Hate and Extremism on Telegram


Our focus at the moment is highlighting the alternative platforms that fash are flocking to. A lot of people are unaware of the kind of pro Hitler, pro genocidal clap trap that circulates on VK, Telegram, DLive, Bitchute, Minds and Gab.com. As we start to see a mass exodus from mainstream platforms to obscure platforms it is important to raise awareness so youngsters and the vulnerable don’t get drawn into making accounts on these platforms. Hate speech is bad enough but hate speech to a receptive audience is far more dangerous than hate speech to a small extremist clique.

This is an illustration of the kind of extremist content that can be found on fash favoured platform ‘Telegram’.


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  • I noticed you said VK is where fascists often gather.
    VK is Russian. The person who likes it most is Vladimir Putin because he sees them as their allies against democracy.
    He sees the fascists as his mini armies.

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