The Terminal Decline of Tommy Robinson


A fascist with a particular acquired taste, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson once believed he enjoyed widespread appeal to everybody on the far right, focusing his hatred one-dimensionally upon Muslims and Islam, however since his switch from the BNP to become co-founder and leader of the EDL, not all British fascists have supported him.

The traditional antisemitic far right has always viewed the diminutive racist with suspicion, in particular the EDL’s use of Israeli flags which was a mere ruse, designed to deliberately to create tension between fascist hooligans and anti-racists. His support from Pamela Geller of Sharia Watch and Canadian far right broadcaster Ezra Levant, both of whom happen to be Jewish, cemented the idea in the minds of traditional fascists that the EDL, and Yaxley Lennon in particular, was a “controlled opposition plot funded by Israel”, dramatically overstating the importance of a diminutive coke-snorting thug from Luton.

Unbeknown to the hardcore neo-Nazis who rejected his rule, the very same Tommy Robinson willingly attended meetings in the backroom of pubs with Holocaust deniers including Richard Edmonds and Nick Griffin. Furthermore, from time to time, Tommy let his mask slip, tweeting raw unadulterated antisemitism when his guard was down, leading loyal fans questioning if he was actually a Nazi…

Following Tommy’s antisemitic slip tweeting about “anti-Christian bankers”, a propaganda trip to Israel was arranged by Israeli far right activist Brian of London, and his friendship cemented with Australian wifebeater Avi Yemini. During his trip, Tommy expressed support of Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime, but also introduced himself on-video as a “true Christian”, a play for financial support from the American evangelical right who also support Netanhayu and oppose the freedom of Palestine.

Standing on an Israeli tank failed to win Stephen Yaxley-Lennon financial support, however like most aspects of Tommy’s life, he is obsessed with his own self-image, and friends such as Geller, Levant, the Gatestone Institute and the Middle-East Forum would have assumed from this trip that Tommy was not antisemitic. Sadly he wasn’t able to visit his American funders, having once tried to do so with a fake passport in the name of Andrew McMaster, prison the ultimate result.

First and foremost, Tommy Robinson is a grifter, ahead of everything else. To paraphrase the words of Tina Turner, “Any old money will do”…..

Before his imprisonment for mortgage fraud, Tommy infuriated his loyal fanbase by accepting the opportunity to join Quilliam, which much to the relief of his estranged supporters was motivated by money and not ideology, albeit a paltry pay-day which wouldn’t have bought him a luxury car.

Languishing in solitary confinement at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, munching his way diligently through cans of tuna while on “hunger strike”, Yaxley-Lennon decided to reinvent himself into a published writer, not that he would be doing most, if any, of the writing, ghost-writers putting the actual paragraphs of his own personal self-sycophantic version of Mein Kampf together.

Emerging from jail, complete with neck beard, he assured his loyal followers he had not converted in jail to Islam, having wolfed down a bumper plate of halal chicken from Nando’s upon his release. Quick to reassure fans he was just as racist as ever, he teamed-up with Danny Lockwood, the thuggish owner and printer of the Batley Press newspaper and various sporting publications, who started producing and selling Yaxley’s ghostwritten books via Ebay and other outlets.

Sadly for the unreformed Islamophobe, he failed to make the Booker Prize. More so, his third-party anti-Muslim scribblings failed to impress either his bank manager or his battle-weary nostrils, which were as much a “cold turkey” as his rancid literary offerings.

Despite reiterating to his followers he had no intention of returning to the EDL, as soon as he learnt about the street fascist organisation Pegida, and the huge crowds they were organising, he couldn’t resist setting-up a British version of the Dresden-based putsch, albeit with much smaller numbers, following a far right team briefing in a pub in Toddington, Bedfordshire, before later handing over leadership of the doomed group to fellow far right losers Paul Weston and Anne-Marie Waters.

Attracting crowds of less than 200 people, meeting in car parks on the outskirts of Birmingham, literal pennies collected in buckets, Tommy and cohorts consigned their “bright idea” to the dustbin. Unable to understand why the industrial city of Birmingham, bombed to smithereens by the Luftwaffe failed to turn out to gather for a German Nazi organisation whose creator Lutz Bachmann dressed-up as Adolf Hitler, Tommy’s attentions turned to international funding, in particular, Ezra Levant of far right Canadian media organisation Rebel News.

Ezra, like Tommy, was well known as a far right journalist who didn’t respect the law. He was lambasted by Holocaust survivors, including Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress for his horrific anti-Roma diatribe he broadcast on his fringe television channel the Sun News Network, in which he described Roma people, fellow victims of the Holocaust alongside Jews, “a shiftless group of hobos who rob people blind”- “for centuries these roving highway gangs have mocked the law and robbed their way across Europe”, he ranted.

Fortunately for racist Ezra, the cowardly Attorney-General of Ontario failed to press criminal charges for fear it would create, in his own words, “a media circus”.

Rebel Media, which included Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes amongst its rightwing extremist contributors, was the ideal remunerative contact the grifter from Luton had been looking for, Ezra helping spread Tommy’s fandom into the USA including the GOP, which opened the door to the very alt-right which gave rise to Donald Trump.

Rebel Media turned Yaxley-Lennon into a “citizen journalist”, equipping him with a roving camera team and a portable microphone. Within the coke-addled recesses of the former EDL warrior’s warped mind, he still believed he could achieve mainstream “celebrity” status, his self-delusion aided and abetted by his deceptively huge following on social media, with a million plus bought-fans on both Twitter and Facebook.

Like a bluebottle latching onto the nearest lump of rotting faeces, he turned his attentions to filming non-white people whom he regarded as paedophiles, including yet-to-be convicted defendants in criminal trials whom he hoped to steal the steal the credit away from police and prosecutors.

His “trial by video” antics boosted his gullible followers, and with it, much needed cash donations, as he finally realised his ambitions to become wealthy with nothing more than hard grift. Growing in accordance with his rising bank balance and notoriety, was his monumental ego. Having reclaimed some of his errant followers lost when he literally sold-out to Quilliam, his bombastic self-importance, and continued apathy towards Britain First and other rival groups, however, limited his reach in a divided modern British far right scene, and led to his support stagnating into the back-end of the decade.

The Brexit vote, and stateside, the election of Donald Trump, was the major news as Yaxley sought to make himself newsworthy.

Hoping to increase their majority in parliament, on the 18th of April 2017, seeking public approval, Theresa May announced she would stand for re-election. As many international political commentators studying the far right noted, Islamic religious extremists have a vested interest in the growth of populist anti-Muslim extremism in the West to promote their shared narrative with anti-jihadists of the so-called “clash of civilisations”, Islam versus Europe and America.

Having celebrated both Trump’s election in the States, and Brexit in the UK, ISIS struck in France, during the run-up to the 2017 French general elections, undoubtedly hoping to rally support for Marine Le Pen.

Perhaps aiming to consolidate the hard right Brexiteer Tory vote in the UK (though failing miserably, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party coming within a whisker of success), during the general election campaign, ISIS struck in England, the carnage of the Manchester bombing, when young concertgoers were slaughtered by religious extremism, a deadly reminder of the evils of terrorism in today’s unstable day and age.

Tommy Robinson and his football thug fanbase had been in Sunderland meeting-up with an EDL breakaway group which was targeting refugees with hate, and had intended to return home afterwards, however fortunately for him, far right activist friend Thomas Cook who went by the name “Tommy English” who had operated the tiny “EDL LGBT branch” had already planned an anti-Muslim LGBT march in Manchester, ready for Yaxley to hijack.

Cook’s previous march reported in Pink News, attracted just a dozen people in Stockton, however instead of drawing a mere handful of sell-out racists, Manchester’s “Gays Against Sharia” march attracted over a thousand football hooligans, many chanting Tommy Robinson’s name, ironically assaulting LGBT counter-protestors, abusing them with the most vile homophobic hatred.

Capitalising upon the horrific mass-murder of Manchester’s young people gave Lennon the fillip he sought, allowing his repeatedly failing self to re-emerge into the public eye, his desperate grifting career back-on-track. Another tuppenny-hapenny ghostwritten book was on its way, despite all indoor venues in Manchester and Liverpool refusing to participate in its launch, and Ticketmaster cancelling the grifter’s account.

Other deadly terrorist attacks conducted by ISIS followed, including the London Bridge attack, following which, far right football firms with the approval of Tommy set up the Football Lads Alliance or FLA. John Meighan, the Spurs-supporting FLA leader attracted 10,000 hooligans to march to the site of the London terror attack, carrying floral wreaths in club colours.

Tommy Robinson joined several of the FLA’s marches, and was made welcome by organisers, however, as with all UK far right groups, in-fighting escalated rapidly, resulting in widespread accusations of funding misappropriation. Before Yaxley was able to capitalise upon the FLA for his own benefit, they fell apart when the Royal British Legion returned their undesired donations, as they do not accept money from political groups, let alone the far right, whom British soldiers had given their lives fighting in the last world war.

The resulting “Democratic” Football Lads Alliance centering around West Ham’s hooligan base, had a more uneasy relationship with Tommy Robinson and the EDL, and were outnumbered in their demonstrations by antifascist protestors on most occasions.

Accused by Britain’s leading terror cop of inciting the deadly Finsbury Park far right attack, made him even more of a liability to groups such as the DFLA, as did his friendship with the white supremacist Generation Identity and its leader Martin Sellner who inspired the Christchurch neo-Nazi terrorist massacre.

Not able to become the saviour of the streets, nor win back mass-appeal amongst the footsoldiers of far right, Yaxley-Lennon gave up dreams of leading the next EDL to concentrate on his own personal “TR” brand, teaming up with alt-right film-maker Holly Henderson to produce an anti-Muslim movie for extremist Sikh organisation Sikh Youth UK who campaigned against mixed-marriages, a fictional film promoted by the hapless Labour Lord Mayor of Leeds.

Streaming income from his hate-movies and “documentaries” was moderate, as was his faltering crowd-funding, having had his PayPal and Go Fund Me accounts suspended. His overseas funding from Canada and the USA kept him in Columbian marching powder, but even that was under threat when You Tube de-monetised his channel. Ditched by Rebel News in favour of Katie Hopkins, despite Ezra still turning up at his trials, forced to go it alone with TR News, his grift became unstuck.

Whenever a suspected terror attack happened in London, whether it was actually terrorist-related, so long as the suspects were black or Asian, Tommy continued to turn up whilst the blood was still flowing from the victims, and the bodies still warm, however society’s voyeuristic impulses had waned, his shock tactics failing to impress his target audience.

Livestreaming had once provided Yaxley with lucrative lucre, when claiming to expose the whereabouts of child abusers, however his troublesome ego had gotten the better of him. If there is one thing that riles Stephen more than anything else, is people making fun of him. As EDL leader and hooligan “lieutenant”, he once was able to command the respect of thousands of thugs, and yet, a few years down the line, most of his online supporters were now overseas, many were mere bots, and not people at all.

Rightwing Brits rapidly tiring of him, he was fast becoming a laughing stock, a national disgrace synonymous for drunken punch-ups at racecourses. Former youth leader of the BNP, Mark Collett becoming more prominent on social media and YouTube channels, his old-fashioned neo-Nazism enjoyed a resurgence amongst the populist British far right, many one-time Tommy supporters packed their bags, going full-on Nazi because they were disillusioned by Yaxley-Lennon’s egotistical, drunken, drug abusing lifestyle.

Derided not just by the left, but by his own kith and kin, as yesterday’s man, who got rich off the back of his own fanbase, Yaxley could take no more. His doorstepping methods had, until now, been reserved for his contrived “paedophile hunts”, however, vengeance turned the obsessed ageing wannabe hooligan into a paranoid stalker. Claiming a student from Workington had doxxed him by posting his address online, when all he did was posted pictures of the luxurious mansion Tommy had accrued from fan donations, Tommy and a car-load of vengeful ghouls drove up to Cumbria in the dead of night, to livestream from the lad’s parents’ house, literally frothing from the mouth.

Tommy’s ego reaching fever-pitch, whilst on bail, awaiting his retrial at the Old Bailey for contempt of court, he doorstepped antifascist historian Mike Stuchbery, hammering on his front door in the dead of night, causing Mike to receive abuse online from his diminishing yet deranged flock, as little Yaxley lost control of what remained of his fragile personality.

While the thug’s conviction for putting a paedophile trial at risk was quashed pending the retrial for which he was once again found guilty, having enjoyed a temporary revival of his popularity, his shrinking real world fanbase shamefully brawling with the police outside the courtroom, the writing was on the wall. A miserable show at the European elections, his upcoming damages trial involving a Syrian refugee schoolboy risking the loss of his ill-gotten fortune and property, Tommy Robinson is a has-been whose time has been served, his end nigh.

He continues in grift, albeit in-vain, to no avail. Having agreed to campaign against LGBT education in schools on behalf of a rightwing “family values” organisation, allegedly planning to prowl ‘pervert-like’ outside of school gates, along came the pandemic, the closure of schools until the summer putting pay to his desperate plans.

Having bad-mouthed Black Lives Matter, the tiny hooligan turned snivelling coward fled to Spain to escape the consequence of his racism.

Currently scrambling to muscle-in with the covid-denying KBF, the prima donna’s last throw of the dice is already gone. Kaput!

Deplatformed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok, echo-chambers VK and Parler leave mouldy old Waxy Lemon with nowhere to turn, other than his ever-diminishing supply of cocaine.



  • Seriously… how did Robinson manage to lose all his social media when a hardcore neo-Nazi like Mark Collett is still going strong? LOL! Well, on YouTube anyway. Collett is an absolute moron but obviously has more brains in his left bollock than Robinson. For shame!

  • Another extreme left wing opinion written by a woke journalist. While I don’t agree with the opinions in this article, it does at least expose the ability of the Left to manipulate public perception of views which are contrary to Carl Marx.

  • Every ignoramus of the persuasion that is not left has rapidly, and predictably, jumped on the groupthink bandwagon with their overuse of the newly appropriated right-wing buzzword that they clearly don’t understand, or care to look up, the meaning of.

    It’s a well known fact that the majority of haters/rightists are gullible & poorly educated, closed-minded, useful idiots who get off on the false sense of persecution fed to them by the usual money grubbing grifters who don’t believe a word of the shit they preach. The appropriation of the word ‘woke’ and the monotonous parroting of the same old cultural Marxism racist tropes are just two examples of their dim-witted sheepleness. Oh, and the fact that John can’t even get the name right during his cack-handed attempt at being a smart arse also kinda proves my point. “Carl” lol

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