Resisting Hate – Just ordinary people doing what’s right…


We identify as an anti hate group with a focus on fighting discrimination and bigotry, primarily on social media.

We believe that all forms of discrimination are destructive and have no place in society. The only path to a peaceful world is through integration and mutual respect between individuals and communities.


Our core belief is that it is not enough simply to speak out against hate.

Winning hearts and minds is about explaining how a multicultural society can function positively and educating people as to how a unity of different races, classes and cultures benefits communities.

In order to eradicate hate people need to understand why racism and religious prejudice are wrong, they need to understand the damage hate speech can do, both to individuals and to the wider community.

People need to understand how a multicultural society will work for them.


Our primary focus is to expose, challenge and educate against online hate.

We work to bring perpetrators of hate speech to the attention of relevant third parties and the law and we also assist victims of hate and prejudice to get the support they need.

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