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Tommy Robinson billed his May 6 event as a #DayofFreedom. It was intentionally promoted as a day to fight for free speech and the right for people to express their views, no matter how unpalatable. The event organisers went to great lengths to ensure that their speakers appeared to represent a cross section of British society.

Robinson himself, he assured the audience at the start of day of freedom, had done very little to organise the event. The credit was due to his media team, notably Lucy Brown. So when Lucy Brown announced the speaker list included high profile You Tube activist Ali Dawah it would be reasonable to believe that she knew what she was talking about. As according to Robinson himself she had organised the event then it would also be reasonable to assume she was in charge of inviting anyone to speak who she wanted to.

Lucy Brown confirmed Ali Dawah in advance of May 6th.

Tommy’s pal Toni Bugle admitted he asked Dawah to speak

(She thinks Dawah should never have been asked to speak. She’s a full on Islamophobe and evidently yet another far right winger who doesn’t think free speech should apply to Muslims….)

Dawah was on the official running order.

Tommy Robinson himself confirmed that Ali Dawah would be speaking:

Dawah turned up to the event along with all the other speakers but was turned away from speaking. The trouble started when members of the FLA (Football Lads Alliance, though we call them Fascist Lads Alliance) decided to heckle Dawah and shout racist abuse at him. Dawah and Mohammed Hijab who attended the event with him were then both physically and verbally abused by the thugs of the FLA.

Although organisers Caolan Robertson, Lucy Brown and several other speakers at the event (notably Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula) spoke up for the importance of allowing Dawah the same opportunity of free speech that all the other booked speakers were given, Tommy Robinson decided to pull the plug on Ali Dawah’s spot.

Then after the event Robinson denied he had ever given permission for Dawah to speak!

He then published a video on his Facebook page saying he would never have asked Ali Dawah to speak.

and then allegedly sacked Lucy Brown for inviting Dawah in the first place. (I say allegedly because although this is all over social media –

and reported on far right site Redpill Factory it hasn’t been directly confirmed by Robinson or Brown yet).

A source close to Robinson claims the sacking to be genuine though:

And now Tommy’s cronies are speculating Lucy Brown might be an Antifa mole. I tell you, you couldn’t make this up!

So the day of freedom has rather predictably descended into Tommy looking like a hypocritical prat and the usual fash infighting. We’ll keep you posted…

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Today Tommy Robinson and some of his far right friends took to the streets of Whitehall, London in an event billed as a #DayForFreedom. The catalyst for the event was the suspending of Robinson’s Twitter account from the social media platform (an incident that Resisting Hate had a bit of a hand in…). Originally the event was billed as a march to Twitter’s London head office but Tommy eventually twigged that on a Sunday before a Bank Holiday Monday there wouldn’t be many Twitter officials watching through the window so he changed it to a showcase of far right speakers instead.

We wrote about the people taking part in our article here but it is worth a moment to remember some of the people backing Robinson:

Lauren Southern – Banned from the UK for hate speech

Mark Meechan – Fined by UK court for teaching a pug dog to react to the phrase ‘Gas the Jews’

Milo Yiannapolous – Fired from Breitbart for ‘paedophile comments’

And this is the kind of person who turned up to support them…

The Evening Standard (reporting on the scuffles that broke out during the event) referred to the crowds as in the ‘thousands’. It has been hard to get an accurate estimate on the number of attendees, particularly as the day was very well attended by Antifa and other organised antifascist groups. One of our Resisting Hate members believed the supporters of Robinson to be in the region of around 2000 but other reports have placed the crowds (both supporters and detractors) up to 50,000.

It is hard to understand what Robinson wanted to achieve. He’s a published author with a website, a massive FB following, contacts in the media industry and he is regularly interviewed on mainstream television. Just how much free speech does the man want? Was this ever about the right to speak freely or was it about the right to hate freely?

Tommy’s event may simply have been about nothing more than his ego and petulence. Breitbart published a piece today confirming that Tommy intends to sue Twitter for disallowing him use of their platform. This will be interesting as a private platform has every right to suspend who it wants. There is no entitlement to a Twitter account. Once again Tommy fails to understand the concept of the free speech he goes to such lengths to publicly defend.

