Caolin Robertson – A Liar For All Seasons


Resisting Hate has previously written about Caolan ‘my name is pronounced Kay-Lin’ Robertson, his descent into far right extremism and former employment with Rebel Media and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson. Caolan has since fallen from grace with both parties, and indeed much of the far right, due to allegations of fraud, extortion, blackmail and being an all round untrustworthy glory seeking grifter. All of this can be found online for anyone who cares to familiarise themselves further and was covered comprehensively by @zelo_street .

What we are interested in now is Caolan’s self styled redemption upon leaving far right circles and his subsequent attempt to woo liberal audiences with self indulgent hand wringing of how he was radicalised into far right bigotry and his desire to make amends by denouncing his past.

Specifically Caolan capitalises on renouncing his hatred against Muslims, the Left, the MSM and elected MPs which he helped to whip up among the far right through projects he worked on with Rebel Media and Yaxley-Lennon.

However, Caolan’s main leverage in gaining any kind of acceptance and forgiveness among those on the left, was his ready willingness to splash around alleged insider information he garnered whilst in the bosom of the far right, in particular information relating to his former boss Yaxley-Lennon. (Also known as grassing.)

Caolan was taken up by Byline Media in good faith as a reliable narrator, given a platform to write about his experiences and then invited to be on a panel of guests at the Byline festival in 2019 to discuss far right funding and terror networks. However his piece for Byline Times ‘Tommy Robinson’: The Making of a Martyr‘ did not reveal anything particularly new that anti fascists and anti racist activists did not already know about YaxleyLennon’s attempts to rebrand himself as a free speech political commentator instead of a racist thug.

The article did include an admission that it was Caolan’s idea for Yaxley-Lennon to seek out critics, doorstep them and intimidate them in their places of work and their homes, often late at night, via a project called Trollwatch. Videos of these encounters were uploaded to social media leading to many threats from the far right toward those on the receiving end of these visits.

Robertson has never apologised directly to the victims of these encounters.

But the most damning information revealed came in the piece ‘Tommy Robinson’ and the Boys in Blue‘ where Robertson claims that Yaxley-Lennon has police officers across several forces in his pocket whom he allegedly pays for addresses and personal information of the victims of his doorstepping. Caolan claims Yaxley-Lennon shells out up to £1000 for the addresses of judges, specifically those who preside over cases involving Muslims accused of rape. What he would require this information for is anybody’s guess as we cannot see any judge taken kindly to being woken in the middle of the night by a convicted thug, with henchmen in tow, brandishing a mobile device in their face whilst livestreaming screeching accusations to his adoring followers.

At the time the Boys in Blue article was published Twitter user @Rob_Bulll responded directly to Caolan. No response was forthcoming.

Which leads us to a recent Twitter exchange between the above account and Peter Jukes of Byline Media where further queries were made about why these explosive claims have not been investigated further. Jukes claims Byline Times are unable to independently verify Robertson’s claims, making them heresay only, and that a recording in their possession of a conversation between a police officer and Yaxley-Lennon (which has not been aired by them and which we assume was delivered by Robertson) is the only other proof of these claims.

Several of Mr Jukes tweets were later deleted but the pertinent responses were as follows:

Many anti fascists and others on the left are astounded that these allegations have not been taken up and pushed to the highest levels by investigative journalists in the wider interests of protecting the public from a far right extremist’s agenda and the corrupt police officers Robertson claims assist him in his endeavours.

(Ed – We are supposed to believe that Caolan was Yaxley Lennon’s right hand man for years and yet cannot produce one single piece of verifiable and new evidence against Lennon.)

During Robertson’s appearance at Byline Festival last year he was (unsurprisingly) not robustly challenged by the liberal leaning audience or the majority of the panel. This was documented by respected historian and staunch anti fascist Dr Louise Raw in a piece for the Morning Star after the event.

But the most controversial aspect of his appearance that day was yet to come. Caolan made shocking allegations to attendees backstage that Canadian far right activist Lauren Southern, with whom he had worked extensively after parting company with Rebel Media and Yaxley-Lennon,  had left the alt/far right movement, not because as she publicly stated, to pursue family life, but because she had allegedly been raped by a well known figure in the far right. Caolan then named the man he was accusing to another attendee.

Since the Morning Star article was published there has been no comment or approach to either Dr Raw or the Morning Star from the alleged victim and as far as can be determined no arrest was made regarding this allegation by Robertson. However that is a matter for the woman involved to report to police and not for Robertson to gossip about to anyone who would listen while he was apparently three sheets to the wind backstage at the festival.

Fast forward to events on Twitter after the exchanges with Peter Jukes of Byline Media. Robertson had been busy liking tweets during the exchange but not entering into the fray of the debate. It took him 48 hours to think about how to respond, and rather than engage around the original queries about his allegations regarding Yaxley-Lennon and bent cops, he chose to deflect from this by attacking Dr Raw. He did this by claiming the article she wrote denied the rape (note not alleged rape) of a young woman to score political points.

There was no denial of rape, only a comment in the article that if this alleged crime, which Robertson publicly announced, is true, then the correct course of action is to report to the authorities and not the media.

Until such time as any conviction is made reporting usually describes any crime as “alleged” so as not to prejudice judicial proceedings or invite litigation for libel. Dr Raw was perfectly correct in her choice of words.

There is also the not insignificant matter of a defendant being innocent until proven guilty. Something Robertson must be keenly aware of, given the contempt convictions of his former boss. It is also interesting to note that Caolan was also made aware of the article at the time it was published a year ago and raised no objections then about the reporting of his allegations.

Caolan then went on to make more outlandish statements about Dr Raw, accusing her of being a vile grifter and refuting things he had said at the festival that she reported on. Interestingly his partner, George Llewelyn-John waded into the exchange white knighting for him at this point and calling into question Dr Raw’s credentials as an anti fascist. Llewelyn-John accused Dr Raw of being part of an extreme movement which in turn radicalised himself and Robertson into an equally extremist movement.

Really Caolin? A factual report on your allegation, which is in the public interest about an alleged rapist walking free, is worse than you announcing without her consent the alleged rape of a victim at a public gathering?

Here Dr Louise Raw, a rape survivor herself, exercises her right of reply:

In comes GeorgeLlewelyn-John, supposedly the brains of the outfit according to those the pair have worked with over the past few years.

In the midst of these exchanges came an extraordinary claim by Robertson. In a tweet that was deleted the very next day he openly named a man as the rapist.

Caolan deleted the entire exchange the next day as he obviously realised he was sailing into very choppy waters. Note the time of the tweet below and the timing above where Llewelyn-John came in firefighting to try and move the conversation away from this revelation. We can only wonder what ensued in that household later but we bet it involved a lack of sleep and a lot of feverish plotting of next moves to avoid any potential libel action from the accused.

It is unclear when or where this alleged crime occurred but Robertson alludes to it being on UK soil after making the claim (pictured below) that British police were unable to arrest an alleged rapist due to him residing in Romania, an EU member state.

Bearing in mind the UK was still part of the European Union at the time Robertson made these claims at Byline festival and because of this European Arrest Warrants to apprehend criminals residing in other member states were available to UK law enforcement agencies.

For context as to why we are drilling down into UK police involvement we have considered the following timeline. The alleged victim of the rape was given a life time ban from entering the UK in 2018 (after pulling a stunt earlier the same year in Luton with Robertson to offend the Muslim community and incite further racial tensions.) Andrew Tate was in the UK in March and August 2019 harassing Mike Stuchbery at his home in support of Yaxley-Lennon’s well documented vendetta against Stuchbery.

Given that the paths of Tate and Southern could not have crossed in the UK immediately before or after she announced her retirement from public life in June 2019, the alleged crime is either a historical one where UK police could have made an arrest regardless of the accused residing outside the UK, or it occurred in another country where local police could have made an arrest.

Yet Robertson’s claim about why Southern suddenly announced her retirement from the toxic environment they both inhabited appears to insinuate this occurred more recently than her last UK visit in 2018.

Furthermore the man Caolan named on Twitter is a different man to the one he named at Byline Festival to an attendee, which was unable to be published in the Morning Star article after the person he said it to was unwilling to put it in writing to the legal team, probably due to very real fears of personal safety, and Robertson was unwilling to go on the record.

So Caolan has named two different men as the rapist and provided evidence for neither.

Caolan also stated that he went to hospital with the victim and helped report to police, further alluding to this alleged crime being committed in the UK.

The man Caolan named on Twitter as the rapist is a world champion kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is not a well known figure on the far right but does have long standing connections to Yaxley-Lennon from his time residing in Luton prior to relocating to Romania. He uses the @OfWudan Twitter account where he offers online courses for men on how to become alpha males, brags about how he is a pimp to the girls who work in his web cam businesses and is no stranger to controversy regarding his odious views of women and his arrogant self adulation.

