Current Focus

There will be some who will turn a blind eye to the state sanctioned dehumanisation of fellow human beings that Donald Trump has set in place. There will be some who think if they are not Muslim this does not affect them.

They are wrong. Persecution of the innocent affects us all. It changes the nature of the world we live in and endangers the safety of all our communities.

We, as a human collective, are in the process of writing not just the history of the world but the history of ourselves. You have the choice, as does every living person on the planet, to stand up against this moral outrage and condemn the US President for the fascist he is or you have the choice to turn your back and pretend you don’t know where dehumanisation of people inevitably leads.

There were people in Nazi Germany who didn’t stand up to the discrimination that eventually led to genocide. How easy was it for them to live with that decision for the rest of their lives?

How easy will you find it to live with your conscience if you do nothing now?