Tommy Robinson IS a Fascist


Robinson recently filmed himself arguing with an individual who called him a Fascist. The well known far right hater thrust a microphone at the man and demanded he justify himself. (Video at bottom of post). The accuser was put on the spot and wasn’t given the opportunity to offer Robinson a full explanation so at Resisting Hate we thought we’d educate Tommy and explain to him exactly why people call him a fascist and a Nazi.

Ok Stephen your views are akin to Nazism because you employ the same rhetoric against Muslims that Nazi Germany did about Jewish people. You falsely claim all Muslims are criminals. You falsely claim Muslims are a danger to the people. You falsely claim Muslims (and immigrants) are a drain on the economy of Britain.

You are unwilling to differentiate between a small minority terrorist group (ISIS) and the 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide who lead civil and peaceful lives.

You have intentionally set out to discredit and dehumanise a community group in Britain on whom you blame all the problems in our society.

You support segregation and division.

You use nationalist rhetoric to draw the weak minded and vulnerable into your circle of influence.

You don’t believe in equality (See Mein Kampf and Hitler’s views on equality which he believed was a ‘sin against nature’)

Your racism (see our website for your ‘p’ word jokes clearly illustrates you believe in a racial hierarchy.

You seek to use politics as a means through which to gain power.

You see women as subordinates (thinking of the time you beat your wife up here)

You have set yourself up as a populist figurehead. You go to rallys where you publicly claim Muslims are a threat to those they live among. You use lies and hate speech to fool your followers into giving you cash.

You have openly called for civil war. (What you really want is an uprising against Muslims in the UK).

You even use the same imagery as Nazi Germany. Your poster campaign with the duct tape over your mouth was a direct lift from a Nazi propaganda poster.

So precisely why don’t you think you are a Nazi Stephen? You don’t have a black moustache?

And this Twitter thread explains it ever further…

So there you have it Tommy, you now know why people call you a fascist, a Nazi and an all round racist scumbag.

This is the video that started it.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • From looking at that video you post of the Nazi accusation….it definitely looks like the shouty Nazi accuser likes to give it out but does not like to find one fact to justify his accusations and then complains about him being questioned… ….guys in Military, or like my hero dad WW2 Desert Rat, or my son Bomb Disposal Operater would have him for supper and spit him out in no uncertain terms ….since the guy is just a left wing political shrill abusing what we gave him … people like me who done the business, like my 25 years military service to ensure his freedoms of speech which he wants now to abuse ,,,,, but brilliant viewing seeing him cowering into his taxi ….

  • I saw this video the day TR posted it. And I left my comment supporting Michael Vennart on a post on the band Biffy Clyro’s fb page. Michael has played guitar for them. I pointed out that Michael was the winner. But Tommy was annoyed and began to use intimidation. He had a couple of chav supporters who I believe made Michael uneasy and possibly at risk of a sly dig. Michael did brilliantly and told him exactly what I would if I saw the racist hatemonger.

  • Roanna, Tell me how Muslims depict Jews? Did you know that Hitler had a very high opinion of Muslims, and even had regiments of Muslims? They had the same aim of exterminating Jews. Muslims still carry on this proud tradition. Have you read the Koran? Do you think it has a peaceful message? Yes I know the early part does, but that has been abrogated by the chronologically later verses, which are followed by jihadis.

    • We do not support hate against Jews any more or any less than hate against Muslims. Fighting hate is not about taking sides.

    • That’s almost completely false.
      1/ Hitler didn’t have a high opinion of Muslims because it was almost exclusively practiced by ethnic people that he considered to be inferior and sub-human. So that’s false.
      2/ Hitler saw an opportunity to try to get Muslim on side to try to subvert the British who controlled much of the North African oil rich countries. However those Muslims, knowing what kind of people the Nazis were, decided to side with the allies either in open combat or as double agents. So that’s also false.
      3/ The Wehrmach might have had a very small number of Muslims fighting for them indirectly, but only a tiny number, a fraction of the number that fought for and alongside the allies. This infuriated Hitler. So that’s another falsehood.
      You think that Muslims have always sought to wipe out the Jews? Also false. They’ve lived side by side in peace for centuries until the British went and fucked it all up in the Middle East. And that was AFTER the war.
      So why don’t you get your facts straight before you try to take on someone who has? Read history from books, not what TR, BF, or the EDL tell you.
      Oh and just as a little gift, did you know that Churchill actually DID admire Islam? What he didn’t like was the fact that it is practiced almost exclusively by brown people, which, being a massive racist, he despised. Otherwise he might have converted.

  • You list hate and prejudice as if it’s a crime. Rude maybe but not illegal. Also, I don’t see any evidence in what you are trying to portray Tommy as. If you were a decent journalist, you would understand the term race is not possible to quantify, simply a social construct to empower the left with false rhetoric. The nazi regime btw, to get into power Killed hundreds of politicians and people in power in Germany at the time to get into power. My suggestion this is a little more than the right to voice an opinion. I might also add that there was extremely prejudice with violence against the disabled, mentally ill, yes Jews but there was slot more. So stop idolly using the term Nazi if you don’t really understand what it means.

    • 1. Errr yes hate crime is illegal
      2. I’m not a journalist and have never claimed to be
      3. Race is used as an excuse by racists to harass and oppress
      4. Prejudice against one group is no justification to do the same to another
      5. I do understand the term Nazi and I most certainly will not be taking any lessons from someone who spells the word ‘idly’ as ‘idolly’.

  • I’m yet to see a shred of evidence to support any of the accusations that are so often made against Tommy Robinson. I have no great fondness for the man, but when he makes an accusation he provides supporting evidence. Your cause might be furthered if you were to do the same.

  • I love how this whole article is based of the notion that the political compass is two dimensional and that if your “far right” you must also be authoritarian, which is completely false. The political compass is, of course, three dimensional. But I’m sure that Nazi Germany was a bastion of free speech.

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