Blair Cottrell


Blair Cottrell is perhaps best described as the Tommy Robinson of Australia. A man with a violent criminal past, leader of an extremist organisation and a rally point for the worst of the country to get behind to promote a hate agenda.

Cottrell served four months in prison for arson in 2012 and seven days in 2013 for aggravated burglary.

Cottrell leads the United Patriots Front, an extremist far right organisation with alleged links to Neo Nazis and an Islamophobic agenda.

In 2017 Cottrell and his party were convicted of inciting serious contempt of Muslims. Their ‘protest’ was in response to the building of a new mosque in the locality and took the form of decapitating a doll with a toy sword.



Cottrell is also well known for suggesting that all schools in Australia should have a picture of Hitler on the wall.

In June 2018 Cottrell took it upon himself to castigate a licensed street performer for the costume he was wearing. The police had to intervene. It is publicity stunts like this that have cemented his reputation as an aggressive thug.


Roanna Carleton Taylor


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