Anne Marie Waters – Suspended for Hate on Twitter


It is gratifying to know that even though Twitter get it wrong a lot of the time they are occasionally capable of making good decisions. Last night the accounts of Anne Marie Waters and Shazia Hobbs, both well known supporters of hate and Islamophobia were suspended from Twitter for hate speech.

Of course at Resisting Hate we consider these suspensions an excellent step toward cleaning up social media of hate speech. Our list of the Most Wanted dwindles by the day and our group and many other anti hate groups have hundreds of people reporting hate whenever we see it.

Anne Marie had 77,000 followers on Twitter, a significant number of people exposed to her rants and her bile on a daily basis. She has now rather predictably set up stall on which is a far right echo chamber with a much smaller potential audience. Her new platform on Gab will limit the access of Anne Marie and her hate party “For Britain” to the mainstream population of Britain. She will now only be preaching her hate to the converted.

Anne Marie seems confused as to why she was suspended, as do her followers…

(It was your relentless diet of hate and in particular your vile bigotry toward Muslims that did for you Anne Marie.)

It is hard to believe that after being suspended for hate crime Anne Marie still believes she could be a credible political force in the country but she did a ranty little video today where she says it has strengthened her movement. We will no doubt see her disappointment yet again in the next election where her failure to secure a single seat will undoubtedly be repeated. This is a woman who has misjudged the people of the country time and time again.

The British public do not, never have and never will vote for hate.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • We’ll Roanba, Everyone is entitled to their views; including you.

    But not, it seems, those who disagree with you.

    Are you open to discuss any of this in public?

    Ian Lever

  • I got suspended from Twitter loads of times. I wrote this arse of a book and then tried to promote it to fellow minded bigots.

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