John DeVries. Not Suspended….Yet…


At Resisting Hate we have deplatformed literally thousands of racists and haters over the years. However there is the occasional account that takes longer to get down than others and which, despite regular breaches of the ToS, seem immune to being reported.

DeVries is one of those accounts. He was on our agenda a few years ago when he had a few followers and a low profile but since then he has gone under the radar and it is only really the last few weeks that we have heard of him again.

In that time his Twitter account @JonteinSpain (he doesn’t live in Spain, he lives in the West Midlands) has amassed a following of 139,000 followers and a back catalogue of foul tweets including racism, homophobia, Breivik supporting, Apartheid denial, anti Irish hatred, prejudice against travellers, antisemitism and islamophobia.

It is not rare to find a bigot on Twitter but it is rare to find one who hates everyone, tweets incessant filth and still hasn’t been suspended.

Which is where Resisting Hate comes in. We want this despicable man deplatformed and will be asking our wider network to report his hate tweets and get him off Twitter for good.

These are the kind of tweets we are talking about:

To report this vile man, use the Twitter Advanced Search. Type his user name @JonteinSpain into the account field:

Then type this list of terms he uses in his worst tweets into the any of these words field

This will bring up all his tweets that use these terms. Then just scroll down and report the ones that break Twitter ToS


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