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Cannot believe that this kind of tweet is deemed acceptable by Twitter. Our entire network will be reporting this one and that is a lot of people.

This is blatantly mocking the survivors of child sex exploitation. Sickening.

If you are serious about ridding social media of hate Twitter then this vile woman needs to be one of your first priorities.

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Caught on camera (without his knowledge) we see the Tommy Robinson that he takes such pains to hide from his gullible supporters…

Robinson: They got all that [an objector being sworn at by Robinson’s staff] on camera.

Robinson: Stay calm all the time. If the camera’s not there fucking punch the geezer round the head.


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This account > @ThisisPalestine¬†< has come to the attention of Resisting Hate via a number of sources. It has amassed over ten thousand followers and declares itself to be a ‘parody’.

Unfortunately for ‘This is Palestine’ the term parody is not a get out clause for posting hate, threats, death threats, islamophobia and antisemitism.

This account is yet another example of groups and individuals seeking to cause a divide between Jewish and Muslim communities. Fuelling division helps neither community and frustrates the efforts of those who seek intergation, peace and common ground.

We have reported this vile account for the following tweets:

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Today Facebook bowed to pressure from anti hate organisations and deleted the page of Britain First. This anti Muslim hate page had amassed over 2 million followers (most of whom had been duped into following the page via click bait tactics).

The message to the far right, the alt right, the extreme right and every other idiot who thinks it acceptable to demonise and abuse communities in our country is a clear one. If you spread hate you are on the wrong side of the law (note both founders of Britain First are currently serving jail sentences) and you are acting immorally. Your actions will catch up with you and you will NOT be allowed to continue to sow the seeds of discord and hate within our country.

Facebook we thank you for this decision.

We would also like to thank co founder Halal Kitty who has worked tirelessly on this one and who has been active in joining and organising much of the opposition against this hate group.

To everyone who condemns hate – this is a victory for you all. And proof that nobody is too big to fail.


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In a letter to known racist Brittany Pettibone (who has been denied entry to the UK) the Home Office confirm that Tommy Robinson is a far right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred

Our question to the Home Office is – If you openly acknowledge this man is inciting racial hatred why have you taken no action to limit his platform for spreading this hate. Why does he have a Twitter account? Why does he have a Facebook page? Why does he have a You Tibe account?

Why is our government doing nothing about a man that they know to be inciting racial hatred?

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This has come to our attention from a lot of different sources today although as of yet we are not certain who wrote this inspiring piece.

In response to a series of hate leaflets sent to Muslims in several different locations across the country some better hearted individuals have created an alternative to the hateful ‘Punish a Muslim day’ and instead taken an opportunity to promote positive integration between Muslim and none Muslim comunities.

At Resisting Hate we support this completely (except perhaps the throw flowers on a Muslim – we would always suggest asking permission first before throwing anything at anybody!).

This new campaign is a clear indication that the people of the UK will not allow hatred to flourish and divide us between communities. Haters may try their best to isolate our Muslims from non Muslims but we will stand together, shoulder to shoulder against the small minded who use this narrow minded hate rhetoric as a tool for division.

Like it or not our Muslims are a valued part of the country and we will support them every step of the way.

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Racists Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone have been legally prevented to enter the UK to support and interview Tommy Robinson. The Home Office state that they believe Southern to present a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.

Both of the notorious racists seem confused as to why they were denied entry into the UK.

Southern attempted a brave face but acknowledged her ban was due to racism.

Let us hope this is indicative of the tide turning in regard to how the British government views antagonists, haters and racists from other countries. We do not want or need people like Southern in our country, attempting to inflame racial tensions and cause division in our communities.

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It is hard to believe that anybody is so filled with hate that they would go to the time and effort of writing these vile leaflets, getting them printed and distributing them across sections of London. But somebody has. This act of organised hate crime is intended to racialise other extremist far right individuals into commiting acts of assault and hate on the Muslims of this country.

This is cowardice at its worst. There is no name on these leaflets (except an obvious lie) no organisation have claimed them, no individual has been willing to link their real life identity to their views. This is poison pen cowardice by someone who is fully aware that decent people shun hate and who knows there will be consequences for expressing themselves in such an inflammatory manner.

And there will be consequences and you will be caught. And when you are caught Resisting Hate hope they throw the book at you. The Muslims of this country add value to our communities and societies. You offer nothing but hate. It is sad to see someone waste their life on this kind of rubbish.


After our group account and several member accounts were suspended from Twitter it has now become apparent we were targeted by far right extremist troll groups seeking to prevent our views on tolerance and diversity from reaching a wide audience.

This has had no impact whatsoever on the reporting we are doing on Twitter. The majority of our members were intentionally unbranded and have therefore escaped being targeted. Both myself and Halal Kitty have new accounts and are taking full advantage of the fact we are not blocked by haters to pass key tweets out to our network for action.

We would also like to thank Anonymous who supported us by tweeting out their positive views of our anti fascist organisation to their 1.6 million followers.

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We were rather surprised to see the court transcripts in the Britain First case state that Paul Golding is tee total. Golding is not tee total. Here is a picture of him having a pint. This is another attempt of the BF gruesome twosome to manipulate British justice into ignoring their hate speech.

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