Stopping Tommy Robinson

We are raising money to help Mike Stuchbury sue Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) with the intention of holding Lennon accountable under English law for his harassing and intimidating behaviour. This is our link to the campaign where you can make a donation to the legal fees.  Background to the campaign In November 2018 a […]

Watch Tommy Robinson Admit His Donations Are Dead

Tommy Robinson has not had the best of years. He’s been deplatformed across all mainstream social media, the main fundraising pages including PayPal have banned him, he lost his court case suiing the police, he’s been convicted of contempt of court, he’s lost 5k of his 51k followers on Telegram, he’s been forced to sell […]

Extreme Right-Wing Groups Groom Youngsters

Guest article by Bella Gaffarena Nationalist movements love to lure young people. Tactically, for some groups, this is a way to ensure their ideologies are carried into future generations, preserving their legacy and guaranteeing their beliefs don’t die out. However, mostly, it seems the far right regard Gen-Z as easy recruits; culturally malleable, dependent on […]

Antisemitism and the Left

Like many I am keenly interested in understanding the relationship between the Left and antisemitism which has become particularly topical of late not least through the recent media attention on the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn and increasingly heated dialogue which is spreading through social media. On the one hand, much of today’s vitriolic dialogue […]

Britain’s Ultra Nationalists

We would like to share this documentary made by Journalist Aran Tori with the followers of Resisting Hate. ‘Britain’s Ultra Nationalists’ is a hard hitting and unapologetic view of some of the key figures on the British far right today, including both Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters. Journalist Aran Tori travels across Britain tracking […]

Fascism is On The Offensive

I want to respond to Roanna’s recent article which exposes how “The Far Right Are Failing”. The article lifted the lid on the activities of the extreme right on social media and charted how, through the admirable tenacity and resourcefulness of those active in Resisting Hate, far right social media accounts have been identified and […]

Asylum Seekers are Unjustly Demonised- it is Time for Change

Guest article written by Cameron Boyle The term ‘asylum seeker’ has negative connotations. Illegality springs to mind; an individual who has unlawfully entered the country, motivated by a desire to take from society and give nothing back in return. Such a perception prevails due to the media’s portrayal of this group. In spite of the […]

The Far Right Are Failing

It is a common misconception expressed by the mainstream press that the far right are rising in Britain.  However, laudable as it is to see the threat of fascism taken seriously, the truth is actually not as bleak as the papers would have us believe. It is important to differentiate clearly between the right wing […]

Criminalisation Of Asylum Seekers

Guest Article UK’s criminalisation of asylum seekers has created the worst system in Western Europe Currently in the Western world, we are seeing an increasingly hostile climate to asylum seekers. The rebranding of the Refugee Crisis as the ‘Migrant Crisis’ by Conservatives and the far-right has increased xenophobia among the continent. Using the term ‘migrant’ […]

Black Van Man: Far Right Pound Shop Journalist

I write this as an ethnic minority who is also a proud member of Resisting Hate. One of my main reasons for joining RH was that I was sick and tired of people feeling that they had the right to victimise, bully, harass and intimidate others just for who they are or what they identify […]

Why Death Threats Are Always Wrong. Yes, Even To Tommy Robinson!

It is no secret that Resisting Hate think Tommy Robinson is a dangerous far right extremist. He is a racist, bigoted hater who uses his easily duped and gullible followers to grift vast amounts of money and promote his own personal war against the Muslim community. But abhorrent as I find Robinson’s views and behaviour […]

How to Deal With Being Bullied Online

The internet has brought a great many benefits to the modern world. We use it for entertainment, for knowledge, for socialising and for shopping. We bank on the internet, we find our careers on the internet and we fall in love on the internet. It is fair to say that in 2019 we would all […]