Resisting Hate – A Year Down the Line


Resisting Hate – Just ordinary people doing what’s right.

As most of our readers and supporters will know – Resisting Hate started out in 2016 as an online protest group in response to Islamophobic Twitter hate group Bluehand. We began as a parody organisation, intentionally copying the #Bluehand branding to cause confusion and to disrupt the online recruitment of haters to ‘James Bond’s’ clique of Islamophobes. And oh my word did we cause some chaos!

In November 2016, in the wake of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump, the five founder members of, what was then termed ‘New Bluehand,’ decided to rebrand our organisation to oppose hate on a broader scale.  We had seen an increase in hate toward many different communities based on faith, colour, gender, orientation, race and health status and we wanted to use our group as a force for the good to combat these prejudices.

We built a Resisting Hate website (kudos to our tech guy who built and established all our rebranded technology in the space of 48 hours with no sleep) and we now have over 170 articles written by our members and guest writers which discuss and document many aspects of hate crime and its consequences. We also launched our ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ gallery to highlight key figures in hate speech and hate crime on both sides of the Atlantic. Judging by the angry response we have had from the haters we have featured to date, it is safe to say our website is having an impact…

We launched a presence across several social media channels and have built up a strong following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in particular. Recently we added a Tumblr channel to our social media platforms.

We founded a second Facebook page (managed by our infamous founder Halal Kitty) called ‘Mock the Right’ which is set to top 20,000 followers by the end of the year. The reach across our combined social media pages is regularly in excess of 1 million people and we have built up a contacts network of likeminded groups and individuals who also help to share our positive anti hate messages.

In addition to the work we broadcast on our own channels, I was given the opportunity to publish our group articles on Huffington Post which has further helped bring the attention of the public to the necessity of standing up to hate.

We have grown as a group, welcoming new members, both nationally and internationally, on a weekly basis and building a support network for people already working as activists on their own. Our Twitter DM groups have increased, giving all our active members access to shared information and hate fighting techniques. Many of our new members have brought positive energy to the group and given us different ideas and tools to work with. I understand two of our younger members are establishing the RH name further in the gaming world. Watch this space!

We established an email reporting channel where we could send out key information about haters to enable our members to take action. This has been a very positive endeavour and Resisting Hate can be credited with removing numerous haters from social media platforms.  We expanded our website recently to add a Members section where we can update those who support us with the specific results and statistics to show the results we are getting as an organisation.

Resisting Hate had a presence at both the 2016 and the 2017 Annual Anti Hate awards and one of our founders had the honour of a nomination this year. Shaking hands with Nasser Kurdy was probably the highlight of the whole year for me.

I was delighted to be invited to sit on the East Midlands advisory board for respected anti hate organisation Tell Mama UK who do such excellent work to combat Islamophobia. We have also had the pleasure of working with other anti-hate organisations and have supplied key information on haters to both these organisations and to several UK police forces. Founder ‘Old Wolf’ in particular has some key projects on the go that may well result in some high profile arrests before the year is out.

High profile Halal Kitty has managed to acquire a bounty on his/her head (we always keep Kitty gender neutral for safety reasons – even most of our members are not sure if Kitty is male or female) – offered by Britain First after one of our many mole accounts leaked rather a lot of sensitive information about Golding, Fransen, Blunn and the rest of the motley crew at Britain First.

We have appeared on the radio – speaking on The Voice of Islam and Beat 103.6 and have also been interviewed by several academics involved in researching the subject of hate crime.

As we go forward into our next year I am expecting further hurdles. Our accounts are being mass reported by far right trolls, myself and our members regularly receive death threats, there has been talk of suing the group for libel… I fully expect us to lose various platforms at various times and I imagine the abuse against those of us who fight hate will only intensify. However we have achieved our key objective of organically growing an anti-hate organisation with no public or government funding and we have inspired hundreds of people to take a stand against hate.

There are two points I particularly want to make as a result of this. Firstly (obviously) we are always interested in expanding Resisting Hate and we welcome enquiries from interested parties. Please do contact us.

