Unchained Media News – Theft and Libel “news site”

Unchained Media News (not to be confused with Unchained Media Scotland which is a genuine and respected news outlet) popped up on Twitter with the claim that it was a new media site where both left and right wing politics would be equally represented with the aim of creating political debate. They made a Twitter […]

Hate and Extremism on Telegram

Our focus at the moment is highlighting the alternative platforms that fash are flocking to. A lot of people are unaware of the kind of pro Hitler, pro genocidal clap trap that circulates on VK, Telegram, DLive, Bitchute, Minds and Gab.com. As we start to see a mass exodus from mainstream platforms to obscure platforms […]

Roanna Carleton Taylor. Dispelling a few myths

Roanna Carleton Taylor.  Dispelling a few myths Since founding Resisting Hate in 2015 there has been quite a lot of interest in me as a public figure. While all this publicity is great for RH it has led to some increasingly bizarre rumours so it is probably a good idea to have all these rumours […]

Hypocrisy, Fraud and Fake Kids In The Heart of #TeamTommy

Those who regularly follow the trials and tribulations the grifts, and the general unsavoury antics of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) will be familiar with a number of his close associates. Collectively known as #teamtommy these bigots are prolific on social media, disseminating propaganda on his behalf and generally bigging him up as the second […]

Oswald Mosley “Patriotic Alternative” and Anti-Semitism

Introduction It has been evident for some time that an element of the British far right identifies closely with the European fascism of the 1930s, with these neo-Nazis repeating the slogans and aping the same beliefs of anti-Semitism, anti-immigration and racism.  One such far right group emulating and repackaging the fascism of the 30s is […]

The Racists Who Went Up A Hill

Whichever member of Nazi hate group Patriotic Alternative thought it was a good idea to haul a bunch of racists up a hill in Derbyshire to display a huge (very editable banner) saying “White Lives Matter” to an audience comprised entirely of sheep frankly wants their head testing. Whether it was full on Nazi Mark […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Fash Fiction

Yesterday was a day of shame for anyone associated with the right wing and the far right. Their lager swilling knuckledraggers took to the streets of London and showed themselves up as the thugs, yobs, hooligans and racist scumbags that they are. But while the yobs were throwing Nazi salutes on the streets and pissing […]

State Sponsored Murder in Trump’s America

On the 25th of May in the American state of Minnesota a 46-year-old African American male now known to the world as George Floyd was accused and alleged to have had counterfeit currency in his possession. There is NO proof to suggest that the currency was fake, and no investigation was carried out due to […]

Britain First LIE about the Cenotaph to grift cash from followers

Nothing matters more to the grifting scumsbags at Britain First than leeching money off their gullible and racist followers. They will tell any lie to keep their bank accounts topped up and prevent them from ever having to be in a position where they have to get real jobs rather than just relying on stupid […]

The Curious Case of Maajid Nawaz’s Libel Claims

Those familiar with Maajid Nawaz, LBC Radio presenter and founding chairman of Quilliam Foundation (an anti extremist think tank) will be aware of his dogged pursuance of anybody who suggests him to be either a terrorist/former terrorist or an extremist/former extremist due to his previous association with Hizb ut-Tahrir and his subsequent imprisonment in Egypt […]

The Decline and Fall of Millennial Woes

In the past few days Resisting Hate has learned of the “disavowment” by known neo-Nazi, anti-Semite Mark Collett, and leader of Patriotic Alternative, of the 37 year old Youtube personality, white nationalist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Millennial Woes aka Colin Robertson. These concern serious allegations aimed at Robertson regarding his alleged inappropriate behaviour with a […]

An Interview with a Radicalised Far Right Telegram User

Earlier this year an individual with very different beliefs and views to myself agreed to an interview with Resisting Hate. I have reproduced it below with only minor alterations for spelling. It is important to understand the journey to extremism and to understand the motivations of those who undertake it. It goes without saying that […]