Resisting Hate – A Year Down the Line


Resisting Hate – Just ordinary people doing what’s right.

As most of our readers and supporters will know – Resisting Hate started out in 2016 as an online protest group in response to Islamophobic Twitter hate group Bluehand. We began as a parody organisation, intentionally copying the #Bluehand branding to cause confusion and to disrupt the online recruitment of haters to ‘James Bond’s’ clique of Islamophobes. And oh my word did we cause some chaos!

In November 2016, in the wake of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump, the five founder members of, what was then termed ‘New Bluehand,’ decided to rebrand our organisation to oppose hate on a broader scale.  We had seen an increase in hate toward many different communities based on faith, colour, gender, orientation, race and health status and we wanted to use our group as a force for the good to combat these prejudices.

We built a Resisting Hate website (kudos to our tech guy who built and established all our rebranded technology in the space of 48 hours with no sleep) and we now have over 170 articles written by our members and guest writers which discuss and document many aspects of hate crime and its consequences. We also launched our ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ gallery to highlight key figures in hate speech and hate crime on both sides of the Atlantic. Judging by the angry response we have had from the haters we have featured to date, it is safe to say our website is having an impact…

We launched a presence across several social media channels and have built up a strong following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in particular. Recently we added a Tumblr channel to our social media platforms.

We founded a second Facebook page (managed by our infamous founder Halal Kitty) called ‘Mock the Right’ which is set to top 20,000 followers by the end of the year. The reach across our combined social media pages is regularly in excess of 1 million people and we have built up a contacts network of likeminded groups and individuals who also help to share our positive anti hate messages.

In addition to the work we broadcast on our own channels, I was given the opportunity to publish our group articles on Huffington Post which has further helped bring the attention of the public to the necessity of standing up to hate.

We have grown as a group, welcoming new members, both nationally and internationally, on a weekly basis and building a support network for people already working as activists on their own. Our Twitter DM groups have increased, giving all our active members access to shared information and hate fighting techniques. Many of our new members have brought positive energy to the group and given us different ideas and tools to work with. I understand two of our younger members are establishing the RH name further in the gaming world. Watch this space!

We established an email reporting channel where we could send out key information about haters to enable our members to take action. This has been a very positive endeavour and Resisting Hate can be credited with removing numerous haters from social media platforms.  We expanded our website recently to add a Members section where we can update those who support us with the specific results and statistics to show the results we are getting as an organisation.

Resisting Hate had a presence at both the 2016 and the 2017 Annual Anti Hate awards and one of our founders had the honour of a nomination this year. Shaking hands with Nasser Kurdy was probably the highlight of the whole year for me.

I was delighted to be invited to sit on the East Midlands advisory board for respected anti hate organisation Tell Mama UK who do such excellent work to combat Islamophobia. We have also had the pleasure of working with other anti-hate organisations and have supplied key information on haters to both these organisations and to several UK police forces. Founder ‘Old Wolf’ in particular has some key projects on the go that may well result in some high profile arrests before the year is out.

High profile Halal Kitty has managed to acquire a bounty on his/her head (we always keep Kitty gender neutral for safety reasons – even most of our members are not sure if Kitty is male or female) – offered by Britain First after one of our many mole accounts leaked rather a lot of sensitive information about Golding, Fransen, Blunn and the rest of the motley crew at Britain First.

We have appeared on the radio – speaking on The Voice of Islam and Beat 103.6 and have also been interviewed by several academics involved in researching the subject of hate crime.

As we go forward into our next year I am expecting further hurdles. Our accounts are being mass reported by far right trolls, myself and our members regularly receive death threats, there has been talk of suing the group for libel… I fully expect us to lose various platforms at various times and I imagine the abuse against those of us who fight hate will only intensify. However we have achieved our key objective of organically growing an anti-hate organisation with no public or government funding and we have inspired hundreds of people to take a stand against hate.

There are two points I particularly want to make as a result of this. Firstly (obviously) we are always interested in expanding Resisting Hate and we welcome enquiries from interested parties. Please do contact us.

But more importantly I want to highlight one of the #Resistance slogans that I feel really sums up our group and the work that we do –

An avalanche is just snowflakes with team work

All it takes to make a difference in the world is to believe in yourself and to find others who share those beliefs. We are making a difference because we believed that we could and we gave it our all. If you agree with us that hate has no place in our society then now is the time to stand up and be counted. It may not be our group you join – there are hundreds of reputable organisations dealing with hate and the tragic consequences it leaves in its wake. Take your pick and fight for what you believe in.

Become part of the avalanche and let’s end hate for good.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Exposing AMD and her White Supremacy


Far Right one-time former Labour candidate Anne-Marie Waters, too toxic even for UKIP and Nigel Farage to stomach, has set up her own neo-fascist political party called the ‘For Britain’ party, which has been compared by many people to the BNP.  Long-term Islamophobe Waters has, with the assistance of former BNP extremist Jack Buckby, expanded from the narrow anti-Muslim agenda of anti-jihadism to openly embrace white supremacist ideals. Waters has become Fuhrer of her own froth, tweeting about how she believes the white race is being “destroyed.” This policy endorsement is intended to appeal to the wide alt-right movement, and to all those who seek unity between different sectors of extreme right politics.

Waters and ‘For Britain’ have booked a fundraising meeting in Pontefract on Sunday November the 18th (2pm to 5pm) which several EDL hooligan thugs have promised to attend, Pontefract is a white working class former mining town which Waters hopes will warm as a collective to her all-new pro-white agenda borrowed from the BNP and National Front.  Joining her in the For Britain party, is Tommy Cook (AKA Tommy English from the EDL’s former LGBT Division), who is rallying racist troublemakers to attend the Pontefract push.  Cook is a member of internet extremist hate group #Bluehand, run by a reclusive James Bond fantasist.