But more importantly I want to highlight one of the #Resistance slogans that I feel really sums up our group and the work that we do –

An avalanche is just snowflakes with team work

All it takes to make a difference in the world is to believe in yourself and to find others who share those beliefs. We are making a difference because we believed that we could and we gave it our all. If you agree with us that hate has no place in our society then now is the time to stand up and be counted. It may not be our group you join – there are hundreds of reputable organisations dealing with hate and the tragic consequences it leaves in its wake. Take your pick and fight for what you believe in.

Become part of the avalanche and let’s end hate for good.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


Bluehand Hater Suspended


With the suspension of @GSDDogLover from Twitter it seems like a good time to shed further light on Bluehand and their desperate attempts to claim credibility as a bastion of righteousness standing against the ills of the world.

In typical Bluehand fashion, following the suspension of this most loathsome account they immediately tried to manifest some sort of credibility on Twitter for @GSDDogLover by trying to claim Sandy, as she was known, was a well established, respected account with over 40,000 followers trying to rid the social network of extremists. In a last desperate appeal to Twitter for her reinstatement they have even tried to claim she is a Muslim who has turned her back on her faith and found Jesus. The irony of this was seemingly lost on those in Bluehand, and it was assumed by many of their followers that due to her religious conversion Sandy was speaking from a position of authority and expertise. This is a common tactic used by Bluehand. It was probably come as no surprise to readers of the Resisting Hate site that Sandy was about as Muslim as my forest cat.

Sandy and Bluehand have long since defended themselves by claiming to be standing against radical Islam and the evils of fundamentalists. On Twitter this is often done under the flag of #OpISIS – an Anon inspired movement to restrict Jihadist accounts on Twitter through reports and suspensions, thus limiting their ability to spread propaganda.

The facts regarding Sandy and Bluehand are someone paradoxical to the #OpISIS philosophy. As I learned during my extended period helping to run Resisting Hate’s fake Bluehand account, the BH members are merely hate mongers who false flag accounts simply for tweeting in Arabic or Farsi. With access to an Arabic speaker it became obvious very quickly that Bluehand, especially Sandy, were disseminating the names of innocent accounts to Bluehand followers to mass report in the hope that they would be suspended. In a Resisting Hate review of the accounts they shared for reporting – 2/3 had no connection to ISIS or Jihadis and were innocent accounts that Bluehand and Sandy had taken a personal dislike to. Sometimes the accounts had merely disagreed with them and were then thought of as a justified target. More often than not the accounts targeted had never even engaged with Bluehand, the oddest one being a Qatari restaurant critic.

In most cases when you highlight to other #OpISIS users that they have added an innocent account by mistake they are very quick to remove the account and spread the word so that no damage is done. This was not so with Sandy. Having raised my concerns through my main Twitter account I was met with a volley of abuse and threats from Sandy and her followers – mostly confederate flag waving fundamentalist Christian followers who seemed to think I was either a communist, a Muslim or some sort of devil worshipper. (Readers will be pleased to know I am not any of them.) The threats took a slightly more bizarre turn when Sandy started to tag in the FBI and Wiltshire Police (?) Twitter accounts into her increasingly unhinged tweets.

It was pathological hate wrapped up in the thin veneer of trying to help #OpISIS. But what Bluehand fail to realise is that targeted reporting of innocent accounts does a lot of harm. By allowing Bluehand to tar every Muslim account with the same brush the likes of Sandy and Bond (whom you will know from our other articles) reveal their true agenda with crystal clarity. They don’t care about helping to restrict fundamentalists. What they care about is the attention they and Bluehand get by pretending to help, a sort of narcissistic version of a chemical high.

Such tactics and self interest makes Bluehand no better than the evils it claims to stand (weakly) against. In fact as self professed Bluehand leader James Bond’s recent dismissive and wholly misogynistic tweets (in response to the abuse scandal in Westminster) show, he and Bluehand have a lot in common with those who seek to restrict the rights of others. A very fascistic regieme.

So while Bluehand and many other far right Twitter users shed tears over the loss of such a well established Twitter account, I for one will rejoice.


