Robert Spencer – Banned in the UK


Robert Spencer is the Islamophobic founder of blog site Jihad Watch, described by Wikipedia as ‘one of the main homes of the counter jihad movement on the net’ but described by pretty much everybody else as a radical hate site promoting discrimination and prejudice toward Muslims.

Spencer has fostered an academic career off the back of Islamophobic hate. He is the author of several books, most with controversial titles like “Religion of Peace – Why Christianity is and Islam isn’t.” His books have been met with widespread criticism outside the echo chamber of far right fascist mentality and have been banned in several countries including Pakistan and Malaysia.

The Boston Globe described him as a man who ‘depicts Islam as an inherantly violent religion.’

Stanford University students recently protested Spencer’s appointment to speak at their University.

PayPal temporarily banned the Jihad Watch account (and are currently conducting a ‘thorough review’ to decide if it should be permanently banned.)

I asked Spencer if he wanted to make a comment on the article I was putting together and he told me that the Resisting Hate agenda of equality was enabling Jihad mass murder

In 2013 Spencer and his colleague Pamela Geller were refused entry to the UK on the basis that (then home secretary) Theresa May believed their speech would not be ‘conducive to the common good.’ This decision was upheld in the Court of Appeal who confirmed:  This was a public order case where the police had advised that significant public disorder and serious violence might ensue from the proposed visit.

Some of the best information on Robert Spencer can be found on Loonwatch who regularly keep their readers updated with information about Spencer’s on and offline hate antics.

Roanna Carleton Taylor


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