She further elaborates about an imaginary “plot to wipe out white people”: –

AMD Waters tweets publicly about an imaginary ‘war on white people’ which received an enormous 3295 likes, a tweet which has gone down well with supporters new and old: –

‘White Genocide’ theory is key white supremacist propaganda, linked to supposed theories of global domination by Jewish bankers i.e. George Soros. These are deliberately concocted lies which an increasing number of Islamophobes both in the UK and the USA are spreading across the web. Like the American ‘White Lives Matter’ movement, the idea that white people are being ‘exterminated’ by dark ‘globalist’ forces of the New World Order is propaganda designed to rally angry, disillusioned working class people from economically disadvantaged communities such as Pontefract, Durham, parts of the Lincolnshire, Essex, the South Coast and the Midlands, into voting for her in future elections.

The ‘White Genocide’ conspiracy theory first appeared in a pro-white pamphlet written for Adolf Hitler’s ‘Research Department for the Jewish Question’ of Walter Frank’s Reich Institute with the title: ‘Are the White Nations Dying? The Future of the White and the Coloured Nations in the Light of Biological Statistics’.

The theory later resurfaced via white supremacist terrorist David Lane, author of the notorious fourteen words.

Some of the supporting white supremacists who approved of Waters’ comments, are South African. The manifesto of far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence devotes an entire section to an alleged genocide against Afrikaners. It also contains several other references to alleged persecution of whites in South Africa.  Mike Cernovich, an American alt-right commentator has previously stated that “White genocide in South Africa is real”.

However, Africa Check, a fact-checking organisation has rejected the claims as false: They state in fact that: “Whites [In South Africa] are less likely to be murdered than any other race group.” Africa Check reported that while white people account for nearly 9% of the South African population they represent just 1.8% of murder victims.

Whilst she is unlikely to gain either parliamentary or European (Brexit depending) representation, Waters will be seeking to follow the path of the now fragmented BNP, in gaining votes in council elections and using this platform to breed ignorance among the white working class to create further support for her extremist views.  (At one time, the BNP alarmingly held over fifty council seats. It eventually lost them all, as the party collapsed due to infighting between pro- and anti- Nick Griffin factions. ) The measure of success for ‘For Britain’ will be inevitably compared to the fortunes of the BNP, the success of which Waters hopes to match in her quest to become a nationally renowned figure like Nick Griffin.  For Britain will be relying on the power of their EDL support come election time, if her “For Britain” party is not to flop like a damp squib in the manner of equally hateful far right party Britain First.

Britain First has now been officially deregistered as a political party by the Electoral Commission.

Hope not Hate reported that Waters recently attended a gathering of 134 Neo-Nazi, alt right and white supremacist scene participants entitled the ‘Traditional Britain Group.’  Other notable attendees included Hitler fan Mark Collett, Stead Steadman of the London Forum, Martin Sellner of the Austrian Identitarian organisation and Sellner’s girlfriend, the American alt-right content creator Brittany Pettibone.  Not forgetting former BNPer Jack Buckby, who has now teamed up with Waters, and is directing her policies towards more traditional far right standpoints to help “unite the right”: –

Buckby being a former organiser of Gavin McInnes’s chauvanistic alt-right Proud Boys, Waters will have to consign her self professed love for the Suffragette movement to the dustbin.

The long-term failure of the British far right is arguably due to the inability of the disparate parts to agree on common terms and whether the focus should be anti-muslim, anti-Black, anti-semitic, Holocaust deniers or conspiracy theorists.  There are plenty of groups saying different things.  The over-emphasis upon hating Muslims, has overshadowed other more traditional prejudices to the extent that many of the older, ex-BNP and National Front figures now feel marginalised by the EDL “cocaine and Stella” brigade, who they resent for “dragging British fascism down the gutter” (as if it was not there, already!)

The general feeling at the meeting was that if British extreme right politics are to survive post-Brexit they need to broaden the focus so as not to leave the older booted and suited bonehead generation out in the cold.  Whilst the London Forum have apparently (according to Hope Not Hate) given the nod for Mark Collett to set up his own party, others who attended this conference undoubtedly see a brighter future with new face for the far right ballot box – Anne-Marie Waters who doesn’t carry the baggage of Nazi Boy Collett. (Collett has suffered more than one videotaped humiliation over the course of his egotistical lifetime.)

Whilst the EDL have, on the whole, steered clear of KKK-style politics, preferring to march up and down car parks chanting “Allah Is A Paedo”, the consensus at the London meeting felt the only way British fascism could return successfully to electioneering would be through copying some, if not all, the tactics of America’s alt-right.  Whilst Pepe memes and nerdish gaming subcultures would fail to make an impact with working class white people, a revival of the old-fashioned, pro-white campaigning, mirroring Trump fans ‘white lives matter’ ideals would begin to get results, and help to unify the British far right behind notable leaders.

If Anne-Marie Waters has successfully managed to connect with the hardcore white supremacists and Holocaust deniers who filled the Traditional Britain Group meeting, her Twitter endorsement will be the proof of the pudding.  So far, her white genocide tweets have been liked and shared by thousands of people outside the EDL subculture, with replies featuring calls to ‘remove’ Jews, tirades against black Africans, deadly calls for starving Africans to be stopped from “destroying the white race” and everything else you would expect from old-school BNP supporters latching onto the AMD Waters ticket.  One Neo-Nazi simply tweeted the direct call for “white power”.


AMD Waters assistant Jack Buckby was quick to add that he was “proud to be white”, although he failed to mention whether he was proud to have been booted out from university in Liverpool for being a racist idiot.


Whether Waters will become the next Nick Griffin, nobody knows.  One thing is certain though, with Old Nick’s protege Jack Buckby on-hand to direct policy, EDL thugs invited to party launches, and the more extreme UKIP trolls switching over to her camp, she is going to try to take hatemongering forward through local elections.

