Selective News, Poor Logic and the Far Right

As social media giants become more aware of how their platforms are used to promote hatred, racism and conspiracy theories and they take steps to help identify and prevent abuse, it has become increasingly more difficult for out and out bigots to maintain a presence on mainstream channels. Resisting Hate have looked in depth at […]

We need to tackle the REAL Hate

It has become a wide spread reaction to label anti hate activists and those who stand against prejudice as ‘politically correct’. Given the examples of racism paraded with sensationalist headline grabbing horror by the press this is perhaps not surprising. Only a few weeks ago we watched mainstream media tie itself up in knots wondering […]

Discovering Socialism

Surprisingly for someone who in adulthood has increasingly left wing political views, my background was actually fairly centrist. I was raised in a family where one parent was affluent middle class and the other was poor working class. They were united in a shared appreciation for Margaret Thatcher. My parents genuinely seemed to fear a […]

The Accidental Use of Offensive Language

There have been three incidents recently that got me digging deeper into the etymology of some of the common words we use without considering the meaning. The first was in a tweet on Twitter where I used the term “fuzzy wuzzy” to describe somebody’s feelings. I was thinking cute fluffy bears. It turns out that […]

Racism in 2020

Do you think racism is more of a problem today than it was in the 1980s? I think the racism we are seeing today is very different to the racism of the 1980s. Being labelled a racist has a lot more stigma attached to it than it did 30 years ago and that has made […]

The Beginnings of Resisting Hate

I’ve published quite a lot about how Resisting Hate evolved from an online opposition group to an anti hate organisation but what I haven’t touched on much is my own origins as an anti hate activist and how I came to be the public founder of what has become one of the most contentious anti […]

Coronavirus – The Mess and the Media

As the leaves on our pre autumnal leaves start to change colour and fall, the chaos that is 2020 remains very far from receding. A look at recent trends show that the infection rate is once again beginning to rise and the Academy of Medical Sciences is predicting a winter with up to 120,000 Covid […]

Should We Worry About The Nazi Problem?

Surely Nazis are a thing of the past? Up until about ten years ago they were. The Neo Nazi skinheads of the 1980s had little to do with the jackboot wearing fascists behind the Holocaust. Neo Nazism was really just a synonym for thuggery and racism. But in the last few years we have started […]

Why We Must Fight Transphobia

Probably the fastest growing area of hatred online is Transphobia. This prejudice is directed to both the hatred of both people who correct their gender (and who live as a different gender to the one they were born with) and people who choose to dress as the opposite gender. Transphobia hit the headlines recently after […]

Unchained Media News – Theft and Libel “news site”

Unchained Media News (not to be confused with Unchained Media Scotland which is a genuine and respected news outlet) popped up on Twitter with the claim that it was a new media site where both left and right wing politics would be equally represented with the aim of creating political debate. They made a Twitter […]

Hate and Extremism on Telegram

Our focus at the moment is highlighting the alternative platforms that fash are flocking to. A lot of people are unaware of the kind of pro Hitler, pro genocidal clap trap that circulates on VK, Telegram, DLive, Bitchute, Minds and As we start to see a mass exodus from mainstream platforms to obscure platforms […]

Roanna Carleton Taylor. Dispelling a few myths

Roanna Carleton Taylor.  Dispelling a few myths Since founding Resisting Hate in 2015 there has been quite a lot of interest in me as a public figure. While all this publicity is great for RH it has led to some increasingly bizarre rumours so it is probably a good idea to have all these rumours […]