Lies, Damned Lies and Fash Fiction


Yesterday was a day of shame for anyone associated with the right wing and the far right. Their lager swilling knuckledraggers took to the streets of London and showed themselves up as the thugs, yobs, hooligans and racist scumbags that they are.

But while the yobs were throwing Nazi salutes on the streets and pissing on the memorial of a murdered police officer the online far right were disgracing themselves every bit as much with an organised campaign of lies intended to smear the Black Lives Movement.

I’m going to evidence the lies here. I’m also going to evidence some of the excuses that the fash have made for their appalling behaviour on the streets of our capital city.

Nazi Salutes

The fash denied that their ‘boots on the streets’ were making Nazi salutes but a huge number of pictures from the day clearly showed that they were.

Urinating on the memorial to a murdered police officer

The fash couldn’t deny this one as the photograph clearly shows that a yob is relieving himself on the memorial.

However they made every excuse under the sun to try and defend the idiot.

Speculation is that the ‘pisser’ was a member of Britain First but at the moment this is unverified by Resisting Hate

The Vandalised war graves

A picture of an attack on WW2 graves was posted widely by fash and claimed to have been the work of Black Lives Matters supporters yesterday.

A quick reverse image search of the picture shows that it dates back to 2019 and that it was the work of vandals with no political link found. It was simply a barefaced lie to discredit Black Lives Matters activists.

The Machete attack

This one looks to have been started by Andy Saxon but was very quickly picked up by long time liar Tommy Robinson. The image they chose to illustrate the total lie about an attack conducted by “Twenty black men with machetes” clearly shows a wound that is days rather than hours old. It was a deliberate and barefaced lie spread initially by people with a racist agenda and then spread further by idiots who believe everything they read on social media.

We consulted a medical professional with regard to how old they believed this wound to be and they confirmed this was most certainly not a recent wound. Looks like a stock photo used with malicious intent to spread lies.

The lies spread by Robinson were very quickly circulated all over far right social media, leading to reactions like these below from his gullible followers.

The Throat Slashing

This was the big lie that the fash really got behind to smear the Black Lives Matters activists. They claimed they had video footage of a BLM activist slitting the throat of a far right thug. Stories varied with the victim being bystander or a veteran but they all linked back to the same footage.

And we saw a LOT of haters get behind this one.

There were so many lies told by these far right agitators that the police had to make a statement on their Twitter account confirming that this throat slashing never happened.

The far right know full well what they are doing putting these lies into circulation. They know their followers will believe them and they know that it will incite hatred toward both BLM activists and to PoC and other minority groups. That is their intent.

I was fucking disgusted by the drunken yob fash on the streets of London yesterday. But I was actually even more disgusted by the lying haters sat safely behind their computer screens at home spewing lies, fiction and fantasy at a supporter base they know all too well are stupid enough to believe them.

Roanna Carleton Taylor


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