Antifascists: – Please join the protest organised by Wakefield Stand Up To Racism to protest against the WHITE SUPREMACIST “For Britain”, party, on Saturday the 18 of November 2017 from 1.30pm, and be prepared to make some noise.  Bring your whistles and horns to let Pontefract know that hatred will be vigorously opposed forevermore.

‘For Britain’s’ politics are for Nazi Germany, not Great Britain.

Never Again!




Britain First – The Saga Unfolds


As Britain First implode under a chaos of their own making we’re going to keep this article updated with all the twists and turns and scandals as they happen. Keep checking back!

Polish lady called Weronika arrives for the Britain First Rotherham protest. Paul fancies her.

After the protest Paul Golding tries to force himself on Weronika.

Paul Golding sleeps with Weronika and he gets her pregnant (after offering marriage and saying that she should obey him).

Weronika is dumped by Golding and the split is not amicable.

Weronika runs off to Graham Morris… who has been sleeping with Jayda.

Looks like Graham has more to offer in the bedroom department. Paul’s “two inches” not really up to the mark.

Paul Golding threatens Weronika and her family with “direct action” because of her not cooperating with him.

Graham messages Jayda with his concerns about Golding’s threats

Britain First HQ call conversation in which they discuss UKIP, Tommy Robinson’s coke habit and all sorts.

It all kicks off on FB where they are saying that Paul Golding is a scumbag (which we know).

Posts were put on FB which showed the conversation with Weronika and Jayda. In those posts it shows that Jayda described Paul Golding as “rapey” in person and in his messages to women. Jayda is worried about Golding’s violent nature.

The messages also show Jayda saying that she did not trust Steve as he was the one that “grassed on her to the police”.

Steve Lewis (BF security) goes bonkers because he thinks that it is him being labelled as the grass. But it isn’t him, it’s Steve in the BF office. But this isn’t corrected until Steve Lewis has gone bonkers saying how Paul Golding and Jayda can’t be trusted.

Jayda speaks to Graham Morris about Golding.

Jayda tells Graham she will lie to Golding about sleeping with him (Graham).

10th July 2017

But Jayda is very keen for a bit more one on one Graham action…



So much infighting in BF!

Sept 14th 2017

Somebody takes revenge on Graham Morris, his home is attacked, ransacked, and his 10 year old son’s toys and games are smashed.

A red Britain First sweatshirt was allegedly left at the scene.

Morris, rather than taking the law into his own hands, reports this to the police…

Sept 23rd 2017

Golding is picked up by Greater Manchester Police for the assault on Weronika


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Jayda and the BBC


Ok let’s go through Jayda’s live broadcast point by point…

1. I know many Poles who don’t mind living alongside Muslims, they aren’t “anti-Muslim”

2. Jayda says that “hard working Poles and British taxpayers are paying for Islamic Extremists”. You do realise that amongst the “hard working tax payers” will be a very large number of Muslims don’t you?

3. Never heard of any other community who won’t integrate like Muslims?
a. Parallel legal system aka Sharia – how about Beth Din for Jews?
b. The Polish community don’t have their own legal system in the UK – the Polish community isn’t a religious one. In fact if they were Muslim or Jewish then they would be covered by a (above)
c. “Polish people are a good people, a Christian people” – how about the non Christian ones? What about ones who become criminal, like you find in any community.

4. Don’t you dare use ISIS based terrorism to make out that Muslims are bad and Polish people are superior. You’re clearly deluded.

5. You’re not a political party. My cat could have gained 0.03% of the votes during the election that you stood in.

6. Keep your eyes on the road you idiot.

7. If you’re going to put Britain first then I’d just hand yourself in to the police and let them bang you up.

8. There is a difference between Nationalism and Patriotism. You are no patriot. You’re a halfwitted Nationalist. You know who else was? Hitler was one. As was Mussolini.

9. You don’t give out membership details as you don’t have a clue as you don’t want to admit it is well below the 1.8m “followers” on Facebook….many are bought.

10. We do know what racism is.

11. If “your grandfather fought the Nazis” then he must be spinning in his grave that you’ve aligned yourself with Oswald Mosley……who funnily enough loved Hitler and the Third Reich.

12. Grooming gangs are not just Muslim. In fact Rotherham has impriosned a non-Muslim for child sexual abuse. You didn’t mention that.

13. You want an “end to Halal slaughter”. I notice you didn’t mention Kosher slaughter.

14. You mentioned “Sharia Courts” but failed to mention Beth Din and Ecclesiastical courts.

15. People coming to our country and breaking the law – that isn’t just a “Muslim problem”

16. Yes. Most of us are using our brains and that’s why you get trounced by huge numbers of people at counter demonstrations

17. Halal slaughter doesn’t “fund terrorism”. Your whole “Zakat is bad” thing has been debunked ever since you made that ludicrous claim

18. Yet again you take passages in Islamic scripture out of context. We can do that with many things including your beloved Bible.

19. Grooming gangs – again, not just a Muslim issue.

20. Everything you do is reasonable? Really? I’m yet to find the “reasonable” part of it.

And CNN & the BBC are vile leftist bigots? Good grief woman you’re sounding more deluded than Golding!

In summary Jayda

Just because you CAN do a live broadcast, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD, my dear
If you don’t like being interviewed by “lefties like the BBC”, just refuse to be interviewed.

Halal Kitty

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Britain First Using Lee Rigby To Spread Hate


Britain First’s latest stunt has really frustrated me for a number of reasons:

1. Lee Rigby’s mother has already said on several different occasions that she does not want Britain First and Lee Rigby to be associated or for them to use him for their own political ends

2. No one knows who did it. It could be just a sick random vandal or two. But in the video Golding goes on about “Islamic extremists” (as per usual)

3. He says that if the people are found and taken to court, they “will get a visit from Britain First”. Really Paul? Because that’s not got you in trouble before has it, you ignorant halfwit. And by doing that you will, like before, jeopardise any action or case brought against them.

