How I Escaped The Hate of Bluehand

Hello I am Richard (Twitter @77Pnk), and I would like to explain my own personal story of how easy it is to become involved in far-right radicalisation.  I grew up in a working-class household in the Midlands, my grandparents and both my parents had their 1970’s views of non-white people in our area, but I […]

As a Buddhist, it’s time to talk about Buddhism and Violence

A guest article by Lee Clarke Many readers seeing the title of this article may question the premise of putting the words “Buddhism” and “Violence” together in the same sentence unless it is talking about non-violence. Surprisingly for some, this article will be about the total opposite because, contrary to popular belief, Buddhism has been […]

Shamima Begum – Let Her Back In

Few issues have been more divisive recently in the politically progressive community than the question of whether Shamima Begum should be allowed to return back to the UK after leaving the country to join IS. It is an emotive subject that raises both human rights and safety questions. However it has a clear answer, and […]

Valentine day for Incels

VALENTINE’S DAY is upon us again. Scented candles, satin sheets, massage oils and silky-smooth soul music ready for action. It’s time for love! For those without a special somebody, there is always the option of Tinder or Grindr to find a bit of casual romance. But if you happen to be an involuntary celibate (commonly […]

Alison Chabloz – Trouble in the Fash Lane

It has been observed on many occasions that the far right cannot manage to maintain any kind of unity for any period of time. Their enthusiasm for forming groups and societies is only matched by their fervour for argument and infighting. It appears that being at odds with civilised society isn’t enough, they have to […]

Liam Neeson’s ‘Revenge’

Award-winning actor Liam Neeson who rose to fame through Stephen Spielberg’s momentous Holocaust movie Schindler’s List revealed a dark secret to the media this week. A revelation which shocked his fans and sent shockwaves across Hollywood and social media. During an interview plugging his forthcoming movie, Cold Pursuit, in which he plays a man avenging […]

How The Term ’Far Right’ Has Evolved

The phrase ‘far right’ is a term that is used liberally across media and social media every day. But pinning down a specific definition can be contentious and often leads to debate between both those who self-identify as far right and those who seek to use the term to define others.The dictionary defines ‘far right’ […]

Yaxley Lennon Followers Target Restaurant with Hate

This is a prime example of the hate influence that Stephen Yaxley Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) has over his misguided fanbase. Robinson published a Facebook post (reproduced below) naming a restaurant in Waterloo which had chosen to print the slogan “Brexit is Bad” at the bottom of their customer receipts. The reaction from Robinson’s friends […]

Hateful Media

This is a guest article, first published here and reproduced with permission from the author. I have already discussed fascism in my article previously published on Resisting Hate and I detailed how the characteristics of fascism are reflected in the modern world. But without the means of propagation, fascism along with other extreme ideologies, would […]

Free Speech in the USA

Written by a guest writer and first published here. Reproduced with permission. Free speech may be something that we take for granted in the United States, but do we actually have the freedoms that we think we do? Recently, free speech has come under scrutiny. Many people are asking whether free speech is harmful to […]

Shock Image Used to Incite Hate

Warning – very graphic image pictured in this article At Resisting Hate we often see far right accounts use lies to attempt to push their hate agenda but this lie was so blatant that we wanted to bring it to the attention of a wider audience as it is important for the general public to […]

Tommy Robinson’s Prison Diary

A Resisting Hate parody… Day 1 There’s a con like me in every prison in England, I guess. I’m the guy who can get it for you. Cigarettes, a line of Charlie if you’re partial, a new Stone Island gilet to show off your bulked up biceps. Damn near anything, within reason. Yes sir, I’m […]