The Anonymous Mr Bond


As, despite all his efforts, Bond from Old Bluehand still remains largely unknown it seems apposite for our group to introduce the growing Resisting Hate membership to the man whose online hate speech inspired us to form in the first place. This is a whistle stop tour of the man – and the first in a series of articles that will delve more into the origins of Bond, old Bluehand and the previous (failed) hate groups started by the man himself.

Having checked the libel laws it seems fairly safe to express an opinion on a pseudonym. And in this case it is particularly safe because in order to sue Resisting Hate for libel Bond would have to reveal his real identity and this is an individual who has spent his entire online existence trying to hide the face of the man behind the mask.

We don’t have Bond’s real life identity (though we know people who do) and have to be honest that even if we did have those details I’m not so sure we’d publish them. As long as Bond remains that anonymous figure lurking in the murky shadows of online hate and fascism his credibility as a leader is significantly diminished. It is hard to take seriously the views of a man who isn’t even brave enough to put his own name and face to them.

Bond runs the group Old Bluehand. This sells itself as being a group that promotes free speech and fights political correctness but is actually an Islamophobic hate group. A quick glance at the time line of @bluehand007 (Bond’s Twitter handle) will confirm this.


Unfortunately Bond’s anti social agenda doesn’t stop with Islam. There is also plenty of evidence of him posting tweets offensive to other races, cultures and religions.


Bond first came to the attention of online anti fascist groups with his membership of the website Praetorians. The site has been locked now (to prevent members of the public from reading the racist content) but this screenshot of the front page gives a good indication what the published content related to. Even back in 2006 Bond was starting to obsess about Muslims.


Bond next turns up in a group called Jezzasexiles which is interestingly enough another group promoting free speech which also doesn’t allow public access to its forums. Also interestingly enough it is another group watched by the authorities for suspected hate speech.

You will note that Bond’s technical skills haven’t evolved all that far…


Bond has an extremely selective eye when denying the accusation that his so called Bluehand Family members (Charles Manson overtones?) incite hate. These are some of his members – all wearing the official avatar that only he authorises – expressing the kind of sentiments Bond feels it appropriate for his group to make.


Bond views all the people who oppose him as “trolls” and instead of welcoming debate in the manner of the free speech he so hypocritically pretends to promote he blocks anybody who openly disagrees with his views. He attempts to discredit Resisting Hate by suggesting we are the paid “trolls” of other more established anti hate groups or more recently has made the outlandish claim we are on the payroll of Twitter itself. (This is factually untrue, Resisting Hate are fully independent and self financing).

One of Bond’s small number of real members (the rest being sock puppets he makes and tweets with to make his group look popular) runs his block list which is now at over 4000 members. This dedication to the Old Bluehand echo chamber sums up his attitude to free speech perfectly.


Despite claiming to be an “International” group with nearly 10,000 members Bond has very little online presence beyond Twitter. He has no Facebook group, no other social media accounts and his website forum has less than 40 members (or it did last time I infiltrated it – which Resisting Hate do on a regular basis as it is laughably easy to convince Bond that a mole is a genuine member.)

This is Bond trying to reassure his unsuspecting (and rather dim membership) that his forum is safe to use. (It wasn’t – only a week later we infiltrated it and posted screenshots all over Twitter as usual.)


Resisting Hate have moles in the majority of Bond’s undercover Direct Message groups where the private content is even more revolting than the stuff they post on their hashtag. Unbeknown to Old Bluehand we take regular screen shots of the DM activity and have the real life identities of many of his unsuspecting members who often give themselves away in chat.

To make a comparison between Old Bluehand and ourselves – as one of the primary founders of Resisting Hate I am happy to put my real identity to the beliefs I hold. I am happy to be public, to be photographed, to be associated with like minded individuals and groups and to be open both on social media and in the wider community about the views I share with the other members of my anti hate group.

My challenge to you Bond is are you willing to do the same? Are you willing to stand up and show your members you are prepared to publicly back the hate, Islamophobia and racism you take such pride in posting behind the safety of a pseudonym. Will you lend your name to your cause or will you continue with the views I know you are secretly ashamed of and remain – hiding in the shadows forever– the anonymous Mr Bond?

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK