Trump Attacks London Mayor


Resisting Hate member in America speaks out against Donald Trump

This is the reality.

Far right extremists pose a far greater risk to our safety than Muslims. No “Travel” (Muslim) Ban or Wall will solve that problem and Trump is too busy trolling and harassing the Mayor of London to even take notice of ANOTHER mass shooting unfolding in Florida this mourning. (Spelling intentional).  He continues to incite violence and troll the planet with his insanity on Twitter and through ridiculous speeches making Whitehouse press statements through Alex Jones and Infowars.

Far right extremists and White Supremacists don’t realize they have been played by Trump any more than Trump realizes he was played by Putin. All I know right now is that the truth is Comey-ing. Thursday will have the highest ratings EVER. More people are going to be watching Comey than the OJ Simpson trial.

The Whitehouse has a serious credibility problem. Trump took Mayor Sadiq’s statement completely out of context. While most leaders would know the best way to handle a crisis is to reassure the public that measures are being taken to assure their safety, instead Trump is using the tragedy for political gain. Trump has launched a personal attack on Mayor Sadiq Khan inciting violence against Muslims and further appealing to disenfranchised youth who are vulnerable towards being radicalized by ISIS or White Supremacist Cults.

Imagine if the Prime Minister did something so heinous after 9/11 of the Orlando shooting. This is truly dreadful. He’s an opportunist and is a very sick and twisted man. Sending light and love to my friends in the U.K. and solidarity to my friends in Portland. I stand with you.

Elyssa Durant



Another Week In Trumpland


So………let’s see what’s happening in the world of Trump….

1. He has been crying as his “Muslim Ban” has been lifted by the courts….that hasn’t given him much to smile about. In fact, as usual, you can see the fallout from that by looking at his Twitter account 10 minutes after the decision was made.

2. There was a tragic attack in Paris. (I say tragic as it’s tragic that the actions of one person have again led to the demonisation of an entire religion by the right wing.)

3. After the attack, Trump took to Twitter to confirm that an attack had taken place (thanks Donny, hadn’t noticed that fact by looking at the news you know). He used it to justify his decision to close his borders to all those wicked nasty Muslims that he thinks want to attack America.

4. The Associated Press report that the French prosecutor involved in the case has confirmed that that man with the knife was from the UAE and came to the country as a tourist on the 26th January.

Now…..let’s see, there are 7 countries that Trump wants to do “extreme vetting”/a Muslim ban on. Ok….so, this person would have been caught up in this vetting because he is apparently a Muslim and is from……..bugger……the UAE is one of Trump’s “safe” countries……hmmmm…..that kinda scuppers the “excuse” that he has for the border issue. He could of course ban all Muslims from all countries entering the country but, hold on, he has business interests outside the core of 7 countries that he has on his ban list….so that won’t happen will it?????

Perhaps it is time for him to realise that:

1. He is unpopular. Not only is he unpopular all over the world but he is also unpopular within his own country and his approval rating is plummeting to a record low – lower than any other president in history and (according to CNN) Trump is the only President to hold a net-negative rating this early in his tenure.

2. His constant use of Twitter makes him look like a petulant child. In fact, if any of you are on Twitter, I’d invite you to not only see us on there (our details can be found on my pinned post on my profile – @HalalKitty2) but also to take a look at @VicenteFoxQue who was the Mexican President from 2000 to 2006, you won’t be sorry to do so.

3. That whinging about the press being mean to him is a joke. And insisting that Fox News is good and the New York Times is bad is the same as Farage and Britain First insisting that the Daily Mail is the paper for the discerning reader – total nonsense. (If you love fact checking like I do, go and see Exposing Britain First & IRBF as there is plenty there to enjoy)

Halal Kitty


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Supporting One Another



Today I listened to this from the New York governor in response to Trump and his “immigration ban”

Now, I know people are saying that it’s nothing to do with religion and it’s only temporary (and many other things which they use to pardon Trump and his actions).

Fact of the matter is, his actions have had a massive effect on the people in the USA, those coming to it from outside and even those who have no wish, reason or motivation to travel there. What his actions have achieved is to validate the bigoted actions and thoughts of a minority of people….but the actions of that minority has a resulted in mosques being burned, Muslims at prayer being shot (yes, it was Quebec but I have no doubt their actions have been spurned on by Trump and the people who are following him) and vile abuse thrown around both in person and online.

What has made me happy though is the outpouring of support that I have seen online and in person. I have Muslim friends who have said that Trump, UKIP, Farage and his comments etc has meant that people are more vocal in their support and friendship. Our group is also growing rapidly on Twitter as has our Facebook family too.

In recent days we have experienced a surge of support both through our communities sharing our posts and also our friends on other pages who have kindly given us a space in their hectic schedules to post our details too.

One thing I would ask, as usual, is that you share this message as we really need to get the word out there and unite to stop the bigoted minority having the loudest voice. Also, if you are on Twitter and are looking for like minded friends, please contact us and we will be happy to help & also keep an eye out for the hashtags #TheResistance#Resist#ResistTrump and finally the anonymous group who are using the hashtag #OpResistance.

At the risk of sounding like an episode of Crimewatch, “don’t have nightmares”….because we will never give up our aim of #ResistingHate

– Halal Kitty


Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump Discriminates Against Judge


Trump is talking about a judge….an AMERICAN judge, who is obviously in their position as they are competent to do the job. It’s not like you just happen to walk into being a judge because you fancy giving it a go during a gap year or something.

During his interview, he gets asked time and time again whether the judge is essentially able to do his job properly….and the answers? “I’m building a wall…..I’m building a wall between here and Mexico, he is proud of his heritage….he is a Mexican”

Now, the judge wasn’t born in Mexico….he is of Mexican descent……doesn’t make him a “Mexican”. (Not to say that they don’t consider themselves as a Mexican at all, as people look at their own identity in a number of different ways…….I’m talking about what’s on his birth certificate)

If Trump is saying (which he does a number of times during the interview) that the judge keeps on giving unfair verdicts…..”because he is Mexican”, doesn’t that make it a racist comment?? He then goes on to confirm that if he was to have a Muslim judge, he feels that they would also be basically biased against him.

No matter how you spin it, his comments are racist. He also brings the judges honesty into question by indicating that if one of the plaintiffs was Mexican/of Mexican heritage then he might know him and that would completely influence his decision and the trial outcome.

A record 33.7 million Hispanics of Mexican origin resided in the United States in 2012, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data by Pew Research Center. This estimate includes 11.4 million immigrants born in Mexico and 22.3 million born in the U.S. who self-identified as Hispanics of Mexican origin. And I have to say, I feel very very sorry for them, being presided over by a man who doesn’t seem to trust a single one of them.

I would ask, please, if you would share this post with your friends, colleagues and families. I have recently been horrified at the abuse people are getting. I’ve reached out to a number of individuals and groups in the USA and said that we are aware of what’s happening, we are seeing what Executive Orders are being signed off, we are seeing Trump for the ignorant bigot that he plainly is and that as a global family he is a global problem and they are not alone.

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump And The Environment


The orange man strikes again, and fails to acknowledge facts.

I’m a geologist by qualification, spent a great many years looking at rocks, fossils and more. Part of my study was looking at old environments and changes within it.

Now, not wanting to go into postgraduate rants on Milankovitch cycles, greenhouse effects and suchlike, which would probably send people to sleep, all I will say is that through earths history climates change. It’s a given. However, man is having an impact on this and exacerbating the effects.

There is a massive amount of data that people like me used including information from the EPA. For this to be censored is a tad worrying. I understand that some people think that there is no such thing as global warming etc but by removing the data and hiding what has been discovered it is stopping even casual research into it.

Again it comes down to transparency…..if there’s nothing to hide, then give the information to the public and allow people to use science to debunk it. What you don’t do is hide the information because you just don’t fancy giving anyone a balanced view.

Censoring the media in the way that Trump is starting to do, along with stopping agencies reporting reporting the facts as they see it is not a good thing. It comes down to, again, the politicians being held to account…..who will now know if the world heats up when Trump decides to increase fossil fuel usage to “Make America Great Again”? There will be no public frame of reference.

Halal Kitty

Halal Kitty is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate, and a regular contributor to the group’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome To Washington Mr President


I write this on the eve of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. I still can’t say that with a straight face, the sheer fact that so many people were taken in by such an obvious fraud is staggering.

However, we have to accept that what’s done is done. Barring a legal challenge (for which there must surely be grounds) or an assassination attempt (er…) this time tomorrow we will have to call him Mr President. Not since Nixon has a president entered office with a lower approval rating. The Donald isn’t worried about that though, because when faced with information he doesn’t like, he simply chooses not to believe it.

Yes, the same man who ignores security briefings from intelligence agencies and denies the effects of climate change has now turned his scorn on pollsters.

The American voting public (albeit a minority of them) have allowed this vain, angry, misogynistic racist to represent their nation on the world stage. There are widespread suspicions that the Russian government was at work influencing the election, spreading propaganda to deliberately allow the election of such a weak and ineffectual leader for their own political gain. Personally I’m not convinced they weren’t just doing it for a dare, or a joke that got out of hand!

The next four years will be the acid test of course. Today President Obama left a message for Trump, urging him to listen to his advisors, and that the job is a huge responsibility, more than any one man can manage alone. I think he was wasting his breath, Trump has previously perpetuated the myth of Obama’s ineligibility to even be president, long after it was debunked, so he probably won’t pay much attention to this either.

I wasn’t quite sure, when I started writing this piece, whether I’d think of enough to justify it, or whether it would just turn into a Trump character smear. The simple fact is that this man is so wholly unsuitable for the role of president that no matter what I could say about him, the truth would still be worse!

The current right leaning trend in politics is worrying to someone like me, a moderate centre-lefty, but I could live with that if it weren’t for the fact that people were being misled into accepting it as inevitable.  The media are partly to blame of course, for spreading such biased coverage, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the public for allowing themselves to be spoon-fed such rubbish.

Here in Britain the Brexit vote was an international embarrassment, resulting in our currency value plummeting, and our economy and buying power effectively shrinking as a result. The resulting political fallout left us with a prime minister who is completely incapable of running the country, and a foreign minister who stumbles from one diplomatic balls-up to the next. Just in the past day he likened the French president to Nazis wanting to inflict “punishment beatings” on Britain for trying to escape the EU. The referendum result was so close, and skewed by blatantly false claims from both sides of the argument. The problem is that people believe what they see in the headlines of the tabloids, often without even reading the articles.

This is exactly the same kind of intellectual apathy that led to the Trump victory. Liberals saw the claims, the awful racist rhetoric and the incitements to violence and thought “nobody is going to believe this rubbish”. But they did, in their millions. The phenomena of Fake News, and the appeal of somebody who promised to Make America Great Again (by as yet unspecified means) was enough to awaken the masses of people who are, unfortunately, not aware of their own suggestibility. The majority of Trump’s supporters are, predictably, working class white males. They have been duped into believing that they are a persecuted minority group, which, statistically speaking, is ridiculous, but was sufficient motivation for them to lap up the claims made during the campaigning.

It beggars belief that they would accept the word of a ruthless billionaire, who has grown his businesses by screwing over his workers and suppliers, to be the voice of the working man, but that is what has happened. He is now busily filling his cabinet with friends and associates cut from the same cloth, rich white-supremacists, religious bigots and  climate change deniers, all in positions that, from an outsider’s point of view, seem like a parody of a government.

As I said above, the next four years will reveal the true character of this man and the people of his country. Will he surprise me and do a good job, growing the economy and reuniting the States? Will there be rioting, violent put downs and anarchy within a week?

Good luck America, I think  you’re in for a rough ride…


Donald Trump – 45th Best President


Donald Trump is a man best suited to selling cars, or possibly double glazing. He is not a man most people would consider fit to run their bath, let alone their country, yet that is what is about to happen to the USA. Despite not getting as many votes as his rival Hillary Clinton, he will be inaugurated as the 45th President Of The United States of America (POTUS) on January 20th 2017.


