Andrew Torba from and his Abusive Emails


It was brought to the notice of Resisting Hate today that an individual using the complaints process on to highlight an extremist anti semitic account was abused and mocked by the CEO Andrew Torba.

Caroline messaged to raise her concerns about Alison Chabloz, an individual recently convicted of publishing grossly offensive material. Chabloz is no stranger to Resisting Hate and we have published about her Holocaust denying antics before.

This is the email Caroline sent:

From: Caroline

Sent: Friday, June 15, 2018 2:27:39

PM To:

Subject: Alison Chabloz

Dear Sirs,

I wanted to make you aware that the above individual has been found guilty in a British Court of 3 charges of publishing grossly offensive material. Much of this material can be found on her Gab Account.  She has been sentenced to a 20 weeks jail sentence, suspended for two years. She has also been banned from posting on social media.  By keeping her account active, Gab is helping to continue perpetrating the crimes she was convicted of. This is a link to a self explanatory newspaper article which confirms this info. I would ask that in light of this, you cancel her account asap.

Yours faithfully Caroline.

This was the response she received from Torba at

From: Gab Legal <>

Date: 15/06/2018 19:56 (GMT+00:00)

To: Caroline

Subject: Re: Alison Chabloz

Hi, We are a US-based corporation that respects free expression for everyone around the world. To be frank: we don’t really care about the UK’s dystopian nonsense. We will not be terminating the account because the account has not broken our guidelines or US law. Hope this doesn’t offend you. ? 

Caroline replied:

Dystopian nonsense? Seriously? The woman is a convicted criminal.  Would you like me to get the Crown Prosecution Service or the Police to contact you? Is that how you speak to victims of crime? 

And received this abusive response in reply

Once again: we are a US corporation. The UK police can’t make us do shit and we will tell them the exact same thing. Being offended by words on the internet doesn’t make you a “victim,” it makes you a pathetic person. Have a wonderful day! 

Torba then went to his own GAB account and posted Caroline’s emails on the site, calling her genuine concerns ‘nonsense’.

And then he went onto the Twitter account and started gloating about the way he handles consumer complaints.

It then transpired he had passed Caroline’s full details (we have omitted her surname for security reasons) to other members of the site who then proceeded to mock Caroline and post antisemitic hatred in response.

Frankly Andrew Torba you are a disgrace. You run a site made up entirely of Twitter rejects who are in the main too degenerate to have a place on a mainstream social media platform. You sanction the posting of hate, lies and idiocy in the name of ‘muh free speech’ and you lack the integrity to even respond politely to your own site members.

Ironically in responding in such a childish manner you have shown yourself up as being exactly the type of ‘snowflake’ that so many of your far right morons rail against.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • Looks like they don’t really care about GDPR either, <>. That is NOT explicit consent for advertising. Maybe they’ll understand that just because they are an American company, they are not free to disregard the laws of other countries willy-nilly.

    • Still not entirely sure how the EU intends to prosecute non-EU based companies for violating GDPR.

      • They can’t. Non-EU entities are not bound by any laws created by the unelected EU leaders. Ever.

    • Actually they are. Other countries have absolutely no authority in the U.S. nor do they have any right to an expectation that American citizens or businesses abide by their country’s laws. We aren’t ruled by the UN. Idiots in the EU are ruled by the UN. Americans reject the UN and we reject the EU. Perhaps if this is offensive to you you should petition your shitty government to block content that makes you cry.

      • So let me do not support real free speach it seems. Your mud easterners call us White , Christians, infidels and murder us ..these are your blood brothers .

        • Published this comment as it shows exactly the kind of person who supports Gab.
          Thank you for proving our point.


  • I love his answers. Then again I support free speech! 🙂

  • Gab has a growing base with every Twitter or Facebook user who values their God given right to speak freely. Torba is certainly more admirable in protecting his users than you are for vilifying him simply because somebody got hurt feelings over some text on the vast expanse of the internet.

  • Ciaran Goggins or as many people know him, ‘ Goggins Stunted Pervy Kunt’ is indeed a Twitter Reject. This unemployed rapist and paedophile is a filthy little Nonce who hides out in Leitrim Ireland in a filthy caravan.

  • Roanna,

    I completely detest his posting of Caroline’s messages publicly on Gab. It is petty and it is unprofessional.

    That said, his actual position on Caroline’s complaint is entirely right. The UK is currently engaged in prosecuting people for offending other people. This is fundamentally illiberal and in my opinion, immoral. Why should a US company prevent the speech of a person who has committed no crime by their definitions? Would you expect them to start restricting people convicted of blasphemy in Iran or homosexuality in Malaysia?

  • I’m Jewish. Truth is was snarky reply to awful email of yours. Wish he’d taken the high road. You were trying to arm twist him in rudest and actually threatening way. He clearly doesn’t agree with hate speech laws which seems to not compute with you. You aren’t going to end anti semitism by forcing it underground. Seriously doubt Pittsburgh shooting wouldn’t have happened if gab didn’t exist.

  • Cry me a river, you sniveling little marxist cunt.

  • andrew torba is a alt-right fake version of @jack over on twitter. here is an account i reported and i was blocked, banned and my account terminated. i was also on dissenter and my account there was terminated for reporting this specific user who has used every platform online to spread this same hate and vitriol… andrew torba is just another liar and fraudster using the “free speech” banner to make money and is only about himself. he has also mocked and belittled me and sent me nasty e-mail responses in regards to enforcing GAB terms of service. he also uses his alleged religious beliefs as a ‘christian’ on his own page. he’s as bad as @jack and twitter. same thing different day. nothing new here folks.

  • STFU!!! The last time we cared what a British person had to say about America we ran their asses back across the pond!!! You want to do something about the hate starting your own country with all the Muslims that are killing white British people.

  • If I wasn’t such a dick my comment wouldn’t have been deleted before being published

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