What Are ‘TERFS’ Good For?


What are Terfs Good for?

Nothing, absolutely nothing

By any other name.

Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists, Terf.  Its not a slur its an acronym.  Be it by any other name, Gender Critical Feminist (hilarious when their desire to confirm is tedious) or some other tag, they are transphobes or more accurately bullies.

They use techniques, normally used be religious groups like the Scientologists to undermine the self esteem of anyone with a different point of view or life to their ideal.

Your identity is important

Your identity and life are yours to choose.  Protect your identity as a mother lion would her new born cubs, you don’t want it exposed to malicious predators. The Terfs are best ignored and left to wallow in their echo chamber.  Nurture your life and the lives of those you love.  Socialise, engage, live, flourish. Leave the Terfs to wallow in their misery, they have nothing to add.

Engage with the Positive

Twitter is great, but you don’t need the negativity of zealots dragging you down. Engage @Terfblocklist to ensure all known Terfs are blocked and add any you meet to the list.  There are more details at their web page terfblocker.com   Twitter is taking action against hate speech, so please report them.  It is often better not to respond to them, it gives them the attention that is missing in their sad lives, that they desperately crave.  Please tag @Resisting_Hate in to any attack they make, our members are allies, and will not hesitate to report hate where we see it.

The future is yours

Please make sure you enjoy the present.  Seeing you happy will help to enrage the bullies.

La Miranda.

Lifelong LGBT+ activist and Resisting Hate member.  (Nothing to do with the Troll from Southend.)









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