I have an idea Paul, why don’t you stop “talking for the British people” because, frankly, you don’t. What you do is embarrass the British people. What you do is show yourselves up to be ignorant. And you actually only speak really for the 20 people who can be bothered to turn up to your shambolic “days of action”.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


The Unholy Hate Threesome


It probably won’t have slipped your notice that Tommy Robinson recently got arrested following his “interview” outside Canterbury Crown Court, in which he tried to interview individuals who were on trial there. The same thing has happened following Jayda doing the same thing, and she also went further by going to a property where the defendants supposedly lived (they didn’t) where she proceeded to screech through the letter box after banging on the door.

I then started to think of the relationship between Britain First and Tommy Robinson, as they seem to be very cosy with each other.

Now, back in April, the EDL and Britain First got together to form a laughable demonstration against Muslims in London. Prior to this, a photo of them planning the demos was put out on social media, showing Tommy Robinson together with Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding at a trendy London wine bar. The Independent then ran with this report on the day, with the headline “Police make 14 Arrests as rival groups clash at joint Britain First – EDL protest in London” (here) – note the use of the word “joint” in this, which with the photo of them together gives the idea that they were in it together. Considering Tommy is apparently nothing to do with the EDL any more and isn’t even a member of PEGIDA, why did he go there to be part of the demonstrations, necessitating the use of a police “bodyguard” as he got harassed through the streets.

Jayda was quick to use one of Donald Trump’s favourite sayings and put out a tweet that it was all “#FakeNews on steroids”. She maintained that there were 30 EDL supporters and 300 Britain First supporters who turned up for “SEPARATE” demonstrations and they were nothing to do with each other. This all sounds like Screechy is protesting about it a little too much.

Following that demonstration, there seems to have been a fair amount of “crossing paths” of the two sets of people. Too many instances in fact to suggest it to be a coincidence.

As the Huff Post showed, both Britain First’s infamous duo plus Tommy Robinson went to Birmingham and did one of their usual traipsing through the streets with their big white crosses while handing out abuse to locals. Following an exchange with one of the local Muslims, they ended up scarpering to their vehicle and sped away from the scene on camera. I have to add that personally, I find these escapades laughable – their panting, breathless commentary and descriptions make it sound like they had just driven into the middle of a war zone and got shot at and barely left with their lives. As it is, Britain First have been condemned by the church for being unchristian though they dispute this saying the church is morally bankrupt.

We come to the latest debacle. Tommy Robinson went to the Canterbury Crown Court with his latest incarnation as “roving reporter/idiot/halfwit” for Rebel Media. (If you aren’t aware of what Rebel Media is, imagine either watching a combination of Alex Jones/Infowars and Paul Joseph Watson, or imagine having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick – a bit of HHGTTG there for you). He had been warned by the police for doing what he did, leading to his arrest.

The full details relating to the arrests of Paul and Jayda are still to be made clear as nothing has been confirmed at the moment. Apparently they aren’t allowed to say anything about it, which is leading some people to question if it actually happened at all, as Tommy was able to say why he got arrested.

As the police have said in their statement to the press, the people involved are on bail, they have not been convicted of anything at the moment as they are on trial. I do wonder what would have happened if “lefty media” had done the same to them when on trial? Would that have opted to give an interview and thought that having a camera shoved in their face was acceptable, or would they have said that they were being unfairly treated because “we aven’t done nuffink, this is are country after all”  In addition to this, as showing in the email from Kent Police, they are already short of staff without having to deal with bigoted halfwits who are wanting to “expose” something that doesn’t need to be exposed.

The point of this was just to say that there seem to be more and more links between Tommy, Paul and Jayda as a kind of unholy threesome and they have been causing issues together rather than apart as they had pre April. I wonder if Britain First want to use Tommy’s business acumen (which to be honest may not be really good but is seriously an improvement on their own)…as they do seem to be motivated heavily by money, with constant rounds of money raising requests.

I just hope that the three of them are dealt with in a way which stops them acting as they do. By getting basic cautions or just a few weeks inside they get their followers to pay via their “help our poor Paul and Jayda who are being victimised by the police” fund, and they come out of prison and get treated as celebrities by the following they have.

This needs to stop, and stop soon.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Dowson – BNP to BF



Today I am moving my sights from what could be considered Real Britain First to “I’m going to pretend that I’m not part of Britain First.” I will explain…

Jim Dowson is, like Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, a petty minded little bigot. He is originally from North Lanarkshire but has spent quite a bit only time over in Northern Ireland. He was part of the British National Party and became someone who looked after their “financial affairs”. He states that during this time he raised a total of £4m. You will remember me mentioning in previous articles that he ran a call centre for the BNP in Ireland….which he did under the name “ Ltd”. He left there after facing an allegation that he groped a female BNP operative.

For a while, he was also a member of the Orange Order during which time he associated himself with a flute band who were accused of glorifying Michael Stone (the Ulster loyalist who was charged with the attempted murder of Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams). He ended up leaving the Orange Order under a cloud and then took part in protests against them. As a member of the Orange Order he didn’t really get a name for himself however after leaving the Orange Order he set up a group in 1999 called the “UK Life League”. Part of what this group did was producing a website which gave details of workers in places like sexual health clinics. He also led protests against the Marie Stopes clinic which opened in Belfast in 2012.

During these activities he was convicted (allegedly) of breach of the peace, possession of a weapon and criminal damage. He has however denied this – with the exception of a breach of the peace incident dating back to when he was younger.

Now we come to Britain First where Dowson first became involved with ex-BNP councillor Paul Golding. Dowson was shown as being the main source of funding behind the group and Channel 4 News stated he was the person behind the whole Britain First ideology after he set up the group in 2010.

Hope Not Hate produced an article on Britain First  which gives some detail surrounding Dowson’s influence within the group.

