The World Resisting Hate want


Just as important as exposing haters and fighting hate is speaking up about the positives of the world we do want.

We want a world where a street can have Muslims, Jews, Christians, Pagans, Hindus, Atheists, Sikhs and all other faiths living together in harmony. Where we can agree to have different view and perspectives on the world and enjoy sharing those views without judgement or condemnation.

We want a world where our transgender friends are not called freaks for having the courage to live in the sunlight of their own truth.

We want a world where a gay couple can show their love for one another without fear of prejudice. Where we focus on the love between them rather than the fact they happen to be the same gender.

We want a world where we value the wisdom of the older generation and treat our ageing population with the respect they deserve. Equally we want a world where young people are encouraged to have a voice and to contribute their worthwhile opinions.

We want a world where race and colour are no longer a barrier and white privilege is a thing of the past. A world where we embrace different cultures and relate to the multicultural ideal of learning from one another to enjoy the rich tapestry of an integrated society.

We want a world where women can finally feel equal. A world where mysogyny has died out. We want to see women judged for themselves and not for the way they look.

We want a world that has evolved from materialism and capitalism, where people are not judged for their possessions and their wealth. A world that puts money into eradicating homelessness and giving all our people a fair chance of a decent life.

We want a world where people of all abilities work together. A world where we recognise a mental or a physical disability does not render a human being to be of less worth. We want to see more kindness, more compassion, more willingness to help one another.

This is what Resisting Hate is all about.

Roanna Carleton Taylor


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