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Who is Tommy Robinson?

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Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) led the racist English defence league for five years until 2013. He left under a cloud of controversy due to both his links with counter extremist group Quilliam and also due to the suggestion that he had agreed to a monthly payment of £2000 in exchange for leaving the EDL leaderless.

Robinson has a history of Islamophobia dating back to his early association with the BNP and evident in his current position as the figure head of PegidaUK which has a strong Islamophobic agenda. Unlike Pegida in Germany, Pegida UK has been low profile and unsuccessful, making little impact.

More recently Robinson has undertaken a trip to Israel, declared himself a Zionist and attempted to establish Jewish connections to promote an anti Muslim agenda.


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3 thoughts on “Who is Tommy Robinson?

  1. as Islam is a religion not a race, how can his links with Israel be racist rather than islamophobic? and If Pegida has support form Trevor Philips how can it be Islamophobic, it’s also co run by former labour parliamentary candidate and Gay rights and feminist campaigner Ann Marie Waters

    1. Just how can a group called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West” (German: Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes), abbreviated PEGIDA or Pegida, be described as anything other than Islamophobic?

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