The Decline of Tommy Robinson


If 2018 saw Tommy’s star rise, 2019 has bumped the far right agitator right back down to planet Earth. The days of anyone being intimidated by Robinson’s angry far right rhetoric and hate are long gone.

The year started off bad for Tommy when members of Antifa found out where he lived and visited his home, displaying flags of the anti-fascist cause. This was to be a turning point in the fight against Tommy as it marked the start of a refusal to allow the man to continue with his hate agenda. Antifa were the first to say enough is enough but this was soon followed by anti hate groups, politicians and the media. (Edited to add after comment supplied by Antifa: It was strongly suspected the house was Tommy’s address, so Antifa visited and posted pictures to get a reaction. It was confirmed by the comments of people close to the Tommy that address was indeed where Tommy lived. So Tommy was in fact d0xxed by his own people. )

Later in January You Tube demonitised Tommy’s videos, cutting off a huge section of his funding.

After the events of the terrorist attack at Finsbury Park in 2017 Tommy informed the press in Jan 2019 that he is still receiving death threats relating to his involvement in allegedly inciting murderer Darren Osbourne to drive a vehicle into a group of Muslims standing on the pavement. To be clear Resisting Hate do not support threats or violence against Robinson or his family. The man needs dealing with by the British courts, not vigilante ‘justice.’ We urge our followers and readers to adopt peaceful and legal means of combatting hate at all times. But others have a different set of rules and Tommy has been aware that his high profile hatred has put his family at risk.

Tommy’s first big ‘demo’ of the year was to be the unveiling of a ‘documentary’ he had put together, entitled ‘Panodrama’. This was a reactionary piece designed to harass the BBC who are planning an expose on Tommy on their flagship news program Panorama. (I spoke with Panorama myself this week and can confirm that the program is still going ahead). The tech problems on the day meant that the audience bizarrely saw more of Tommy’s wedding video than they did any alleged incriminating footage. Even his own followers thought the whole thing was a wash out. The Independent reported on one fan at the scene who commented “What a wxxxx”

In early February 2019 some footage of Tommy Robinson emerged that he clearly would have preferred his fan base not to see. Tommy boasted about being able to ‘score’ at numerous locations throughout the world. He openly acknowledged his drug use. The footage appears to confirm what many have suspected for many years, that Robinson is a frequent user of Class A drug cocaine.

The footage also showed Tommy’s racism (which he is always advised by his financial backers to keep hidden). Certainly referring to Asian taxi drivers as ‘Pakis’ shows his true colours as a racist and a bigot.

In February 2019 Tommy took offence at a personal fitness trainer in Nottingham who had chosen to make some of her classes for Muslim ladies only to ensure they felt comfortable doing physical exercise in a female environment. Tommy posted his prejudice on his Facebook page and within hours the personal trainer was receiving abuse from all round the country. She had to go to the police due to the threats she received. Tommy knew exactly what would happen when he posted the details of the Muslim ladies fitness class. Tommy knew his post would incite his followers to harassment and abuse and his far right sheep didn’t disappoint him.

Later in February came the news that Tommy had finally been banned on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook was one of his remaining social media platforms. He lost Twitter last year and was also banned from PayPal. This leaves him with You Tube and a Gab account that he barely uses. Tommy had over a million Facebook followers so this de-platforming was a major blow and drastically reduced the size of the audience to whom he can spread his hate and vitriol. Predictably he had a cry over it but Facebook confirmed he had breached the site’s policies on hate speech.

On 14 February Tommy took umbridge at a rape charity and posted a post on Facebook saying :
“I guess it’s ok to rape white women then?” . The comment was intended to shame the rape centre for a poster they had published with the intention of encouraging more women from minority communities to speak up about sexual abuse they had suffered. As a result of Tommy’s post his followers bombarded the rape centre with abusive (and racist) phone calls. This led to women in genuine need of support being unable to get through to the rape centre.

In March 2019 the Mirror reported on convicted rapist and Tommy Robinson fan who made threats to kill the home secretary if anything were to happen to Robinson. His threats read: “You Muslim terrorist. If anything happens to Tommy Robinson you will die right after. You will be hung, drawn and quartered by the real British people under the constitution of the Magna Carta. Get ready to die.”  This is the kind of person who supports Tommy Robinson.

On Sunday 3 March 2019 lawyer Tasnime Akunjee took the action of requesting legal papers be hand delivered to Tommy’s door. The papers related to a victim of Tommy’s ‘reporting’ of a schoolboy named Jamal and the teenager’s intention to sue Tommy for defamation. Akunjee had sent the letter twice before and asked for a response but it had been ignored by Tommy. Akunjee asked Resisting Hate to film the letter being served as evidence that Tommy had received the legal papers. We were of course more than happy to do so 🙂 A You Tube presenter (involved with neither Akunjee nor Resisting Hate) volunteered to deliver the papers and the incident was filmed and publicised by Resisting Hate. ( Edited to add after comment from the RH cameraman: RH did not d0x Tommy. Livestreaming didn’t work because of bad reception, so the video was recorded and sent by WhatsApp later and uploaded on facebook. When it was noticed that the road name was visible, the video was immediately removed from Facebook. We will publish the video omitting the street name.)

