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If you wanted to read a layman’s guide to the Quran chances are you would expect that guide to be written by a knowledgable Muslim scholar or Imam, somebody with a good understanding and personal experience of the faith.

You would perhaps be as sceptical as we are to hear of a book entitled ‘Muhammad’s Koran’ written not by a practising Muslim but by a duo of non Islam practising individuals, known publicly for their Islamophobic views.  The publicity claim that with this book you can “understand the Quran in minutes not months,” does nothing to enhance the credibility of this dubious piece.

Peter McCloughlin is the author of “Easy Meat.” The intro to his book on Amazon reads:  Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was ‘a racist myth’ that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands (‘grooming gangs’) were luring white schoolgirls into a life of prostitution. This sets the tone for what is essentially a long, self indulgent whine about Muslims in the UK.

We thought this review summed it up the best:

Tommy Robinson, ex leader of the EDL has been written about by us here and here. He has been arrested on numerous occasions for ‘threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour’ (and other crimes including mortgage fraud) and his association with Pegida UK is indicative of his personal antipathy toward the religion of Islam.

If ever two wannabe authors were more likely to bungle a discussion on the Quran it is these two.

We can’t work out from the Amazon site if this book has actually been released or not. It only has 2 reviews (one of which acknowledges they haven’t actually read the book) but the site says it is out of print and we couldn’t find an option to buy for the kindle (not that we actually planned to buy this xenophobic bilge lol). However should you come across it be warned, this will be Robinson and McCloughlin’s usual biased Muslim hating rubbish and about as academic as an Enid Blyton book.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


7 thoughts on “Robinson and Mcloughlan’s ‘Quran’

  1. When you won’t be able to die your hair anymore since the muzzies take over, you leftist scum will finally be red-pilled.

      • “ЖАК” is literally a Russian name.

        Must be one of those xenophobic Trumpbots released by Mercer via Cambridge Analytica to influence Brexit and rig the American elections.

        Trumpbots AKA Putinbots use the words “red piled” all the time.

        They also say “winning bigly” when Trump is losing horrifically.

        Hey, ЖАК, it’s #MuellerTime.

        Well, pretty soon, ЖАК will be crying when Putin’s buddy Trump gets impeached and imprisoned. No more golf holidays for the Orange Dictator when he gets jailed for treason.

        For the latest news about #Trumprussia, check out:

  2. I was looking for an alternative review to the 400 or so now listed by Amazon. I was disappointed by yours and I am surprised that you have not yet taken it down, out of embarrassment. It’s always suspect to give a review of a book that you refuse to read. Your ‘review’ was just a pre-judged and prejudiced smear. If you were so convinced of the irrelevance of this book you should have been able to recommend an alternative. “Resisting Hate” indeed ! You are so consumed by your own hate that you are unaware of the transparency of your infantile denouncements.

    • You need to read more carefully then. This was never supposed to be a review, and the article was published in May ’17 before the book was released.

  3. Resisting hate? Why don’t you urge muslims to resist hate? They really need your advice because they are brought up on a book that relentlessly preaches hate of non-muslims – the majority of people in the world. Not just to hate Jews, Christians, pagans, Sikhs, Buddhists and any other belief or non-belief in the world, but to kill them in the name of allah until everyone has submitted to allah through fear and terrorism. Your stupidity astounds me. My advice to you is to emigrate to an islamic country where state and religion are one. Experience the joys of islam for yourself, then come back and tell us how marvellous it all is – or, preferably, stay and spare us your ignorant preaching. You are traitors to your country and culture, which is being attacked by islam, both overtly and covertly: that is, assuming you are a real Briton and not a front for some islamic organisation.

    • I’d say your ignorance astonishes me Pam but to be honest I meet so many uneducated bigots these days that I find I am left, not so much astonished but weary of the tripe people trot out when trying to incite hate against Muslims.

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