D0xed – How It Feels To Be Exposed


People who value their privacy often use unnamed accounts, some people use them to abuse others behind the mask of anonymity. I ran one myself. Personally I never really had anything to hide, I just used the account to go up against racist idiots in Britain First and the EDL.

Somehow my path crossed with that of vile anti-semite Alison Chabloz, and one of her supporters, the rape-apologist serial stalker Ciaran Goggins. Between them, and possibly with the help of others, they discovered my real name. This was no great secret, and I’d told quite a few people myself.

I woke up very early one morning, around 4am, and decided, after checking the time, to look on Twitter. To this day I don’t know why I did that, instead of turning over and going back to sleep. I was a bit surprised to see three notifications, so I tapped the icon. There were three new tweets, all sent direct to me. I opened them in turn. The first one was a bit confusing, in my half asleep state it looked like a picture of my house. My brain gradually decided that it was, in fact, a picture of my house, at which point I became very suddenly not half-asleep. The picture was one I recognised, as anyone who’s ever used Google Streetview would. Slightly alarmed I opened another tweet. This was another picture, this time of me and my child, and the text alongside it included my name. By this stage I was getting seriously worried. I opened the final tweet. There was no picture this time, just my name and mobile phone number, with a few digits blanked out, but the obvious implication that the sender knew the full number. I was now in a state of shock, not knowing what would happen next. How had this person got my pictures, my address?

I had the presence of mind to know that there was nothing that could be done at that time of the early morning, so I put my head down to try and sleep, knowing it would be impossible.

I dozed occasionally, but when I did sleep I dreamt of ringing phones and lives in turmoil. Eventually the time came when there was no point trying to sleep any longer, and I got up. Damage limitation was now the order of the day. I had realised that the photo of me, and others that subsequently appeared, were all previous profile pictures from my Facebook account. These are always publicly available, and like most parents, included pictures with my children. The first job was to report the tweets as harassment, and in their defence, Twitter acted extremely quickly. I think the reporting systems are programmed to give high priority to certain key words, as when I used the terms “unauthorised”, “photo” and “child” the account that had posted them was suspended in under ten minutes of being reported.

No sooner had an account been suspended though, than another one would appear, posting from the same collection of Facebook photos, calling me a paedophile, or announcing where I lived. Some claimed that the author had submitted my name to sex-offender or paedophile watchlists. With the help of friends, each of these accounts were reported and shut down, but always reappeared in a new guise eventually.

The next few days passed in a sort of paranoid blur. My heart skipped every time the phone rang, especially when it was an unknown number, but each time I answered I heard nothing untoward. Time passed, and with each new day the worry got less. I searched Google for my name in combination with “paedophile”, “nonce” and similar terms, coming up blank each time.

After a week or so I realised that I no longer worried, nothing had changed, my name was out there and it made no difference whatsoever. Since then I’ve barely given it a thought, and couldn’t care less!



  • Ciaran Joseph Goggins the Welsh born Aspergers sufferring fantasist who has reached middle age without achieving anything other than an arrest for the rape of a young student in 2004. His subsequent arrests for importuning, malicious communications, drug supply and shoplifting along with cruelty to animals (dogs) are the sum total of his life.

  • My name is Ciaran Goggins. I don’t have much of a life as I’m a lonely twat in a caravan. I like to spam Resisting Hate.

  • I’m a tiny little man. Small man, small brain, small dick.

    • Why are you using someone elses photograph Ciaran? We all realise that you are as challenged physically as well as mentally. Incidentally what has happened to your disgusting racist and anti semetic gab account @kiska gab? We notice that your other gab account @gogg is still hanging. We were told you are being investigated for hate crimes yet again and that you are living in fear of your life.

      • Ian McKenna, I have Asperger’s Syndrome and I have had four essays and a book published. Da Vinci, Einstein, Pythagoras and Bill Gates are examples of people with Asperger’s. In fact, most people in MENSA have Aspergers traits because we have high IQs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that people with social disabilities are stupid. We also invented computers and the Internet so if you hate people with Aspergers, stop using our inventions. If you hate racism then you should stem your hatred towards people with disabilities and stop being a hypocrite.

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