Tommy had a rather spectacularly epic meltdown as a result of having legal papers served to his home. He conveniently forgot the numerous times he has gone to people’s private addresses, harassed them, doorstepped them and demanded interviews in the middle of the night. Instead he predictably portrayed himself as a victim. He also appeared to forget where he lives, claiming in several videos he does not live at the address he was served at and then confirming in others that he does. Our question to Tommy would be – if it isn’t your house then how did the police know where to turn up prior to the arrival of the person serving the legal papers? The address was not published prior to arrival.

And this video is why we call him ‘Tiny Tears’…

Resisting Hate can confirm that the legal papers were eventually passed to the police and this does formally constitute Tommy being legally served.

On the evening of Monday 4 March 2019 Tommy decided to take retaliation for the filming at his home address and went to the home of journalist Mike Stuchberry – a man whose only involvement in the events of the Sunday before had been to publicly tweet about Tommy.  Tommy went back to Mike’s address twice during the night, kicking Mike’s door, swearing, shouting, telling his neighbours Mike is a ‘wrong un’ and deliberately fostering the blatant and entirely dishonest lie that Mike is a threat to children. His temper tantrum made the national press. It was reported to the police and Mike plans to sue the pint sized prat for defamation.

In the wake of his tears about the serving of papers to his home address (and remember, this is a hypocrite who has turned up to private addresses and filmed without permission on many occasions) Tommy decided to make widespread threats toward Mike Stuchberry, the media, the You Tuber serving the papers, Resisting Hate and Tasnime Akunjee. These threats included doorstopping every person he believes was involved with him being served legal papers. He has changed his mind since as, being rather titchy, he was probably worried he would get a smack. He now plans to make another ‘documentary’ exposing all the people involved. So that’s a new batch of legal papers being served to him any day now. He won’t have a one bed flat, let alone a million pound mansion left at this rate!

In light of Tommy’s recent behaviour, Labour deputy leader Tom Watson appealed to You Tube to have his hate videos removed from their site. Prior to Robinson’s thuggery at Mike Stuchberry’s house You Tube appeared to believe Robinson was still within their terms of service. It will be interesting to see if You Tube believes it is acceptable to go to a man’s house in the middle of the night, kick his door, tell slanderous lies and make threats. I would not be surprised to see Robinson disappearing from You Tube in the very near future.

Unlike You Tube, Amazon were only too happy to ban Tommy. They withdrew his nonsensical ‘study’ of the Holy Quran from sale.

On March 10 2019 The Sun newspaper published an article with photographs of Tommy’s million pound home.  This led to his lawyer putting out a statement directly from Tommy that shows just what he thinks about the working people of Britain. The so called ‘champion of the people’ lives in a million pound house while hard working, working class people send him all their money! Robinson himself confirmed that he received over £350,000 in donations over a two week period. How was that holiday in the Caribbean Tommy?

This is what Tommy Robinson thinks of the working class:

The biggest problem on Tommy’s horizon at the moment is his upcoming rescheduled trial on March 22 2019. The Attorney General believes it is in the interest of the public to investigate Tommy’s breach of reporting restrictions at a criminal court case . Tommy did several weeks jail time for this breach of the law last year but the penalties could be significantly more far reaching if he is found guilty at this new trial. The fact that the case has come back to court suggests it is highly likely that Tommy will once again be cracking open those cans of tuna.

On March 2019 Tommy’s legal case against Cambridgeshire police came to an end. Unfortunately for Tommy it did not end in the way he would have wished. The judge found no grounds for harassment against Tommy, no evidence the police had acted inappropriately in any way and to add insult to injury she pointed out that Tommy isn’t as well known as he thinks he is! He has had to pay £20,000 in costs for his failed legal venture.

So there we have it. In just the first three months of the year Tommy has exposed himself as a drug user and a racist, had his You Tube source of income stopped, lost his Facebook and Instagram pages, lost his book deal with Amazon, been plastered over the newspapers for harassment and abuse, put himself at risk of accusations of tax evasion due to public donations funding his opulent lifestyle, incited his followers to abuse a rape centre, made open threats against the media and anti hate groups and managed to insult the very people he relies on for support.

In addition he is being sued by schoolboy Jamal, Mike Stuchberry and whoever else he ‘exposes’ in his promised ‘documentary.’ He will also be the subject of a BBC Panorama who are unlikely to want to portray anybody who has relentlessly slandered their program favourably.

He is likely to be in prison again within the next few weeks with a maximum possible jail sentence of two years.

The downfall of Tommy Robinson, ladies and gentlemen.



  • What an utter cockwomble. I’m consistently astonished that anyone capable of tieing their own shoelaces could possibly allow themselves to be taken in by this media whore.

  • great piece and spot on. Morons will still back that scumbag tho. And mugs will still find a way to fund his lifestyle.

  • I donate money to Tommy every time Roanna slanders him. Roanna is as relevant as Corbyn Monoxide’s political career. In fact, if you really are about resisting hate why not go after the Jew-hating Labour morons who support Hamas and the IRA?

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