James Goddard – Thug in a yellow vest


New ‘fash for cash’ convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon wannabe first flopped onto the far right scene when he attended a pro fascism march in Poland in Nov 2018. Goddard was quoted saying: “You’ve [Poland] not bowed down to Islam and you’re not bowing down to globalism either.”  Goddard aligns himself with Israel and attempts to manipulate his pro Israel stance to promote friction between Jewish and Muslim communities.


Seeking to make a few quid off the oft proven to be gullible far right public Goddard set up a PayPal account. He probably won’t have it long though as PayPal have started taking action against individuals using their platform to promote hate. (The address if you wish to email PayPal to report behaviour that contravenes their terms of service is:  aupviolations@paypal.com )

Goddard came to the wider attention of the public when he copied the yellow vests used in French protests (The French have been using high vis yellows vests to identify and unite fellow protesters in their campaigning against fuel tax) for his fledgling hate group to promote their anti Islam protest in the UK in December 2018.

He had, however, been sniffing round the far right for a while as this post asking how he can join failed ‘political party’ Britain First over a year ago shows:

Goddard and pals blocked Westminster bridge on 14 December 2018, shouting a medley of slogans which appeared to confuse their actual message as the ranting included shouts to ‘cancel Brexit’, ‘elect a new Mayor of London’ and ‘fight Islam’.

There were reports in the press that Goddard’s crew refused to let ambulances pass through the protest.

Goddard claims not to be the leader of the Yellow vests but is clearly the rallying point for the far right movement he is trying to muscle in on.

Goddard describes himself as ‘honest and courageous’ but his Gab account confirms that he is in fact just another far right scumbag spewing hatred and bigotry from his computer in an attempt to con people into donating money to him.

These are some of the hate posts currently viewable on Goddard’s social media:


Goddard’s true colours as a thug were shown in December 2018 when he and a group of fellow yobs accosted MP Anna Soubry outside Parliament and proceeded to bombard her with abuse relating to her pro Remain EU views. Ms Soubry was accused of being a traitor and ‘being on the side of Hitler.’ The language used was particularly concerning as the term ‘traitor’ was the same phrase used by the murderer of pro Remain MP Jo Cox in 2016.

Historian Mike Stuckberry expertly summarises the verbal attack on Anna Soubry (complete with video footage) in this Twitter thread:

The police are currently investigating Goddard and co for the incident.

The current page used by James Goddard on Facebook is linked here. However the best bit by far are the reviews on there! Here are some of the best ones 😉




  • Judging by the headline photo he may be getting sponsored by a leading brand of stimulant drink. It may be coincidental, or does Red Bull give you right wing..?

  • “…the rallying point for the far right movement he is trying to muscle in on….” Don’t write off the Gilets Jaunes as a far-right movement. True, there are participants who are on the far right of French politics – but most aren’t. It’s the broadest of broad church movements and consists of just about anybody who’s fed up with the state of French politics, including many who are politically left-of-centre, ranging from disaffected schoolkids to senior citizens who are angry with the falling value of their pensions and the decline in elderly care standards owing to public spending cuts. Even the lawyers of the Rouen bar have come out on strike.
    Police brutality is another salient issue. The CRS riot police and the Gendarmerie Mobile are much too free with their use of stun grenades, pepper sprays and they will freely attack pretty well anything on two legs. This stems from a paramilitary policing culture which has always regarded the public as a potential enemy. I very much doubt whether they’ve heard of Sir Robert Peel’s principles of policing (1829).

  • Imagine being so mentally confused that you don’t understand that the reason you can so easily travel to Poland is because Poland and Britain are in the EU you are screaming against.
    Imagine being so mentally confused that you are a far right fascist screaming ‘Nazi’ at someone who isn’t.
    Imagine being so mentally confused that you are James Goddard.

    Take away his dole money and lock him up!

    • ‘Take away his dole money and lock him up!’ isn’t that rather FASCIST of you Bob. LMAO

  • James Goddard ,Stephen yaxley Lennon both racist , zenophobic bully boys not a brain between them .

  • This guy is a zionist mouth piece. He is trying to tap into right wing movements by stirring up hate. He is Tommy Robinson lite.

    ‘Godard are also borne by Ashkenazic Jews, presumably as an Anglicization of one or more likesounding Jewish surnames.’

    (the goy knows)

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