I would also be interested to know where the funding for today came from. This was not an amateur attempt to draw a crowd, there was serious money involved in staging this event. Who is funding Robinson? Not Rebel Media, they parted company with him, not Jim Dowson, he’s got enough on his plate after the BBC programme last week. Not UKIP or For Britain as they don’t have a penny between them.

High profile events like this will get the far right noticed and, yes, will drum them up some followers but in raising their profiles like this the individuals involved also bring their behaviour and views to the scrutiny of a wider audience. Reading about Milo’s views on underage sex or Robinson beating up his wife will not gain their campaign the support they so badly want. This is the Catch 22, they need the publicity but the more publicity they get and the more high profile they become the more the public is exposed to the true face of these bigots and the hate that lies behind the rhetoric they spout.

Reading the hashtag on Twitter today there were more people criticising the demands to make hate speech free than there were people promoting it. This publicity may already have started to backfire.


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It is not often we get a really good laugh in the world of anti hate activism. Being bombarded with the kind of hate and rubbish we see on a daily basis can be a gruelling grind. So when a bit of light hearted relief comes our way we make the most of it. Particularly when the butt of the joke is the haters themselves…

There is an extremely funny parody of hate preacher Tommy Robinson on Twitter. The account clearly labels itself a parody and even has the word ‘parody’ it its handle. However despite the account making it as obvious as possible he is not the real Tommy Robinson (who Resisting Hate helped get suspended from Twitter) the far right knuckle draggers who support Robinson insist on believing he is the real thing.

So the parody account decided to have a bit of fun and posted this:

Now I don’t know how optimistic the parody was that anyone would fall for this or whether it was just a joke but the response was hilarious. The far right really fell for it as these screenshots prove.

Thanks for the laugh 🙂

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We have been informed today that Jonathan Jennings – self proclaimed You Tube blogger (The White Genocide Podcast) and full time hater from Swansea has been charged with 6 counts of Racially Aggravated Speech and 4 counts of malicious communications.

He has not entered a plea at Llanelli Magistrates Court, but has been bailed to appear for a plea hearing at Swansea Crown Court on the 18th May.

We will keep you up to date on this one as we have a vested interest in this case. Jennings posted co founder Roanna’s personal details and asked far right haters to attack her at her home address. He has also made defamatory comments about Resisting Hate.

Early reports suggest it is his threats to Remain supporter Gina Miller that have caused the CPS to prosecute him.

We have some background on Jennings here .

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This is a list of the (pitifully few) candidates ‘For Britain’ are fielding in the May council elections.

Tom Hollings (Leeds)

Mick Bolton (Leeds)

James Miller (Leeds)

Anne Murgatroyd (Leeds)

Darryl Magher (Sandwell)

Stuart Nicholson (Leeds)

Karen King (Hartlepool)

Sue Perkins (Yateley)

Mandy Baldwin (Bromley)

Steve Ward (Hastings)

Stephen Latham (Sandwell)

Iuliu Popescu (Plymouth)

Sam Melia (Leeds)

Andrew Cox (Sunderland)

Samantha Harding (Sandwell)

They have also been told by the Electoral Commission that they are not allowed to use their trident logo for the party! (They are appealing this)

My bet is that ‘For Britain’ don’t get a single seat in these elections. I do not believe that a party based on hate, division and the victim rhetoric of Anne Marie Waters will convince anybody that this is a viable political alternative to any of the established parties. We shall see. In the meantime we will keep you posted as we have several ‘moles’ in the camp. I’m reliably informed by one of them that even Anne Marie doesn’t fancy her chances…

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It is hard to imagine what goes through the mind of the kind of person who made up ‘Punish a Muslim Day’. I’m not sure I even want to know what goes on inside their head. But we can guess that whoever did it wanted to cause fear among Muslims and to try and mobilise the public at large toward harming our Muslim communities.

Which is why it is so immensely satisfying that this ploy has spectacularly backfired. Check out the trending hashtag #PunishAMuslimDay on Twitter. This isn’t trending because people are supporting it but because people are incensed by the hatred it is spewing and are coming together in unity to stand against Islamophobia.

