Who is Tommy Robinson?

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Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) led the racist English defence league for five years until 2013. He left under a cloud of controversy due to both his links with counter extremist group Quilliam and also due to the suggestion that he had agreed to a monthly payment of £2000 in exchange for leaving the EDL leaderless.

Robinson has a history of Islamophobia dating back to his early association with the BNP and evident in his current position as the figure head of PegidaUK which has a strong Islamophobic agenda. Unlike Pegida in Germany, Pegida UK has been low profile and unsuccessful, making little impact.

More recently Robinson has undertaken a trip to Israel, declared himself a Zionist and attempted to establish Jewish connections to promote an anti Muslim agenda.




  • as Islam is a religion not a race, how can his links with Israel be racist rather than islamophobic? and If Pegida has support form Trevor Philips how can it be Islamophobic, it’s also co run by former labour parliamentary candidate and Gay rights and feminist campaigner Ann Marie Waters

    • Just how can a group called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West” (German: Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes), abbreviated PEGIDA or Pegida, be described as anything other than Islamophobic?

  • The most disturbing thing about “Tommy” is that he’s obviously funded & been given immunity by the British intel services. He’s a career criminal with a long record of supplying cocaine, funneling that income through tanning salons to evade tax, football violence, mortgage fraud, illegally using someone else’s passport to travel to the US, trying to get a group of pedophiles of Asian descent off with their charges in court via a mistrial due to his actions in breaking a gag order on all reporting during the jury’s deliberations and that’s just off the top of my head and not including all his EDL criminality. In total he’s been sentenced to over 3 years in prison but there seems scant evidence of him serving any time in prisons in the UK and certainly nothing like the 3+ years he has officially been sentenced to serve.
    But every conviction has been put on the record of a “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” which the judge in his illegal use of a passport trial said was unlikely to be his true, legal name given that the “real” passport of his that he later gave to UK police bore the name “Paul Harris”, the judge ending his 10 month prison sentence of “Tommy” saying we may never know his real name. And that’s the story of “Tommy’s” criminal life. Conviction after conviction gets attributed to the name “Stephen Yaxley Lennon” but his legal name(s) stays free of any criminal record allowing him free travel around the world no matter what he’s guilty of while he’s been playing his “Tommy” character.
    One last note on this garbage drug dealing, neo-Nazi lowlife: He formed the EDL with a convicted pedophile but hid that from everyone at the time of his pedo-pal’s conviction. In fact when the EDL pedo was arrested and jailed for public order offences at one of their riots “Tommy” set up a gofundme for his legal fees calling him a “political prisoner” which raised thousands for the sicko. Another fraud by “Tommy” that went unpunished by the state.
    There is no way he illegally entered the US (was caught in NY airport by cusoms who noticed his fingerprints didn’t match the passport) and was allowed through anyway to spend a night in a lush hotel then sent back to the UK the next day without any charges in the US unless they were informed by the UK that he was a state asset. He was back in the public eye weeks later despite the 10 month sentence handed down to him although its unknown if he spent any time in a UK jail.
    Now he’s funded by US Zionists to further their aims and it’s a job we see many other hate-leaders enjoying now. It pays well and it gives the veneer of not being a racist, sectarian, antisemitic pos. But even Trump is on their payroll (or being blackmailed by them) and he’s all of the above and more. It’s nothing more than a cover for affecting public opinion in the country targetted, the funneling of dark money, immunity from prosecution and diversion of the media outlets who aren’t already complicit from the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.
    Tommy, Stephen, Paul or whatever his name is would and should be serving the rest of his days in prison yet even the US that’s been on critical security level since 2001 didn’t mind him trying to slip into their terrified country on someone else’s passport to do God knows what on their soil. He’s a rat of the lowest order.

  • Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack, B. C. Canada sent out a support petition for Tommy Robinson attempting some time ago to get him released from jail. This was after Bruce said he would not let an East Indian person into his house and “the Irish were slaves too” and that the people in the store where he buys his smokes in Chilliwack are terrorists – going so far as to claim he knows this because he “listens to Al Jazeera all the time” …. Ignorance abounds even in Canada. I am sure with BLM movement moving across the world he should be put in a very uncomfortable position. Bruce Tarras also said that he would not let an East Indian person into his house but was “nice and professional” when he went into their houses for his job. I would suggest he stay away from the people he apparently does not care for then .. job or not!!

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