Those of you who follow Exposing Britain First will be aware that Britain First is not just Britain First. Britain First are also using other page names including This is England ForeverLionheart GB, The English Bible and many others. Some still run, others have been absorbed into the main Britain First page which gives them a numbers boost.One of the alternative pages is called Knights Templar International, which is run by Dowson.

Dowson has recently been in Eastern Europe as a representative of KTI, supplying their vigilante paramilitary “border guard” groups with equipment to help them hunt down asylum seekers crossing the Bulgarian borders. He claimed that these refugee “invaders” were planning on taking over the world and begged followers of KTI to give them money to essentially arm these vigilante groups (he took with him bulletproof vests, night vision goggles, drones and other supplies).

In one of his videos Dowson is filmed with a masked group making this statement:  “We are on the Bulgarian Turkish border on patrol and looking for illegals. The dedication these guys have got is very impressive. The borders of Europe are being protected more by these men than our governments. Today, the Knights Templar International brought along vests and ballistics and drones and night vision, stuff that these guys desperately need. A big thank you to supporters in America and the Philippines and other countries who have contributed to this. These are men and women, mainly ex-forces, doing it in their own free time, facing all sorts of risks and dangers. These are good people and they’re very very deserving of your support.

In another statement Dowson addresses the paramilitary vigilantes and says: “When my grandfather was alive, this land was ruled by Ottomans, by the Muslims. Now they’re coming back. Remember the forces of Islam once got as far as Vienna. Now they are as far as John O’Groats in Scotland and more and more are coming in. This is not political, this is a fight between good and evil, black and white, a fight of the cross, a fight of Christ. If you can, please come train with these people, help them. If you’re too old or can’t leave your job, send them some money. Get them organised, help them, supply them, meet their needs because they’re guarding your border, my border, the whole of the free western world’s border, even America’s border. The fight is here.” Dowson went on this trip with Nick Griffin of the BNP and also went to Russia to visit with far right groups there to spur them into the same action.

Dowson “left” Britain First in July 2014. However he seems to still have an iron in the fire as far as the group goes. KTI have strong links with Britain First, even running the same/similar posts, commenting on “leftists” and constant risks of ‘jihadists’ attacking the UK etc. Britain First have even wheeled Dowson out as a guest speaker. All this seems a little too familiar considering Dowson is supposed to have left.

In mid 2016, Dowson thought he would do some PR work for Donald Trump. He set up what he called the Patriot News Agency in which he described his support would be given by publishing “devastating anti-Clinton and pro-Trump memes and sound bites”.  This site then went on to post articles which alleged that Clinton was involved in “Satanism, paedophilia and murder” and much much more. (All the time also insisting that Trump was an angel who needed their votes…)

So, to sum up, Jim Dowson is a typical ignorant, nasty, Islamophobic idiot however, he has an advantage the others don’t. While Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have to put up with shuffling from car-park to car park under a cross shouting about Sharia law with 20 followers who bothers to turn up, Dowson has the money and contacts to actually go down the paramilitary line, whether doing it himself or supplying others with equipment to do so themselves. This makes him a threat that needs to be watched closely.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Jayda Fransen – Deputy of Britain First


Jayda used to be a member of the English Defence league which she confirmed in the BBC3 documentary “We Want Our Country Back”. She left because she wasn’t happy with the EDL’s liking for alcohol fuelled marches and violence.

The Britain First website says that Jayda owned and ran a recruitment consultancy and also has a background in law – however I wonder how successful her law teachings and career were as she doesn’t seem to apply the knowledge to her dealings with the police as part of Britain First.

Jayda joined Britain First and was made deputy leader in the autumn of 2014. This was done by the “National Executive Council” which was essentially a gathering of Biffers with barely any intelligence who get cajoled into accepting a decision without questioning a single thing. When Paul Golding realised he was going to prison  Jayda was made acting leader of Britain First. She has since returned to being the deputy following Paul leaving prison.

What I love about the Britain First website is the way that they describe what Jayda has encountered during her role in Britain First. For example:
1. Arrested for confronting hate preachers like Anjem Choudary – yes Choudary was a hate preacher, but was being dealt with through legal channels. What Jayda did was go to houses in the evening and rant at them on their doorstep. If the courts are handling things this shouldn’t be necessary. Others she describes as “hate preachers” are often nothing of the sort and are often just imams from random mosques.

2. Been dragged to court by corrupt authorities in an attempt to silence her – the law states that you can’t incite racial hatred and give abuse to random members of the public. Well, seems that Jayda forgot that part of her legal training and therefore paid the price.

3. Jayda serves as the Britain First press officer and deals with “hostile media” with effective skill – now, if it is anything like she deals with the public, anyone who doesn’t agree with her is either screeched at (earning her the nickname “Screechy Fransen) or just gets ignored and shut down from the start.

4. Jayda is a devout Christian and comes from a Catholic background – so devout that she goes on marches on a Sunday when surely the most devout Christian would be in church. And also, for a devout Christian to scream abuse at someone because of a different religion and ethnic background…..I find most UN-Christian.

Jayda has stood for office, to become the parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood in 2014 and managed to get a massive 56 votes…..which was a whole 0.1% of the votes cast. That seems to have put the mockers on her contesting further elections and she hasn’t stood since.

In November 2016, Jayda was convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. She had entered Luton and verbally abused a female member of the public in front of her children as she was wearing a hijab. She was fined £1000 for that plus an additional £200 for the “wearing of political uniform”. She was also ordered by the court not to contact the lady she had abused or engage in any actions that could intimidate her. Fransen, as is her style, said that the only reason she was convicted was because the courts like to appease Muslims.

