Persecution of Left Wing Social Media

We have recently encountered a problem with a number of “lefty” pages being deleted on Facebook. Numerous posts have been removed and Twitter accounts have been lost. This is a real concern for Resisting Hate and the pages we run. A Mock the Right (sister page to Resisting Hate on Facebook) post which showed Paul […]

Disharmony in 140 characters

Cliché after cliché. Reverse racism was today’s. Was everyone brainwashed? Is it racist for a black woman, that has suffered exclusion, name-calling, and online abuse, to remark that Britain has a problem with racism? Is it acceptable, to sit in a room, in Britain, complaining about people’s racism against white folk? Did India’s caste system […]

Faux News And The Alt Centre

When looking back on this turbulent time in the world, one of the main things to come out of it will be the division, frustration, and anger that seem to be spreading across the world at present. At the forefront of this is, of course, Donald Trump and, in particular, his war with the media, […]

D0xing Fascists Is Necessary

Edited 24.1.2018 I have updated this piece by highlighting in bold some key parts and have added some new text (in italics) to clarify some of the points in the original article. D0xing (doxing, doxxing) is a predominently online term used to describe the obtaining and publishing of identifiable personal details on the internet. D0xing […]

The concept of ‘White Pride’

One of the challenges that Resisting Hate encounters more frequently than any other is the perceived concern that minority groups have the right to take pride in their heritage, culture and communities but that other groups do not. This issue has been raised many times with complaints from white, straight (often Christian) individuals stating that […]

Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation: Racist Mythology, Scapegoating and the Betrayal of Our Children This article aims to identify some of the commonly held beliefs in relation to gang-related Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and to explore some of the associated myths. I hope to unpick some of the cultural tropes which appear to underpin the current narrative […]

Everybody’s Experience Of Life Is Different

A guest writer in response to this post (not a Resisting Hate original) that we posted on our Facebook page.    Unfortunately I’ve seen many threads where you don’t get to comment on the thread because you’re a man/white/not a survivor etc. Sure, I’m all for minorities (like me) to raise their voices, but saying […]

Stormfront Needs Taking Down. GRAPHIC

The Internet hosting service Go Daddy have given hate site the Daily Stormer 24 hours to find a new website host. But Resisting Hate believe that website is just as bad if not worse. Stormfront proudly proclaims on its front page – We are a community of racial realists and idealists. We are White Nationalists […]

Why Google Were Right To Sack Sexist Employee

After the debacle of the leaked Google memo on diversity the individual responsible for sharing his somewhat sexist views to the rest of his company has now been dismissed. But the gender debate lingers on in his wake and continues to encourage people to discuss the issue of gender based abilities and predispositions. In a […]

Tommy Robinson and his Hate Tweets

Since Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) co published his anti Islam book “Mohammed’s Koran” with Peter McClaughlin he has been immersed in an attempt to justify his platform of anti Muslim rhetoric and to present himself as having evolved from the thug of his EDL/ex convict days into an activist rather than a hater. […]

Anonymous Haters and Trolls on Social Media

In a heated exchange with the leader of an online hate group several years ago I scorned his comment that “The wars of the future would be fought on social media.” But these days I am not so certain he wasn’t being uncharacteristically prophetic. Social media is proving to be a fertile ground for anonymous […]

Chesham Ultras – Bigots not Patriots

A concerned member of the public brought this local football club to our attention earlier today. Chesham Ultras describe themselves as the No.1 football firm in the Chilterns but their behaviour online is more suited to a hate group than a respectable football organisation. Their time line is a barrage of hate, discrimination and prejudice. […]