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Britain First’s Followers Troll Resisting Hate


Since we reported the demise of the two million strong racist Britain First Facebook page we have been innundated with far right whiners having a cry in our inbox.

These fascist knuckle draggers barely manage to put together a coherent sentence but the general gist is that they are pretty cross that Facebook no longer wish to host extremism and Islamophobia.

We have put together a selection of abuse, threats and troll posts to show our readers just what kind of person supports Britain First.

(We have the IP addresses of all of them and will pass continual abusers to the authorities.)

Hidden the details of this one who emailed us but we have confirmed him as a member of National Action.

As long as idiots like this keep spewing their bile then you can be assured there will be a Resisting Hate exposing and combating them.

Roanna Carleton Taylor


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