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Lucy Brown is a former camera person for racist far right extremist Tommy Robinson. She supported Robinson’s anti Islam agenda for several years before arguing with him about her decision to give activist Ali Dawah a platform at Tommy’s ‘Day of Freedom’. Typically Robinson (who only likes free speech when it is free speech for bigots, racists and fascists) denied Dawah (who is a Muslim and who was also publicly named on the day’s speaking rota) the right to a voice. Incensed at being overridden by Robinson, Lucy argued with her employer and was fired by Robinson as a result.

In the aftermath of her sacking, Lucy hit back at Robinson confirming what many anti hate groups have always suspected, that Robinson’s agenda is nothing more than a get rich quick scheme to fund his affluent life style.

Speaking to The Canary, Lucy confirmed the purpose behind Robinson’s Islamophobic hate agenda:

Lucy also confirmed to The Times that Robinson was in the business of monetising outrage. The key message coming out of all Lucy Brown’s interviews was loud and clear – Tommy is manipulating his followers and their political beliefs for personal financial gain.

Lucy was vocal in her newly found opposition to Tommy Robinson:

Lucy’s about turn on Robinson and supposed support of Ali Dawah was intended to make her own public personna more palatable to the public. However the private company Lucy then chose to keep exposed her as affiliated with far right extremists of a different type. Instead of now mixing with Robinson’s Islamophobic crew, Lucy started to socialise with Neo Nazis and Antisemites.

This picture shows Lucy (ironically far right) hiking with well known Nazi Mark Collett, far right activist Colin Robertson and Nazi wannabe Christian Bell (who is currently being investigated by Prevent).

This picture (showing Lucy with Christian Bell) clearly displays Lucy wearing the ‘Sonnenrad’ or Black Sun which was adopted by Heinrich Himmler as a pro Nazi symbol and which is used today by Neo Nazis to show affiliation with Nazi ideology. It is clear from this that Lucy does not mind who she is hating as long as she is in a group of friends and hating somebody.

Lucy next came to public attention when she was asked by Panorama to contribute to the program they are planning on Tommy Robinson. (A program incidentally that Resisting Hate were quite happy to open our archives for). Lucy used the opportunity of an interview with John Sweeney of Panorama to build her bridges with Tommy, acting as a spy and a go between and passing lies and propaganda to Panorama in the hope of discrediting the BBC’s flagship news program.

Putting aside the obvious lack of loyalty and personal integrity, Lucy showed herself to be duplicitious and dishonest, secretly recording her interviews with Sweeney and passing them to Tommy Robinson who compiled into a somewhat laughable spoof documentary entitled ‘Panodrama’ which he played to his followers in Feb 2019 in a rather surprising double bill with his wedding video! Whether Lucy’s new Neo Nazi pals were not giving her the exposure she needs and she had to run back to Robinson tail between legs for the sake of her ‘media career’ or whether she decided she couldn’t live without Fuhrer Robinson in her personal life is unclear. Either way the events speak very clearly that Lucy is a woman who cannot be trusted.

In April 2018 Lucy had an altercation with Antifa in Sevenoakes, Kent (after months of goading them online). She posted a highly edited version of the events on her blog. She then used the event to portray herself as the victim of Antifa, convieniently missing out the fact that she was opposed by Antifa due to her extremist hate rhetoric and the vile company she keeps.

The background to the Sevenoaks event was the intention of Antifa to oppose the extremist Generation Identity organisation. GI were seen on their own video footage running down to the Marks and Spencer car park looking for a fight. They ran down the car park and confronted the antifascists and a fight broke out. The particular incident with Lucy was incited by a previous event where Lucy (allegedly) and Tommy (definitely) had visited the home of an antifascist lady called Lola (the home where her children lived) at an address that Robinson had publicised, thus putting Lola and her family at risk. Lucy conveniently misses that part out when telling her tale about the ‘assault’ upon her person by Lola.

In the wake of Sevenoaks, Robinson’s PA accused Lucy of harassing Robinson’s wife and publicly accused her which turned far right support against Lucy. Many former friends turned on her.

Ironically it was Antifa and the activist left wing, not her Nazi pals who denounced the threats against Lucy.

The altercation was picked up on 4 Chan where anonymous posters used the incident to besmirch and harass anti fascist activists.

Sadly the anti fascist mentioned here passed away later in the year. But Lucy continued to utilise the memory of the deceased to push her ‘victim’ status and to harass the bereaved friends and colleagues left behind. Here she taunts journalist Mike Stuchberry with a poll harping back to the events at Sevenoaks nearly a year later.

It is also interesting to note the definition of the word ‘Kek’ in the screenshot from 4 Chan. Although the word started as a colloquialism from online computer game World of Warcraft, the term was adopted by neo Nazis and the far right to be an acronym for ‘Kill Every Kike’ (a highly offensive reference to Jewish people). Lucy frequently uses the word. Her definition of the word I would strongly suspect is the latter rather than the former.

Lucy is determined to play the victim at all costs. She even likens the opposition of the alt right to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis in WW2 with this pastiche of the famous quotation by Martin Niemoller.

Lucy’s Twitter timeline is a continual stream of hate and bigotry. I’ve put together some examples of her extremist views to illustrate why Resisting Hate want her account removing from the platform.



White Supremacy




Victim Blaming

Threats and Insults



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