Some Thoughts on White Privilege


There are those from many backgrounds, including ethnically white in this country who would ask where is our white privilege under successive tough governments?

I only need to look at some of the council estates round here and the support and aspirational levels for some of these kids is shocking. Their parents don’t care if they do well in school because quite frankly nobody cared if they did well in school either and in some cases we’ve got 3 generations of family all trapped within a benefits/poverty class and no way to get out.

It has been identified within inner city areas that this is a problem with black children and other ethnic backgrounds and the government throw money at academy schools to fix it, but you go to small towns where the ethnic mix up is not as diverse and poor British kids of all skin colours are suffering. Money isn’t put into the schools in the poorest areas and these are the kids who left behind.

You’ve got the right wing media dunking on these families saying scroungers should work hard and do well and any failure is their own fault and there are Eton educated Ministers saying the same thing .- These groups are where the real privilege lies, the 1% predominantly white upper classes. These people have the privilege to look down on poorer sectors of society knowing that poverty will never be an issue for them. In many cases it is luck that has driven their bank balances but they will not accept that. They believe the poorest child from the worst school in the most underfunded areas has the same chance in life as the Eton schoolboy with millionaire parents. Until we address this flawed thinking then we are doomed to keep on the blame cycle of seeing underachievers as ‘lazy’ rather than the truth which is they are disadvantaged from the beginning.

For the have nots ethnicity has no discrimination in terms of not having a pot to piss in. Everyone is equally poor and cannot achieve the grades they need to get out of school and perhaps go to University or go on and get an apprenticeship. I always look back to Victorian Britain as a comparison because of the whole Dickensian portrayal. We might not have the workhouses, but people in 2021 are still relying on food banks and those who are vulnerable and disabled are being forced into fit for work assessments to face the threat of homelessness and hunger if some perverse assessor deems them fit to work. This is disgusting and it has killed people.

White privilege may exist to some extent in the UK, but to the underprivileged of any ethnic background it means nothing. It’s just another divisive buzz word in which resentment is fuelled inthe form of blaming someone else and directing anger at other social groups rather than the elitist leaders who have failed time and time again to address the inequalities in Twenty first century Britain.

Divide and conquer is drummed up by the media and by those who harbour hate and have an agenda of division. Hate your poor white neighbour across the street rather than be united with them. And in return your poor white neighbour will hate and blame you and wrongly accuse you of being an immigrant . Hate hate hate amongst the poor in every town and city in the UK.

And while everyone is falling for the media rhetoric and enduring the failures of an unchallenged elite, the rich just sit and laugh at us all tearing each other apart.


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  • This is very true. I’m an ethnic minority myself but believe the class struggle is much greater than a racial struggle. A middle class ethnic minority whose parents are doctors obviously has more privilege than a working class white person. I think the reason why the term white privilige exists though is because ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the top tiers of society

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