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Brian Silvester


Councillor Brian Silvester (who is not currently a counseller but still uses the title on Twitter) is mainly active in sharing his far right (and, in our opinion, repulsive views on Twitter)


Prior to finding his niche as a supporter of Anne Marie Waters’ extremist anti Islam views on Twitter, Silvester was a councellor in the Cheshire East borough. While there he was disgraced and fined £70,000 for fire safety breaches on a property he rented out.

Silvester made the move from the Conservative party to UKIP in 2013.

Silvester hit the headlines again in late November 2016 when, incensed by a judicial decision in relation to Brexit, he put out a tweet saying the public needed to know where the three ruling judges lived for the purpose of ‘protesting peacefully’ to them. This backfired on social media with many Twitterers answering that they’d like Silvester’s address for the same purpose.

For such a devotee of Twitter Silvester proved in late 2016 that he doesn’t have much idea how the platform works. He smugly and publicly dismissed his opponent in the Crewe Town by election on the basis that she only had 17 followers. By the end of the day Twitter had rallied to boost his opponent’s Twitter followers into the thousands, exceeding Silvester’s own following by several thousand!

UKIP were not quite extreme enough for Silvester and when Anne Marie Waters failed to win the UKIP leadership and broke with UKIP to form far right extremist group For Britain, Silvester went with her.

Judging by the website he is quite a key figure in For Britain.

This is the kind of hate rhetoric Silvester publicly spouts on behalf of For Britain.

Here he is supporting Anne Marie:

And here is he demonstrating he is in the “Islam isn’t a race so I can’t be racist” school for numpties.




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