Chesham Ultras – Bigots not Patriots


A concerned member of the public brought this local football club to our attention earlier today.

Chesham Ultras describe themselves as the No.1 football firm in the Chilterns but their behaviour online is more suited to a hate group than a respectable football organisation. Their time line is a barrage of hate, discrimination and prejudice.

They regularly post Islamophobic hatred in particular.



Their obsession with far right bigots is belly crawlingly sycophantic.



They pick fights, harass and abuse other accounts on Twitter



They glorify graffiti and vandalism of public property.



And they boast about being arrested by the police.



In short this motley collection of far right fascist footballing wannabes is a disgrace to both the beautiful game and the locality they claim to represent. We will certainly be bringing this issue to the attention of their registered football club and we have provided the contact details below in case any of our readers would like to do the same.




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  • Thank you for highlighting the nature of this deeply unpleasant group. Unfortunately, anti social behaviour connected with lower league football clubs is becoming increasingly common and the problem isn’t receiving the attention that it merits. A friend of mine tells me that there was a large fight at Chippenham last year which didn’t even make it into the papers. Many of these thugs have extreme right wing nationalist views which is very troubling indeed. And, of course, the problem is only being exacerbated by social media, which allows groups like this to spread their hateful opinions. Keep up the good work and please don’t be intimidated by the bullies.

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