A week after this conviction, Jayda produced a short video shared on the Britain First website and Facebook page, in which she said that the police should be able to turn their guns on and shoot Muslims.– Quite how that falls in line with her “Christian values” I don’t know…

Britain First published a manifesto a couple of years ago which stated that they would “offer generous grants to those of foreign descent who are resident in the UK who wish to leave permanently”. In response to that, Exposing Britain First did some digging about and (I quote)

I’ve been studying family history now for long enough to suspect that you aren’t completely British. Fransen is not a British name. So I decided to have a little dig around. Let’s start with your paternal grandparents; John Joseph Fransen, or rather Jan Jozef Wynand Fransen. Born in the Netherlands in 1927, Jan came to England with the Dutch Naval fleet. (Full blog post here)

Now isn’t it odd that someone sooooo against immigration and who would have such a hard line against immigrants should actually be of immigrant parentage? Then again such is the way of strangeness and contradiction within Britain First.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness Jayda in action first hand or even on film, you will see that she doesn’t seem to have a volume control. She goes from 0 to screechy in about 10 seconds flat. Normally this is when she is face to face with Muslims, “lefties” or essentially anyone who doesn’t hold the same views as her and her bigoted pals.

People often say that Jayda is stupid, dumb, idiotic etc. While I think her views are just that, especially regarding Muslims and immigrants, after all, she has a vile and rancid point of view…there is something else. She has managed to stay the course. While many others have either left Britain First under a cloud because of differing opinions, not acting in the right way, etc… She has managed (don’t read this in a sexist way) to remain in what is a majorly male led and staffed field. Look at far right groups and you’ll notice that while there are women in place, they aren’t in positions of influence or leadership. She is canny enough to get people to buy in to her right wing rhetoric and by doing so has secured her position in Britain First.

To conclude, Jayda is a petty narrow minded hate filled bigot, but unlike Golding she does have intelligence behind her….and that is the problem. This is someone who could be a major issue if she was to become a major player in Britain First but at the moment her vendetta against Muslims is halted by Golding as the figurehead. I just hope she either leaves or Britain First is disbanded before that happens.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Paul Golding – Jim Dowson’s Puppet


As a follow up to my article on the right wing hate group “Britain First” I thought I’d do one on some of their prominent members.

Firstly, I thought I’d go for the top (if “top” is possible when dealing with them)……Paul Golding.

Paul Anthony Golding, is a 35 year old criminal with a colourful history. (Normally I’d shy away from saying “criminal” but in his case it is 1. True and 2. Needs to be remembered.

Originally Paul Golding was a member of the National Front from the tender age of 16. Notably he was the idiot who got drunk and turned up to the cenotaph with a pair of women’s knickers on his head…..such respect from someone who via Britain First says they support the armed forces……he later claimed that someone else put them on his head and he immediately took them off…..but taking a look at the photo he doesn’t seem to be looking like he is in any hurry to take them off.

In 2009, Paul Golding was elected to Sevenoaks District Council after winning the only British National Party seat in Southeast England outside London. As well as being the Communications Officer for the BNP, he then went on to stand as the BNP candidate for Sevenoaks in the 2010 general election where he received an impressive (😂😂) 2.8% of the votes cast. Paul Golding was briefly expelled from the BNP for attacking their only ethnic minority candidate.

It says a lot about him that when he resigned from the position on the District Council in 2011, the Labour councillor for St Mary’s Ward said that he only attended 3 meetings that year and that with him gone they can get on with their work……such dedication.

He then went on to join Jim Dowson (I will write about this fascinating individual separately…..but he ran the BNP call centre in Belfast and is…if possible….more foul than Golding) who had started a new organisation after getting the boot himself following an allegations that he had “groped a female BNP activist”.

Anyhow, that is how Golding found himself to be in the group “Britain First”. Since their inception they have tried to distance themselves from groups like the EDL and British National Party. It was seen during documentaries about them that Jayda was sent scurrying about, telling people to take off their EDL beanie hats. What this did show however, was that there is a significant cross over between the EDL, NF and other groups together with Britain First.

Furthermore as someone with a couple of “mole” accounts within these groups on Facebook, I see a lot of people crossing over and sharing from many groups including the National Front, New British Union and the EDL….including central members of Britain First, from their Security, Admin and regulars on their “days of action”.

Paul Golding has grown the Britain First brand and network from membership (£20 a year…you get a badge to prove you’re an ignorant fool…or £120 for a lifetime membership – bear in mind these people do get regular reminders to donate more and more as time goes by. “We need a new camera”, “need £5000 for legal fees”, “need £5000 for a new activist LandRover” etc) to merchandise like a £25 hoodie where you find that a number of complaints have been made by people who haven’t received their items.

He is no stranger to legal action for a number of things while being in Britain First –

  1. May 2014 – Arrest for criminal damage & breach of the peace.
  2. July 2014 – He tried to get himself arrested in Bexleyheath police station over an incident at Crayford Mosque but this has been put down to being a “publicity stunt” which failed.
  3. August 2014 – Britain First was investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency over the illegal use of the royal crown on their logo. Off the back of this they instructed them to remove it from their website and merchandise. They haven’t removed the crown as of yet and no further action has been taken yet.
  4. 2015 – Arrested on suspicion of assault in Derby in March. Then he was convicted of harassing a woman who he believed (mistakingly) that she was the wife of a bomber from the 2005 London bombings. Also he was found guilty of wearing a political uniform (remember my article about Oswald Mosley and the blackshirts) and he got a fine for this.
  5. December 2016 – Golding was sentenced to 8 weeks in prison for breaching a court order. This court order was a response to the nuisance that him and his activists had caused at mosques. This court order banned him from going to mosques and also banning him from getting others to go to one in his place too. In the end, just 9 days after the injunction starting, he drove a group of activists to a Cardiff mosque where they entered in their usual fashion and caused problems for the people in there.

Now, in November last year he “stood down for a period of 6 months while he dealt with family matters”….placing Jayda Fransen in the driving seat. Now, it seems that in the end the stand down was because he knew that he would be going to prison and if that happened there would have been a power vacuum. He has since been released from prison and immediately took his place back at the helm of Britain First.

Britain First have registered themselves as a political party and have stood in elections however they have never actually succeeded at being elected:

  • 2014 – Wales for the European Parliament elections – 6,633 votes (0.9% of votes)
  • 2016 – London Mayoral Election – 31,372 votes (1.2% of votes) – during this Paul Golding stood with his back to Sadiq Khan as he did his acceptance speech…..looking like he was going to cry….poor thing.

So, to sum it all up, I will just say this. Paul Golding is a nasty little man who has a proven track record of giving abuse to people for their skin/religion/nationality for at least the last 19 years and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Furthermore, rather than being the “brains” of the Britain First outfit, he seems to be a placeholder. Someone who is great to have as a figurehead while they work out how to distance themselves and stay removed from groups like the EDL, but also someone who is also easily influenced and also seems to be a tad naive…..I will expand on that when I do a piece on Jayda Fransen.

If you want to learn more about Britain First and their people including Paul, have a look at Exposing Britain First and also IRBF as they do posts which effectively expose the lies told by Britain First and others. 🙂

By the way, don’t think that he runs solo within his family, his mother and brother also display the “Golding” character.

You might also find this news article interesting –

Halal Kitty

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Britain First


Britain First formed as a splinter group of the British National Party in 2011, by a man called Jim Dowson.
The current leader of the New British Union used to be the organiser for the Scottish contingent of Britain First for a while so it is obvious the kind of person the party attracts.

Clickbait and a large amount of funding on advertising has led to the numbers of “Likes” on Britain First surpassing the 1.5m mark. They celebrate this total, saying that this makes them the largest “political party” on Facebook. This is all well and good, but when you look at their photos and videos it is clear that the same 15-25 people turn out for every event which is not something that they seem to shout about as much.

The days of action that the activists in Britain First go on have got them in hot water legally. Not only have they been cautioned by the police while out on the street more recently Jayda Fransen (Deputy Leader) and Paul Golding (Leader) have had to sign on at the weekends at a police station and have been given sanctions about where they are allowed to sleep overnight, what areas they are not allowed to go to (including every mosque in the country).

Paul Golding was recently sent to prison for breaching the Court Order in place forbidding Britain First members from going into a mosque or inciting others to do so. He was locked up over Christmas 2016.

Britain First are linked to a great many rather nasty groups. Their members are openly racist and come to them as from fascist groups like The NWI, EDL and NBU. They also have a fixation with overseas groups, not only Knight Templar International (headed by Dowson) which are based here but who go to places like Hungary to provide military equipment for anti Muslim paramilitary types.

Take a look at Exposing Britain First and IRBF as they are set up specifically to fight against the nonsense that is on the Britain First page and website.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Britain First – Facts Behind Foolishness



Thought I would give you all a run down on what is one of the most prolific right wing groups operating at the moment…..Britain First

Now, on the face of it, most peoples introduction to Britain First is on their Facebook timeline where you see photos of the Queen, Princess Diana, a soldier etc along with the phrase “like and share us and this post if you respect our soldiers/think the Queen is wonderful/Princess Diana was the queen of hearts etc….There doesn’t seem to be anything sinister about this however if you scratch just below the surface you will find a huge amount of hatred and bigotry. To understand why, you have to look at their roots.

Britain First formed as a splinter group of the British National Party in 2011, by a man called Jim Dowson. I will be writing about him in detail in future, but needless to say with his anti abortion activism and BNP membership he isn’t a nice character.

The current leader of the New British Union used to be the organiser for the Scottish contingent of Britain First for a while…You may remember me mentioning the New British Union in my post about Mr O the Neo-Nazi a couple of days ago.

Now we come closer to the present day, where clickbait and a large amount of funding on advertising has led to the numbers of “Likes” on Britian First surpassing the 1.5m mark. They celebrate this total, saying that this makes them the largest “political party” on Facebook. This is all well and good, but when you look at their photos and videos it is clear that the same 15-25 people turn out for every event, not something that they seem to shout about as much.
The lower numbers however cause another cry….that normally occurs when they are confronted by either Muslims….usually outside the shops, mosques or restaurants that they are targeting, or any Antifa groups. Their members can normally be found moaning within their groups about what is happening or, sometimes, also to abuse people who follow the anti-Britain First pages. (have a look at Exposing Britain First & IRBF – they produced the memes and posts I’ve attached as screenshots)

The “days of action” that the activists in Britain First have been on have got them in hot water legally. Not only have they been told off while out on the street by the police and passers by, but more recently Jayda Fransen (Deputy Leader) & Paul Golding (Leader) have had to sign on at the weekends at a police station and has sanctions about where they are allowed to sleep overnight, what areas they are not allowed to go to etc.. caused by mosque invasions and suchlike. Paul Golding was recently sent to prison for breaching the Court Order that they had in place forbidding them from going into a mosque or inciting others to do so….he was banged up over Christmas, something that the right wingers were very angry at (shame).

In some ways, worse than the street “work” that Britain First do, are the stories that they have been posting on Facebook, Twitter and their website. Facts seem to be something that they really don’t understand. They have many different articles they post but they fall into just a few categories:

1. Blatantly “white pride” – they have been known to share photos of a white, blonde haired and blue eyed family with the cautionary tale that the “white race is at risk of being diluted/becoming a minority in the UK”. Obviously this is a load of rubbish.

2. News – while Trump has spent the run up to and first month of his presidency passing out “alternative facts”, this is something that Britain First have been doing for a while now. From jumping to conclusions (a shooting happened, it is all down to islamists/ISIS/Immigrants) but when the truth is announced that it wasn’t the right assumption, they don’t even remove the post…it remains there and people still continue to comment. I have seen it where the comments continue to be made for days after the truth comes out, normally with either everything being a conspiracy that the news media don’t want to tell the truth to appease Muslims or that the white person that carried out the attacks had been influenced by Muslims in some way.

