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Britain First Banned from Facebook



Today Facebook bowed to pressure from anti hate organisations and deleted the page of Britain First. This anti Muslim hate page had amassed over 2 million followers (most of whom had been duped into following the page via click bait tactics).

The message to the far right, the alt right, the extreme right and every other idiot who thinks it acceptable to demonise and abuse communities in our country is a clear one. If you spread hate you are on the wrong side of the law (note both founders of Britain First are currently serving jail sentences) and you are acting immorally. Your actions will catch up with you and you will NOT be allowed to continue to sow the seeds of discord and hate within our country.

Facebook we thank you for this decision.

We would also like to thank co founder Halal Kitty who has worked tirelessly on this one and who has been active in joining and organising much of the opposition against this hate group.

To everyone who condemns hate – this is a victory for you all. And proof that nobody is too big to fail.


Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • and yet so many isis recruiting pages are still on Facebook . shocking

      • You say that but all your time was into getting rid of patriots
        Honesty how much time have you put into the ones that behead people…. Me thinks zero

        • Derek, when someone opens a Facebook page organising mass beheadings in the UK I promise you I will be the first in the queue to get it shut down for hate speech.

  • Ok if they do this they better ban Trump hate sites and speech

  • Hate is a human emotion and needs to be talked down not just banned from the web as that smacks of facist dogmar

  • Well done everyone, and big up Halal Kitty especially! Brilliant news!

  • In Australia we have an organisation that exists for the sole purpose of raising funds for Britain First. You might try to de-monetise them but you will never succeed. By the way, Facebook is not their main media outlet, for those of us who subscribe to there cause.

  • Thank goodness Facebook has finally made a decision that is based on common sense.
    To those people who want to promote this kind of hatred, we as sensible will not and never surrender to your ‘campaign’ of utter hatred and intolerance.
    As a person who suffers from a medical disorder for much of my personal life, organisations such as ‘Britain First’, whose objectives to prey on fear and loathing should never be allowed to appear on social media.

  • You confuse truth and free speech with your twisted ideas of an upside down society. Way to go. Soon you will realize err of your uniformed ways.

    • The rubbish Britain First was posting was neither truth nor free speech, it was hate and incitement to violence. The removal of their page is a clear indication that hate is not welcome on social media. These were the first to topple, there will be many more to follow.

    • Britain First did not focus on grooming gangs, they blamed every Muslim in the country. This is hatred of the worst kind and deplatforming them was the right decision.

  • Completely undemocratic, there posts were not hateful at all. The U.K. is now a joke. More so Donald trumps campaign message was “America First” Britain first was far less controversial than the Republican Party.

    So when a British group wants to put their people first they are suddenly a racist hate group?

    When their are more foreigners coming into the country than their are natural births something needs to be done to protect the national identity?!

    I’ve been to areas of London in the past & been labelled “stupid white girl” yet if I involved race I no doubt would of been called a racist. Shame on you.

    – Proud Republican Hate Preacher & former follower of Britain First Facebook Page. 🙂

    • I am afraid I’m going to call you a stupid girl too. If you find posts that incite violence toward people simply because of their skin colour or the God they happen to worship “not hateful at all” then frankly you are an idiot.

  • Banning shuting up any way of thought is dangerous, and is the beginning of the end of democracy, as i say i don’t agree with you but i will fight till death that you can say what is on your mind.
    As Roger waters said “We don’t need no thought control”

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