The Exhaustion of Opposing Donald Trump

This is a personal post from the lady who represents the American branch of Resisting Hate. (The article, not the meme.) I have never been so involved in politics. Not when I was a lobbyist, not when I was a policy advisor to the Governor, not when I was on the Transition Team or any […]

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is an American public figure with a legal background who regularly represents far right political views in the American media. She is the author of several books including ‘In Trump we Trust’ (written when Coulter still supported Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate.) Coulter is something of an extremist, outspoken on her favourite […]

Liberals, Progressives and Hate Speech

The politics of the left are often referred to with the umbrella term ‘liberal’ which is an over simplified view of the left wing and which doesn’t allow for the schism between those who identify as Liberal and those who identify as Progressive. Liberals are interested in upholding the rights of the individual and believe […]

FFS Twitter – Suspend Katie Hopkins and her Hate

Time and time again we have flagged up the hate tweets of Katie Hopkins. We have reported her to Twitter, to her employers, to the UK Police. We have highlighted her venom on our social media network, worked with other anti hate organisations to spotlight the hate she spreads and we have encouraged members of […]

Britain First – The Saga Unfolds

As Britain First implode under a chaos of their own making we’re going to keep this article updated with all the twists and turns and scandals as they happen. Keep checking back! Polish lady called Weronika arrives for the Britain First Rotherham protest. Paul fancies her. After the protest Paul Golding tries to force himself […]

Sue Hall – Neo Fascist Artist

Sue Hall, is a popular textile artist regularly exhibited, who tweets hate towards the London Mayor, and shares bigotry with neo-nazis without any of her fans worldwide realising the depth of hate espoused by her horrific views.  Looking at her tweets, there are even Muslim fans of her textile exhibits, sadly unaware she is a […]

Racism And Language

The concept of whether words are harmful or not is one of the contentions in the free speech debate. Those who support free speech defend their perceived right to employ the language they feel entitled to use. For these people the view is often that words only cause offence if people choose to take offence. […]

Trump Un-care: Statement On Healthcare In The US

RE: Trump Un-care: Statement on Healthcare in the United States Dear Mr. Government: My name is Elyssa Durant and I live in South Florida a few blocks from the winter White House. I moved here after I did my PhD in Health Care Policy. at Vanderbilt University where I studied under Congressman Jim Cooper and […]

How To Report Hate Site

Please note – the screenshots in this post are of an extreme and abusive nature. We have added a large number of screenshots to this post to illustrate why this Neo Nazi website has no place on our internet. These screenshots show the incitement of hate and violence toward Jews, Muslims, Gays, Travellers and People […]

Ironmarch – Neo Nazi Hate Site

Ironmarch – – is a hardcore neo-Nazi hate site similar to the recently closed sites Daily Stormer and Stormfront. The site is promoting race war in the United Kingdom and plays host to some of the most vile Nazi, AntiSemitic and Islamophobic views we have seen on the net. The front page welcomes viewers […]

Could Nazism Get A Following In The UK?

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia have shocked not just the US but the world. For many, particularly those who do not use social media, it was a rude awakening to the rise of White Supremacy and to a growing subculture who identify with Fascist and Neo Nazi beliefs. The conditions that have allowed fascism to […]

When not to D0x

I have been very open in the fact that I am more than happy to report perpetrators of hate speech to social media platforms, the law and if necessary their employers. I make no apology for this. When our group encounters people calling for the genocide, persecution, harassment and discrimination of innocent communities and individuals […]