Claiming 2017 Back From The Haters


There is little need to recap the chaos of 2016. Certainly to anyone with a social media presence or who reads the newspapers the horrors have been all too evident. From an increase in worldwide terrorism to the shock Brexit referendum through the rise in Nationalism, evidenced by support for hate groups like Britain First and National Action, and culminating in the election of a fascist to the American presidency – 2016 was not a good year for humanity.

The worry for many is that 2017 will bring more of the same. Trump takes up his seat in the White House in January, The Netherlands have a strong candidate for hate – Geert Wilders – in their March elections and the equally abhorrent Marine Le Pen, the fascist leader of Front National in France has promised a referendum on the French exit from the EU “Frexit” if she comes to power in April. Social media giant Twitter is still failing to tackle the massive wave of hatred posted on its platform, there are daily incidents of racist attacks on our streets and the Metropolitan police has advised that in the wake of the Berlin atrocity a UK terror attack is “highly likely.”

On the face of it things look pretty bleak but there is a big difference between Jan 2016 and Jan 2017. This time we are prepared. Last year caught most of us on the hop. I had the odd nagging worry that the Brexit vote might be closer than I would feel comfortable with but I never seriously entertained the idea that Britain would actually vote to leave the EU. As for Donald Trump becoming the President of the USA, that was so farfetched a year ago as to be laughable. We simply didn’t consider the possibility that people would listen to far right rhetoric and that was our mistake. We underestimated the need for change and the desperation of those who would turn to anyone, even far right haters if they promised that change. We overestimated the integrity of our media and unwittingly allowed fake and misleading news to be consumed by the people who would vote in the crucial 2016 elections. Perhaps we even overestimated some of the people themselves. We put the future of our countries in the hands of many whose only source of political knowledge came from the likes of the Sun newspaper and who in many cases were unwilling to put the work in to seek out a deeper understanding of the consequences a post Brexit pro Donald Trump world would bring.

We are perhaps now Coleridge’s sadder and wiser men. It has taken the events of 2016 to bring us to the point where we now acknowledge and understand the far right to be the dangerous adversary it is. We have learned our lesson in the hardest way possible but the hope is that we have learned it in time. A Facebook meme commented: “The Holocaust started with words not actions” and this is deeply relevant to where we find ourselves at the start of 2017. We know where the path to hate will take us. We know how easily it is for those well versed in the art of hate rhetoric to take power. We understand the danger of allowing silence to be mistaken for complicity in atrocity. Everything we ever learned from history has been played out right before our eyes on the stage of 2016.

The important thing now is what we do with this knowledge. Although there have been some last ditch attempts to stop Brexit going through and prevent Donald Trump from becoming President these are now looking very much to be fait accompli. One thing our far right haters have got right is that we will achieve nothing by crying over the legacy of 2016. We need to use what we have learned constructively to mitigate the damage limitation and stop it spreading.

Voters in the Netherlands, France and Germany will have a positive opportunity to fight back at the polls. But it isn’t enough just to vote. If you are a politically aware person with a good understanding of the carnage the likes of Le Pen will cause, educate others. Write posts about it and put them on social media for your friends to see. Discuss it at dinner parties. Talk about it with your work colleagues. Help others to see the parallels between the polls in your countries and the far right hate victories of 2016. If you are not politically aware and one of the “taking our country back” brigade be honest with yourself. Do you actually know enough to vote? If you don’t then get out there and take responsibility for looking at unbiased sources of information to bring you to an informed point of view before you step inside the polling booth.

For Britain and America the vote ship has already sailed. But those of us who support humane and liberal values are very far from being defeated. What we need to focus on now is putting good into the world. Build bridges between communities. We need to make minority groups feel they do belong in the countries they live in, despite what the hate press and divisive politicians say. This doesn’t have to be on a grand scale, even eye contact and a smile can help eradicate the invisible barriers that the far right hate has erected.

We need to stand up and oppose division and hate rhetoric. Report the hate you see on social media platforms, complain to the newspapers when you see inaccurate and divisive reporting. Write to your MP and sign petitions to make your voice for good clearly heard. Support groups like Hope not Hate who fight fascism and, if you can afford it, donate to charities who offer support to victims of hate crime.

Uphold the values you stand for in every aspect of your life. Challenge prejudice wherever you encounter it and be willing to explain why it is wrong and why it hurts people. Educate rather than intimidate people into an appreciation of why it is wrong to discriminate against individuals and communities.

Whatever you are willing and able to do to fight hate is of absolute critical importance in 2017. The far right are not going away, they are engaged in a battle to win the hearts and minds of the populace and we must not let this happen. We must not be the good men who saw the evil and did nothing, we must not be the people who turned their backs until it was too late and who had nobody to speak up for them when the hate finally turned their way.

We must not be our naïve selves of 2016 who believed hate would never take a foothold in our societies. It did and now we need to stop it.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Where Do We Go From Here


This isn’t where we intended to be…..

It is hard to find anything positive to write about the appointment of Donald Trump to the most powerful political position in the world. Even without considering his far right views, his links with white supremacists, his obsession with Putin and his sexist behaviour, the man lacks the experience and knowledge to play a key role in world diplomacy.

I will leave it to the politicians to determine if there are any silver linings to come from the Trump cloud. The lack of Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani in his cabinet might be a cautious note of optimism as might his backtracking on Obamacare. His wall that turned into a fence and which I now suspect is heading toward an ornamental privet hedge may also be an indication that he will step away from some of his more controversial campaign promises. I hope so. But as an anti hate group Resisting Hate are more concerned with people than policies and though undoubtedly we will all be keeping a very close eye on the news in the weeks and months ahead it is the impact on hate crime and how this affects societies and individuals that is uppermost in our minds.

The initial picture looks pretty bleak. We have all seen the stats on the rise in hate crime. In a similar manner to Brexit in the UK hate crime has shot up in the USA since the election results and both the newspapers and social media are filled with reports of abuse against People of colour, Muslims, Jews and the old far right catch all “immigrants.”

These crimes are being depicted as reactionary and some of them undoubtedly are. But it is also human nature to see patterns where there are none. It is inconceivable that every piece of Anti Semitic or Islamophobic graffiti is a direct result of the impending presidency of Donald Trump. We cannot attribute that level of influence to the man. Nor can we credit the kind of people who do write their hate slogans on bus shelter walls as necessarily being politically aware enough to have followed the election campaign. Hate has been with humanity since the dawn of time. Hate was around before Trump and it will be around after Trump. What I am saying is try not to feel despair if you are seeing it for the first time. Trump may have brought this hate out into the open but he has not created it.

Bringing the hate into the open is obviously not a good thing for the people being subjected to hate and prejudice but it is also not a good thing for those who perpetuate the hate. People like Stephen Bannon for example were not, relatively speaking, well known public figures prior to the election. (Many in the UK had never even heard of Breitbart let alone knew who runs it). Now he and his ilk are making headlines and being openly recognised for who and what they are. The consequence being they will be unable to promote their insidious agendas behind closed doors. We may not like the Republican party but even they would balk at the more extremist hate views promoted by Neo Nazi white supremacists.  It is perhaps better we can see and publicly shame these people for what they are. Ironically we are best placed to do so when they hold public office.

Seeing the hate crimes publicly reported so widely also exposes the underbelly of hate that has been festering both sides of the Atlantic for a long time now. I want this stuff highlighted in the press. I want people to be aware that there are sick people in our societies who talk with glee about “ovening Jews” and blowing up mosques. This hated has been smugly written off for too long as “just words” or “just social media”. It is imperative we understand the repercussions this hate has in our communities. It is only through direct exposure that people will understand why it has become such a problem and will finally come to the conclusion that something must be done about it. If you were too apathetic to vote in the last election then read the papers, you sure as hell won’t be in the next one.

Trump ran his campaign capitalising on the fact that he was the candidate of change, the candidate against the establishment. If he sticks to many of his campaign promises and legislates on hate principles then hate will become entrenched in his politics. Hate will effectively have become the establishment. And just as the people voted for change in 2016 a sadder and wiser electorate will vote for change again in 2020. They will vote to kick the hate right back out of politics. It took 71 years for the world to forget Nazi Germany to the extent where they would welcome fascism back into mainstream political systems. After Trump I believe it will be at least another 71 years before it is welcomed in again.

Much as I do believe exposing the hate is important and confident as I am that Trump’s political future will be a short one the actual positives that come out of this farce of a week are positives that lie in our own hands. Minority groups may be being targeted but these groups are only a minority if they stand alone. Now is the time for unity. If a world that has suddenly become very aware of an undercurrent of hate is willing to unite and stand together as a force for human decency then possibly Donald Trump could end up being the catalyst for something very good.

Our future lies in all of our hands. If we are able and willing to overcome our differences, find common ground, build bridges between communities and stand united against hate then we will get the world we want. If we are unwilling to put the effort in then, sadly, we will get the world such apathy deserves.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK

Is The End Of The World Nigh?


As the USA Presidential race heads into the final two days and shows no sign of being the Democrat landslide that many of us liberals hoped for we enter a nailbitingly tense period which will involve a lot of good people having very little sleep.

When Donald Trump first rumbled onto the political scene I remember having a conversation with my husband. “Suppose he actually….” No. My husband very emphatically reassured me that nobody would ever vote for such an idiot. He wouldn’t be taken seriously as a credible politician even for a party prone to being as dangerously far right as the American Republicans.

A few months later after Trump was voted the Republican candidate we discussed it again. “You know there really is a chance….” No. My husband was confident that not only would Trump have no chance at the Presidency his Republican candidacy was a positive thing as it would weaken the Republicans ensure a Democrat victory.

Even only a few days ago I was buoyantly assured by my (now rather irritatingly optimistic) husband that something would happen to change the course of history. This fascist, racist, xenophobic hater of a man would be prevented from taking up the most powerful position in the world. Something would stop him, someone would stop him, something had to happen…

24 hours from victory or defeat quite a lot has happened. But none of it of the magnitude that many of us hoped for. What looked like a Hilary win judging by the polls of two weeks ago now looks like a very close race indeed.

I am perhaps being a bit over dramatic in referring to a possible Trump victory as the end of the world. But in some ways it will be the end of the world as we know it. Trump has tapped into a public tide of hate and prejudice that many of us did not even know existed, let alone wanted to see given a voice on the world stage. If this man is given the office he seeks it will legitimise these schisms between communities, both in America and throughout the world. If the President himself can openly slander Mexicans, Women, Muslims, Jews, people of colour, people with disabilities etc. then there is nothing to prevent anybody else doing it. The door will have been opened to the floodgates of racism, mysogyny and Islamophobia and our world will have changed significantly for the worse.

It is not Trump the person I object to or even Trump the politician. What terrifies me is Trump the catalyst. The Trump who stands as the gatekeeper ready to usher in a society that favours division over unity. The Trump who has changed politics to make them about prejudice instead of policies. Never before have we seen a presidential candidate so open about his intention to divide communities and so approving of the followers who act on his views with hate speech, hate crime and violence.

In the UK we are in the unique position of knowing first hand what happens when right wing ideals are given free rein and our society has suffered greatly for it with hate crime spiking only hours after the Brexit referendum vote came in. The Brexit aftermath would be nothing compared to the fall out of a Trump victory. This is a man who is willing to publicly degrade women, ban people from a country just for following a faith and who hates his neighbouring country so much that he wants to spends billions on a wall to block them out. And that is just what he is willing to admit to while running for President.

The reason my husband has been so confident throughout that Trump would not get the presidency is because he and many others believe that a man who stands for division and hate on the scale that Donald Trump does would never be granted the power held by the Presidential office. This is a belief in humanity, a belief that decency will ultimately prevail, that the bad guy never wins.

24 hours from the election result I’m not so sure, Logic tells me that the polls are in Mrs Clinton’s favour. Common sense says that all the demographics abused by Trump in the press are unlikely to garner him votes in that direction. Everything I have read suggests that even hardened Republicans are turning away from the candidate they despise. But at the back of my mind whispers that little voice, the one that will stop me sleeping for the next two days. The one that says sometimes humanity doesn’t always win out against hate, that sometimes decency lucks out and the bad guy does manage to win.

It’s going to be a long twenty four hours…

And if he wins it’s going to be a bloody long four years…

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK