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Laura Towler, a pseudonym for Laura Tyrie, is a 33 year old white nationalist (White Supremacist), anti-Semitic and great replacement conspiracy theorist, active on YouTube, BitChute and Twitter. Laura, as Deputy Leader, along with Mark Collett, neo-Nazi and former head of publicity for the BNP, leads Patriotic Alternative, a far-right white nationalist Neo Nazi group with ambitions to be a political party.

Patriotic Alternative is currently not registered with the Electoral Commission.  Patriotic Alternative submitted an application to the Electoral Commission in April 2020 to become a registered political party, however their application was subsequently rejected for being incomplete.  As of October 2020 Patriotic Alternative have resubmitted another application for further consideration by the Electoral Commission.

(Ed. Resisting Hate have been actively sending information relating to the Nazi views of Towler and Collett to the Electoral Commission. It is our belief the group are not a political party because of their extremist racist views)

In a recent Hope not Hate report it was noted that, “Patriotic Alternative forwards extreme policies, such as repatriation, and its members voice highly extreme views, including expressing Holocaust denial and supporting those who call for political violence.”

Towler is a devotee of the British wartime traitor and fascist leader Oswald Mosley, and as an anti-Semite perpetuates various anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including the Kalergi Plan, an antisemitic conspiracy theory that was invented by neo-Nazi Austrian Gerd Honsik, and propagated in his 2005 book, Rassismus Legal?.  The plan alleges a conspiracy that centres on Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, which claims that Coudenhove-Kalergi intended to influence Europe’s policies on immigration in order to create a “populace devoid of identity” which would then supposedly be ruled by a Jewish elite.  This conspiracy theory overlaps with the white genocide and Great Replacement conspiracy theories among neo-Nazis.

Towler pre-2017 was part of the counter-jihad movement; she radicalised further to become a white nationalist.  From April 2017 until March 2020 she was editor and article writer for the white nationalist/alt-right/anti-Semitic news website, Defend Evropa.  The Defend Evropa website has been ranked low for factual reporting by Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC), a fact-checking website which indexes and ranks websites by left or right wing bias (each website is ranked from “extreme left” to “least biased” to “extreme right”), with Defend Evropa’s articles described as extreme right propaganda, with the website designated as a conspiracy and hate group.

In the summer of 2019 Towler resigned from her job as a management accountant for an information technology and services company (Pheonix Software Ltd) in Pocklington, East Yorkshire so that she could concentrate on her far right activities.  Following Patriotic Alternative’s autumn conference in September 2019, Patriotic Alternative’s leader Mark Collett offered Towler the role of Deputy Leader.

At Patriotic Alternative’s spring conference in March 2020, Towler gave a speech highlighting one of Patriotic Alternative’s main policies, the repatriation of non-white people, including mixed race people from the British Isles. Towler opposes interracial marriage:

“Repatriation will be a key part of Patriotic Alternative’s solution to restoring Britain to an overwhelmingly ethnically British majority nation. A figure of ideally 95% or above, at which point policies will be put in place to ensure our percentage of the population does not fall.”

On gaining power Patriotic Alternative would implement a program that would offer anyone who is not ethnically British voluntary repatriation, buying back their passports for £15,000 each with the provision of a one-way plane ticket to a country of their choice, this policy would be funded by tax payer money and is estimated to cost tens of billions of pounds to instigate, such a policy would be to the detriment of central government spending in the United Kingdom.

(Ed. Resisting Hate wrote an economic analysis of the Patriotic Alternative proposals. In a nutshell, they are totally unworkable nonsense.)

Towler, along with Collett, was invited to speak at the ethno-nationalist conference Awakening III Nova Europa on the 18th of April 2020, Finland,. The conference is organised by a group of Finnish far right activists.  The event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Other guest speakers included Tom Sunic and Johannes Scharf.

Tom Sunic, is a Croatian-American translator, far-right activist, described by Southern Poverty Law Center as being a white nationalist, Sunic has spoken at, amongst others, a Swedish neo-Nazi festival, far right meetings in Britain i.e. Generation Identity and an extreme right wing conference in 2011 called “Identitär Idé” (“Identitarian Idea”).

Johannes Scharf, also known as Jonathan Stumpf, is a politician in the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) party.  The NPD is described as a far-right and ultranationalist organisation, in Peter Davies’s book The Routledge Companion to Fascism and the Far Right, he referred to the NPD as “the most significant neo-Nazi party to emerge after 1945”.  Scharf is also head of the Nova Europa Society a neo-Nazi group led by a nucleus of white supremacist writers and publishers that was founded in late 2018, and as such the author of various white supremacist books and articles.

The conference was rescheduled for the 17th of October 2020 but was again postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During September 2020, both Towler and Collett had issues with their respective banks, banking services were withdrawn and their accounts later closed, Towler’s personal account (Santander) and Collett’s business account (HSBC).  Both complained about their treatment during a YouTube livestream (Patriotic Alternative Autumn Update) on the 2nd of October, 2020 on Collett’s YouTube channel, with Towler stating that:

They [the bank] sent me this letter, which says “Under the terms and conditions of the account we can withdraw banking facilities at any time and in line with our company policy we don’t give further information on how we made our decision”.  I did some research and there is three reasons why they can lock your bank account.  The first one is fraud, but I know this isn’t fraud with me because he [the bank manager] told me it wasn’t fraud with me.  The second reason is if you are cashing bad cheques, but I know it isn’t that because I have never written a cheque in my entire life, I don’t even have a cheque book and the third reason is funding terrorism”.

A mix of rules currently govern how banks handle account closures.  Banks have the right to terminate an account without giving a customer a reason.  All that is required is for the bank to give notice of its intention, typically 30 days.  A closure can be triggered by any number of reasons.  It may happen as a result of unusual and suspicious transactions, several big deposits for example.  It can also follow suspected fraud, an account’s use to support unlawful activities such as terrorism, suspected money-laundering, or a customer being persistently rude to bank staff.

To increase their public profile Patriotic Alternative are moving off the internet into the real world and capitalising on the COVID-19 pandemic to promote fear and hate.  During October 2020 Patriotic Alternative members have been actively posting leaflets by hand to homes in Birmingham, Boston, Caterham, Hull, Lincoln, Norwich, Nottingham and Southampton, the leaflets can be downloaded for printing from the Patriotic Alternative website.  It is assumed that Towler and Collett, a graphic designer, have written and designed the leaflets.

Far-right groups often us encrypted messaging apps i.e. Telegram, to set up a range of channels dedicated specifically to the discussion of COVID-19 and to amplify disinformation.  Conspiracies are prevalent within far-right social media circles, with many of them degenerating into overt anti-Semitism, with claims that the virus is a hoax engineered by “Jewish elites” intent on implementing a vaccine either for profit or to eradicate the white race.

The leaflets are also an attempt to target specific areas in anticipation of council elections in May 2021.  As discussed, Patriotic Alternative have submitted an application for consideration by the Electoral Commission to become a registered political party.  Collett has previoulsy stated that it is the intention of Patriotic Alternative, once political party status has been granted, to stand candidates at council elections.  If Patriotic Alternative’s application is rejected by Electoral Commission, Patriotic Alternative intend to stand independent candidates.

Laura’s Twitter account is @thisislauraT . Why not report her for racism 🙂



  • Where can we sign up for membership of this political party?

  • Congratulations you’ve capitalized on all the fear mongering buzzwords. How can I as a person with no dog in this fight believe a word in this hit piece, is anything more than anti-white propaganda. Thank you for bringing this young lady to my attention I will now do my own research.

  • One consolation is that Nazis slowly baste in their own hate juices, becoming more consumed by the day and preventing a normal happy existence. Enjoy your feeble Nazi lives; the future isn’t bright for you.

  • Great article. Let’s continue to resist hate and oppose white supremacists. Britain was always made up of different ethnicities, a black queen buried hundreds of years ago was even discovered. The nazi snowflakes will be crying again no doubt. 🙂

  • For someone who loves the British, she sure got salty about Dresden.

  • Do you really think she’s a threat to society ?

      • Really? You do realise your views on society and mass immigration are backed by the UN and multi nationals. Like, Laura is really the under dog here, you are just a pawn who thinks they are anti the ‘white supremacist tories’ but you are just a pawn of the powers that be. I am amazed but white pilled that you think an English girl from Bradford is a threat to this.

        • Indeed. My views are the views of pretty much everyone who has any influence or power. People want a fair world and a multicultural world. Silly little racist girls like Laura Towler have not advanced the cause of nationalism one jot.

          • Who exactly wants a multicultural world? On whatbasis you qualify that view? Fair world we can agree. We all want a fair world. Not multicultural.

  • ThE GrEaT rEpLaCeMeNt CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy. It’s neither conspiracy nor theory. Do some research, stop being a child.

    • We would be more inclined to take your view seriously if it didn’t come from an email called ‘chickenbumnose’. Unfortunately the lame email name, the capital letters, the anonymity and of course the ridiculous view that muh ‘replacement theory’ is anything under than the most laughable drivel undermines the credibility of yourself and therefore any views you may have wished to express.

  • Decides that eliminating non-whites, non-Christians, LGBTQI people and inter-racial relationships is actually achievable. Plans to remain angry until it is achieved. A truly clever decision. Any day now, eh, fash?

    • Fascism isn’t really relevant to any of those things. Churchill was a racist and wasn’t a fascist.

  • We are proud of our heritage. Yes our skin is shaded white I myself am genetically Scottish Irish and English but mostly German with 1/16 Cheyenne american Indian. All of you who beings who go along with the destruction of our racial qualities, the destruction of our history are nothing more than filthy demons
    So far your side has done a magnificent and inspiring job of conquest over my people. I look forward to the day I get to bleed with your kind on the battlefield you lieng cun mouthed cowards! To you women you stand in defense of our people god bless you it warms my heart beyond measure. To you men whom are my brothers get your life in order and dont let these scum win without a fight

    • Abd yet you have achieved absolutely nothing from your committment to racism have you. Society is still multi cultural and you lot are still banned from every mainstream platform except Telegram. Not exactly change the world you Nazis are you! LOL

      • Tell us, what is it you’ve ‘accomplished’ in this life, other than an eating disorder and a series of meandering blog posts on here?
        I’m kidding of course, do not tell us. Nobody particularly cares.

        • Let me see… I’ve written four novels and a play, taught myself to paint, bought a 4 bed detached house, run two successful websites, given talks on witchcraft at public venues, written for several media sites, been with my partner for 17 years and earn over 50k a year.

          What have you achieved except bitching to people you don’t know on the internet?

  • How is she is nazi or white supremacist? In truth it seems like you try to poison the well with accusations.

    • We get a lot of stupid comments on here. But asking why we think the deputy leader of a Neo Nazi hate group, who is married to a Nazi who was in a proscribed Nazi hate group, who works closely with well known self admitted Nazi Mark Collett and who spends all her time spouting crap about why she thinks there should be no black people in the UK is a Nazi really does win the award for idiotic comment of the day.

  • If Kalergi is a conspiracy invented by some dude why does Kalergis own book about it have a foreword from the great winston spencer churchill ? Surely this great man would not partake in such fakery ?

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