This is the exact opposite of what the haters wanted. They seem to think they represent a majority of the UK who oppose Muslims. Today has proven that they are the small minded hating minority that Resisting Hate have always believed them to be.  The majority of our country do not hate our Muslims and the outpouring of scorn on the hateful person/people who came up with this ridiculous day in the first place is clear proof that the people of the UK stand with our Muslims and not against them.

Bad luck haters, we imagine this must be a nasty blow to all your fascist hopes and dreams 🙂

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The case of the Nazi pug has inspired a lot of constructive debate in Resisting Hate.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think jokes are hate speech. I think the wording used to get the dog to do the Nazi salute was offensive and could have been worded in a way that made the same joke without being so blatant but watching the original video and listening to the motivation as to why Mark Meechan wanted his girlfriend’s pug to perform a Nazi salute I think what he said has been taken out of the context he intended.

Meechan wanted to play a trick on his girlfriend who adores their very cute pug dog called Buddha. His plan was to get the dog to do the most horrible thing he could think of which was to respond with a Nazi salute to an antisemitic statement. Not my humour and likely not yours but important to be aware that the joke was on the girlfriend (and possibly on the dog) and the whole point of the joke was actually acknowledging that being a Nazi was the worst thing this You Tube comedian could think of (and I think we all agree a Nazi is about as low as it gets).

Now my view on this and probably the view of many of this depends on the overall context. I don’t know whether this man was making this joke in isolation or whether he has a history of antisemitic hate. So far I haven’t been able to find this by researching. If he is a hater and this is just another incident in a long line of antisemitic slurs then absolutely he deserves prison.

BUT (and it’s a big but) if this was a one off joke intended to play on the cuteness of a pug and the evil of Nazism with no malicious intent behind it then I think the media are blowing this out of all proportion and so are the justice system. We can’t imprison people for making a joke!

I found a great exchange between Ricky Gervais and David Baddiel (both professional comedians) who discuss this case in some depth. Food for thought.


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Few things give me more hope for the future than our young people of today. Too often teenagers are dismissed for being too young to have an opinion and not having enough life experience to know what they are talking about. Well the teenagers and young people in America who stood up to protest the gun problem in their country really do know what they are talking about and really are determined to make a difference.

Some like the incredible Emma Gonzales have experienced the terror that guns can cause at first hand. Emma was one of the students to escape with her life after a school shooting in Florida that left 17 students dead. In what will go down as one of the most powerful speeches in history, Emma addressed the crowd with a period of six minutes and 20 seconds of silence (equating to the time it took for the gun man to slaughter the 17 innocents).

The March for our Lives is about the true America, not the America the gun lobby want it to be. The essence of what the country can be and should be has been lost amid the battles to interpret the wording of the second amendment of ‘the right to bear arms’ and the legal arguments over how to apply the constitution to a modern age with modern weapons. America is a country built on freedom and one of the most fundamental freedoms of any country that wants to claim the label of civilised is the freedom for its citizens to live without fear.

That is what the young people of America are fighting for – the right to live without fear. And with the determination and bravery displayed by so many of those marching for their freedom then perhaps finally we can start to believe that the days of the NRA are numbered. And with the next generation will come a new America. An America that cares more about the rights of its people to live peacefully without fear than it does their right to own semi automatic weapons.

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At Resisting Hate we’ve tried a few petitions to get the hater that is Hopkins off Twitter. But her latest tweet seems to have captured public anger and finally people are motivated to do something about the filth this woman puts onto Twitter. This latest tweet about eleven year old girls from Telford (Kids!) is a step too far for many. It is just not normal to use child abuse to push her vile views and we and others want her censored for her venom.

This isn’t our petition. I don’t know who started it but it has got nearly 25,000 people behind it already.

Please sign. Please get this disgusting woman shut up.




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Cannot believe that this kind of tweet is deemed acceptable by Twitter. Our entire network will be reporting this one and that is a lot of people.

This is blatantly mocking the survivors of child sex exploitation. Sickening.

If you are serious about ridding social media of hate Twitter then this vile woman needs to be one of your first priorities.

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