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Mark Collett: Neo Nazi


At Resisting Hate we routinely come across the vilest of far-right filth but Mark Collett is one of the foulest Neo Nazis we have ever encountered. The mind of Collett is vicious and plain disturbing. It does not take a mental health professional to work out that this individual is seriously mentally unhinged.

There is nothing in his childhood to suggest how warped , evil and depraved this individual would become, Collett was born in Leicestershire in a quiet sleepy affluent village of Rothley on  03.10.1980. He later attended Loughborough Grammar School and went on to study at Leeds University.

(Above, the Town of Rothley, evil beginnings)

Collett started out at the British National Party as a member of the BNP’s youth wing (cast your mind back to the Hitler youth in Nazi Germany.) Collett managed to float to the top as most pondlife does and became the head of  the BNP’s youth division.

Being the chairman of the BNP’s Youth Division enabled Collett to brainwash young vulnerable children with a predatory befriending method similar to that used by child sex offenders. This allowed him to ply his racist trade with great impunity creating the racist Nazis of the future.

In 2010 Mark Collett was sacked from the BNP party for supporting a leadership bid against his friend and hero Nick Griffin or (Piggy Griffin as he is better known.)

After leaving the BNP Mark Collett allegedly became a member of the, now proscribed, terror group National Action.

Mark Collett first darkened our television screens in 2002 on a Programme called Young, Nazi and Proud hosted on Channel 4 where he announced his undying admiration for Adolf Hitler and was directly quoted as saying that H.I.V aids was a friendly disease because “blacks, drug users and gays have it.”  Collett also appeared on another television show that year hosted by Russell Brand which was called RE Brand. On this programme Collett referred to the gay community as “aids monkeys, bum bandits and faggots.”

 (Above Collett and Brand)

In 2016 Mark Collett attempted to rebrand himself by getting involved in the EU Referendum Vote Leave Campaign. He used this opportunity to showcase his partner and her Neo Nazi tattoos.

The Vote Leave campaign was so embarrassed that they warned Collet and his swastika clad partner to stay away for the duration of the campaign as he was causing them extreme embarrassment.


Recently Mark Collett has attempted to rebrand himself as a suited and booted white supremacist activist. His primary aim is to promote and one day create an ethno-state exclusively for white people and has stated that all non-whites should be deported from European countries. His views are shared by Neo Nazi Richard Spencer who is currently banned from many countries in Europe including the UK.

Mark Collett also attends meetings with shady higher echelon far-right groups such as the Traditional Britain Group and the London Forum. He still dreams of having his own political party someday.

After being cast aside and abandoned by all mainstream right-wing organisations Mark Collet currently hosts an Alt-Right YouTube discussion called This Week on the Alt-Right. This is a forum for Nazis to come together in a little group where they can fantacise with all the other fascist, racist, and crackpot Nazis. They dream of creating a worldwide white only ethno-state void of ethnic minorities, Muslims, Jews and the mentally and physically disabled.

The bottom line is that Mark Collet is one sick and twisted individual who lives in a fascist fantasy world of his own. Resisting Hate exists to fight, challenge and when needed, to call out fascist lowlife like this. Individuals like Collett are dangerous to us all and must be suppressed by any and all ethical and legal means.


11 thoughts on “Mark Collett: Neo Nazi

    1. Israel Is Mixed
      %55 Mizrahi(Non-White Jews)
      %44 Ashkenazi(European Jews)
      %1(Or Less Black Jews)

      So Israel Isn’t An Ethnostate At All
      Plus Israel Has %14 Muslim Population And %2 christian And %5 Christian

  1. The article failed to mention that Mark Collet is a regular weekly Friday guest on David Duke’s podcast. David Duke is America’s most famous (or infamous) white supremacist.

  2. You people who criticize Mark Collett should come and spend a couple of months in South Africa and experience what life is like in a country that has been run into the ground by a black government. Otherwise you are totally clueless.

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