Tate was removed from UK reality show Big Brother in 2016 after homophobic and racist tweets from him surfaced along with video footage of him hitting an ex girlfriend with a belt (both participants have since confirmed this was consensual and part of sexual role play they indulged in.) The woman involved displayed a tattoo stating ‘Tate property.’

To be clear Andrew Tate is not somebody Resisting Hate defends in any way

(Ed – we think he is a racist misogynist prat and we have got him suspended from Twitter on several occasions)

however, despite his deplorable views we cannot assume there is any truth in the accusations made against him by Caolan.

These are very serious allegations which need addressing, not only for the man publicly accused on social media and the man privately accused at Byline festival, but for the safety of all women who come into contact with the genuine perpetrator who has not yet been brought to justice for alleged rape.

We are unaware at this point if Andrew Tate is aware of these allegations made about him by Caolan but will be forwarding them to his legal team.

(Ed – There has been wide speculation as to the identity of the rapist. It has been suggested to Resisting Hate that Caolan’s interest in muddying the waters may be to protect a friend or former friend involved in the crime. If this theory is true it might explain why one of the many criminals on the far right may have had a vested interest in encouraging Caolan to ‘join the left’.)

Robertson is friendless among the far right as even they cannot abide his appalling disloyalty to those he turned against for his own ends. He is loathed by anti racist and anti fascist activists who will need a damn sight more than his victim card playing genuflection to liberal minded audiences to convince them he can ever be any kind of ally in combating the very real rise of the far right, neo nazis and fascists, that he helped propagate by his own admission in an interview with Sky News in January 2019, who also gave him a soft ride.

So eager is Caolan to shed the image of his past that he tells us MI5 have opened up a new unit to work against the threat of far-right terrorism, admitting, “The work I did might have contributed to that being opened.”
The one thing both the right and the left hate is a grass and Robertson has considerable form for grassing.

Resisting Hate has recently acquired some information relating to the identification of an anonymous account working for Yaxley-Lennon which we will be writing about soon.

If Robertson has genuinely left behind his murky past and wishes to put things right that he was party to he should, at the very least, be pushing harder to expose the corrupt police officers of his claims. He should also make personal and public apologies to those who were subjected to intimidating visits by Yaxley-Lennon via his Trollwatch project and he should withdraw the recent statements he made about Louise Raw. A woman who has done more, at great personal risk, to oppose injustice, support victims of domestic and sexual violence and fight fascism online and on the streets, than he will ever do.

Why has Caolan not apologised? Why is he unable to offer antifascists any information that we do not know already? Why does Caolan still insist on defaming high profile antifascists? Could it be because he has not become the left wing supporter he claims to be and is actually still on Tommy Robinson’s payroll?

Of course there is one person he cannot make an apology to, because she is no longer here. Edel ‘Lola’ Carroll, another fearless anti fascist who Caolan’s ex boss was desperate to find and intimidate into shuttng up. Here is Robertson, again throwing out a name (unrelated to who Yaxley-Lennon was looking for.) But find her they did, we wonder how…

Robertson has proven time and again that there are only two things he loves, the promotion of himself, and money. He has run out of options on the right and has now turned his attentions to the left looking for further opportunities to to reinvent himself. But his self serving traits are all too evident and he lets his mask slip when he attacks anti fascists and makes unsubstantiated claims instead of engaging with valid queries.

Caolan may have been given a free pass by some but Resisting Hate are unconvinced so far that he has changed. We also wonder why Robertson has not been targeted by Yaxley-Lennon regarding his allegations about him lining the pockets of cops for information. Anyone else would have had a visit, or worse, by now.

Anti fascism is not a game, it is not a playground for the likes of Robertson to dabble in because his fortunes in the far right have run their course. People get hurt standing up to and exposing those Robertson helped radicalise and incite to hatred, and genuine activists will not sit down with those paying lip service to their previous far right extremist affiliations. Actions speak louder than words.

So Caolan, if you have any decency in you, put up or shut up.
Lauren Southern, for those who care, returned to public life recently posting a detailed tit for tat response on Twitter regarding the stinging allegations made by Milo Yiannopoulos, about Robertson’s comments last year and her involvement in the whole tedious business.

Southern makes it very clear why she left the movement:

And just for good measure here is an extract from Yiannopoulos’s rant last year about Robertson. Resisting Hate would normally give zero credence to much of what disgraced Milo pontificates on but his assessment here has been borne out by others, plus it confirms Robertson’s alleged excessive drinking habits, his inability to be discreet whist under the influence and his raging need to be the centre of attention by bragging about his exploits in social settings. If he doesn’t like the reporting on this we suggest he takes it up with the author of that piece.


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