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Christian Bell – Twitter Nazi

Christian Bell is originally from Kirkby in Merseyside and now lives in Liverpool, going by the Twitter handle @BasedBritish1 (aka Based British.) He was a student of film studies and has been a cinema staff worker for the past 6 years.
The general theme of all his threads are anti-Semitic, blaming the Jews for all the worlds problems, from fantastically fanciful conspiracy theories about how the bank of Rothschilds and Jews were behind the assassination of American presidents and the Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the anti-Semitic myth concerning the deaths of Czar Nicholas Nicholas II of Russia and his family.
At Resisting Hate we are concerned that through his threads Bell is spreading anti-Semitic conspiracies and white supremacist hate to young and impressionable people. We have had him suspended on several occasions using different Twitter handles and we continue to monitor and report him. Bell moves in the same hate crowd as the vile ‘DieJewDie’ (see our article on him here).

These tweets illustrate the nature of this particular hate monger.


2 thoughts on “Christian Bell – Twitter Nazi

  1. I don’t get the logic these imbeciles use. On the one hand they deny the holocaust and on the other, they applaud Hitler for murdering 6 million Jews. Total contradiction there.

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