Ex Britain First Member has message for James Goddard


James Goddard should seek Professional Help.

I’m sure most of you reading this will have heard of James Goddard, the far-right thug who started his grift abusing Members of Parliament in Westminster and who is now an Oswald Mosely supporting Patriotic Alternative Regional Organiser. I thought as he is so keen to seek publicity I might share my own experiences with the White Nationalist.

I first became aware of James Goddard a few years ago, during my final few months in the far-right when I travelled down to London to take part in a protest organised by Unity News Network. There was supposed to be a vote on the then-Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit Deal which had attracted a lot of interest from right wing activists.

I met up with other protesters next to Winston Churchill’s Statue and we grabbed a banner and marched through the area where the Remain protesters were gathered. We planned to cause chaos. During the protest I saw a group of protesters wearing Hi-Vis vests and wearing MAGA hats, there were only a few of them but they were causing trouble, running around, shoving cameras into people’s faces and generally making life hard for the Police who were trying to maintain order.

I remember seeing a guy with a Northern accent who seemed to be leading this gaggle of thugs, shouting louder than everyone else, directing everyone to follow him up and down the street and shouting abuse at anyone who was carrying a Remain flag. At the time I remember thinking  – What a selfish guy, making the demo all about himself.- I would later find out his name was James Goddard.

I watched Goddard over the next few years as he was convicted for abusing Politicians and Journalists, arrested for causing trouble where Jeremy Corbyn was speaking and initially becoming a hard core Tommy Robinson fanboy before falling prey to Mark Collett and the Nazis.

I took a step away from Activism to deal with some family matters for a few months and  logged onto Telegram one day to see that Goddard had fallen out with Tommy and  was calling Tiny Tears out for a debate. It wasn’t clear what the fall out was about but it seemed there was now bad blood between the two.

Goddard also hated my former buddies Britain First, calling them grifters (which is true) I would later realise that Goddard’s ex, Ashlea Simon, was now Paul Golding’s new flame. I guess James was not happy about that!

(Ed. There was a few comments on Telegram about Golding getting Goddard’s ‘sloppy seconds’).

Goddard now is a Regional Organiser for Patriotic Alternative, a Neo-Nazi group with former National Action associates in their ranks who regularly call for Britain to deport non-Whites. (In my opinion, if PA had any say in it, non-whites would probably be put into camps before being killed).

(Ed. We have seen no evidence to back up actual genocidal policies. However we have seen a great deal of racism, hate, prejudice and discrimination from Patriotic Alternative and it is the view of Resisting Hate that they are the worst kind of Nazi scumbags).

This article isn’t to give a career history of Goddard, it is to point something out something interesting that I have noticed about Goddard. Compared to other members of the far-right, Goddard seems so unreasonably angry. He’s not just frustrated on a political level, he is angry on a deeply personal level, He hates the world and most of the people in it. I remember seeing the venom in Goddard’s eyes when he told a Police Officer that he {the officer] was “fair game.” This is not the way a normal person behaves. It is my view that James Goddard has serious anger management problems.

James, if you are reading this I say this. I don’t know what has happened in your life before your time in the far-right but it had seriously affected you and you should seek help for your mental health problems. Speak to a counsellor, I did and it was the best decision I have ever made, I had a mental health breakdown during lockdown and speaking to a counsellor really helped me. While I am still struggling today, therapy allowed me to think clearly. I think therapy could be a big help for you James. While we will never see eye to eye on politics you should certainly seek help for the issues you have.

I wanted to say this to Goddard during a debate a few months ago, I sent him an email during a time when he was saying everyone was scared of debating him.  He demanded that I pay him £250 to debate him, I offered to donate the money to a Veterans charity but I was simply told “That is against the terms and conditions Mr Crow.” So much for supporting our veterans eh Goddard?

I’m sure if Goddard sees this article about him he will make a video about it, calling me all the names under the sun and giving me abuse. But that would just be Goddard letting some more of that anger out.

James I no longer wish to debate you as I don’t want to give you the opportunity for you to express your evil views. Instead I suggest you use the time you would set aside for making any response to this to instead look online for a local counsellor to help you through your problems.

By James Crow @James_kckc9



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  • I looked into his eyes on bootle, near Liverpool. All I seen was fear. A scared little boy. He was with Kim Jones and some weirdo from Bristol who’s name escapes me.

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