3. Mock Outrage – The Britain First leaders are fond of doing their little pieces to camera. In recent weeks we have seen Golding standing outside a shop in Telford which they stood outside of and told their followers that the owner was an ISIS supporter. This was based on an Islamic symbol which had been placed on the shop front by the owner, While the symbols are shown at the centre of the ISIS flag, they have been used for the last 1500 years and just simply says “God’S Messenger Mohammed”. Now, this may seem like a small thing, but the message has been shared 5,000+ and seen by more than 400,000 people……and Britain First is planning on having a “Day of action” in Telford later in February….and you can bet that they will go back to that shop to cause issues.

4. Downright lies – Britain First have been causing issues with things that are blatantly untrue. For example, they posted a photo of Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) wearing an islamic head scarf with the tag line that she was a typical lefty traitor…..however, a look at the photo in detail shows that the scarf is slightly out of focus and the face is fully focused……..and then a simple search online shows that the girl in the photo is someone else and Emma Watson’s face has been photoshopped in place. There are countless more….far too many to even mention here.

5. No consideration – They have been asked by the family of a soldier not to use their image in their posts on the page but they have refused to think about that and have instead continued to use it. This is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened, they use various images on their posts and on their merchandise which should not be there and discard any thought of reconsidering using them.

6. Links – Britain First are linked to a great many rather nasty groups. Their members are openly racist and came to them as also members of groups like The NWI, EDL, NBU and suchlike. They also seem to have a really weird fixation on overseas groups, not only Knight Templar International (headed by Dowson I mentioned earlier) which are based here but who go to places like Hungary to provide military equipment for anti Muslim paramiliraty types, but also the toadying and fawning over Donald Trump and even Putin….who they seem to revere as a god.

So, ladies and gentlemen, that is Britain First in a nutshell. If you can, take a look at Exposing Britain First and IRBF as they are set up specifically to fight against the nonsense that is on the Britain First page and website.

-Halal Kitty


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Britain First Are Not Christian


Now to be fair, neither am I. But way back in my university days I specialised in religious philosophy and made a point of reading the holy books of most mainstream religions. Naturally this included the Bible. So when I first came across the bunch of clowns that is Britain First I was pretty dumbfounded at their audacity in claiming their actions to be in any way consistent with the Christian faith.

I’ve dug out my Bible to explore whether Britain First can qualify on any level as being the Christians they claim to be.

The basic premise of the Christian religion is that the New Testament of the Bible updates the faith and supersedes the teachings of the Old Testament.

Romans 7:6 “But now we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the written code.”

(Theologically it’s a little bit more complicated than that but as a gist that explanation holds water).

So the five examples I’m going to look at are from the book that according to the Christian faith brought the word of God directly to the people. These are the tenets that any modern Christian considers the fundamentals of their faith.

Loving others

Matthew 5:43-45 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.”

So do Britain First love others? Well no they do not. Take for example the recent appointment of Sadiq Khan to Mayor of London earlier this year. The official response from Britain First was that they “would not stop until all Islamist occupiers are driven out of politics completely.” They went on to threaten “militant direct action” against Muslim officials. This is less praying for their ‘enemy’ and more deliberately setting out to target their ‘enemy’ as an object for their hate.

Living peacefully with others

Romans 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Back in June this year the press reported that Britain First had taken to the Welsh hills (Snowdonia) to practise knife fighting at their “activist training camp”. Admittedly further press articles revealed the group’s focus was more on eating Pot Noodles and Pringles than actually taking any physical exercise but the premise remains the same, this was an excursion intended to upskill their members in violence and fighting techniques. About as far from living peacefully with others as it is possible to get really…

Judging other faiths

Acts 10:28 “God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean.”

Britain First have a major hate fixation with the Islamic faith and it runs to abuse on a much deeper level than just calling them common. Jayda Fransen hit the headlines last year for threatening to bury the severed head of a pig on a proposed site in Dudley for a mosque. Other members were arrested for a “Christian” crusade on the streets of Bradford which involved thrusting cheaply printed Bibles on any passer by they believed to be Muslim (pretty much equating to anybody who looks Asian). More recently the police are seeking to have Britain First banned from every mosque in the country due to their harassment and intimidation of local Muslim communities.

Telling the truth

Proverbs 8:7 “For my mouth will utter truth; wickedness is an abomination to my lips.”

Britain First’s grasp of their own language isn’t great so nobody’s hopes were high that they would understand the Arabic word taqiyya (broadly defined – It is acceptable in some denominations to deny the Islamic faith in situations involving threat to life). However the group went several steps beyond their own ignorance and deliberately spread lies about the meaning of the word to accuse pretty much the entire Muslim population of being liars. They also use their Facebook page to mislead the general public into liking their memes of puppies and poppies to drum up an unsuspecting audience for their online racism.

Obeying the law

Romans 13:5-6 “It is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.”

The relationship between Britain First and the law is iffy to say the least. Both Golding and Fransen have been arrested on numerous occasions for anti social and illegal behaviour including distributing “abusive” promotion materials, conducting so called “Christian parades” and this week yet again for wearing political uniform. Paul Golding has also been investigated by the Counter Terrorism unit. A poor case for a group of Christians submitting to the authorities. (Though the pictures of Golding signing on daily in various Police stations are very amusing).

I could go on. I was unable to find a single passage in the New Testament that was consistent with Britain First demonstrating any Christian behaviours. This view is supported by every denomination of the Christian religion in the country as documented in an article by the Huffington Post in January this year.

So in summary Britain First are so unchristian they could probably walk past Jesus Christ in the high street without recognising him. And even if they did manage to recognise him, given the fact he would undoubtedly look of Arabic descent they’d probably tell him to go back to his own country and chuck half a pound of bacon at him.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK