.

1973 Union Movement renamed the Action Party

Under the leadership of Jeffrey Hamm the Union Movement changed its name to the Action party in 1973 and contested a handful of seats at the London council elections.  The party divided into two in 1974 with some members staying loyal to the Action Party and others defecting to join the newly established League of St George.

1974 The League of St George

The League of St George upheld Mosley’s vision of a united Europe with the members joining from the Action Party primarily interested in pro European politics. Less of a street protest party than a discursive organisation the League kept membership to small numbers and sought to establish links with other far right groups across Europe. The group published a periodical titled The League Review.

1976 National Party

The National Party came into being as a result of both disagreement in the Conservative party ranks relating to ethnic immigration and friction between John Tyndell and John Kingsley Read of the National Front. (Read allegedly having more moderate views and who eventually left the far right to join the Conservative party). Despite making attempts at gaining a political foothold the National Party failed to gain mainstream credibility or success beyond a couple of council seats. The NP also promoted Holocaust Denial.

1977 November 9th Society

In 1977 Terry Flynn founded the November 9th Society (which became politically active under the name ‘The British First party’) Promoting their Neo Nazi views the group publicly supported discredited historian David Irving in 2006 (jailed for his historically inaccurate and intentionally malicious denial of the Holocaust).

1977 The Battle of Lewisham

In 1977 the National Front led an anti-multiculturalism march in South East London that attracted the attention of anti-fascist demonstrators. This led to massive clashes and fights on the streets with over 200 arrests and injuries to over 100 people. The march also divided anti fascists with differences of opinion as to whether to react with peaceful protest or using force to prevent the march from proceeding.

1978 Action Party changes to Action Society

In 1978 the Action Party changed its focus from being a political group to being a publishing house and changed its name to the Action Society. In 1994 Jeffrey Hamm died and the Action Society ceased its publishing activities.

1979 The National Front fractures

1979 saw Margaret Thatcher win the General Election for the Conservative party which started to move the party away from centrist ground and back toward a more right wing agenda. This weakened the National Front with many members feeling as a result of the political shift such a far right protest group was no longer required. The publicity for the National Front after the street riots during the Battle of Lewisham had also had a detrimental effect on the party which led to a leadership challenge by Andrew Fountaine. This challenge was not successful and leadership was maintained by Tyndell but it led to fractures with some members leaving with Fountaine to join his Constitutional Movement and others leaving to join the newly set up British Democratic Party. The fractures took their toll on both Tyndell and the National Front and after a short period Tyndell was succeeded as leader by Andrew Brons who had the backing of the National Front deputy leader Martin Webster.

1979 The Constitutional Movement

Andrew Fountaine’s Constitutional Movement was established as a breakaway group from the National Front and intended as a less extreme right wing alternative. Fountaine wanted to distance his group from Naziism and offer a credible political alternative to the mainstream parties. Poor results led Fountaine to become disillusioned and leave the party which struggled to make much impact without him. The party changed its name to the Nationalist Party in 1982 but after winning no seats at the 1983 General Election lost a lot of members to the British National Party and faded into oblivion.

1979 British Democratic Party

The BDP were the second group to splinter from the National Front in 1979. The group was established by Anthony Reed Herbert in an attempt to make far right politics more palatable to the mainstream. The party was undermined by its association with Ray Hill who was working undercover for the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight and who was passing key information about the BDP to antifascists and the press. The BDP received bad publicity with regard to alleged involvement in supplying firearms to Neo Nazis which undermined their credibility and led to the assimilation of the BDP with the British National Party in 1982.

1980 New National Front

John Tyndall resigned from the National Front in 1980 citing ideological differences (primarily he objected to pro homosexuality views within the group) and took a chunk of the NF membership with him. In 1981 Tyndall started to made advances toward other right wing parties and groups with the hope of establishing a bigger and more effective union. This was referred to as the Committee for National Unity.

1982 British National Party

In 1982 the Committee for National Unity decided to establish a new far right political party. This was to be founded on the key policy of British (specifically white British) nationalism and was called the British National Party. Although envisioned as a political party the early years of the BNP were characterised by street based activity (in much the same manner as the National Front). Tyndall’s Neo Nazism was deemed to appeal to too narrow a base by the party and in 1999 he was replaced by Nick Griffin who sought to remould the party into more of a political entity with appeal to a wider demographic of right wing voters.

1982 National Socialist Action Party

The Neo Nazi group The National Socialist Action Party was established by long term far right supporter Tony Malski who intended the party to be a pro force military style organisation. Malski had no political aspirations and the NSAP did not field any political candidates. The party disbanded after negative publicity from a Channel 4 documentary in 1984.

1986 Official National Front

In 1986 the National Front divided into two. The Official National Front and the Flag Group. The Official National Front (including Nick Griffin who would eventually emerge to lead the BNP) took a less traditionalist approach to right wing politics and a more moderate approach to British Nationalism. There was less emphasis within the ONF on anti-Semitism which caused friction in the group leading to a splintering in 1989 and a name change of the group’s remaining members to ‘Third Way.’

1986 Flag Group

Immediately after the National Front split the group led by Andrew Brons named themselves the National Front Support Group. However this quickly became rebranded as the Flag Group. After fielding several political candidates under this name and after the demise of the ONF the Flag Group eventually reclaimed the branding and name of the National Front.

1987 Blood and Honour

Blood and Honour was officially formed as a Neo Nazi group in 1987 though the origins of the group can be dated back to some of the Neo Nazi and White Supremacist musical bands linked to the National Front of the late 1970s. Blood and Honour attempted to bring Nazism to public attention through far right musical groups and a quarterly publication advertising far right events, paraphernalia and Nazi inspired concerts and gigs.

1989 International Third Position

The International Third Position came into being as a result of the split in the National Front. It was led by Roberto Fiore but the most prominent member was Nick Griffin who would eventually lead the BNP. The ideology was racial separatism, the idea that different races can coexist within a nation if there are strict boundaries governing interaction between them. The group rebranded as ‘England First’ in 2001.

1991 UKIP

The United Kingdom Independence Party was founded in 1991 in opposition to the signing of the Maastricht treaty which established the three pillars of the European Union. The party achieved little political headway or notoriety until into the turn of the century moving its share of the national vote from only 0.3% in 1997 General Election to only 1.5% in 2001 General Election. When established UKIP although a right wing party is not technically a far right party. The far right associations would come later in the history of UKIP.

1992 Blood and Honour “Battle of Waterloo”

A highly publicised concert (heavily promoted by periodical Blood and Honour) to be given by far right rock band “Skrewdriver” ran into clashes with antifascists and police who attempted to prevent concert goers from attending the event by closing down Waterloo station in London. Subsequent attempts by anti-fascists to prevent Skrewdriver and other Neo Nazi music bands from having an audience took place at many of the events organised by Blood and Honour. The co-founder of Blood and Honour – Neo Nazi Ian Donaldson – died in a car crash in late 1992.

1992 Combat 18

Combat 18 was intended as a paramilitary group to defend, in particular, BNP members from expressing far right views in public. The group had strong links to Neo Nazi organisation Blood and Honour and was built on the premise of violence and street action. Co-founder Charlie Sargeant was imprisoned for murder in 1997. After rejection from the BNP in 1993 (the association with Combat 18 believed to be discrediting the BNP who still retained aspirations of political success) went on to increased levels of violence, racist attacks and confirmed links to football hooliganism. The activities of Combat 18 show the beginnings of a shift in the attitude of the far right from Racism to Islamophobia. The group were also associated with Northern Ireland loyalist movements.

1997 National Socialist Movement

This group has no direct association with Colin Jordan’s NSM in the 1960s. It was established from a split in paramilitary far right group Combat 18 and initially led by David Myatt. The group was both racist and anti-Semitic and known for the use of violence. In 1999 NSM member David Copeland embarked on a London bombing spree with the use of homemade nail bombs, intentionally targeting ethnic and homosexual members of the public.

2002 The Racial Volunteer Force

The Racial Volunteer Force was a breakaway group from Combat 18 in 2002.  Led by Mark Atkinson and John Hill from Combat 18 the RVF was established as a street protest group. Unlike Combat 18 who were moving toward Islam as a primary target the RVF wanted to retain the ethos of National Socialism and in particular Anti-Semitism.

2002 White Nationalist Party

Based in the North of England and founded by Combat 18 frontman Eddy Morrison the White Nationalist Party was founded on extreme National Socialism principles. Mark Cotterill left the White Nationalist Party in 2004 he to found his own party the England First party

2004 England First Party

Prior to his membership of the White Nationalist Party Mark Cotterill had been a member of the BNP and he planned for the England First Party to be closer in political ethos to the BNP than the more street based protest group WNP he had just left. Cotterill used this new group to establish the far right (and relatively wide reaching) periodical Heritage and Destiny which he described as the “radical voice of racial nationalism”.

2005 Nationalist Alliance

Founded in 2005 by Catherine Parker-Brown the Nationalist Alliance as a unity was short lived. As a result of infighting the group split later the same year and although the party continued with its nationalist agenda for a couple of years it failed to make an impact on the far right political scene.

2005 British People’s Party

Founded by Eddy Morrison from the National Front the British People’s Party was a hard line anti-Semitic Holocaust denying party with Northern Ireland sympathies. The sole BPP political candidate David Jones was expelled from the party in 2012 allegedly as a result of a liaison with far right hate blogger Claire Khaw.

2006 New Nationalist Party

Formed by ex BNP Sharon Ebanks the New Nationalist Party was intended to focus on local political issues in the areas surrounding Birmingham. Although the party contested several local council seats none of the candidates from the NNP were successful.

2006 Nigel Farage and UKIP

In 2005 high profile member Robert Kilroy Silk left UKIP (to establish his own right wing political party) and UKIP floundered in an electoral slump as the party struggled to establish an identity as a credible political entity beyond their support of a single issue (leaving the EU). In 2006 Nigel Farage took over the party leadership and after establishing a broader political agenda took the party through a period of success including putting 13 UKIP MEPS into the European Parliament.

2009 The English Defence League

The EDL was founded in 2009 by Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon). It marked a key turning point in far right views as it was established as an anti-Islam party rather than a pro Nationalist party. Initially Robinson tried to make a distinction between what he called “Radical Islam” and the UK Muslim population in general but this view was not shared by the majority of his members and the group quickly established a reputation for being anti Islam.

2010 The European Defence League

Tommy Robinson’s vision was to expand the EDL to a wider European membership. In 2010 he set up the European Defence League which saw moderate success in Holland with the Dutch Defence League but which failed to garner mainstream support across Europe.

2010 British Freedom Party

The British Freedom Party was chaired by Paul Weston from UKIP and was promoted as politics of a “centrist” nature. This aspiration for the central ground looked unlikely when anti Islam Tommy Robinson was appointed deputy leader and even more unlikely when EDL member Kevin Carroll (known for his anti-Islam views) was promoted to leader in 2013.

2010 Britannica Party

The Britannia Party was a small splinter group from the BNP set up by Charles Baillie. It received minimal votes in Scottish council elections and, despite claims to oppose Scottish devolution, achieved little publicity with its campaigning.

2011 Britain First

Britain First is probably the most high profile splinter group of the BNP. Established in 2011, by party funder and founder Jim Dowson, Britain First continued the anti-Islam trend of the extreme far right. The party has achieved some success online with the Facebook page in particular receiving over one and a half million likes. The group however have failed to rise to the challenge of converting online activism to street based protest with less than 0.01% of the online membership regularly turning up to face to face Britain First events.

2011 The London Forum

Jeremy Bedford-Turner (Jez Turner) an ex National Front member set up the London Forum in 2011. The forum was (and still is) a speaking place for far right and nationalist speakers to publicly share their views. Past guests have included Holocaust Denier David Irving, Barrister Ian Millard (barred from practising law due to his anti-Semitic views) and Alison Chabloz – anti-Semitic singer songwriter.

2013 Tommy Robinson leaves the EDL

In 2013 Robinson held a press conference to confirm he would be leaving the EDL. He cited his reasons as concerns with the methods employed by the EDL and the “dangers of far right extremism.” Robinson was supported in leaving the EDL (along with deputy Kevin Carroll) by the Quilliam foundation – a counter extremist think tank co-founded by ex-Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz.

2013 Robinson leaves the English Defence League

Robinson was succeeded as leader of the English Defence League by Tim Ablitt who tried and failed to merge the EDL with the British Freedom Party. Under Ablitt the EDL attempted to make overseas connections including an open link with Terry Jones the President of American group ‘Stand up America Now’ (infamous for his threats to burn copies of the Islamic holy book the Quran). During this period the EDL also received controversial support from the Jewish Defense League.

2013 National Action

National Action are a youth Neo Nazi movement established on the internet in 2013 but set up as a street protest party. Unlike traditional far right groups there is no single public figure linked to leadership of the party though prominent members include Jack Renshaw, Garron Helm and Ashley Benn. The group are primarily an Anti-Semitic organisation, citing Hitler and the Nazis as their inspiration. The group are also associated with both Nationalist and Racist beliefs. Aside from poorly manned youth rallies the group’s key activity has been placing Neo Nazi stickers promoting ‘White Power’ in big Northern cities. National Action also claim to be supporters of Donald Trump. Also allegedly linked to National Action is Anti Semite Joshua Bonehill-Payne, convicted in 2016 for sending hate tweets to Labour MP Luciana Berger and currently in prison.

2013 British Democratic Party

The British Democratic Party is a splinter group from the BNP attracting the more extreme far right members and including Andrew Brons (leader) and John Bean. The BDP are an anti EU party opposing all immigration and supporting the reintroduction of the death penalty.

2013 Murder of Lee Rigby

The murder of fusilier Lee Rigby was a crime committed by two converts to Islam and despite being widely disowned by Muslim communities as having any links to Islam the murder caused civil tension with both the EDL and the BNP using the murder as a call to arms for their respective far right associations. The murder of Lee Rigby was also a pivotal point for the rise in anti-Muslim crime which spiked sharply in the weeks and month after the murder took place.

2013 Liberty GB

Liberty GB was founded in 2013 by ex UKIP candidate (and ex BFP leader) Paul Weston. The party was founded on anti-Islam principles and despite the use of ‘Liberty’ in its name is a conservative organisation with racist undertones and strong links to the EDF. Weston was arrested in 2014 for religious harassment and more recently Liberty GB member Timothy Burton was convicted in court of religiously harassing the founder of Muslim support group Tell Mama UK.

2014 Dowson leaves Britain First

After a disagreement about strategy, specifically relating to the mosque invasions favoured by Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First, Jim Dowson left Britain First. The group continued with online success on social media but with very limited political success beyond this with Jayda Fransen the party’s deputy leader managing to acquire only 0.14% of the vote in the Rochester and Stood by-election. Britain First also hit the headlines in this period for inflammatory comments about burying dead pigs in building works for mosques and for its ‘Christian Patrols.’ Britain First has been denounced by Christian leaders as not being representative of the Christian faith and the Community Security Trust (a charity to promote safety of Jewish communities and individuals) has also warned Jews that Britain First do not have Jewish interests at heart. Paul Golding stood for London mayor in 2016 but achieved only 1.2% of the total vote.

2014 Knights Templar International

Founded by Jim Dowson in 2014 the KTI is a primarily online allegedly non-political Christian organisation (which mainly operates through Facebook). Anti-Bigotry group IRBF exposed email correspondence from Paul Golding of Britain First advising his members to join the KTI which confirmed the link between the two groups and the link back to Dowson. IRBF also exposed the KTI director as being Jim Dowson’s sister in law.

2014 Bluehand

Established as an online anti Islam movement by an anonymous leader under the pseudonym ‘James Bond’ Bluehand claims an International membership though is independently estimated to have fewer than 300 genuine online members. The group operates exclusively on Twitter and has no presence beyond social media. In November 2017 ‘James Bond’ lost his primary Twitter account and over 30,000 followers.

2015 Pegida UK

Pegida UK was established as a sister group to the far right German organisation Pegida (an acronym for Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes) It was brought to the UK by Tommy Robinson who hoped to establish the group as a more respectable alternative to the EDF. To date the two Pegida UK marches have been notable for their lack of attendees with neither publicised event managing to attract more than 200 delegates. The group have had some moderate success on Pegida radio catering to a far right crowd with anti Islam guest speakers. Robinson stepped down as leader to be succeeded by Paul Weston of Liberty GB. The group is also assocated with Anne Marie Waters from Sharia Watch.

2016 Brexit

While not a far right event in itself the EU referendum in 2016 was notable for the change in public attitudes to embrace far right ideas including anti-immigration and anti-Islam sentiment. Hate crime toward many minority demographics significantly increased after the referendum.

2016 UKIP post referendum

UKIP moved further to the right in the lead up to the EU referendum with campaigns like their Breaking Point poster (depicting a dystopian and factually inaccurate view of immigration) consolidating their status as a far right party. Nigel Farage stepped down as leader in the same year and the party has struggled to find a long term replacement. The current leader Paul Nuttall (a climate change sceptic) has enjoyed several scandals including the claim he does not live in his constituency and the disproval of his claim that he lost personal friends in the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989.

2016 The murder of Jo Cox

In 2016 Labour MP and campaigner for human rights Jo Cox was murdered by far right supporter Thomas Mair. Mair had been a member of the National Front in the 1990s and was also alleged to have links with both the EDL and Britain First. This high profile act of terrorism brought far right extremism to the attention of both the media and the public with the Government Prevent program confirming in 2017 that one in every four referrals to the program was now related to far right extremism.

2016 Patriot News Agency

Jim Dowson established the Patriot News Agency to link together far right social media sites and organise the publication and sharing of pro Donald Trump anti Hilary Clinton propaganda in an attempt to influence the US Presidential elections. This was at least partially successful with a strong social media following and the candidate of choice elected (though there is no established evidence to support Dowson’s role in Trump’s election).

2016 National Action is Proscribed

The support of National Action for far right fascist murderer Thomas Mair in additional to their public calls for the death of both further MPs and “traitors” led to the Conservative government proscribing the group in late 2016.

Scottish Dawn and NS131 2017

In the wake of the National Action proscription two splinter groups – NS131 and Scottish Dawn appeared. Believed to have been a way for National Action to retain their structure under a new identity both these groups were proscribed by the Home Secretary in September 2017.

For Britain

In August 2017 UKIP held a leadership election which was contested by 7 candidates, one of whom was Anne Marie Waters, director of Sharia Watch and co founder of Pegida UK with ex EDL leader Tommy Robinson. Many in the party saw Waters as a one policy candidate and wanted to keep UKIP free of becoming an ‘anti Islam’ party. Rival candidate Henry Bolton suggested UKIP was in danger of becoming the “UK Nazi party” if Waters was elected leader and called for more moderate leadership. Waters lost the leadership to Bolton and announced shortly afterwards she intended to launch her own party which would focus primarily on reducing Muslim immigration in the UK.

Liberty GB merged with For Britain

In November 2017 Paul Weston of Liberty GB announced that he planned to shut his group down and join Anne Marie Waters in the For Britain group.


Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK